MacCast 04.17.2011 - Show #345
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* Music is "Say Anything" by Manda and the Marbles
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* Notebook
* Take notes, clip stuff from the web and RSS, add images and PDFs, drawing tools, flags and stickies
* Everything you need to get organized.
* The iPad version is getting steady updates and enhancements.
* Free trial.
V News
V Apple taking on Netflix
* Jefferies analyst Peter Misek is gaining some attention today for its claim that Apple may be preparing to take on Netflix in the streaming video subscription market.
* Apple had locked in as much as 12 petabytes of storage purportedly set to support video download content
* the North Carolina data center has reportedly already been doubled in size.
* Data Center Knowledge says Apple is set to hire Kevin Timmons, Microsoft’s former high-ranked exec in charge of their worldwide data center operations, into a “leadership” position.
* Apple's plans to potentially double the size of its new data center
* seems unlikely, couldn't they just buy Netflix?
* streaming locker service makes more sense.
* I don't think Apple believes in the subscription model
V AirPlay key reverse engineered
* Developer James Laird has reverse engineered Apple’s private AirPlay key
* He released SharePort, an open-source AirPort Express emulator
* extracted the private key from the Airport Express ROM
* would allow 3rd party AirPlay compatible hardware
* Apple has an official licensed program.
* Couldn't Apple just change the keys? Or sue?
V IPhone 5 in Fall, iPad 3 next year
* Digi Times reports that LCD suppliers aren't shifting lines over for iPhone 5 production and don't know when they will.
* Digi also says a retina display iPad 3 this year looks unlikely too.
* Rumors put dates at late this year or early next year.
V RBC Capital reports iPad 2 demand is 40% high than iPad 1 demand. (survey of 2000 potential buyer )
* Verizon seems to be the preferred carrier
V Apple says the white iPhone is still due ship this Spring which should mean soon. Bloomberg reports at the end of April. Debate on whether all carriers will get it or if there will be some exclusivity.
* 9 to 5 is reporting a new SKU showing up in Verizon's inventory system
V Apple announces Final Cut Pro X
* 64-bit from the ground up
* built on Grand Central Dispatch Framework, so multicore, multiprocessor aware
* support for OpenCL
V features
> Magic Timeline, keeps audio and video tracks linked when editing in the timeline.
* more editing happens in the main timeline an they removed the old Viewer
* background rendering ( a feature from iMovie )
* automatic face detection (single or group) as iMovie or and the ability to identify shots (medium, wide, or close-up).
* improved in Final Cut X is color management and correction, with a new floating-point linear color system
* Works resolution independently
* Automatic, non-destructive color balance
* Compound Clips for video nesting
* Smart Collections for organizing and tagging clips
* Automatic audio cleanup
* -More keyboard shortcuts.
* Priced at $299.00 in the App Store
* Available in June
V Apple getting serious about carbon fiber?
* Apple has just hired a Senior Composites Engineer.
* Kevin Kenny, President and CEO of Kestrel Bicycles.
* Kenny is credited on a 2009 Apple patent for a "Reinforced Device Housing"
* Apple also filed a 2010 patent for "Composite Laminates from Carbon Reinforced Resin"
V One theory is Apple wants a case that has better radio transparency, but doesn't sacrifice the durability of aluminum.
* Carbon fiber isn't radio transparent though
* Liquid metal may also be an option.
* Likely Apple is always experimenting with new materials and designs and just needs talented and smart people for that.
V Security Update 2011-002
* For 10.5.8 Leopard and 10.6.7 Snow Leopard
* Fix for compromised Comodo SSL Certificates
* could allow a man in the middle attack.
V iOS 4.3.2 (wi-fi and ATT) and 4.2.7 (Verizon) updates patched the issue on iOS
* 4.3.2 also fixed a bug in FaceTime with it sometimes freezing video or showing no video and an issue connoting to 3G on some international carriers.
* Already a tethered jailbreak for iOS 4.3.2
* also Safari 5.0.5 which addresses a couple of other security issues that could lead to unexpected application termination or arbitrary code execution
V Mythical 4th iOS device?
* Cabel Sasser from Panic noticed it in the system requirements on the App store
* it was there briefly on their new SSH app, "Prompt"
* “ix.Mac.MarketingName,” along with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
V Speculation is a new mystery device, but what?
* Apps coming to Apple TV?
* Maybe not a new device at all, but desktop support for running iOS apps on your Mac?
V Apple gearing up for another good quarter
* second quarter earnings call is set for April 20th at 2:00 PM PDT
* PC shipments were down 1.1 for the quarter according to Gartner and IDC
* Apple's unit sales for the same period were up 18.9% from the prior quarter. Up 9.6% year over year.
V Mike Abramsky with RBC Capital Markets is placing higher number sales predictions for Apple,
* 2 million and 3 million iPad 2s, 7 million iPads total for the quarter.
* 17 million iPhones, which would beat Apples previous iPhone quarterly sales record.
* 3.6 million Macs, of which 700,000 are MacBook Airs.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Securing your stuff
* From Richard: "I'm wondering, how to create a secure area on my mac to keep tax papers"
* And : "Also, is Dropbox considered secure to keep tax / sensitive documents."
V Creating a secure sparse image
* Launch Applications-->Utilities-->Disk Utility
* Click 'New Image…' (File-->New-->'Blank Disk Image…'
V Give it a name and select these options:
V Size (the largest you think you'll ever need)
* tip: Use the 4.6 GB (DVD-R) option and you can backup to DVD-R if it gets full.
* Format: OS X Extended Journaled
* Encryption: 128-bit AES (recommended) and also use 256-bit for more security
* Partition Map: I use GUID, but it really doesn't matter from what I've read (Single partition CD/DVD?)
V Image Format: sparse disk image or sparse bundle disk image
* Sparse images only use as much space as the stuff contained within them up to the size the image was defined as when it was created.
V Difference? The bundle was introduce in 10.5 and later mostly to deal with better support for Time Machine
* The 'Bundle' appears as one large image but is actually individual 8 meg "bands" (Show Package Contents).
* TM will see changes and only back up the changed 8MB bands, not the whole image.
* Use sparse image if you need compatibility back earlier than 10.5
* Give the file a name and click 'Create'
V Give it a strong password and think about the 'Save password in keychain;
* This will make it easier to mount the image when you're logged into your account, but is slightly less secure.
V Dropbox security:
* Yes it's secure on their end, but locally it's still open in your home folder.
V Put an encrypted disk image on your DropBox to be double safe.
* Some reports of concerns with mounting and accessing the file from two systems at the same time?
* Dropbox uses SSL in data transfer and encrypts data in 256-bit AES on their servers.
V The weakest links
* You and your password
* Require password at boot-up and log-out when you walk away from you're Mac, or at least require a password on wake from sleep (System Preferences-->Security) with a short time to sleep in Energy Saver
* Don't save encrypted sparse image passwords to keychain.
* Use strong passwords. 1 Password
V Partial and whole disk encryption
* File Vault
* PGP Whole Disk (bought by Norton and I think they are messing it up?)
V Converting to new Mobile Me calendars
* Play question from Andrew
V MobileMe Calendars will switch over for everyone on May 5th, 2011
* After that anyone not upgrading won't be able to sync or access calendars via Mobile Me
V New version is 100% cloud based (CalDAV) and the master copy of the iCal servers. The local data is cached
* "Important: Do not rely on traditional methods for backing up calendar data, such as exporting the iCal database, Time Machine, MobileMe Backup, or iTunes backups of iOS devices. Any changes to the data in the cloud will be more up-to-date than data in those backups and override a restore done from those backups."
V Since the master is in the cloud Sync Services aren't used which is why you should (but don't have to) turn them off.
* Turning it off is a good way to remind yourself that they are no longer needed or used.
* 3rd party Apps that haven't been updated and rely on sync services for calendar data will likely break, but better to know now than later
* Apps that update iCal via the Calendar Store Framework for syncing with iCal will work, but those update won't show up in other apps like BusyCal until you launch iPhoto and sync to MobileMe.
V Review: iMainGoX
* From Portable Sound Laboratories, Inc.
* Portable speaker system for multiple devices.
* About the size of a couple of 2.5" extral drives stacked together
V Device goes in a compartment in the back
* Connects to a 1/8" mini jack
* Clear window to access controls
* Different density foam inserts
* Rechargeable rechargeable lithium-ion (up to 12 hour rated battery life). Replaceable.
* 37mm speakers with ported base
* Amplifier is clean and go loud enough to fill a small room very well
* Dual headphone jacks, mic/aux in jack, power port for recharging the battery.
* Can Daisy chain multiple speakers together.
* Solidly built and sounds really good.
V Seems very rugged. Enclosure is wrapped in neoprene and water resistant.
* Great for beach or campaing (maybe)?
V Minor issues:
* When device is in the case you cant access cotrols that aren't on the front of the device. New iPod Nano volume controls for example. Could use the external AUX port, but you'll need to provide the 1/8" to 1/8" cable.
* Dirt and stuff can get trapped between the device and the plastic window.
* Accessing controls though the windows is slightly awkward
* Bass ports are open, so dirt and dust might get in
* Power switch on front of unit, but there is also one on batter compartment and when I left that on, even when the unit itself was off, the battery drained over night.
* Price: $69.95 USD, $19.95 for additional batteries.
V Review: Skinomi iPad Skin
V Play review from George
* Installation video from George
V Comment on Zagg
* Invisible Shield
* Leather Skins look great, but no iPad 2 version yet
V Heard good things about GelaSkins
* Can use your own designs.
V Power of the 2-click purchase
* With the iTunes and App Stores Apple has made almost any media buy (music, movies, TV, apps, games) 2 clicks away.
* With iOS it can happen almost anytime anywhere.
* I see an article in my RSS feed, click the link, BAM I'm viewing the listing on the App store.
* Apple's competition can't replicate this
V CEO said in an interview that iOS owners are more likely to buy content (he was referring to subscriptions), but I have seen other reports that this translates to app purchases too.
* Likely why the App Store has a larger percentage of paid vs. free pass when compared to Android.
* So we are back to the market share vs. profit share debate
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* Album "Eleventh Hour" was just released on iTunes.
V EOL - iTrevor Dance Video
* This kid uses Apple Store computers to make a weekly dance video that he uploads to his YouTube channel, check him out.