MacCast 03.19.2012 - Show #342
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is "Say Anything" by Manda and the Marbles
* Band's MySpace page
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* TextExpander
* Take your snippets with your new iPad
* Updated HTML/CSS snippet group.
* Use with 3rd party apps, like Textastic
* Free trial.
V News
V iPad 2 details and impressions
V Thinness due to display, battery and display changes
* Great article on TMO covering the iSuppli teardown
* Touch screen 25% thinner, speculated that the glass is a product from Asahi Glass Co. of Japan called Dragontail Glass
V Stamped metal frame thinner
* Better wifi reception?
* 59% thinner battery
V Performance
* I understand the reviews and comments on "snappiness"
* High demand apps and some tasks are faster.
* The real world translation of this has less of an impact in my option. It's those 0.5 - 1 second pauses when doing some tasks are what we are talking about here.
V Frame rates on games are improved, so smoother graphics.
* Again the old iPad didn't really slouch here.
* It will get better though as stuff is optimized for dual core and the new GPU
V Improved screen?
* DisplayMate did tests and claims retina like performance
* Apple could improve anti aliasing in software to make it even better.
* Developers like fire mint have already leveraged the software technique.
V Cameras
* Biggest area of disappointment
V Front camera
* Fine for Face Time
* Photobooth is a lot of fun
V Rear camera
* Almost useless for stills
* Even in bright light not sharp.
* Good for well lit video
V My thoughts
V Three word review: It's an iPad
* All the things that make an iPad great are still great
* Nice updates, but not one thing to make it a "must have" upgrade
V Likes
* Form factor, screen, Smart Cover
V Dislikes
* Cameras, connectors, battery indicator
V iPad 2 a smashing success
V sold out everywhere
* 4 - 5 week ship times
V Still long lines outside Apple Stores
* I had a frind in LA area that went at 4:15 AM on Thursday and still has a line. 27th. Said hundreds in line by opening.
* Shutdowns of some key component suppliers in Japan, like Toshiba (NAND), could increase shortages and delays.
* Early online orders did start shipping.
* Lots of grey market reports
* Predictions of first week sales range from 500,000 to 1 million units
* Analysts have set a 500 Credit Suisse have set a 500 price target on Apple stock
V Apple helping employees in wake of disaster
* Jobs sent letter to employees
* Kevin rose post from retail employee
* Apple stores had electricity and Internet connectivity
* People were aplenty to use FaceTime to reach loved ones outside the country
* Can donate using your (US) iTunes account. 100% goes to Red Cross
V Reports of MacBook Pro and other bugs
V A couple of bugs plaguing new MacBook Pro owners
V Home Sharing glitches.
* Losing connection to library from iOS devices
* iTunes 10.2.1 update from last week doesn't seem to fix it
* fix may be in upcoming 10.6.7 update
* temporary workaround involves disabling and then re-enabling Home Sharing in iTunes
V also reports of some display issues when connecting to 24 LED Cinema displays
* - flickering
* does it on AMD or Intel
* apple is reportedly investigating the issue
V Additionally reports of crashes, freezes, and kernel panics
* Mostly in apps that place high demands on CPU and GPU
* Even when running in the background
* Quitting the apps when not in use or using tool, like AppTamer, that "pause" idle apps reportedly help.
* Obviously Apple will need to issue a fix.
V iPad issues also being reported
* yellowing on screen. Glue issue
* light leaking, replacement units sometimes worse.
* Dead pixels
* internal mic on 3G models more muffled sound due to location and the plastic
V Apple TV
* Flickering when using an HDMI to DVI adapter after the latest iOS update
* Apple is reportedly working on a fix
V iPod Touch issues
* iPods screens seem to flicker and distort
* iOS 4.3 Battery issues
V Safari performance bump native only?
> Reports that web apps saved to the home screen load slower than in Safari
V Gruber the voice of reason explains what makes more sense
V Security
* Nitro engine allows pages in memory to be marked executable, something that was disallowed in iOS for security
* could allow remote code execution, but Apple has hopefully sandboxes it in iOS.
* web apps saved to home screen have an aap wrapper and can't access the nitro stuff.
* Link baiting percentages like Android dater on fortune 1000 sites 84%of the time
* Blaze study showed Android lightly fast at page loads, around 1 second. Used custom app browser, not Safari which has the new Nitro JavaScript engine.
V Do I detect snark in new iPhone ad?
* basically your phone is not an iPhone
* “if you don’t have an iPhone, well, you don’t have an iPhone.”
V AT&T ends tethering free ride
V Sending out letter to customers who are using tethering without paying for it.
* "Our records show that you use this capability, but are not subscribed to our tethering plan... if we don't hear from you, we'll plan to automatically enroll you into DataPro 4GB after March 27, 2011. The new plan—whether you sign up on your own or we automatically enroll you—will replace your current smartphone data plan, including if you are on an unlimited data plan."
V No one is quite sure how AT&T can tell
* Usage, browser ID string, different TTL (Time To Live) units on packets have been thrown out by various sources as theories
V iPhone 5 rumors start
* Early case design leaks purportedly show little design changes
* Identical button, sim, and camera hole placement
* Flat metal back case
* Larger screen
* Dual Core A5 like in iPad 2, I assume also the same GPU?
* Remote guest login with temporary access to you're apps.
* Portable home folder maybe sync'd with Mobile Me in the cloud.
V MobileMe going free soon
* iLounge is quoting a "trusted" source in the educational circle
* The schools suppliers say MobileMe is no longer available and recommending new users sign up for the 60-day free trial
* New service will reportedly be announced and launched in the next month.
V Apple will reportedly support existing subscribers on the paid service for the next year
* Seems to indicate the two services would be different in some way?
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Mini gets no respect
* You know that Mac Mini is under appreciated
* I still have my 1.6 Core Duo and it's a work horse
V You never hear about issue with the Minis
* That's not to say they don't exist
* Less complexity and older proven components
* BYO screen so if it breaks your computer is fine
* Firewire 800 and 4 USB ports and SD card slot.
V Awesome media center machine
* Built-in HDMI port
* Server version has dual 500 GB hard drives
* Wish it came with more RAm standard. Only 2 but upgradeable to 8 GB
V $699 and $999 might be a little bit pricey.
* If Apple would rev to the new Core i3 or i5 processors and Intel GPUs it would be better.
V iPad 2 compatible accessories
* Power adapters and accessories made for iPad 1 (10 watt) will work
V Headphones and inline mics that are Apple iDevice compatible should work
* A2DP Bluetooth headphones and speakers should work
* New doc connector mics are coming
* USB mics via Camera connection kit, if low power. Can use a powered hub with others.
V Docked accessories
* Docks, speaker systems, etc.
V Most should work, but the iPad might not fit
* I was able to get my iPad into Apple's iPad Keyboard dock and it seemed to fit OK
* Macworld reports more trouble than iI had and says even a skin caused it not to work
V You can get dock extender cables from RadTech or Cable jive
* Power may or may not work depending on the accessory
V Cases
V Hardshells, wraps, skins, form fitted obviously won't work
* No camera holes
* Slip covers, bags, etc. might work
V Enable 4 finger gestures on iPad
* Play audio tip from Mark
* I have been playing with it and I see why it's beta
V Mis-registers swipes in some apps that save have 2-finger "zoom" features
* Nebulous Notes pinch to adjust font size for example
V AudioEngine N22 Review
* I have been using this system in my office for several weeks and I am dreading sending it back.
* Premium Desktop Audio Amplifier
V Bring your own speakers
* Provides 22W RMS/40W peak per channel
* They also provided the Audioengine P4 passive bookshelf speakers (USD $249)
V Beautifully packaged with all the cables you need
* 1/8" audio cable
* RCA cable
* speaker wire
V Setup was easy
* Plug unit into power
* Connect the speakers to the gold plated binding posts
V Connect an audio source
* I started with an iPod connected via the 1/8" input from it's headphone jack
* Can also go line in from an Apple dock.
* A USB port on the back allows for charging
* Sound was excellent and the P4's had great mids to highs with decent base response
V The N22 was able to deliver full clear sound and fill my office with sound.
* A full volume the sound was loud, but wasn't overpowering and clear (no distortion)
V Going wireless
* Using the AudioEngine W2 or W1 is perfect. The wireless receiver unit can be attached to the USB and then run to the RCA or 1/8" line in on the back of the N22
* I also connected my Airport Express which made it awesome thanks to Airplay and Home Sharing
V In this configuration I could also use AirFoil to send any audio from my Mac to the N22
* Also using Airfoil Speakers on an old iPhone connected to a dock and line in to the N22
* My new Apple TV 2 only has digital out, but I could use the N22 connected to the line out on my TV to get better sound
V Priced at $199 (USD) the N22s aren't cheap, but if you already have a good set of speakers and you want to set up an audio zone in your house they may be a perfect fit.
* It's going to deliver better amplification and sound then lots of powered speaker systems in the same price range.
* Offers more versatility
V PICT, legacy documents, and OS X
* A common question I get asked is often about how to open legacy document formats on newer systems, or actually more often about why older formats are lost or not supported.
* Short answer is often "they just aren't supported anymore", but that still leave the issue of lost content or data.
* The longer answers often have technical explanations that I don't usually dive into, but are still interesting to explore.
V Enter Glenn Howes, a listener who has great insight into these issue because of his job.
* This is part history lesson, part technical geekery, and part cautionary tale.
* Play conversation with Glenn
V Closing
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* Stick your iPad to the fridge using the 22 magnets in the iPad SmartCover