MacCast 10.21.2010 - Show #323
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V Opening Music
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V News
V Apple 4th Quarter Results
* Before the Q and A Jobs said some things
V I think he might listen to the show. :)
* 10" is the minimum size for a tablet based on Apple's research
V 7" tablet is a "tweener"
* too small to offer significant advantages over a smartphone
* screen can't best "describe" the apps
* too big to offer portability advantages or replace smartphones
* Tablet makers will replace 7" models within a year leaving developers and customers with abandoned products
V Record setting numbers
V Records for Mac, iPhone, and iPad unit sales
* 3.89 million Macs up 27% year over year
* 14.1 million iPhones up 91%
* 9.05 million iPods. Down 11%
* 4.19 million iPads.
* 250,000 Apple TVs
V 20.34B in revenue resulting in 4.3B in quarterly profit
* Compared to last year which was 12.21B in revenue and 2.53B in profit
V Gross margins were down from a year ago at 36.9% vs. 41.8%
* Largely due to new iPhone designs and aggressive pricing on iPads
* 57% of revenue came from International sales.
V Q and A highlights
V Jobs believes iPad will effect notebook business. If not now at some point.
* Effect, but not replace
* New model of computing. General purpose, but "big"
* iPads already out sold Mac units in this quarter.
* Surprised at business adoption of iPad
V Apple TV selling well so far
* $99 price point and Airplay update making it more "enticing"
V Plans for the $51B cash on hand
* A strategic opportunity will come along and Apple can react.
V Market share aspirations and competition
* Jobs reiterated that Apples goal is to make the "best" products that they know how to make
* Make them in a way that they are easy to use
* Apple doesn't aspire to be the biggest, just the best.
* "Relentless improvement" of products and will lower prices when possible.
* Will not chase market share if it means making an lesser product.
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V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Back to the Mac - Ken Ray
* Interview with Ken Ray
* Mac OS Ken
V Back to the Mac - Victor Cajiao
* Interview with Victor Cajiao
* Typical Mac User
* Typical Shutterbug
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