MacCast 12.22.2010 - Show #331
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is "Say Anything" by Manda and the Marbles
* Band's MySpace page
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V Cocoatech
* Path Finder 5
V End of year cleaning
* Split pane browser. Compare 2 folders side by side in single window
* Gather items into the drop stack to move or burn to disk.
* Compress items, built in StuffIt engine
* Size browser to find large files.
* Free trial available
V News
V iAd Producer released for Developers
* Apple added a new tool for developers to create iAds
* An editor and dev environment that automatically manages the HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
* Built-in JavaScript editing and debugging
* Templates, components, built-in animations and effects
* Validation and debugging
* Free to members of the IOS developer program.
V Apple's iTunes share rises
* Numbers from NPD
* iTunes accounts for 66.2% of online music purchases, up from 63.2% last year
* Amazon is 2nd with 13.3% share up from 11% earlier in the year.
V Apple looking for iOS mapping talent
* AppleInsider noticed 4 Apple job listings that may point to Apple expanding it's cartographic resources
* The ads for engineers specifically list Deep knowledge of Computational Geometry or Graph Theory and Experience developing navigation software as valuable knowledge to have for the jobs
V Apple has made other recent investments in mapping tech
* Poly9, an online mapping company based in Quebec
* Apple acquired Placebase.
* Apple could be planning something big, or just need engineering talent for current projects
* I think they prefer to use Google tech as long as the deal is good, but also like having a backup plan.
V Also looking for Speech engineers
* 9to5 Mac points to a another set of 4 job offerings
* iOS Speech Application Engineer, two Speech Recognition Engineers, and a Senior Speech Research Scientist.
* Apple acquired speech app company Siri
V Sharp also investing in new LCD facility
* Japan's Nikkei Daily reports that Sharp is repurposing a LCD TV facility to make small to mid-sized panels.
* Estimated to go online in 2012 with remodel costs estimated at 1.2 billion.
* Paper says Apple may be footing a large portion of the bill.
* Again my guess is at best Apple is negotiating contracts for the new facility.
V iPhoto 9.1.1 Update
* This update adds new email options to iPhoto '11. It also improves overall stability and addresses a number of other minor issues.
V Specific fixes include:
* Adds a preference allowing photos to be emailed using an external email application
* Adds "Classic" and "Journal" themes to email.
* Photos attached to an email can now be sized to Small, Medium or Large
* Improves reliability when upgrading a library from an earlier version of iPhoto
* iPhoto now correctly preserves the sort order of Events after upgrading a library
* Event titles displayed in headers can now be edited in Photos view
* Addresses a problem that could cause duplicate photos to be added to a MobileMe album
* Scrolling overlay now correctly displays ratings when photos are sorted by rating
* Photos are now sorted correctly when a rating is changed and photos are sorted by rating
* Fixes a problem that could cause text formatting controls to become inaccessible when editing a calendar
V iPad a Doppleganger for some
* A survey of 1667 tablet owning households showed that about 16% owned more than 1
* The survey lumps eBooks in with tablets so you need to take it with a grain of salt.
V I believe the explanation though
* 36% because their partner used theirs all the time
* 21% because they got it as a gift
* 17% because they wanted to try another type of tablet
* 13% because other family members were using theirs all the time
* I think tablets will become like iPods
V The million AppleTV march, ah December
* Apple has reported that they expect to sell their 1 millionth Apple TV 2 this month
V Kaufman Bros Shaw Wu says it meets high-end estimates, but represents just a drop of Apple's annual revenue
* About $400 million of the estimated $88 Billion total
* Still a lot more Apple TVs then Apple has ever sold.
* Interestingly Roku also announced that they will sell their 1 millionth unit this month and that AppleTV's announcement helped raise sales and awareness for Roku.
V Remote App 2.1 update
V AirPlay video support to control iTunes on your computer to stream videos to an Apple TV
* I could stream 2 different videos to each of my Apple TVs via the remote from the same iTunes Library while I was playing music to an AirPort Express.
* Internet radio control to play thousands of internet radio streams in iTunes on your computer
* The ability to control iTunes on your computer to play Movies and TV shows that are rented from the iTunes Store
* Addresses issues connecting to an iTunes library or Apple TV
* Includes stability and performance improvements
V Free developer iBooks from Apple
V Apple made 6 titles available via iBooks on iOS devices
* iOS Human Interface Guidelines
* Object Oriented Programming With Objective-C
* Cocoa Fundamentals Guide.
* The Objective-C Programming Language
* iOS Technology Overview
* iOS Application Programming Guide.
* Search for 'Apple Developer Publications'
V iWork '11 on January 6th
* According to 9to5 Mac
* Retail checks say Apple is running low on iWork '09 and no reorders on the way.
* We've seen iWork apps in the demo being separate pieces at about $15 to 20 bucks a piece.
V January 6th is the launch of the Mac App Store
* Apple has reportedly notified developers they ill shut down the OS X Applications web page on
* Access via your Apple menu-->Mac OS X Software
* Great place for Automator Actions, Drivers, iCal Calendars, Spotlight Plug-ins, Dashboard Widgets. What happens to those?
* Thin evidence to be sure, but makes sense that Apple would want to have some premium stock ready to go with their shiny new store.
V Other Apple updates
V AirPort Base Station and Time Capsule Firmware Update 7.5.2.
* Fixes some issues with AirPlay streaming.
* General fixes to Wi-Fi base station stability
* General fixes with USB interoperability including connection to external storage devices
* Fixes some issues with NAT port mapping settings
* Disables TKIP security with 802.11n rates per the Wi-Fi Alliance specifications
V Airport Utility (5.5.2)
* Resolves an issue that caused the DHCP settings tab to display incorrectly
* Resolves an issue that caused the application to quit unexpectedly when automatically launched
* Resolves an issue that prevented the network password from being stored in the
* Keychain when the network on the 5GHz band was named differently
V Digital Camera Raw Compatibility Update (3.5)
* Adds RAW support in iPhoto '11 and Aperture 3 for more cameras from Canon, Leica, Nikon, and Panasonic
V Sponsor
V Citrix
* GoToAssist Express
* Solve the Christmas morning support call
* If you sign up for the trial now you'll be ready.
V It quick and easy
* launch the GoToAssist software on your Mac
* Send them the link
* They click to accept the client software and your connected
* No hassles with opening FW ports or dealing with router configuration.
* Secure with 128-bit SSL and SRP
* When it's done the software removes itself and your back to your family.
* They remind you before your trial expires, so no unwanted charges and if you prefer they have a $10.00 day pass.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Some listener 1Password tips
* Play tips from John
* 1Password also keeps a password history for your accounts when you change them.
* In the MacUpdate bundle, which closes 12/23. 11 apps for $49.99
V AirFlick hack for AppleTV 2
* Erica Sadun continues the AirPlay hacking
* Now she has Alpha software that will send ANY AppleTV compatible video from your Mac to an AppleTV 2.
* Doesn't need to be in iTunes
V You can also set up live transcoding via VLC and then send the stream through AirFlick to your Apple TV.
* Can screencast and send DVD video from your Mac too.
* Requires some pretty cryptic VLC codes, but works.
V Save money on Mobile Me
* A number of people know you can get mobile Me at for a good discount. Currently $64.99 USD, $34 off the $99.00 price
* Lori asked about the "Old" version. even cheaper at $55.99
* Since all that's included is an activation code there is no difference.
* Works for renewals too.
V Checking up on Backups
V Due to a recent move of my iTunes Library I needed to re-establish backups
* Re-map Crash Plan
* Re-map and apply Time Machine exclusions
V Good time to check stuff
* Double check that stuff is on and schedules are set correctly and as expected.
* Run Disk Utility on backup and external Drives
* Spot check files on backups. Do they open, do they play.
* Are bootable clones bootable. Test it.
V Value of a productivity upgrade
* One of the reasons I am a Mac owner is system longevity.
* Macs being more expensive are often one argument that I've always countered with the longevity argument.
* But owning the same Mac for 5,6, 10 years while great, may not always be a cost savings.
* Play comment from Matthew
* Productivity can be a big cost savings depending on your needs and you should factor that into your decision on when to get a new Mac.
V Before you count out an old system you can do some thing to boost it's productivity
* House cleaning
* Fresh install
* Upgrades. More RAM, faster HD
V Fixing up network streaming
V Using a 3rd party DNS may cause issues
* Especially with content sourced at CDNs, like iTunes streaming videos
* Some CDNs use the DNS routing to determine your location, so by not using your local ISP DNS your appearing to be in a different place and may not be getting the full advantage of the CDN. That's the theory anyway.
* OpenDNS claim's they don't have the same issue as GoogleDNS
V Static IP Addresses on internal network
* I have been having issues especially with iPads and iPhones on my home network
* Testing DHCP lease and bouncing between access points and wake from sleep.
* I mostly just have hiccups and stuttering connections.
V Could also up the DHCP lease time
* Mine on AirPort is set to 4 hours
V Launch AirPort Utility
* Click 'Manual Setup'
* Internet-->DHCP-->DHCP Lease
* Change time (minutes, hours, or days)
V Princeton is reporting a new DHCP issue
* iOS allows the DHCP lease to expire, but continues using the IP address after that time.
V Typically not an issue on a home network, but as we get more devices?
* 3 Macs (Mini, iMac, Macbook Pro)
* 4 iPhones
* 2 iPads
* 2 Apple TVs
* 3 AirPorts
* TiVO, Wii
* Other devices, like PSP, DS, Blueray, etc.
V Keeping Apps in Sync
* Fred was going on vacation and going to be taking his MBP but not his external drive with his full library and apps
* Can he sync the apps to the MBP and then sync back on his return?
V Answer. Maybe. Kind of
* If you use the 'Keep iTunes Media Folder Organized" and 'Copy to iTunes Media folder when adding to Library) options (I think this is required).
V You will want to copy any files you want to still have access to from the iTunes Media folder on your external to the MBP's default iTunes Media folder
* ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media
* When you disconnect your Mac it will default mac to the default internal location for your iTunes Media.
* You will have the "exclamation point" broken icons for all the files (Music, Podcasts, Apps, etc.) that you didn't copy to the internal drive.
* You will also get sync errors when syncing devices, but items won't be removed from the device.
* New items added to the library will be added and sync'd fine.
V When you return
* Reconnect
* Verify that your iTunes is pointed back at the external drive and the 'Keep iTunes Media Folder Organized" and 'Copy to iTunes Media folder when adding to Library)' options are on. (iTunes Preferences-->Advanced…)
* Choose File-->Library-->Organize Library…
* Check the 'Consolidate files' option and click OK.
* Once the files are copies to the external you can then delete them from your internal.
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V EOL: One big A-- iPadhone
* Edios created this giant iPhone from 56 iPads as a promotional item for their new Lara Croft iOS game. (via Cult of Mac)