MacCast 11.30.2010 - Show #328
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is "Say Anything" by Manda and the Marbles
* Band's MySpace page
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V Cocoatech
* Path Finder 5
* Drop stack to gather up files and centrailze for archiving.
* Size browser to find large files
* Free trial available
V News
V iPad, the second coming
V DigiTimes reporting that Apple has begun lining up suppliers for the next gen iPad
* Ibiden, Tripod Technology and TTM Technologies will be the initial Printed Circuit Board (PCB) supplier
V Largan Precision as having been selected to provide camera lens modules
* They ship 5-megapixel lens modules for tablet devices and do provide lower rez modules, but those are produced out of house
* Reportedly they will begin shipping parts in December
* More supplies online in February
V Features according to "hit and miss" tech pub
* Retina Display
* Front-facing camera for FaceTime video chat
* A thinner glass panel for a lighter build
* A USB port
* A 3-axis gyroscope
V Digi also reported Apple is ramping up their orders for touchscreens in Q4 of 2010
* Likely to match holiday demand from iPhone 4
* Some want to still speculate it's for a CDMA iPhone.
* Could be also locking up supply for that new iPad due next year.
V iPad sales stay strong
* NPD numbers show 11% of people surveyed plan to buy an iPad by February
V They also looked a usage of current owners
* 58% bought a wi-fi only model
* Usage goes up after longer ownership. 15 hours a week in the first 3 months, but 18 hours per week after owning it for 3 months
* 37% take on trips, 21% use the device at the office, and 7% use it during a commute
V Apple continues the global iPad assault.
* Just launched in Taiwan, Denmark, Portugal, The Czech Republic, Sweden, Poland, Norway, Hungary, Finland and South Korea. Later this week in Brazil
V Apple Software Updates
* Safari 5
V Boot Camp Update
* for 32 Bit and 64 Bit Windows
* Support for the ATI Radeon HD 5870 graphics card
* Support for Apple USB Ethernet adapter and the MacBook Air SuperDrive
V MacBook Pro EFI Firmware Update 2.0
* Resolves an issues where an attached external display may occasionally would show a purple color cast.
V Macbook Air continue to impress
V Macworld Labs put them up against Windows 7 ultraportables and netbooks
* Tested with an 11" Macbook Air running 1.4GHz processor and 2GB or RAM (against the netbooks) and a 13" Macbook Air running 1.86GHz and 2 GB of RAM (against the ultrportables)
* Ran WorldBench 6 test suite and the games Call of Duty 4 and DiRT 2.
V Not surprising the Macbook Air beat the Netbooks handily likely due to running a full Core 2 Duo processor even though it's clocked down to about the same speed as the netbooks
* The new books came in about 1/2 to 1/3rd the cost of the MBA
* Netbooks also offered about 2 hours better battery life.
V On the ultraportable side things were a little closer
* Performance was as good or better than all but one of the Ultraportables in Macworld's benchmark tests
* Battery life was within 30 minutes of the top Windows ultraportable competitor
* Still the Windows systems came in at about 1/2 to 1/3rd the price tag of the Macbook Air.
V Mac OS 10.6.5 fixes Macbook Air bugs
* Problems with display flickering, fading and discoloration when waking from sleep
V According to Changewave the Air may be responsible for a surge in Apple notebook sales in November
* 36% users planning to by a laptop in the next 90 days said they would buy a Mac notebook.
* Up from 25% in October.
* Component suppliers report that Apple should see Macbook shipment hits 1 million units a month in the quarter with 20-25% of those shipments being Macbook Airs.
V Apple "locking" iPhone with torx
* 9to5 Mac reported on some serviced iPhone 4 units coming back with their standard "phillips" replaced by torx ones.
* They note that since launch Apple's own images have always shown torx
* Theory is Apple is unhappy with customers swapping plates with aftermarket components and that the more difficult to remove trox may slow stop some customers from messing with the device.
* AppAdvice reported that new iPhone 4 units are coming with torx screws installed.
V Macs still safe from viruses
* For now at least. Cult of Mac has numbers from a report by free anti-virus maker Sophos
* For the 2 weeks beginning in November they looks at 50,000 virus reports from 150,000 users
* The biggest exploit was actually a Windows Media Player exploit that can't harm the Mac
V Second biggest hole was Java exploits
* Another reason why Apple may have canned in-house Java build's in favor of letting Oracle do the updating.
* By getting latest build directly from the source Mac users can stay better up to date with patches.
V There were only 2 Mac specific malware on the list accounting for less than 1% of the total
* They can be avoided by safe browsing habits.
V Extra iOS 4.2.1 goodies
* Launch a FaceTime call via voice control or directly from an SMS
* Support for Bluetooth devices with FaceTime
* Support for ICS files in email attachments
* new Text Tones that can be assigned per contact.
V More HTML 5 support
* Accelerometer and Gyroscope support in the DeviceOrientation API
* Support for WebSockets API
* Printing from Mobile Safari
V iOS 4.1 for Apple TV
* Added AirPlay support
* Added VoiceOver support
V Video support in Photo Albums
* Choose Photos to Share from the Advanced menu in iTunes, and ensure that “Include Videos”
* Fixed playlist sorting and "blue dot" issues
* Displays "unchecked" iTunes items, but they are "grayed out" on the Apple TV
* Security fixes including a FreeType exploit that could allow for arbitrary code execution
* Still no support for iTunes LP or iTunes Extras
V iOS 4.3 here soon
* Rumors are flying that Apple will have a new iOS update ready just 1 month after the release of iOS 4.2.1
* A driving force behind the update may be Rupert Murdoch and News Corp.
* Daring Fireball reported that Apple and News Corp have been working on enable subscription billing and possibly push updates of new content.
* Reportedly to support a new App based daily news ePub called the Daily which would provide access to daily news content for USD $0.99 a week.
V Beatles selling well on iTunes
* 9to5 Mac reported on Billboards sales numbers for the first week of Beatles on iTunes
* 2 million songs and 450,000 albums
* "Here Comes the Sun" was the top track and "Abbey Road" the top album
V Apple moving into HP's old digs
* According to the San Jose Mercury News Apple has purchased the 98-acre HP campus in Cupertino
* Apple has added 12,300 employees worldwide in the past year and it had been reported room space on the 1 Infinate Loop site was getting tight.
* The site is about 5 minutes away from the main Apple campus and across the street from another 50 acre site that Apple also acquired from HP about 4 years ago.
V Apple still tops in satisfaction
* PC World's reader survey of 79,000 on service and reliability of various tech products and companies
* Apple came out on top by a wide margin in the Desktop, Notebook, and Smartphones categories.
V 21% reported issues with PCs that couldn't be resolved, while only 9% of Mac issues were unfixable.
* In notebooks the numbers were 25.6% PC average, and 8% for Apple
* Also customers said Apple laptops need components replaced about as often as other laptops do.
* Still seems like a higher failure percentage for Apple
V Motorola beat out Apple in the Smartphone category
* AT&T service (coverage) still seems to be the sticking point. All seemed generally "meh" at customer service.
* Also a fair number of "out of the box" issues.
V Geniuses help the customer experience
* Even with long waits and some issues I think customers appreciate a personal experience
V I highly recommend Apple's new online site
* Improved support interface
* Express Lane support
* More video tutorials
V Apple data center chief passes away
* Olivier Sanche, global data center director at Apple, died of a heart attack on November 25th (Thanksgiving)
* He came to Apple after working at eBay and AT&T
* He was an advocate for green initiatives and helped construct a data facility in Utah while at eBay that was awarded US Green Building Council had awarded LEED Gold certification.
* The North Carolina Apple Data Center is said to go on-line soon and it's tragic timing for Sanche's passing
V Sponsor
V Circus Ponies
* Notebook
V Multiple uses from one app
* Notes
* Outlines
* research
* To dos and lists
* Annotation (audio, notes, flags, highlighting, stickies)
* Diagrams and org charts with drawing tools.
* If you have it, you'll find a use for it.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Free Find My iPhone
* Requires an Apple ID (free to create) and an iPhone 4, iPod Touch (3rd gen), or an iPad running iOS 4.2 to sign up for an account.
V Sign up on the device from the 'Mail, Contacts, and Calendar' settings
* Click Add Account-->Mobile Me
* Sign in using an existing Apple ID or you use the 'Create Free Apple ID' button.
V My experience with AirPlay
* So far only seem to work from the Video or iPod apps and YouTube app
* Works OK, but have had some jumping back and forth (starts on Apple TV and jumps back to iPad)
* Surprised that I couldn'couldnt get Safari video to work.
V Assume 3rd party apps are coming? There seem to be mixed opinion on this.
* Reportedly a Jobs email said they plan on opening up 3rd party and Safari support in 2011
* There is already a hack to allow 3rd party apps to play video over AirPlay from jailbroken devices.
V HDCP issue when connected to display that doesn'doesnt support HDCP even on my own videos
* Only an issue when playing from an iOS device?
V Making AirPrint work
* As shipped by Apple it only seems to support the 6 new HP ePrint printers
* Was reportedly support in a beta build of Mac OS 10.6.5 was pulled at the last minute
* An email reportedly from Jobs claims more AirPrint support coming soon.
V 9 to 5 Mac has the old CUPS files you need to make it work
* Need to replace 3 system files with the ones from the beta
* Backup first
V AirPrint Hackivator
* Still a hack, but automated and makes backup of old files
* Free
V Or just get one of two 3rd party apps
* Printopia
* FingerPrint
V Moving to your new Mac
* Around this time of year a get a number of questions about how to prepare and move to a new Mac
V Preparation
* Backup, backup again, and then verify your backups.
* Can you boot from one of your backups?
* Up to date, make sure all your software, OS, drivers, firmware, etc. is up to date.
V Inventory your stuff and clean house
* Decide what you want to move, save, and dump
* Archive and clean house
* Gather all your serial numbers and product keys. Get Disks or URLs for software you want to migrate.
* Run repair permissions, clean caches, etc.
* Clean up your "real" desktop. Do you have space to work in.
V What if there are issues with the current set-up?
V 3 areas to check
V 1) User account. Create a new account and see if those go away.
* If yes, you won't want to migrate your Library folder. Start with a new use on the new set up and just move the (Files and Folders) Documents, Photos, Music, Movies, Sites, etc.
V 2) Individual apps
* Consider reinstalling Apps rather than migrating
V 3) Hardware
* Kernel panics. Try running with just a mouse and keyboard to see if issues go away
* Change out cables and remove/swap hubs.
* Add one item at a time back into the chain to find the culprit
V Define what your going to migrate
* Based on the assessment you just made
* De-register iTunes!!
V Connect the old Mac
* Firewire cable (if you have it)
* Ethernet (direct or network), can also use wireless.
* USB external drive. Clone or TimeMachine
V Use the Migration Assistant
* If moving from PPC to Intel and moving Apps, drivers, etc. make sure you have upgraded to all Universal Binary
V Post upgrade
* I keep the old machine around for a week or two to make sure I moved everything (1 clone back-up too).
* Re-attach extra hardware. 1 by 1 if you need to troubleshoot.
V Re-establish cloud syncing
* Network setting should have migrated over if you choose that option.
* Mobile Me
* Dropbox
* 1Password (in dropbox)
V Re-install apps if you decided not to migrate them
* If you migrated the Library then likely some will already have preferences and registration set.
* Otherwise re-register.
V Time Machine
* You know how they say, "you can't take it with you"?
V Time Machine generally can't append onto an old backup with a new machine.
V One exception is if you use Migration Assistant with your old TM backup to restore the new Machine
* Even then there are some big gottchas
* TM will append the data to the old Time Machine backups, but still does a "full" TM backup of the new system when you activate TM and point it at the old drive
* You will need free disk space on the old TM drive of 120% to accommodate the new data plus overhead. So total TM drive size of at least of 2.2 times your used disk space.
* Even then it will start deleting the oldest data to make room.
V I just start fresh
* I have the migrated data on the new drive, plus a clone.
* I format the old TM drive and start fresh.
* Advantage of cloned backups like SuperDuper is they can pick up where you left off.
V I need a good iPad outliner
* With all the "notes" apps you'd think one would offer good outlining
V Many like Elements and PlainText are nice and sync directly with Dropbox
* Elements
* PlainText (my current favorite)
V Class notes, to-dos and study guides
* Course Notes
V Audio recording
* Audiotorium
* Handwriting recognition
* Guess I need to wait for CircusPonies and OmniGroup
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