MacCast 09.27.2010 - Show #319
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is "Say Anything" by Manda and the Marbles
* Band's MySpace page
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* PDFPen 5.0 is now available
V Search and replace or Search and redact
* Redact feature will black out your selected text to protect sensitive information
* Works with OCR'd text too.
* More advanced image adjustment and enhancement features
* Better performance, including multi-core support for OCR.
* Free trail available.
V News
V Apple's entertainment interests grow
V According to a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Apple has entered into a multi-year licensing deal with Rovi.
* The filing doesn't specify what was licensed.
* According to the Rovi website they are, "global leader in digital entertainment technology solutions."
* If your like me you didn't recognize the name Rovi, but you may know their prior name, "Macrovision"
V They have a catalog of entertainment metadata for TV, movies, music and games.
* This is speculated to be what Apple may be licensing
* The companies site lists their program guide and copy protection technologies as what they license.
V Gene Munster see the deal as more evidence that Apple is working on dedicate TV and DVR products that they will release in the next 2-4 years.
* Way to stretch Gene.
V Security Update 2010-006
* Addresses a vulnerability in AFP (Apple File Sharing Protocol).
* A remote attacker may access AFP shared folders without a valid password
* An error handling issue exists in AFP Server. A remote attacker with knowledge of an account name on a target system may bypass the password validation and access AFP shared folders. By default, File Sharing is not enabled. This issue does not affect systems prior to Mac OS X v10.6. Credit to Pike School in Massachusetts for reporting this issue.
V Apple's mobile profit vs unit sales
* Canaccord Genuity and IDC posted numbers that show how Apple's mobile market share has little to due with the short term impact to their bottom line
* From January to June 2010 Apple's unit share of mobile handset sales was around 3%. Their share of the industry profits however, 39%.
* That beats out Nokia, Samsung, and LG who's combined handset profits accounted for 32% of the industry profits so far this year.
* Canaccord Genuity estimates that Apple gets a 50% gross margin on iPhone sales with an operating margin above 30% while more others in the industry eek a 10% operating margin.
V Apple readying CDMA iPhone for launch?
V We continue to hear rumors of Apple prepping a CDMA iPhone
* This time from an analyst who says he's checked with Asian suppliers who are set to make 3 million shiny new "Verizion-ready" devices in December.
* Pegatron Technology has been signed to start building CDMA-based iPhone 4 models in November, and is expected to ship upwards of 10 million units by mid-2011
V Most are convinced that Apple will end the AT&T exclusivity in the US and add Verizon
* I think it's time.
* With european sales numbers braking records, we've already seen how opening up carrier partners can fatten Apple's bottom line.
* Rumors of a Qualcomm deal
* A new survey from Credit Suisse says 23% of AT&T iPhone customers are ready to jump ship when and if Verizon gets the device.
V Despite all the blogosphere's wishful thinking
* Verizon's CEO said they want Apple, but they need to "earn" it.
* Statement seems to point to their build-out of LTE network and showing they are ready for the massive amounts of data traffic that crippled AT&T
V I still have a gut feeling that most if not all the initial supply of CDMA iPhone's are bound for China
V Apple just launched the iPad and iPhone 4 in China to huge demand
* China Unicom sold out of supply on launch day
* 100,000 iPhone 4 pre-orders, but initial supply of 60,000 units
* iPad launched just a week before the iPhone 4
V Plans to build 25 retail stores in China in the coming years
* Opened up 2 this past weekend in Beijing and Shanghai. Total of 4 in China.
V Apple TV rental battlefield
* Looks like TV execs aren't feeling Apple's $0.99 TV rentals
V First Time Warner CEO Barry Meyer and then NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker said the price is just too low.
* Meyer worried the price would eat into sales of "seasons".
* Zucker claims $0.99 rentals will "de-value" their content. (I think his love for reality TV programing and for Jay Leno already accomplished that).
* Seems like a repeat of the Music industries "album" sales argument.
V Seems to me more like media "quote" fodder to attempt to keep leverage against Apple
* Both are on Hulu, with ads, but free or $9.99/mo on the new Plus service
* Both are also on Netflix streaming at $8.99/mo.
V Since the new Apple TV supports Netflix I guess in a way Apple wins whether the networks play the rental game or not.
* Drop in TV show purchases and loss of "rental" revenue since they aren't available.
V Most TV shows I don't care to own. I'm watching a TON of streaming.
* At Netflix price I estimate I'm paying $0.20 an episode.
V Updates to iWork for iOS
* Brings ability to export in Office compatible file formats for Numbers and Keynote. Pages already had .DOC export.
* Support for file transfers directly from iDisk (Mobile ME) and Web DAV servers
V Pages
* Option to display Word count
* Group and ungroup objects
* Open .txt files from Mail
V Numbers
* Open CSV files from Mail and other apps
* Group and ungroup objects
* Import and export Numbers ’09 tables with image background fills in cells.
V Keynote
* Group and ungroup objects.
* Support for audio in builds when importing Keynote ’09 presentations.
* Add animated builds to grouped objects.
* Lens Flare, Spin and Wipe build animations.
* Revolving Door, Swoosh and Wipe slide transition animations.
* All 3 apps also get numerous bug fixes and other updates
V Surprise, Apple customers generally satisfied.
V Apple topped the PC category of the American Customer Satisfaction Index.
* Scored 86%, 2% higher than last years rating which was Apple's previously highest score
* Apple beat out the next highest competitors (Dell, Acer and HP) who all scored 77% (9% lower)
V On the smartphone side Apple topped the latest J.D Powers and Associates customer satisfaction survey
* Despite any "antenna issues" customers gave Apple an 800 out of 1000 score
* They had "Among the best" rankings in 5 out of 6 categories.
* Only getting an "The Rest" 2-"star" score in Battery Function (I assume because it's not removable?).
* Motorola (791) and HTC (781) and Industry Average score of (764)
V Apple TV shipping rumors
* Reports of some customers being charged late last eek
* Reports of Apple sending emails to customers who ordered Apple TV with expedited shipping.
* I haven't seen those emails and I have an order placed with overnight shipping.
V Macbook "Almost" Air rumors
* A strange report out of the DigiTimes
* Saying Quanta has orders to produce a new 11.6-inch MacBooks for Apple
* The units would also reportedly lose the internal SuperDrive in favor of an optional USB 3 external unit.
* Good news there is I guess next gen Apple products are getting USB 3 ports.
* So basically a sub-$1,000 Macbook Air? Oh, and it will land here in this year.
V And since we're miniaturizing things…
* The 7-in iPad design is finished and ready to go in Shenzhen, China.
* More like a big iPhone 4 w/o the forward facing camera (kills the rumor in my opinion).
V iTunes 10.0.1 Update
* iTunes 10.0.1 makes it easier to share your favorite music with your friends on Ping. You can now Like or Post about music right from your iTunes library.
V You can also easily see the recent activity of a selected artist in your library, or of all artists and friends you follow on Ping using the new Ping Sidebar.
* Replaces "Genius Sidebar"
V Updated Terms and Conditions
* Using the Ping Sidebar, iTunes will send information to Apple about the content you select in your iTunes library.
* Hide the Ping Sidebar or opt out of Ping to not have that data sent to Apple.
* Addresses an issue where the picture quality of a video changes depending on whether the on-screen controls are visible.
* Resolves an issue where iTunes may unexpectedly quit while interacting with album artwork viewed in a separate window.
* Fixes a problem that affects the performance of some third-party visualizers.
* Addresses an issue where the iTunes library and playlists appear empty.
* Resolves an issue that created an incompatibility with some third-party shared libraries.
V "Ping" dropdown next to currently playing track and when selecting other tracks in your main library
* Quickly "like" or "post" to Ping. Can also access artist profile and other iTunes Store pages.
V Daylight savings time bugs
* The States doesn't switch over until November, but in the southern hemisphere there appears to be mayhem.
* The clock app is reportedly waking up New Zealanders an hour early
* I have a listener in Brazil who has 2 October 16th. (they switch on the 17th) and when he has an event that spans the 16th and 17th and then syncs the bug manifests itself.
V Sponsor
V Kamalert
* Kamalert
* Personal safety and video surveillance app
V Can set up "panic" buttons for personal safety and medical emergencies.
* Can SMS or email preset contacts with a message and your location.
V Surveillance can use the camera to monitor for movement
* Can send pictures via SMS and email
* Sound an audible alert
* Great for traveling, keeping an eye on the cookie jar, an unruly pet, whatever.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Self diagnosing Mac issues
V Last show I said don't be afraid to take your Mac into Apple if you think you have a hardware issue.
* Concerned Genius worried that too many people would haul their systems in needlessly and create extra load on the system.
* If they can't replicate the issue then there isn't much they will be able to do.
* You need to do some things prior to taking it in. Up to and including re-installing OS X (pain in the butt, I know).
V Rule out software conflicts
V Add ons, third-party extensions and control panels, 3rd party hardware
* Update software, drivers, firmware
* Are you up-to date on your OS and Mac firmware updates?
* Re-apply the latest OS combo update for your system
V Do the "rubber-chicken" dance
* Zap the PRAM
* Run Disk Utility and verify the drive and repair permissions
* Clear the caches, rotate logs, etc.
* Create a new "test" user account
* Swap out cables
V Re-install the OS.
* Bottom line, "Beachballs happen".
* Clean out the kurfuffle.
V Hide the new "Ping" drop-down
* Quit iTunes, and open Terminal.
V Enter this line:
* defaults write hide-ping-dropdown -bool TRUE
* Restart iTunes.
* To reverse the setting repeat the steps and replace the "TRUE" with "FALSE".
V Running hardware tests
V Email from Hamish who is having trouble with his Power Mac. Has 8GB of OWC RAM and is concerned about RAM issues
* Main symptom is beach balls when just a few apps are open.
* He did take his system to Apple and they ran overnight tests
V Activity monitor showing low "free" memory, but high (5-6 GB) "inactive". Also high number of "page-outs".
* High "inactive" isn't much of a concern and may account for the "page-outs".
* At one point the physical memory must have been "maxed" out.
V He asked about running his own hardware tests
V Apple Hardware Test
* Used to be on a separate disk
V Newer Intel based Macs on OS DVD
* 10.5.4 and earlier on Mac OS X Install Disc 1
* 10.5.4 and later on Applications Install Disc 2
* Disconnect everything except Apple Mouse and Keyboard (dig 'em out if need be)
* Insert the appropriate disk and restart or boot up and holding down the "D" key.
* Old school 8-bit Mac icon with "chip" should show up on the screen.
V Perform the basic tests
* Basic tests will take several minutes
* If that doesn't find anything you can repeat and perform the "extended testing".
* Extended tests can take an hour or more.
V 3rd Party testing tools
* TechTool Deluxe (Included with AppleCare)
* TechTool Pro
V Backing up movie collection
V David has been building up a movie collection mixed with iTunes purchase and his own back-ups
* iTunes stuff is in iTunes and back-ups are on an external 1TB drive (no backup)
* With hundreds of GB of data or TBs even, what to do.
V Until we have iTunes cloud we are stuck on the iTunes stuff to backing up ourselves.
* Our own stuff we also have to manage
V Solutions:
V Drobo + Cloud
V Could be another "RAID" solution
* NAS, mirrored 2 disk drive, etc.
* Move the iTunes folder to the Drobo or set up a sync of the iTunes movies folder to the Drobo as a back-up.
* I like ChronoSync for setting up automated sync. (USD $40.00)
V 3 external drives
* 1 is the 1TB drive you have already
* 2 and 3 are clones of the 1TB. Use Super Duper or Carbon Copy Cloner on a schedule.
* Drive 2 and 3 rotate off-site depending on the frequency of adding new content
* Drive 3 could be replaced with an off-site backup solution
* 2 bare drives and a drive dock.
V Archive content to DVD as you acquire it
* If you stay on top of it this isn't a horrible solution, but it can be time consuming.
V Review: Switcheasy iPad Case
* Play review, tip and question from Steven
* Switcheasy Nude case for iPad
V Online backup service that supports NAS
* Wikipedia article with good comparison chart
V Really difficult to determine which services offer NAS support. Seems like many don't.
* I tested CrashPlan and I could get it to backup a shared drive from my Mac
V Other option may be to get a local drive and use a tool like ChronoSync to sync the data from the NAS to the local disk.
* Gives your a second local copy of critical NAS files.
* Careful as some online backup services only support the main boot drive and not even attached storage.
V Choosing off-site backup solutions
* Play question from Jake
V Drobo gives you a redundant local backup and should work well if you keep it connected locally.
* Drobo FS is their new solution for network backup
V Off-site is slow for large amounts of data
* 100GB will take over a month
* Some services limit the max size of individual file and also restrict some types of files (say video).
V For off-site many of the services offer a "mail-in" option to see the data on their servers.
* Additional fees
* Have to send in your hard drive, so may need a second drive.
* DIY using external drives or bare drive docks.
V How big an iPad do you need?
* Play question from Garrett
* Covered travel and the iPad on a recent Maccast Member episode.
V Usage and what other devices will determine your size.
* Games (esp. 3D ones), media, video, etc.
* Large PDF documents (construction and drafting plans)
* Do you use another device for your media?
V Closing
V Mac Computer Expo 2010
* I'll be doing the Keynote Panel at the North Coast Mac User Group Mac Computer Expo in Petaluma, CA in October
* iFuture.
* Victor Cajiao, Jeff Gamet, Bryan Chaffin, Chris Christensen and I will discuss Apple changes and their meaning for the future
* It's free
* Saturday, October 2nd, 2010 9am – 5pm Petaluma Community Center
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