MacCast 09.30.2010 - Show #320
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is "Say Anything" by Manda and the Marbles
* Band's MySpace page
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V Some features I find handy
* Single window split pane browsing
* Application Launcher
* Size browser
* Integrated Stuffit Engine
* Trail version available.
V News
V Time Warner CEO piles on Apple TV bashing
* Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes is the latest TV exec to criticize Apple's $0.99 TV rental model
* At least his argument made sense to me.
* Impacts "syndication" of first run content.
V Jeopardize the sale of the same shows as a series to branded networks that pay hundreds of millions of dollars.
* Thing is I don't think the "branded" networks are going to stop carrying the shows.
* So this is about "leverage" with the cable networks.
* There is an industry problem.
V Also, I do get Waner Bros. CEo saying DVD box set sales are important to re-coop production costs
* Those cost can run upwards of 1 million per episode for some shows.
* Don't buy that rentals would stop or reduce DVD season purchases, actually the contrary.
V iOS 4.2 Beta
* Sites are noting that it seems to be optimized on the iPad offering a significant performance bump over 3.1.3
* Part of the performance gain seems to be that it uses about a quarter less memory. Good on the iPad 256MB of RAM
V Hints of tethering with the iPad
* Use iPad as hotspot, not the other way around.
V Apple TV teardown
* Internally looks a lot like an iPad or new iPod Touch sans-screen.
* A4 processor, 256 MB of RAM, 8GB Flash (possible space for 2nd Flash chip)
* Panasonic wi-fi board with Broadcom controller (with FM radio).
* marking on board that seem to indicate an area for a 30-pin dock connector
* Sips juice, just about 6 watts.
V Apple TV interface hacked to run on iPod
* Code named "low-tide"
* Not easily accomplished and it doesn't fit the screen, but it was working.
V Because it's iOS based the Apple TV should be hackable
* Jailbreak team has already figured out technically how to jailbreak
V Mini USB "service" port should server as portal for hacking.
* Was discovered you could "restore" your Apple Tv via iTunes.
* Must disconnect HDMi and power to "dock" to computer
* Possible to load apps on the internal Flash
V Silly rumor of Cook going to HP
* Did impact Apple's stock
* Tim Cook denied the rumor almost immediately.
* Some feel he might be in line to assume the CEO position at Apple when Jobs decides to step down.
* Would you trade iOS for Web OS?
V 15" and 17" Macbook Pro NVIDIA settlement
* Apple has a repair and extension program for models with a NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT graphics processors.
* 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pros bought between May 2007 and September 2008
* Issues are distorted or scrambled video or loss of video
* Covered for up to 4 years from manufacture date. Even if you didn't buy Applecare.
* Contact Applecare or go into an Apple Retail store
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* Notebook
* Worth it for the web clipping feature alone
* Multidex, sticky notes and flags, diagram and drawing tools.
* Get a free trial.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Apple TV 2 first impressions
* Very small, great design, solid
* Set-up was dead simple.
V Has enough weight that cables don't seem to tilt it
* Wish they included an HDMI cable. Does do studio and video over HDMI
V Interface is nice, similar to 1.0, but not identical.
* Computers, use Home Sharing
* Seems a bit bright on my TV, no way to tone it down.
V Streaming works well over wi-fi
* Occasionally there is a long buffer
* Seems to have some cache
* Was able to play 1080p downloaded movie trailer.
V Netflix is awesome.
* Well done UI and access to all the areas
V Other app support?
* Play clip from George
* Rentals default to HD and have to change in settings.
V Slideshows with new transitions
* Why can't I select a single track to be the music?
* Remote update is great. Near realtime control on the Apple TV 2.
* Can't really play with AirPlay until 4.2
* Over-all very impressed.
* Did have to update to 10.0.1 to get home sharing working with Apple TV.
V Forward delete on iOS
* Play question from Theo
* Possibly some 3rd party text apps, but not out of the box.
* Assume you know about the press and hold to get the "magnifying glass".
* Some keys when pressed and held offer additional characters.
* Apple could offer a two finger gesture to enable forward delete.
V Power PC to Intel migration
* Had a listener who upgraded to an Intel Mac Mini from a Power Mac G5 and is experiencing beach balls and sluggish performance on the Mini
V Used Migration Assistant which may be the culprit.
* One test might be to create a new user account.
V Specifically Applications, 3rd party drives, kernel extensions, etc.
* Need to confirm these are updated to Universal version prior to upgrading and transferring from PPC to Intel
* Also, cache files can sometimes cause issues. Cocktail or Onyx to clear.
* Nice post on Apple's discussion board with helpful links and tips
V Snow Leopard's migration assistant has a feature that will quarantine some apps with know issues
* Application Enhancer was one particularly bad one.
V My advice would be to clean install all of your Apps and migrate your files manually.
* From your User folder, Documents, Music, Movies, Pictures.
* Also ~/Library/Mail, possibly ~/Library/Safari
* Might be other files and preferences.
V Troubleshooting iPhoto
* Play clip from Steven
* If you have a backup, like Time Machine or Super Duper you could restore.
V Before doing that you might try rebuilding the Library
* Backup the iPhoto Library folder or file (depending on your version)
* Quit iPhoto if open, then launch iPhoto while holding the Command+Option keys.
V You may have several options, but the most likely one you'll need is "Rebuild the iPhoto Library database"
* Can also repair permissions, rebuild thumbnails, etc.
* May take a little while to re-build, but it should get you back up and running
V General advice on using iPhoto (and iTunes for that matter)
* Forget that the "Library" folders or files exits
* Manage all your media from inside the apps.
* Exception for advanced users, but generally if you do it the "Apple" way you'll save yourself a lot of hassle.
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