MacCast 05.15.2010 - Show #349
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* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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V News
V Mac OS X Lion developer preview 3
V Features a redesigned login screen and boot animation
* silver-gradient backdrop and new icons across the bottom for sleep mode, restart, and shut down
* New graphical elements in the Finder's toolbar.
* New desktop wallpapers, lion included
V Reading list "eyeglasses" icon in Safari menubar
* 9to5 Mac is also reporting that the reading list apparently syncs to iOS devices.
* New Reminders menu in iCal
V Lots of changes in Mission Control
* Now it's an actual app
* can add desktops right from Mission Control by clicking + button
* hovering over desktop thumbnails, magnifies thumbnails
V Nuance Voices in the Speech options.
* Significant because of the rumors of Apple in talks with Nuance to power speech in iOS 5.
* The voices seem to be the same once found in Nuance's RealSpeak Solo.
* Unsure why, but the Preview 3 update was pulled from Software Update reported due to reports of issues from Developers.
V iPhone 5 arriving in September
* details come from a research note from Jeffries & Co. analyst Peter Misek
* dubbed the "iPhone 4S." was Apple's backup plan
* No 4G. Chips don't meet Apple's requirements
* Adding HSPA+ support and launching on Sprint and T-Mobile
* Minor design changes
* A5 processor, like the iPad 2
* 8 MP rear camera
V iPhone 5 rumors continue
* Larger screen (3.7"), thinner bezel, edge to edge
* An early iPhone 5 case design showing the flash moved to the opposite corner from the camera.
* Police raided a company making knockoff iPhone 5s in China and they threw out the evidence from 18 stories up.
V New iMac HD not user replaceable
* OWC discovered that replacing the drive will cause the fans to spin out of control
* OWC says Apple replaced the standard 4-pin power configuration to a 7-pin configuration with custom firmware on the drive to monitor temperature
* Removing the drive or moving it from the main bay causes the fans to spin out of control.
* Apple hasn't ever said the HD in an iMac is user serviceable.
* Other bay (SDD)and connectors appear to be fine.
V The developer behind HDD Fan Control said this is a problem that has been present in iMac models since late 2009.
* His software uses the SMART interface to control the fans.
V iPhoto 9.1.3
* fixes a problem that could cause some events merged in iPhoto to be split back into multiple events on iOS devices after being synced.
V iOS 4.3.3 update issues reported
* Some users reporting wi-fi and wireless connectivity issues after the upgrade.
* Connection busy indicator seems to get stuck
V Troubleshooting steps
* Do a hardware reset
V Forget your wireless connection
* 1) Launch the Settings app.
* 2) Tap Wi-Fi.
* 3) Tap the blue circle with the white arrow on the network you want to forget.
* 4) Tap Forget this network.
* 5) Tap Forget
V Reset your network settings
* 1) Launch the Settings app.
* 2) Tap General.
* 3) Tap Reset.
* 4) Tap Reset Network Settings (if prompted enter your PIN).
V Also Apple TV Software Update 4.2.2
* Addresses an issue in which audio is not output when playing some video content.
* Addresses an issue in which video is not displayed when playing some content.
* Adds an audio output setting for switching to 16-bit audio for compatibility with some TVs and AV receivers.
* Improves the performance of fast-forwarding and rewinding live events.
* Addresses an issue in which the description information is not displayed for some movies.
* Addresses an issue in which YouTube subscription videos were not ordered by date.
V OS X Lion iCloud release soon?
* Cult of Mac reporting on an "all hands" retail store meeting scheduled for the morning of May 28th
* Lion is supposed to release "this summer"
* Amazon has stopped sales of Mobile Me. Apple pulled it from retail stores a few months ago.
V Patent trolls trolling indie app developers
* At least two developers, Computer LogicX and James Thomson (pCalc), were hit with the threat of lawsuits
* The infraction, in-app purchase and links to upgrades.
V Thomson isn't saying who sent the letter, but LogicX got theirs from LoadSys who acquired the patent in question from Dan Abelow in 2004
* The patent holder is listed as Ferrara Ethereal, LLC which has been reported to be a shell company for Intellectual Ventures.
* They are giving the developers notice to pay licensing or face a lawsuit.
* Guess is they figure small guys are easier targets than Apple.
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V Circus Ponies
* Great for research, notetaking, planning
* Built-in drawing tools for adding charts and graphs
* Annotate PDFs
* Multi-dex automatically indexes your data in multiple ways making finding stuff easy.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Evom, alternative video converter
* Keith recommends Evom from Tiny App Factory for doing video conversions
* Free app.
* One window interface
V Drop a video or URL on the window and it will prompt for a destination and format
* Low, Medium, High quality
* Set destination to iTunes, iPod, Apple TV, YouTube, or a folder.
* Option to save just audio.
* Not a lot of control, but easy to use.
V Review: OmniOutliner for iPad
* Simple and clean interface
* Collapsing, expanding, indent and outdent, notes, columns, styles
* Customize numbering
* Citation and highlighting styles.
* iDisk and webDAV support, also email.
* Export to OO3, OPML, HTML, TXT
V Features I'd like to see
V Would like some controls for adding a paragraph break
* Row notes do allow for line breaks, an in-app work around could be composing your row in it's note field and then copy and pasting it into the row.
* Controls for splitting a pasted block at the line breaks into outline elements.
V Dropbox syncing
* They are working on this, but want a method for true live syncing in all apps.
* Export to PDF
* Support for "open in" to move to other compatible apps.
V Alternate use for Find my iPhone
* Pete's girlfriend, her brother and father are all currently cycling from Lands End in Cornwall, UK to John O'Groats at the northern tip of the Scottish mainland.
* 900 miles over the course of 13 days.
* They are raising money For Meningitis Research.
* They borrowed an iPad 3G and updating their blog with progress from the road.
V Pete is the support vehicle and is using Find My iPhone to track Trudy's iPhone to provide support.
* He has the iPad, so he can toggle between the two devices and quickly track his location relative to theirs.
* In addition they are using a cycling app called Cyclemeter to track the route and stats of the ride. The data can be uploaded to the site and share Google Maps of the progress.
* They are on their 7th day and at about 50% of their £1,000.00 goal.
V Graphic creation apps
* Andrew was looking for some recommendations on apps he could use to create iPhone icons
* He mentioned Photoshop and Pixelmator as more for editing photos, but you can create with those also.
V I think what your thinking of is "drawing apps". Like Illustrator.
* Sketch
* Vector Designer
* Line Form
* Inkscape (Open Source)
* Still will likely use Photoshop to add effects and finish off the design
* Lifehacker tutorial on making an iOS looking icon with Photoshop
* If your not as graphically inclined check out ArtText from BeLight. Free Lite version on App Store
V Geekin' out with Geek Tool
* A system preference pane that lets you place terminal and Apple Script "widgets" on your desktop.
* Can have system monitors, log files, images from URL, web cams, etc.
V Monitor your Twitter feed from the command line
* Install Geek Tool
V Install Python Twitter Tools
* In Terminal type: 'sudo easy_install twitter'
* Then type 'twitter', oAuth and enter the code in the terminal.
* That will create a .twitter_oauth file in your home directory
* Install the Twitter Geeklet
* Set the settings.
* The Twitter Tools Python library gives you abunch of commands you can use in the Terminal. Type 'twitter -h' to see the help.
V Closing
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V EOL - iBookstore Analog Edition
* Ok it's really meant to be an Victorian Era version of a Kindle, but who's counting. Illustration student Rachel Walsh was tasked with a school project to develop a way to explain the Kindle to Charles Dickens. This is what she came up with.