MacCast 09.01.2010 - Show #316
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is "Say Anything" by Manda and the Marbles
* Band's MySpace page
V Sponsor
V Circus Ponies
* Notebook
* Great for Back to School
* Taking notes and research
V Clipping services
* Set up different clipping in different sections for better organization of clips
* Clip and annotate allows you to add context to your clipping
* Auto indexing with the Multidex
* Free trial available.
V News
V Apple Music Event
* Live streamed for the first time in a long while
V Apple Retail update
V Paris Store - Restored old building
* Spent 18 months restoring
V Shanghai Store
* 40 foot high glass cylinder
V London - Covent Garden
* Restored old building
* Old and new together
* 300th Store
V 300 Apple Retail stores
* 10 Countries
* 11th country will be Spain
V Over 1 million visitors a day at some stores
* Small dig at Macworld Expo
* 80,000 one to one classes
* Over 50% of purchasers new to Mac
V iOS Update
* 120 million iOS devices
* 230,000 NEW iOS activations a day. Not including upgrades.
V 6.5 billion apps downloaded
* 200 per second
V 250,000 apps in the store
* 25,000 iPad apps
V iOS 4.1 - preview today
V Lots of bug fixes
* Proximity, Bluetooth, iPhone 3G
V HDR Photos
* - 3 photo exposures
* - Combines into one
* - Store both normal and HDR, not individual exposures though?
* Game Center
* HD video upload over WiFi for MobileMe and YouTube
* TV Rentals
* Available next week
V iOS 4.2 - Sneak Peak
* All about iPad - Bringing 4.1 features to iPad
V Terry pointed out that at 15:27 in Jobs said HDR Photos were coming to iPad in iOS 4.2
* No camera on the iPad and you don't have multiple exposures from the iPhone to transfer to the iPad. Was it just a mistake or hint of new iPad?
V Wireless Printing
* Print Center in Multitasking bar
V AirPlay
* Change AirTunes to AirPlay
* Stream audio and video over wifi to other devices
* Available in November
V All New iPods
* 275 million iPods sold to-date
* Every year they improve iPods
* "Gone wild", all new iPods
* Biggest change ever
V iPod Shuffle
V Feedback
* Missed the buttons
* Loved playlists and VoiceOver
* best of both
V New design
* Smaller, but looks like 2nd gen shuffle with extra stuff on the left side trimmed off.
* buttons, voiceover, and playlists
* VoiceOver in 25 languages.
* 5 colors: silver, blue, green, orange, or pink.
V 2GB for USD $49.00
* Prior model was $79, but 4GB
V iPod Nano
V Touch based, multitouch
* 1.54-inch (diagonal) color TFT display
* 240-by-240-pixel resolution
* 220 pixels per inch
V Small and square
* Square format for Photos and video is a bit strange?
* Has a clip, wearable
* 46% smaller, 42% lighter
* Volume buttons
* FM radio, Nike plus, Pedometer
* 24 hour battery
V Not IOS, but updated to look like it.
* Mini Apps
V Jiggle Move icons like the iOS devices
* 4 icons per screen
* 2 finger screen rotation
* 7 colors
* 8GB USD $149, 16GB USD $179
V Video is now completely out
* No camera
* No video playback
V iPod touch
* Thinner
* Retina display, 326 ppi, 24-bit LED backlit
* A4 Chip
* 3 axis gyroscope, Accelerometer
* iOS 4.1
V Front facing camera and FaceTime
* FaceTime to iPod Touch and iPhone
* Uses a new Facetime app and registers your email address to make the connection.
V Rear facing camera
* HD Video Recording
* Stills at 960x720 (0.7MP ?) resolution
* iMovie for iOS
V 8GB $229, 32GB $299, 64 GB $399
* no 16GB and why buy the 8GB?
* All iPods ship next week, pre-order today
V New, "All kinds of Fun" ad
* Focuses on Video, Gaming, and FaceTime
V iTunes 10
V 11.7 Billion songs downloaded
* 450 million TV episodes, 100 million Movies, 35 million books
* 160 million accounts with credit cards <-- Hacker target
V Updated logo, ditch the CD
* why not the name and music note? Branding.
V Hybrid view
* more than 5 songs from the same album
* shows artwork instead of duplicated album name
V Ping - Social for music
* Music discovery
V Follow and be followed
* Artists
* Circle of friends
* private or public
V On iPhone and iPod Touch too.
* Although not working for me at the moment. "Store not available"?
* A lot of pressure to "follow". I'm keeping this one private I think.
* Available today. (Late) About 6:00 PM PDT
V Dramatic and puzzling UI changes
* More than just logo
* Vertical window "signal" buttons
V Apple TV One more hobby…
V First introduced in September 2006
* Not a big hit
V Users love them but want more:
* Hollywood movies and TV shows on demand
* Everything in HD
* Lower prices
* New AppleTV, same name.
V 1/4 the size. It's tiny.
* If it were round you might mistake it for a hockey puck.
* Hockey puck: 3 in diameter, 1 in thick, 6 oz.
* Apple TV: 3.9 in square, 0.9 in thick, 9 oz.
* Black on black design
V Ports: Power, HDMI, Ethernet and Wi-Fi 802.11n
* HDMI supports video and audio
* Micro-USB (for service and support)
* A4 chip
* 720p playback and support for Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound pass-through.
* Apple aluminum remote
* All rentals, no purchases
* No storage - Streaming, no syncing.
V Content pricing
* $4.99 same day movie rentals
* Movies become cheaper as they get older
V $0.99 TV show rentals
* ABC and Fox first
* Hoping others will come on board soon.
V Full pricing
V HD Movies
* New releases - $4.99, Library titles - $3.99
V SD Movies
* New releases - $3.99, Library titles - $2.99
V TV shows
* $0.99 for either HD or SD.
V Content available in 8 countries to start.
* TV Show rentals and Netflix are US only.
* Movies rentals are only available in the US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.
* Netflix, youTube, Flickr, MobileMe
* Same UI as current AppleTV
* Rotten Tomato ratings and reviews
V AirPlay
* Stream content from iOS device to AppleTV
* Controls to send to AirPlay device
* Works over wi-fi or ethernet connection Apple plans to integrate the technology into speaker docks, AV receivers, and stereo systems from 3rd parties
* Dennon, Marantz, Bowers & Wilkins, and JBL are already announced as partners
* Send data too. Song titles, artists, album names, elapsed and remaining time, and album artwork
* USD $99.00
* Pre-order today, available in 4 weeks
V Updates for older Apple TVs?
* I have an email into Apple PR
* ArsTechnica said they were told no, and that older Apple TVs would continue to operate as they have with rental and purchases remaining the same?
V Odds and ends from todays announcements
* iPod Classic is still with us, but unchanged in design, features or price.
* Clicky mic+control headphones work with all devices, but not standard. Have to buy them for $29 bucks. Obviously mic doesn't do anything on the Shuffle.
V Apple drawing a clear line between iPod and iOS devices
* Video is for iOS, iPod is all about music.
V Rumors left standing
* New or smaller iPad
* iLife 11
* New iPhone, Verizon, etc.
V Sponsor
V Cocoatech
* Pathfinder 5
* We spend so much of our time on file and folder management. Shouldn't it be the best most full featured app on our system?
V The Finder very often falls short
* Features like tabs, split window browsing are just handy
* Easier to use and understand permissions
* Easy to view invisible files when needed.
* I had the Finder fail to open a password protected ZIP file. Pathfinder handled it just fine.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V PDF Images not viewable on iOS 4
* Anthony was having trouble getting a PDF file to view properly in iBooks on his iPhone.
* The strange thing was that I could view the file he sent me on my iPad, but not iPhone
* Text content would load fine
* A check of Good Reader support mentions that newer versions of the iOS don't support PDFs with images compressed using the JPEG 2000 format.
V Good Reader says all you should have to do is open the image in Preview and do a Save As... to get an iOS compatible file.
* Didn't work for me.
* I also couldn't find a way to change the Image Compression using Preview
V Under Save as you can use 'Quartz Filters'
* One is an option to 'Reduce File Size'. This actually applies JPG compression at medium quality to the images, but you can't change it.
* Luckily you can create your own Quartz Filters, but it's not obvious how.
V Use the ColorSync Utility. Applications-->Utilities-->ColorSync
* Open up ColorSync Utility and switch to the “Filters” pane. This will list all of the filters that you currently have available.
* In the lower left, click on the “+” button. This creates a new filter.
* Give the filter a name (I called mine 'Images for iOS'), and press return.
* To the right of the filter’s name, choose the down arrow. A menu will pop up.
* From the pop-up menu, choose “Add Image Effects Component”, and from that menu choose “Image Compression”.
* Adjust the image compression Mode to JPEG.
* Adjust the image compression quality however you prefer. I went with 'Max' to preserve the best image quality. That increased the file size a bit though. You can play with this setting to find the best balance.
* Once you have it set you can quit ColorSync Utility
V Now open the document in Preview to save it out using your new Quartz filter:
* In Preview choose “Save As...” from the file menu
* In the save dialog choose format as PDF
* For the Quartz Filter select the filter you created earlier
* Save the file
* Now you can sync this new file to your iDevice in iBooks, Good Reader, etc, and it should display properly.
V Multiple displays with your Mac
* Play question from Reggie
V Additional hardware graphics cards are your best bet.
* General rule is 1 port, 1 display.
V Macbook only has 1 port, so 1 monitor even with "dual link" DVI which supports 30" display.
* Older Macbook Pros with Express 34 card slots can add video adapters.
* Mac Mini has a HDMI port and a MiniDisplay Port, so 2 monitors are possible.
* Mac Pros have 2 Mini Display Ports and a Dual Link DVI port, so 3 displays. Add a second Video card and you get 6 displays.
V Video breakout boxes
* Matrox dual head to go and triple head 2 go. creates 1 "giant" desktop.
V Display Link USB to DVI adapters.
* Cheaper. Up to 6 displays. Mac Drivers
* Lag a bit. May not be ideal for video, but Display LInk claims full-screen DVD playback over USB 2.0.
V HD video import options in iMovie
* Richard has some video he's importing from HD cameras in iMovie '08 but isn't happy with the quality. Want to know if there is something he can do to improve it.
* A couple things might be going on here
V 1st is to check the camera settings
* If possible record source video in progressive mode, not interlaced
* Also see if you can do full 1280 x 1920 resolution.
V Make sure the video is imported at "Full resolution" and not the "Large" which is the default
* There is debate on if this is necessary or not, but if you want the highest quality then try
* If you camcorder records 1080i video at 1440 by 1080 pixels then "Large" should be fine.
* Your file sizes will be larger and editing might not be as smooth
V Know your destination
* Interlacing may be Ok if your output is for TV
* Computers can't deal with interlacing so you get the "lines"
* iMovie has "preview" video that is used when editing
V If you have 1080i video, use the 720p export option (HD) option
* Share-->Export Movie… and choose HD (1280 x 720)
V If you want higher than 720p export and you have 1080i video you'll have to de-interlace yourself
* Full de-interlace instruction here:
V Basically
* Import video at full size
* Edit
* Export using Quicktime and the Apple Intermediate Codec”, at the full res (1920×1080). This will make a giant file (1GB per minute)
* De-interlace the file with JES Deinterlacer
* Do final compression and export with Quicktime Pro 7
V Closing
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V EOL: Grey's iPhone Anatomy
* Cult of Mac featured this cool illustration by artist Mads Peitersen. It depicts what an iPhone 4 may look like if it's guts spilled out.