MacCast 1.6.2011 - Show #333
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is "Say Anything" by Manda and the Marbles
* Band's MySpace page
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V Faronics
* DeepFreeze
V Good for any shared computing environment even the home.
* Protect the system from young users while not restricting access to persistent storage.
* You define what gets protected.
* Many hotels, schools, government organizations use DeepFreeze
* Trials available
V News
V OS 10.6.6 and the Mac App Store
V Beyond the App Store it includes:
* Addresses a cropping issue with some postscript printing in landscape page orientation.
* Resolves an issue with some Macs (that have in ATI graphics card) in which the mouse pointer movement could become erratic if an external DVI display is connected.
* After running the update new App Store icon added to Dock
V Replaces ''Mac OS X Software…" link in the Apple Menu
* New "App Store…" link
* Old page still on Apple's site
* Software update (in System Preferences) doesn't notify of App Updates. Those are done using the "Updates" view at the top of the App Store window.
V Other items from the AppStore
* Log-in with AppleID (iTunes, or MobileMe account)
V Updated Terms and Conditions
* If you get an "Error 100" it's related, quit and relaunch the App Store App, or iTunes, or the Mac
* Parental controls to block or restrict downloads based on ratings
* Background "Store Helper" app to keep track of things (updates, purchases, etc).
V Dialog with new "Search App Store" button when a file extension is not recognized
* 9to5 points out the feature is similar to one on Windows that searches the web for know apps that support specific file types.
V First impressions
* "Jump down to dock" animation
* Get a progress bar and icon in dock when downloading
* Leaves icon in dock and set's it to 'Keep in Dock'
V Does "see" apps installed prior to update
* May need to update the app to latest version outside App Store first
* Launch app after update?
V As pointed out by "Cult of Mac" uninstall by trashing now requires entering admin credentials even if logged into an admin account
* Apps seem to be installed as root:wheel
V Pricing
* Are we going to see another "race to the bottom"?
* Apple lowered Aperture and Apple Remote Desktop to $79.99 ($199 and $299 before)
* iLife apps are $14.99 ea. (iWeb and iDVD not there) and iWork Apps for $19.99/ea.
* Pixelmator $29.99 ($59.99 online)
V "Any Mac you own" license
* Burden is on developers to use "receipt checking" to prevent piracy
* Uses UUID of Mac to check purchases
V CDMA iPhone soon?
* DigiTimes reports Apple upped Q1 iPhone orders to 20-21 million units
* 5-6 million units being CDMA models shipping to the US and Asia-Pacific regions
* Is a rumor and consider the source
* Also Apple's Q4 shipments are estimated at 15.5 million, so 20 million units would be aggressive considering the iPhone 5 is likely due this summer.
* Unconfirmed report of Apple Store vacation "freeze" for 3 weeks beginning at the end of January (Boy Genius Report)
* AT&T and Apple dropped the price of the iPhone 3GS to $49.00 with 2 year contract
V Leaked iPhone parts
* A couple sources are showing off what are reportedly new iPhone parts
* Verizon or iPhone 5?
V Most significant change seems to be new placement of the external antenna dividing lines
* The one on the top of the iPhone 4 has been repositioned to the left side just above the mute switch.
* Gives it a more symmetric look
* Also internally on the middle plate there is a new metal band just above the home button.
* Changes could be for new antenna system for CDMA or to deal with antenna issues?
V Rumored features of next gen iPad
* Dual-core processor. Likely using a dual core 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 design matching upcoming tablets from Motorola and Blackberry according to Rodman & Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar.
* Dual cores would allow better performance and support for better multi-tasking, but might effect battery.
* CDMA support (DigiTimes)
* Redesigned rear speaker, volume buttons
* Thinner bezel, thinner body, tapered edges, flat back
* Front and rear cameras
* Better anti-smudge and anti-glare screen
* 512MB of RAM
V 6G iPod Nano Hack
* iLounge has word of hack James Whelton of getting past the devices cache comparison routines to allow him to remove an app icon
* Developer points out it's not yet a jailbreak but could lead to one.
V For now he was just able to:
* Boot iPod with modified files
* Remove apps from springboard and insert blank space
V Cherokee language support in iOS 4.1
* iOS supports over 50 language keyboards
* Cherokee was actually added in 4.1
V The Cherokee Nation is working to fight the loss of their spoken and written language.
* Only about 8,000 of the 290,000 members of the tribe still speak the native dialect
* The hope is that the support on devices like the iPhone and iPod Touch will make it available to a generation growing up with technology.
V More new Apple Support Features
* Added Support Profiles
* View all products, repair history, find self service articles
* Phone numbers and SMS if you want support to TXT you?
* Register and assign "nicknames" to your registered product
V Intel's next gen Mac chips?
* CES has kicked off and Intel wasted no time making big claims about it's next gen chip designs
* Codenamed Sandy Bridge there will be 29 different chips running up to 800% faster than current generation Core 2 Duo designs. 60% faster than the current Core i7 chips in the iMac
* Intel might be overstating things expect 10-50% real world performanceperforce bump over current gen.
V Key features
* 4 cores and an integrated on-die GPU
* 32 nanometer
* sips power
V Some iLife and iWork Updates
V GarageBand 6.0.1
* improves overall stability, and addresses compatibility and a number of other minor issues
* Fixes an issue related to undoing Flex Time edits
* Removes occasional latency that can occur on guitar tracks
* Restores ability to use the Quantize Note Timing menu for tracks with Groove Matching
V iMovie 9.0.1
* improves stability and fixes other minor issues
* Fixes an issue where stabilization would not be applied correctly to some video clips from iPhone and iPod touch.
* Fixes an issue that prevented use of some valid Facebook passwords that contained non-alphanumeric characters.
* Improves compatibility with some cameras that create content in multiple formats.
* Improves performance when scrolling the Project Library.
V iWork 9.0.5
* Adds support for playback of Keynote presentations on public beta, with over 15 animations and effects, when using the latest version of Safari.
* Adds support for Keynote Remote 1.2, including high-resolution slides for the Retina display.
* Addresses an issue in Keynote with ruler numbers when moving or resizing a shape or scrolling.
* Addresses an issue when exporting a Keynote presentation to iTunes/iPod when iTunes 10 is installed.
* Improves the readability of ePub documents exported from Pages.
* Includes public sharing and private upload document sharing options for to Keynote, Pages, and Numbers.
V Studios play with exclusive iTunes Extras
V Sony has at least 3 titles that have extra content exclusive to the iTunes versions
* The Other Guys, Salt, and Resident Evil: Afterlife
* Search the script for dialog, direct sharing of select clips on social media sites, add a soundtrack playlist to iTunes (previews only).
* Until they get the better pricing and long term storage issues resolved I think direct video downloads are going to be a bust.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Dock connector products finally making the rounds?
* CES has begun and beyond 80 iPhone tablet competitor, iPad 2 cases, iPhone cases, iPod watch bands there are 2 exciting things
V iPod Dock connected hardware and software integration
* Part of the iPhone OS 3 announcement
* Tivizen over the air DTV receiver and free app
* Withings Blood Pressure monitor. Also iHealth.
* AirPlay supported hardware
V Encrypting TimeMachine Backups
* Using sparse images
* PGP Whole Disk Encryption
V FileVault
* Works, but Time Machine will only run when you are logged out of your account
V Backing up a NAS
* Steven has a DLink NAS drive that he is now storing his iPhoto and iTunes libraries on, but TM won't backup from a NAS
V Possible solutions
V Manually copy
* Could be scripted
V Rsync
* Requires some heavy terminal mojo
* Also SSH and remote login
* Bombitch has more info and how to build rSync 3 on the Mac
V Carbon Copy Cloner
* Uses similar techniques to rsync
* provides a tool to install the authentication
* Still need to enable remote login
* Backs-up to a sparseimage bundle
* Won't allow backup to the OS X boot drive
* Can be automated
V File Syncing app
V I like ChronoSync
* Can also do backup and bootable clones.
V Automount volume on start-up
* Select the Volume from the 'Shared' category in the Finder
* Click the 'Connect As…' button and enter your username and password for the remote volume.
* Make sure to check the "Remember this password in my keychain" if you don't want to be prompted each time you reboot
* With the volume connected, go to System Preferences-->Accounts and select your account
* Click on the 'Login Items' tab and in that pane click the 'plus' button to add a new item.
* Select the volume or network folder you want to auto mount at start-up and click add.
* Exit the System Preferences
* Now when you reboot the volume should automatically connect.
V Alternative Mac Cloud syncing
* Play comment from Bob
* Partition to separate TM and file storage
* SugarSync
V Selective cloud and Time Machine backup
* Anything that is able to be recovered in another way may not need to be included
* CDs that you have originals, Apps that can be re-downloaded or re-installed
V iPhoto '11 scrolling issues
* Justin mentioned having issues with jittery or slow scrolling after upgrading to 9.1.1
* I've had this issue since iPhoto '11 (9.0) came out.
* My library isn't that large at around 7,500 images
V I tried re-building the Library
* Hold Command+Option while launching iPhoto
V Several choices
* I choose 'Repair the iPhoto Library Database', 'Rebuild the photos' small thumbnails', 'Rebuild all of the photo's thumbnails (this may take a while)', and 'Examine and repair iPhoto Library permissions'.
* 'This may take a while' translated into over 2.5 hours
* Result? Seems a little faster, but not much.
* Adjusting the 'Zoom' size to be larger and display fewer previews (thumbnails) on the screen at a time seems to improve scrolling performance
V Performance seems to be the same on most newer Intel Macs i'v tried regardless of the size of the Library
* Seems to be more of a rendering issue than a disk access or CPU/GPU issue?
* Seems to cache, jump, and catch-up if that makes sense
* Unless someone has a magic fix, this may be a "wait for Apple to fix" issue.
V iPhoto Sorting Fix
* May or may not be a fix, but worked for at least one listener
* Noticed new events imported from his camera weren't showing up properly when sorted by date in iPhoto '11
V Normally you have the option to sort by date or title and then can start to move things giving you a manual sort view.
* You can then switch between the 3
* For some reason it was like the manual sort was causing some events to "stick" in position even when the view was set to By Date.
V Fixed by going to View-->Sort Events-->Reset Manual Sort
* You will lose any previous manual sorting so be aware.
V Mac beeps at shutdown
* Play question from Kyle
* Mac Power On Self Test (POST) tones
* Typically happen at startup and if your Mac has a Power light LED that may flash
* 1 tone usually means RAM not installed. 3 tones typically RAM doesn'doesnt pass integrity checks
* Re-seat RAm
V Upgrade firmware tone
* One long tone when power button is held down during startup
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