MacCast 04.24.2011 - Show #346
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V News
V Apple finally responds to Locationgate
* Apple was collecting anonymous data to try and build up a location database for a potential future traffic service
* Collected even when location services was off. Apple says that was a bug.
V Cached a history up for up to a year
* Apple said that was a bug too
V What Apple is changing
V Shorten the cache to 7 days
* the cache was a subset of Apples aggregate data compiled based on locations you been in and apple had set a 2MB size limit for that file. That's why it had up to a year of data.
* will not be backed up and is deleted if you turn off Location services
* Apple will encrypt the cached data on the device.
* Schiller equated the data to similar data that gets tracked when you make purchases in retail stores.
V Why Apple cached the data
* GPS can take to 12 mins to acquire data
* With assisted data it can be seconds
* Apple and Google will testify at federal privacy hearings.
* I think I would want my iOS devices reporting their location for Find My iPhone. I think that actually happens via the Push of data from Mobile Me, since push needs to be active of that to work. If I opt out of location after the update will Find My iPhone no longer work?
V Apple spends 11B to shore up supply chain
* From Apple's 10-Q filing
* That's up from 7.9 billion spent in December quarter
* It's believed by analysts that at least some portion of the 11B spent is being used for long term commitments which block competitors and keep Apple in good supply.
* The 10-Q seems to indicate at least 2B is being used for long term commitments, but we also know Apple had a 3.9B billion strategic investment in components they made back in January.
* Apple has also had long term deals for Flash in play for a long time which is why I believe they are the only tablet with a 64GB model. Competitors could produce 64Gb models by combining smaller chips, but that would reduce the number of 16GB and 32GB models they could produce.
V Apple Updates
V Mac OS X v10.6.7 Snow Leopard Font Update
* Fixes for Mac OS X v10.6.7 that address issues displaying and printing OpenType fonts.
* Address an issue in which some OpenType fonts don't display correctly in certain applications
* Resolve issues printing from Preview
* Address an issue with PDF files not opening in third-party PDF viewing applications
* Resolve invalid font errors when printing to PostScript printers
V iPhone '11 updated
* iPhoto 9.1.2 update for iPhoto '11
* Addresses an issue that prevented the Zoom slider from being accessible in Magnify (1-Up) view
* Fixes an issue where Toolbars were not auto-hiding in Full Screen view
* Search field now correctly performs an “includes” search when searching by text string
* Fixes minor formatting issues with book, card and calendar themes
* Message Size of emails now correctly updates when changes are made using the Photo Size menu
* Addresses an issue that prevented some iPhoto 5 libraries from upgrading correctly
* Multiple book pages can now be drag-selected when in All Pages view
* Design tools in print project panels are now accessible via separate Layout and Options buttons
* Photo backgrounds applied to a book are now preserved when book type is changed
* Tab key can now be used to navigate through all text fields in a book project
V iMac Hard Drive Firmware Update 1.0
* Specifically for the new mid-2010 iMac models
* Fixes a hard drive issue that may prevent some iMac (21.5-inch and 27-inch, Mid 2010) systems from booting properly.
V New iMacs on May 3rd
* Rumors late in the week that Apple will release new versions of the iMac on Tuesday
* Updated to new "Sandy Bridge" core i5 and i7 processors
* Get Thunderbolt ports.
* Reports say the Apple retails store employees have been advised of a "visual night". Staying late and switching over displays, signage, etc.
* New iMacs would be on display the day of release.
V Apple developing iCloud
* Services beyond music storage locker
* Includes video and photos
* Also storage and sync of bookmarks, email, contacts and iCal
V Rumored to have purchased for 4.5 million according to gigaOM.
* From Sweden-based desktop-as-a-service company, Xcerion.
* Xcerion’s existing iCloud service was just rebranded to CloudMe
* Using it in internal builds of iOS 5 and OS X Lion
V Unclear if it will be made free.
* My guess it will be free basic features with add ons.
V Service would be shown at WWDC and probably release in the Fall with new iPhones and iOS 5
* Give developers time to integrate the service.
V Apple more profitable than Microsoft
* Apple posted profits of 5.99 billion in 2Q. Microsoft just reported net profit of 5.23 billion for it's last quarter
V Tech Crunch has an interesting timeline
* May 2010 Apple's market cap surpasses Microsoft's making apple the most valuable tech company
* October 2010 Apple beats Microsoft in quarterly revenue
* January 2011 Apple becomes 2nd most valuable US company behind Exxon.
* April 2011 Apple beats Microsoft in net quarterly income.
V White iPhone arrives, really
* Went on sale on Thursday
* Sold out in China
V Shipping times extended to 5 days in parts of Europe. 3-5 days in the US.
* Black iPhone still 24 hours
V Design changes
* Proximity sensor 'slot'
* Thicker. 0.2 mm
V Sounds like the reason fro the delay was color issues over time and possibly issues with the sensor
* Jobs told D all things Digital, "It's not as simple as making something white. There's a lot more that goes into both the material science of it - how it holds up over time... but also in how it all works with the sensors."
* Apple reportedly added a UV coating to avoid discoloration over time. Something they have had issue with on other products like the white Macbook (reaction with skin oils?).
V OS X Lion preparing to pounce
* We expect to see a lot about Lion at WWDC and hope to get a release date. Summer is likely, but could be Fall
* Apple seeded a third beta build os Lion Developer Preview 2 to developers.
* There were no release notes and only minor UI tweaks being reported.
V Changes to the 'tab' buttons in preference panes. Darker more 'sunken' look.
* Prior vision had a "slider" way of highlighting tabs that was confusing when you only had 2 tabs.
V Signs of a 'Find My Mac' feature according to 9 to 5 Mac
* An icon and something call 'Find my Mac messenger' and FindMyMac framework.
V Macrumors reports a 'Reading List' feature has been discovered in Safari in Lion.
* Allows you to add links to a list for viewing later
* Not active, but seems similar to Instapaper or ReadItLater
* Could be sync'd between devices via Mobile me.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Host iWeb on Dropbox
* Play comment from Tim
* Basically you publish to a folder in the Public folder on your Dropbox (~/Dropbox/Public)
* The right-click the index.html file in the published iWeb folder and share that link
* You can even go further and use your own domain with a domain forward with masking to get your own URL.
* Trouble will be that for free Dropbox accounts there is a daily 10GB data transfer limit. 250GB for Pro accounts
V How to share iWeb sites file between 2 Macs via DropBox
* Quit iWeb
* Move the 'Domain.sites2' file found in '~/Library/Application Support/iWeb/' to a folder on the Dropbox that is shared with all the Macs you wish to be able to access that file
* Re-launch iWeb and you should be prompted to create a new domain or locate an existing one. Select the moved 'Domain.sites2' file.
* A word of warning… Accessing the 'Domain.sites2' file from 2 Macs in iWeb at the same time will likely corrupt the entire file, so be careful. Remember to wait for Dropbox to complete it's sync too.
V Saving iOS files to Flash Drive
* Ric asked if you could use the Camera Connection Kit to save files directly to a Flash or USb drive from the iPad
* Short answer is no.
V There are some interesting things you can play around with
* The Camera App will see some files in a DCIM folder at the root of a FAT32 formatted drive.
* Use Disk Utility to format a USB stick in FAT 32
* Create a folder names DCIM at the root of the disk
* Connect the USB Stick or SD card via the Camera Connection kit.
* Any iOS supported image or movie files will be seen by the Camera app and you can import them
* Camera connection kit reportedly also works with some USb multi-card readers
V Writing to a connected drive is not possible without 3rd party hardware
* Most of this is kludgy at best
V HyperMac HyperDrive (read only?)
* $99.95 (case only), also with drives.
* Connects to iPad via USB and Camera connection Kit
* Creates on the fly 32GB image folders that the iPad can see in the Camera app
* Only supports image and movie formats supported by the iPad
V AirStash
* $99.99 USB SD adapter with WebDAV support
* Put a SD card into it and it will create a webDAV share
* Can use iOS apps that support webDAV transfers, like Pages, Numbers, Keynote, GoodReader.
* I would use GoodReader and the Open in... feature as a conduit to other apps.
V ZoomMediaPlus, ZoomIt
* Proprietary SD adapter. $40.00 USD on Amazon
* They have their own free iOS app for transferring files
* Mixed reviews, most negative related to watching video off the card.
* Will let you write files and supports 'Open In…'
* Bottom line is most of the options are "hack arounds", AirStash seems like the most reliable.
V Web based services like DropBox and DropDAV are probably a better bet.
* For the record I don't use DropDAV personally, but know those who do and swear by it.
V Review: CalDigit USB 3.0 AVDrive
* External dual interface hard drive. 2 FW800 and USB 3.0
* Solid aluminum housing with ambient temperature-controlled smart fan.
V Software and hardware to support USB 3.0 on the Mac
* Express/34 or PCI card
* Drivers software
* Also, Carbon Copy Cloner, RAID Tools, etc.
* One hiccup was I have a DOA Express Card with the review unit they sent me. A replacement fixed the issue.
V Speed tests
* Tried both timed copies and AJA System Test tools
V On AJA transferred a 1GB file
V Macbook Pro Internal (5400 RPM)
* 19.5 MB/sec write
16.0 MB/sec read
V FW 400 - Seagate Free Agent Pro (7200 RPM)
* 30 MB/sec write
* 32 MB/sec read
V FW 800 - OWC Elite AL Pro (5400 RPM)
* 57.7 MB/sec write
* 68.8 MB/sec read
V FW 800 - CalDigit AVDrive (7200 RPM)
* 58.5 MB/sec write
* 71.9 MB/sec read
* They claim a 30% better FW performance than other FW 800 drives. confirmed in my read tests.
V USB 3.0 - CalDigit AVDrive (7200 RPM)
* 105.0 MB/sec write
* 123.0 MB/sec read
V Real world data transfer on CalDigit
* 6.75GB to Mac --> 6:25.2
* to CalDigit AVDrive --> 08:27.5
V Real world on OWC Elite AL Pro (5400 RPM)
* 6.75GB to Mac USB 2 --> 6:50.7
* to OWC Elite AL Pro (5400 RPM) --> 7:03.4
V So here's the rub (and this till be true for ANY drive). The speed is determined by the slowest player.
* Theoretical Maximums
* USB 2.0 480 Mbps
* eSATA 1.5Gbps or 3Gbps
* USB 3.0 5Gbps
* Thunderbolt 10Gbps (bi-directional)
* If you are going directly to or from the CalDigit Drive you can expect the best throughput. Or if you had 2 CalDigit Drives.
* You're Macs internal SATA maxes out at 1.5Gbit or 3Gbit
* The CalDigit is a really nice external drive and if you have a specific need for the fastest performance on an older Mac with an Express Card slot or a Mac Pro it's well worth checking out.
V Only current solution I am aware for for USB 3 on a Mac (not supported natively yet, nor is there any indication it will be).
* CalDigit only official supports their drive on USB 3.0, but other devices MAY work. I didn't have any to test.
V Pricing
* $258.00 1TB drive, $358.00 2TB, $448.00 3TB with PC card
* $268.00 1TB, $368.00 2TB, $458.00 3TB drive with laptop card
* About $100 more than an external FW 800 drive
* Only has a 1 year warranty which is a bit low in my opinion.
V Error -1407 in Finder
* During testing I was moving a lot of file around between external volumes.
* When I tried to copy and/or delete a file from one of my externals I got a -1407 error.
* It wouldn't let me move files from that drive.
* Fix was to run Disk Utility verify on the drive. Found no errors, but after I could use it again.
* I think because it unmounted and remounted the drive it may have fixed it. A reboot may have done the same thing.
V Measuring Apple's success
* A lot of people, my self included, like to look at stats and numbers and try and use them to measure how successful Apple is, was or will be.
V There is also a fair amount of comparing going on. Recently to figure our who's bigger Apple or Android (Google)
V For example
* Latest Nielsen US smartphone share numbers: 27% iOS, 37% Android, 22% Blackberry
V ComScore recently looked at numbers for ALL mobile phones and connected devices (i.e. tablets, iPods) and found:
* iOS with 16.2% share and Android with 10.2%
V iPads extend beyond iPhone owners
* Only about 10% of iOS users use iOS on more than 1 device
* 27% of iPhone owners have an iPad
* 17% of Blackberry owners own an iPad
* 14% of Samsung owners own an iPad
* 12% of LG owners
* not quite the "fanboy" overlap that many predicted.
V A app store analytics provider Distimo forecasts Android apps reaching iOS numbers by mid this year
* Odd since iOS apps top 350,000 and current counts put Android at around 150,000 according to Google
* Android is growing much faster than iOS
* Saturation and Apple is more restrictive
* About 63% of apps on Android are free, about a third of iOS apps are free.
* Evernote CEO, notes that iOS customers are more likely to buy, so worth developers pursuing first.
* The funny thing is for all our 'analysis' I get the distinct feeling at the end of the day a lot people at Apple including Steve Jobs really don't care.
* Not that they don't care about success, or profit margins or growth, they obviously do.
V But I think more importantly they want to just make really great products
* Experience drive the technology and innovation and the profits (obviously) follow.
* Copy & Paste on the iOS is a likely example where an experience decision won out over a technical one.
* The white iPhone is another example
* It's always seemed to me that Jobs has wanted to be able to look back and say " I made really cool stuff that people loved to use and made a lasting impact on the world". More than look how much Apple is worth.
V Airplay to Mac with BananaTunes
* I love Apple's new Airplay Technology.
* Typically you go from a Mac or an iOS device to an Apple TV 2, AirPort Express, or other AirPlay compatible device, like speakers.
* Erica Sudun has been fascinated with the technology too and now has allowed us to reverse the process back to the Mac.
* BananaTunes is a beta app that basically does for audio what her AirPlayer did for video.
V You need to install libao dynamic audio library
* Requires admin privileges
* In Finder choose 'Go-->Go To Folder…' Then type, '/usr/local/'. If you see a 'lib' folder your good, otherwise create it (you'll be prompted for a password)
* Copy the ao folder and the libao.4 dynamic library into /usr/local/lib
* There is a package installer available from a 3rd party. (Untrusted, so use at your own risk)
* Then you can launch the BananaTues app. There is really no UI, but when you play a song or your iOS device or another Mac and access the AirPlay list you should see the Mac running BananaTunes listed.
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