MacCast 08.15.2010 - Show #314
V Opening
V Opening Music
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V News
V More on Papergate
* Wall Street Journal reports that Papermaster just didn't fit in at Apple
* Jobs chose to move forward with iPhone antenna design despite the risks
* iPhone 4 supply issue may have played more of a role than the antenna
* Apple executives are expected to not delegate and look over the smallest details
V 12-core Mac Pros are ready
* USD $4,999.00
V Two 2.66GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon "Westmere" 12MB shared L3 cache per processor
* Option: Two 2.93GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon "Westmere"
* 6GB (six 1GB DIMMs) of DDR3 ECC SDRAM at 1333MHz. Expandable up to 32GB
V ATI Radeon HD 5770 with 1GB of GDDR5 memory
* Option: ATI Radeon HD 5870 with 1GB of memory
* two Mini DisplayPort outputs (supports multichannel audio)
* one dual-link DVI video output
* 1TB Serial ATA (3Gb/s), 7200 rpm
* 18x double-layer SuperDrive (DVD±R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)
* Three open full-length PCI Express 2.0 expansion slots with mechanical support for 16-lane card
* 5 USB 2.0 Ports and 4 Firewire 800 ports
* Dual Gigabit Ethernet, Airport 802.11n Wi-fi, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate)
V iDevice Rumor Roundup
V Updated iPad next year
* ARM Cortex A9, 512MB RAM
* 7-in iPad, also with A9 and 1,024-x768 resolution IPS display
* Gyroscope in next iPads according to EE Times.
V CDMA iPhone produced by Pegatron. For both Verizon and China Mobile
* Metal backplate with integrated antenna.
V Codenamed the N92 according to John Gruber
* At the EVT (engineering verification test), but not DVT status (device verification test)
* Should be ready in January, but where.
* AT&T Q10 filing mentions ending of exclusivity arrangements on "a number of attractive handsets".
V Two different surveys showed over 30% of At&T would consider moving to Verizon if they had the iPhone
* AT&T commonly reports that 40% of their iPhone customers are new to AT&T
V New Apple TV rebranded as iTV
* UK Broadcaster not all too happy with the potential name change.
V Based on AMD Fusion solution (maybe)
* If Apple goes with A4 it wouldn't support 1080p
* No hard drive which I assume means solid state.
* App support
* An Apple Special event is likely to happen September 8th or the 14th.
V Apple licenses Liquid Metal technology
* An SEC filing found by the Baltimore Sun revealed the agreement
* Apple obtained an exclusive worldwide license to the Liquidmetal technology for use in consumer electronics
* Liquid Metal got to pay off $10.9 million in debt.
V Don't think Terminator liquid metal
V Benefits Apple may be interested in:
* Superior Strength/Weight Ratio
* Superior Elastic Limit (bounces?)
* High Corrosion and wear Resistance
* Impact Resistance
* Thermal and Electrical Conductivity
* Acoustic and Dampening Characteristics
* Can be cast into very complex shapes. Flexible and doesn’t fatigue or crimp like other metals so potential to make a seamless one-piece hinge.
* According to Cult of Mac, they say they've been talking to Liquidmetal’s co-inventor, Dr. Atakan Peker and he says the metal is already in use in at least one Apple product.
V iOS 4.0.2 closes security hole
* Release takes care of the PDF font security hole
* 3.2.2 for iPad also
* This was the exploit that was using to allow a web based jailbreak of the iPhone.
V iMac gets brightness update
* iMac (Mid 2010) Display Brightness Update 1.0
* Addresses an issue with 21.5-inch iMac (Mid 2010) display brightness.
V Apple exec arrested for taking kickbacks
* US Marshals Service on Friday arrested Apple worldwide supply manager Paul Shin Devine for money laundering and wire fraud relating to leaking iPhone and iPod secrets.
* According to the report in the San Jose Mercury News, the information was used to negotiate better deals with Apple.
* Apple also filed it's own lawsuit against Devine claiming the exec took over a million dollars in bribes and kickbacks.
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V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Applescript UI Scripting
V Bob is an IT guy and has a server that runs some software that occasionally throws up a dialog with an error. If not cleared the dialog eventually crashes the machine.
* Has to remote in with VNC or some other tool.
* Wants an app to just accept the dialog default after X number of seconds.
* Back in OS 9 days there was Okey Dokey. No longer available.
* For OS X the closest thing is an app called Lazy Mouse. Moves the cursor to the "OK" or default selection button of the dialog window, but won't click.
* I understand the possible concerns over an app like this. Could cause all kinds of havoc, but in specialized situations like Bob's it makes sense.
V Solution may lie in AppleScript and a feature of OS X called UI Scripting
* Google for "Applescript UI Scripting" and you'll find how to's
* UI Scripting is a feature in Mac OS X that provides a way for AppleScripts to interact directly with interface elements in running applications.
* UI Scripting is based on Mac OS X's accessibility framework and takes advantage of System Events, a background application that provides a central location for interacting with various aspects of Mac OS X
* You need to "Enable access for assistive devices" in the System Preferences-->Universal Access control panel.
V AppleScript Editor
* Applications-->Utilities-->Applescript Editor
* Window-->Library (Command+Shift+L)
* Double-click the "System Events" to see the dictionary of available elements, options, and parameters.
V Maximize RAM and performance
* Play Graden's question about iMac RAM
* I have also always wondered about the real world benefits of "dual-channel" RAM configurations.
V Some memory benchmark tests show a huge performance gain in memory performance.
* Trouble is that "memory" is not the only thing that makes up your computing architecture.
V Some respected sources I trust have shown that dual-channel seems to mean very little when it comes to real-world applications
* Tom's Hardware
* Barefeats
* Anandtech
V All the numbers are see are showing a minimal gain. 5-15% in most applications.
* Barefeats ran real world tests on iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Cinebench, and Motion. None of them showed any gains in performance from multi-channel RAM.
* There may be some advantages when addressing large RAM blocks, but in the end is its a question of more RAM or less "matched" RAM the more seems to almost always be better.
V Review: Bento 3 for iPad
* Anyone who remembers Apple's Appleworks knows it had a DB. iWork doesn't.
* Bento from Filemaker, Inc. the void very well.
* Comes with 25 templates to get you started
V Easy to design and edit the items within a database
V Drag out new field and select fields type
* Text, Number, Time, Date
* Advanced fields like Choice (drop down) or checkboxes.
V When adding or editing data fields give the appropriate iPad style interface
* Date tumblers
* Dropdown tumblers
* URLs have "labels" and can open in the app when clicked.
* Addresses have "map" button that launches Map app.
* Mail field can send email from Bento.
* Can hide fields within layouts.
V Supports portrait and landscape views
* Searching
* Can create collections within a library
V Designed very well for touch interface
* Swipe through records and data
* Gesture support, like double tapping to view full images from media fields.
V Syncs with Bento for desktop
* iPad shows as a device (like itunes) and you can sync all or selected libraries.
V Associated List fields won't sync, so in iPad templates use standard versions
* Address, instead of Address List
* Email Address, instead of Email Address List
* Phone Number, instead of Phone Number List
* Related data comes across, but you can't create related fields on the iPad
V Clicking a related field brings up it's record in a floating window if sync'd
* Shortcut at bottom to jump to the record in the related Library.
* Very easy to navigate.
* Set a passcode on the iPad to protect your data.
* USD $4.99 on App store
V iPhone Camera Roll numbering
* Scott has an issue with the iPhone and how it names (numbers) pictures in the Camera Roll
* More specifically this has to do with importing and removing items from the phone after import.
* The naming convention is to be "IMG_XXXX" starting at XXXX = 0001
* It then goes up from there, but if you remove all the items from the iPhone starts back at 0001.
* There seems to be no option to change the setting to always be sequential.
* Trouble is that depending on how you import you might get duplicate filenames.
* In iPhoto the duplicate names don't seem to be an issue because when iPhoto is organizing the imports they are separated into folder by date.
V One workaround may be to keep photo "IMG_0001" always in the Camera Roll. Then it continues to number sequentially.
* In iPhoto you can check the "Hide photos already imported" checkbox which you see after selecting you camera (iPhone) from the Devices section.
* There probably should be a setting on the iPhone to name one way or the other. Many cameras have that option.
V Managing iWeb from multiple Macs
* Hamish had some great questions about managing iWeb with multiple sites and from multiple Macs
V 1) Can you build more than one site or is it limited to just one site with several pages using 1 domain name?
* You can build many sites with iWeb '09 (version 3.0.X)
* File-->New Site…
V You can have each site publish to different places
* Select the site and you can update the "Publish" settings
* Publish to Mobile Me, FTP, or a folder on your Mac
V In Mobile Me all the pages are put into a directory under
* With MobileMe you can only map one Domain per account
* Family plan gives you more accounts (up to 5)
* Domain forwarding with masking (Bluehost and GoDaddy support).
V 2) Is there a way to access an iWeb site from my desktop mac and notebook so I may work on a new site and update it periodically from 2 different computers depending on which one i am using?
* Apple doesn't really support this, but we can hack it in a way.
V Quit iWeb
* Move the ~/Library/Applications Support/iWeb/Domain.sites file to a shared location.
* I used my Dropbox folder and created a iWeb folder in that.
* Select the .sites file, File-->Get Info…, set "everyone" permissions to read/write.
V Double click the Domain.sites file. Should open iWeb and associate it with the new location.
* Do the same on the second machine, opening the Domain.sites file from the shared location
* If that doesn't work then opening iWeb (if you moved and didn't copy the Domains.sites file) should prompt you to find the Domain file.
* You may need to authenticate with your OS X keychain to publish.
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V EOL: That's Just Woz
* Another video from Jonathan Mann, the iPhone 4 Antenna song guy. This time he was commissioned by Woz's wife to compose a song for Woz's 60th birthday.