MacCast 12.07.2010 - Show #329
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is "Say Anything" by Manda and the Marbles
* Band's MySpace page
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* DiscLabel
* Personalized Photo CD and custom DVDs with slide shows and movies make great holiday gifts.
* Design your own label from scratch, use the great built-in templates, or even import art from iDVD themes to match
* A holiday mix CD is great to bring to a party and DiscLabel will even automatically put in the artist and track info.
* Supports direct to disc printers and Lightscribe.
V Special offer: $24.95. That's 30% off the regular single user license price of $35.95.
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V News
V Verizon iPhone. No, they mean it this time.
* Most believe AT&T exclusivity will end at the end of December and a Verizon iPhone deal will be announced in January.
* AT&T CFO Richard Lindner commented at the UBS Media and Communications Conference that there is no such thing as a "permanent exclusive".
V Gene Munster says the AT&T exclusivity is what's giving Android the edge in the US market
* Was Apple's second mistake in launching the iPhone. First the lack up subsidy at launch.
V Apple is only losing market share to Android because customers are loyal to their carrier.
* Munster claims Apple outselling Android in markets where iPhone is on multiple carriers
V Kaufman Bros.' Shaw Wu says Androids appeal for Verizon might be wearing off
* Apple sold 14.1 million iPhone last quarter and AT&T still took share from Verizon
* Verizon is now worried Apple will open up to more US carriers and is willing to deal from "exclusivity" with AT&T
V The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Apple beat Nokia out for the Australian smartphone market.
* iPhone has 36.5 percent while Nokia's account for 30.5 percent.
V iOS web share grows 200% in November
* According to latest data from NetApplications
* Browser share was at 1.36% up 216% from a year ago.
* Android devices came in at 0.31%, but grew 108% in November.
V Mac App Store soon?
V AppleTell says an inside source claims Apple will open the Mac App store on December 13th
* Reportedly they told developers to have lunch apps ready by 12/6
V Will not allow betas, trials, or timed versions
* Telling developers to distribute those versions via their web sites
* Many demo apps offer in-app purchase of the full edition. Apple could lose sales?
* Also recommend developers use built-in set of standard controls as part of OS X’s Aqua user interface or if using custom controls they consider Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines.
V Warned against apps that don't store files in appropriate locations.
* e.g., storing databases in the user's Documents folder or storing files in the user's Library folder that are not recognizably associated with your application
V A build of 10.6.6, labelled 10J537 was pushed to developer on 12/2
* Was a whopping 1GB in size and contained no know issues
* developers are asked to focus on testing printing, spotlight, bonjour, OpenGL and the Dock
* An update with Mac Apps Store support was released on 11/4
V Apple discontinues compact wired keyboard
* Now you can only get the wired version with number pad
* Or the compact BT version.
V Apple and Mag pubs at stalemate
* Despite the arrival of Virgin's Project and the rumors of "The Daily"
* Still at odd over the terms
V Apple reportedly offering
* The ability to sell app subscriptions through iTunes.
* 70 percent of the revenue from each sale.
* The ability to offer an opt-in form for subscribers, which would ask them for a limited amount of information: Name, address, e-mail address.
V Publishers want subscriber information for marketing and editorial purposes
* Couldn't they do in Mag surveys?
V New iPads in April?
* According to DigiTimes
* Originally said production would start in December, but reportedly a firmware delay has pushed the start back to January
* Initial Foxconn order said to be as high as 600,000 units for delivery to Apple in as early as the end of February
* Don't expect sales to begin until April, 1 year after initial iPad lunch.
V I have an source who claims to have inside info from one of Apple's board suppliers who says there would be "significant" change to the design
* My guess is these would be to accommodate the camera module
* I still don't think the "dual" dock port design is likely.
V DigiTimes is also reporting new moels will not use AMOLED displays
* Apple has reportedly ordered BLUs (back light units) which will be combined with LCD displays built by LG and Chimei Innolux.
* Hopes that the LCDs will feature "Retina Display" type resolutions and pixel densities.
V At least on analyst, Robert Cihra with Caris & Company, expects iPads to drive 50% of Apple's growth in 2011
* Expects sales of 32 million iPads in fiscal year 2011
* Predicts an explosion toward 'thin-client' access computing, a category he says din't really exist a year ago and feels the iPad will continue to lead in.
V iOS 4.2.1 reduces Camera Connection Kit power?
* Down to 20mA according to some reports
* Prevents some accessories, like keyboards and powered mics from working.
V I tried a mic that requires 90mA and it worked
* You can check devices power requirements by connecting to your Mac and using the System Profiler
* Go to the USB section and look at the 'Current Required' value.
V "Apple City" in development
* A website in Spain is reporting that British architect Norman Foster is hard at work designing Apple’s new campus in Cupertino.
* Apple recently acquired a 98-acre property in Cupertino formerly owned by HP in addition to a 50 acre site they also acquired from HP about 4 years ago.
* Foster is known for the 30 St Mary Axe, also known as "the Gherkin" (after the pickle, yes). A a skyscraper in London's main financial district.
V The rumors site make it sound like Apple and the designer will build an eco-friendly version of a Wonka factory
* City with underground tubes and transportation system
* Leaving big open green spaces under glass and steel
* Use renewable energy sources
* House areas for engineers, R&D, and multi-functional areas
V Changes to some Apple accessories
V iLounge reported that Apple recently changed it's Apple Universal Dock kit.
* Now $10.00 more at USD $59 vs. $49
* Includes the Universal Dock, Apple’s new aluminum Remote, Dock Adapters to fit the iPhone 4, iPhone 3G/3GS, iPod touch 2G/3G, iPod touch 4G, and iPod nano 5G, a USB power adapter and USB cable.
* They note the USB charger is a new addition and may be the reason for the price bump.
* Seemingly related Apple dropped the price of the Component and Composite AV Cable packages down $10 USD, but removed the included USB Power Adapter from those kits. They are now USD $39.
V Quicktime 7.6.9 update
* A bunch of security fixes addressing holes that could have been exploited by "maliciously crafted" file formats
* For Leopard and Windows.
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V Faronics
* Deep Freeze
* Deep Freeze, a reboot-to-restore solution
V Significantly reduce IT costs at your school or organization
* Thaw Spaces provide persistent areas you define for user files, but allow you to protect the rest of the system
* Can still do it without restricting the users in a negative way
V Protect user privacy on shared computers
* A hotel chain in the UK uses it on iMAcs provided for customers in each room
* Personal files and history are wiped away after each stay with a simple reboot.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Combining PDFs in Snow Leopard
* Play audio question from Jon
* Confusing because the sidebar lets you now work with multiple PDFs in 1 window
* Drop one page onto another
V Can also expand out the document
* Looks like a spiral bound notebook when you have more than 1 page
* "open it" up using the "round arrow"
* add in pages
V Keeps them separate when you save.
* Need to select the PDF in the sidebar you wish to save and then do a Save or Save as (or save all)
V Physical offsite backup strategy
* Play comment from Theo
* Sentry makes "fire" and "water" resistant HDs
V Trouble is in the details
* 1500 to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 mins to 2 hours and then they mostly mention solid state and physical media like CDs and DVDs
* Hard disks have complex components
* Better to just keep the HD out of fire, but the strategy is great alternative to "cloud" backup
* Take the extra HD to the office, bank safe deposit box, friend or relatives house.
V Crash Plans software can be used for free to backup to a friends over the internet.
* Solves the remote recovery issue
V Sharing photos via email
* Play comment from Gary
* Play comment from Martin
* Mail-->New Message-->Photo Browser (in toolbar) or Window--> Photo Browser
* In the top portion of the 'Photo Browser' window you can drag in folders to add your own "custom" locations to browse
V Also when attaching File-->Attach Files…
* Scroll down to the media section in the left column and choose photos
V In mail once you've added photos you get the 'Image Size' options down at the bottom
* small, medium, large, actual size
* If you use Stationary in Mail you can't attach the photos
V iPhoto does let you attach the photos
* There is a 10 photo per message limit
* Select the photos and choose Share-->Email
* In the info panel on the right at the bottom, under the layouts, check the 'Attach Photos to Message' option
V Size can be 'Optimized' or 'Actual Size' and you'll see the Message Size displayed
* Remember some email providers limit sizes on outbound email
* Photos come attached in a ZIP file.
V Accessing iTunes on Shared mac
* Play question from Eric
V The Apple way
* Basically move the iTunes Media folder to a central 'shared' location that all accounts have permission to access and then point iTunes to that.
* Move just the 'Media' folder, not the iTunes folder, the iTunes Library file or the iTunes Library.xml file
V Need to update anytime someone adds new music to their account
* Preferences --> Advanced.
* Deselect the option to "Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library file." Click OK.
V File-->Add to Library
* In the window that opens, navigate to the location where the other user's music is saved (the iTunes Media folder in this example).
* Click Open.
* Also if two people rip the same CD you can end up with duplicates in the Library
V Probably easier to use Fast User Switching
* System Preferences-->Accounts
* Click the lock to make changes. Enter admin password
* Click Login Options…
* Check the option 'Show Fast User Switching' menu…
* Now use that when the kids want to log in, but keep iTunes open in your account.
V Mac uninstallers
* Play question from Joe
V There are a ton of options
* I use AppZapper
* Also AppDelete, AppTrap, AppCleaner, and TrashMe. Probably more.
V 2 basic strategies
* Search
* Watched installs.
* None of them seem to get 100% of the files
V Using Spotlight
* Finder. File-->Find…
* Click the "plus" to add criteria
* Choose 'Other≥' and then select 'System Files'. I also click the 'Add to menu' checkbox
* Then you can set the value drop down to 'are included'
V Common location to check
* ~/Library
* /Library/Preferences and ~/Library/Preferences
* /Library/Application Support and ~/Library/Application Support
* /Library/Caches and ~/Library/Caches
V Closing
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V New Music
* "Christmas Time Is Here" by Admiral Twin
* From Music Alley
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V EOL: Rare Transparent SE
* A report by Cult of Mac says that there are only about 10 of these transparent Mac SE's know to exist, but even that didn't help it sell for the $25,000 USD reserve price on eBay recently.