MacCast 10.31.2010 - Show #324
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is "Say Anything" by Manda and the Marbles
* Band's MySpace page
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V Cocoatech
* Path Finder 5
* One feature alone is worth the price of the software and it's loaded with features
* Split pane browsing, drop stack, tabbed browsing, integrated Terminal
V A simple feature like 'Open with…' is made more powerful because they add 'Running…'
* So you don't have to wade through a giant list of all your apps.
* Try it free.
V News
V New Macbook Air impresses the press
* Getting great reviews
V Despite the "downgrade" of the processors performance is improved.
V Performance on new Macbook Air reportedly up to par with 15" Macbook Pros?
* SSD and GPU seems to help over prior gen models.
* Boots in 8 seconds according to the Macworld review
* Many like the second USB port and SD card slot on the 13"
* Has lost the backlit keyboard, not a feature I use too often on my 15" to be honest (turn off to save battery)
V Like the improved screen resolution
* 1,440 by 900 pixels on the 13" and 1366 by 768 on the 11"
* Option to have 4GB (this should be standard IMO)
V Have been some early reports of issues
* Kernel panics
* Video issues. “weird colors in vertical lines” extending across the entire screen.
* Hopefully not another NVIDIA video disaster.
* There was the MacBook Air (Late 2010) Software Update 1, addressing wake from sleep and movie playback issues
V iPhoto update addresses data loss
* Apple rushed out iPhoto '11 9.0.1 update to address some customers reporting data loss when upgrading their iPhoto '09 (8.X) libraries
V According to Apple's release notes the issue occurred in "extremely rare cases"
* I had more than a couple reports of the bug.
V Apple recommends installing the update prior to upgrading your Library
* The issue seems to be mostly related to users force quitting the app thinking it's stalled
* For very large libraries, iPhoto '11 may appear to be inactive for several minutes before the progress bar is displayed — do not force quit the application during this period.
* If you have force quit iPhoto '11 during a library upgrade, you should not attempt to open iPhoto '11 or upgrade the library again without first installing the iPhoto 9.0.1 Update.
V My impressions of iLife 11 so far
V Love the full screen mode and info bar in iPhoto
* Also the new controls
* Except the loss of the "Merge/Split" and rotate buttons in the toolbar
* Book and Card templates seem more approachable and easier to work with
* Love the new slideshow options and export feature
* Love the "Add to" and "Share buttons", but took a while to get used to.
* iMovie trailers are fun, but might get old
* Audio editing in iMovie is a nice edition, but wish there was more control. Still need to see if there is improved Garageband round-tripping
V Haven't had a need to use the new garageband features
* Groove Matching and Flextime are serious tools
* New lessons are also welcome.
V iTunes get it's Genius (back) on
* Apple quietly updated the "Ping" sidebar in iTunes 10
* The renamed it the 'iTunes Sidebar'
* Added back in Genius recommendations
* Genius stuff appears below the Ping "Like"/"Post" section and the "Recent Activity".
V No USB 3 on Mac, blame Intel
V Reportedly an inquiry to Jobs via email resulted in this response:
* "we don't see USB 3 taking off at this time." and…
* "no support from Intel,"
* Emails need to be taken with a grain of salt
V Intel has pushed back Lightpeak
* It won't be here until 2012
* 10Gbit/sec (USB 3 theoretical max is 5/Gbit/sec)
* It's fiber optic and gets past cable length issues, latency, etc.
* No word on solution for power. Intel trying to bundle copper wire.
* USB 3.0 is here today and will do sustained transfer rates that beat Firewire 800, but maybe not eSATA?
V Apple has all but abandoned FW
* Not supporting new FW standard(s) yet
* Not supporting eSATA or USB 3.0
* No Lightpeak?
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V Circus Ponies
* Notebook
* Get this for your student
* Can set up notebooks for each course or class
* Use it to take notes, and do research
V Then when need to review
* Multidex to help find content
* Highlighting, tabs, flags, sticky notes
* Snapback links of web clipped items.
* Try it free.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V We still want iDVD
* Many of you responded to day that you love iDVD and burn DVDs of your iMovie projects
* I had said I wish Apple would add new features to iDVD to allow it to output on DVD formats compatible with iTunes and AppleTV
* I had been thinking it was one or the other, but there is no reason to do away with DVD burning, at least not yet.
V It could be additive
* iTunes LP, iTunes Extra, and iBook (eBook) compatible files.
* Across the board in iLife. Why not have that iPhoto album as a iBooks eBook.
V Can save iPhoto books as PDF and load them into iTunes, sync with iBooks
* Problem is it's not optimized for iPad.
V Can your iPhoto Library get stale?
* Play comment from Stephen.
V Restore iMovie missing clips
* I have a project where I used clips that I later moved to my external drive.
V I moved the clips the wrong way.
* Don't do it in the Finder (Movies-->iMovie Events)
V Do it in iMovie
* click the Hard Disk button to see all available hard disks listed in your Event Library
* Move the events from one drive to the other. Will ask you if you want to move only the events not used in projects
* Hold the 'Command' key down as you copy the video to have it moved from one location to the other maintaining the project links.
V If you mess up.
* Quit iMovie and move it back to the original location via the Finder
* Re-launch iMovie and move it as described.
V Use aliases
* Hover over the yellow "caution" or number icons to see the path iMove expects the file to be at on the local disk
* Create an alias at that location that point to the source file on the external drive.
V Macbook Air or iPad
* Play comment from Garrett
* For me they are two really different animals, but I've been hearing this comparison a lot.
* Thickness (0.5" on iPad vs 0.68 to 0.11" on the 11" Macbook Air)
* Weight ( 1.5 lbs. vs. 2.3 on the 11" Macbook Air)
V Size
* iPad: 9.56" x 7.47"
* Air: 11.8" x 7.56"
* Price: $699.00 w/ 64GB (iPad), $999.00 w/ 64GB 11" Macbook Air
V Similarities seem to end there
* iOS vs Mac OS X
* USB ports, full keyboard and trackpad, 1.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor, NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics.
* iPad has double the battery life.
V Items not streaming to Apple TV
* Ken noticed that his movies had to be checked (in the list view) in iTunes to be able to be seen and streamed to his new Apple TV
* I like many uncheck music and music videos so they don't play on random. You can also prevent unchecked items from syncing to your devices.
* Apparently many are also reporting a bug where the "blue" played/unplayed dot isn't updating properly after playing items on the Apple TV.
V Review: iRig
* Play review from Dave
* iRig
* Amplitube (iTunes link)
* Full review on Dave's blog
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