MacCast 1.22.2011 - Show #335
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V Highlights from Apple's Q1 results
V 4.13 million Mac. 23% year over year growth and 8 times the PC industry growth average.
* 50% of Mac growth was in Asia-Pacific region. On strong Macbook Air sales in the region. "Halo" effect from iPhone and iPad?
V Mac App store. 90 countries. Over 1,00 apps. 1 million downloads on 1st day.
* Aside, iOS App Store just had it's 10 Billionth download this weekend. Paper Glider
V iPod sales down 19.4 million from 21 million in the same period last year
* iPod touch made up 50% of all iPod sales and grew 27% year over year
* iPods still account for 70% of the MP3 (personal music player) market
V iTunes revenue was 1.1 Billion
* 400,000 TV episodes and over 150,000 movies a day.
V iPhone unit sales up 86%
* 16.2 million vs. 8.7 million last year
* Revenue from iPhone and related accessories was up. 10.47 billion this quarter compared to 5.58 billion last year
* Couldn't meet demand.
V iPad success continues
* Sold 7.3 million up 3 million
* 4.61 billion in revenue from revenue from iPad and iPad accessories
V Retail sales almost doubled
* Up 95% bringing in 3.85 Billion in revenue vs. 1.97 billion last year.
* International retails sales exceed US retail sales.
* Apple is sitting on a mountain of $60 billion in cash
V China is big for Apple
* Up 4x from last year. 2.6 billion
* CDMA is definitely not all about Verizon
V Angels trump cannibals
* Yes the iPad is cannibalizing PC sales, but the halo effect seems to make up for it
V Apple's lower share in the PC market means there is less they lose.
* If someone buys an iPad instead of a netbook Apple doesn't really lose much do they?
V Asymco finds 65% of Apple's revenue came from iOS devices
* Not surprising. 20% off the sales were OS X (Mac and OS)
* Rest in iTunes, peripherals, services, etc.
V More iPad 2, iPhone 5, and iOS 4.3 details
V References to a “Back Facing 1MP Photo” for iPad in the iOS 4.3 beta 2
* Suggests possible a 1 MP rear facing camera instead of a higher quality one
* Possibly more focused on FaceTime video sharing than taking photos?
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Mac at Work with David Sparks
* Play interview with David.
* "Mac at Work" by David Sparks
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V Virtualization
* Parallels
* VMWare
* CrossOver
* Virtual Box
V Office Suites
* Microsoft Office for Mac
* Scrivener
* TextMate
* WriteRoom
V Remote Access
* Microsoft Remote Access
* Jump for iOS
V Research and Organizational tools
* OmniOutliner
* OmniGraffle
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V EOL: Invisible iPhone 4
* OK not quite as cool as an invisible jet or man, but loosen a couple screws and add some paint thinner and you got yourself a window into your iPhone 4 (via Cult of Mac).