MacCast 07.10.2011 - Show #356
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* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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V News
V Lion due out this week?
V Lion should be here soon
* Gold Master build was seeded last week.
* Some sites put the date at July 14th, due to schedule retail store "overnights" on the 13th.
* New hardware may also be quietly introduced.
* Macbook Air seems to top the list, but alos Mac Mini, Mac Pro, and Macbook updates have been rumored
V Apple made changes to the EULA that will allow users to run up to two additional virtual copies of the operating system.
* Snow Leopard only allowed virtualized OS X instances using Server
V iPad 2 Plus coming in the fall
* The "Plus" term was put forth by FBR Capital Markets analyst Craig Berger
* The main update centers around a higher resolution display
V More of the same in iPhone 5 rumors
V The Wall Street Journal
* New design. Thinner and lighter
* 8 Megapixel camera
* Qualcomm World capable wireless chipset
* 4G is rumored not to be in the new device. Currently would require a second larger chipset.
V Rumor of a second cheaper version of the iPhone
* Some say Apple will continue selling 3GS possibly free with subsidy
* I think we will see the iPhone in the role the 3GS currently plays
V Last show I also put forth the idea of a redesigned iPod Touch with 3G chipsets which I think may be the most likely concept. May only offer data and not phone bits
* With iMessage and Skype, etc it may not be needed
V iOS and iTunes more HD'ified
* Apple might be getting ready to add a couple HD+ (1080p) titles to iTunes
* 2 or 3 studios have title reportedly slated for the trial
* References for 1080p encoding and decoding have been found in iOS 5
* New A5 powered Apple TV 2 to support it
V Mini Display port to HDMI cables may be recalled
* HDMI Org, the licensor of the HDMI standard says current Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cables must be taken off the market because they are "unlicensed."
* HDMI licensing requires HDMI cables with male HDMI connectors to be male on both ends
* MiniDisplay Port to HDMI adapters are OK because they have a female HDMI connector and require an HDMI cable to connect to a TV.
V Some reports of 10.6.8 update breaking digital audio
* Owners of Mac Mini based Home Theater system seem to be most vocal about the issue
* Optical and HDMI audio reportedly drops out completely and only a full reboot restores it.
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V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Another OS X Mail "conversations" trick
* Conversations will be part of Lion, but you can do some things now to simulate some of it's functionality
V Last time I covered a listener tip using Smart folders, Andy has another method that is both simple and versatile
* 1. Select you inbox
* 2. Hold down the command key and select the corresponding sent mail box
* 3. All emails in both mailboxes will appear in the same window, turn on threading and they also group in threads
V Best of all it works for any combination of "mailboxes" or folders in the left hand column
* Good for me as I actually archive my sent messages to another mailbox.
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