MacCast 1.16.2011 - Show #334
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is "Say Anything" by Manda and the Marbles
* Band's MySpace page
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V Faronics
* DeepFreeze
V Good for any shared computing environment even the home.
* Protect the system from young users while not restricting access to persistent storage.
* You define what gets protected.
* Many hotels, schools, government organizations use DeepFreeze
* Trials available
V News
V Verizon iPhone
* Available February 10th
V Specs
* Pretty much the same iPhone 4 with CDMA support
* No SIM and moved antenna gaps
* Mum on data plans and pricing
* Will support "hotspot" feature
V Concenus is that the added "gap" in the antenna design fixes the issues
* Spencer Webb, AntennaSys
* Speculates a top and bottom antenna and software to switch between them to maintain best signal
* Verizion's network actually "requires" dual antennas
V Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS antenna may have moved inside the case
* May be supported by the leaked video with what seemed to be an internal gap in the main frame above the home button?
V AT&T hasn't made fans
* Remember when something 30% of reported new iPhone purchasers were also new to AT&T?
* A December (pre-announcement) Changewave survey shows 16% of AT&T customers will move to Verizon if they had the iPhone
* 26% if they already owned an iPhone on AT&T (41% of those said they'd switch in the first 3 months).
V Does the new vPhone have a short lifespan?
* Replaced in June or not?
* I still don't think Apple will do an LTE phone this year.
V Next Gen iPad and iPhone rumors
V According to Engadget the "A8" based on a Dual Core ARM Cortex A-9
* There is also a single core version of the A-9. Dual core may require more power effecting battery.
V New GPU. PowerVR SGX543 from Imagination Technologies
* iOS 4.3 Beta shows driver bundle reference for SGX543
* Apple in 2009 upped it's holdings in Imagination Technologies to 9%
* The current iPhone A4 chip have older PowerVR SGX535 GPU which was also in the 3GS
* The new chips are OpenCL-capable and can reportedly generate 1080HD video without breaking a sweat.
V Move to GSM/CDMA/ baseban from Qualcomm
* No LTE yet
V iPad updates
V Higher resolution display
* Not "retina", but packing more pixel density
* quadruple resolution to 2048x1536, 260ppi indicated by new higer res graphics versions of the iBooks app
* Bigger speaker
* Front and rear camera
* SD Card slot
* More RAM? (256MB)
* Flat back design with tapered edges
V Beatles sell 5 million songs on iTunes
* According to a report on The Loop
* The iTunes Store recently exceeded 5 millions Beatles songs and 1 million Beatles albums sold worldwide.
* Beatles music went on sale November 16th 2010 and a week later it was announced they had sold 2 million songs and 450,000 albums.
* The iTunes deal for digital Beatles track is exclusive and ends in 2011, but Apple won't confirm a date only saying "expiring in 2011".
* A recent rumor suggest that Apple is paying digital royalties directly to the Beatles rather than to the label.
* Abby Road remains the top selling album and "Here Comes the Sun" the top selling track.
V iOS newspaper subscriptions delayed
* Was reported that we were getting clode to an announcement from NewsCorp and Apple about "the Daily"
* According to "All Things D", the service still needs to be tweaked
* Once launched we will finally have a true subscription model in iOS apps
* European report that Apple's is blocking current attemps to offer paid apps that give free access to paid print subscribers
V New features in iOS 4.3
V Reported features
* New Multi-Touch gestures to the iPad.
* No support the iPhone 3G or iPod touch 2G.
* GSM iPhones will get the Personal Hotspot feature with iOS 4.3 (AT&T is a go).
* FaceTime gets a new icon
* iAds can now display in full-screen.
* Physical screen lock switch option. (Yeah!)
V New Messages alert settings and a new font in notes.
* "Noteworthy" replaces "Chalkboard"
* AirPlay support for some H.264 web video
V Rumored features
* Camera app updated, support for iPad 2?
* Photo Booth to iOS devices
* Supports more powerful graphics processors.
* ‘Find my Friends’ feature
* Gestures to replace physical home button
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Time Machine with NAS
V John pointed out that he is using a NAS product just fine with 2 Macs and TimeMachine
* NAS from Synology (model DS209)
* Configuration has a single checkbox to enable the feature.
V I looked into this further based on John's email
V There are many NAS products that claim to be Time Machine Compatible
* Drobo, Synology, QNAP, etc.
* Apple doesn't offically support back to NAS other than TimeCapsule
V Even on a supported NAS check the requirements
* Need to enable AFP
* Typically need to format the whole device or at least a share (disk image?) as HFS+
* Some only allow one TM AFP share, so if using with multiple Macs adust size accordingly
* If you need a larger share, may need to recreate which means re-formatting. If your sharing the TM share this could be an issue.
V How I set up Time Machine
* Go through what I backup and how I set it up
* Reminder about adding exclusions when adding new externals
V Additional options when you hold the 'Option' key and click menubar icon
* Verify Backups for Time Capsule-based Time Machine backups
* Browse other Time Machine Disks
V Create new 'Empty' album in iPhoto '11
* OK, this one has been annoying me to no end and an email from David prompted me to look into it.
V Choosing New Album (Command+N) in iPhoto results in a new album with whatever items are selected in iPhoto at the time
* This includes if you have entire Albums, Events, or even the entire Library selected.
* Same goes for using the new 'Create' button in the "lower" menu bar.
V The fix is to hold the 'Shift' key
* Then the menu becomes 'New Empty Album'
* Command+Shift+N
* Doesn't seem to work when using the 'Create' menu bar button
* Seems similar to the change Apple made in the Finder. Command+N = 'New Finder Window' instead of new folder. Have to remember the "shift" since Apple "shifted" it on us.
V Physical control for iPod Touch
* Play comment from Greg
* I don't think you'll damage the iPod
* Don't need to slide to unlock. Double tap from lock screen to bting up iPod controls.
* Use the iPod Touch headphones with the in-line controls.
V Can get 3rd party adapters with controls
* Griffin Smart Talk adapter
* Could get an dedicated iPod Shuffle
V Dock hacks
* I've done a couple "What's in your Dock" member episodes
* Ken told me about a cool utility called "Deeper" from Titanium Software (Onyx)
> Uses PLIST hacks to enable or disable hidden features.
* Ken mentions "invisible" spacers, but go over options.
V Keyboard control dock
* Control+F3 to focus on Dock
* Arrows or Tabs to move selection
* Spacebar to select or open
* Up arrow to bring up menu, including options.
* Stacks have roll over highlighting in 'grid view'
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