MacCast 07.26.2011 - Show #358
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
V Sponsor
V Smile
* PDF Pen Pro
* Create and edit PDFs
* Less expensive and more features than a lot of other PDF apps
* I use it for marking up PDFs, filling out PDF forms, and adding electronic signatures
V Use the Library, Windows-->Library (Command+Y) to save or add common elements
* Comes with a whole set of proofreaders marks
* Hand drawn with transparency
* Demos available
V News
V New Macbook Air
* 4 models, 2 11" and 2 13"
V 11" Models - 5 hour battery
* $999 model 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, 2GB memory, 64GB flash storage, Intel HD Graphics 3000
* $1,199 model 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB memory, 128GB flash storage, Intel HD Graphics 3000
V 13" models - 7 hour battery
* $1,299 model 1.7GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB memory, 128GB flash storage, Intel HD Graphics 3000
* $1,599 model 1.7GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB memory, 256GB flash storage, Intel HD Graphics 3000
* 2 USB 2.0 ports, Thunderbolt Port, SD card slot (13-inch model)
* According to MacNN Geekbench testing the 1.7GHz Core i5 Air outscores a year old 2.4GHz Core i5 MacBook Pro.
* Good news for DIY upgraders, the SSDs are NOT soldered to the motherboard
* Early reports that it's selling very well and sold out at some retail stores
V New Mac Mini
V Two standard configurations and 1 server
* $599 model with a 2.3GHz Core i5 processor, 2GB of RAM, a 500GB hard drive, and an integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000
* $799 model with a 2.5GHz Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM, a 500GB hard drive, and discrete AMD Radeon HD 6630 graphics.
* $999 server model 2.0GHz quad-core Intel Core i7, 4GB memory, Dual 500GB 7200-rpm hard drives, Intel HD Graphics 3000
* Thunderbolt, Mini Display Port, HDMI, Firewire 800, 4 USB 2.0 ports, SDXC card slot
V No optical drive at all.
* CD/DVD Sharing support from another Mac
* Apple's Apple MacBook Air SuperDrive
* Could be up to twice as fast as the old Mini's depending on the task, but expect at least a 30% jump in performance.
* iFixit points out that there's an empty hard drive cable port that's easy to get to, but you would need a a special SATA hard drive to logic board cable to add a drive yourself.
V Thunderbolt Cinema Display
* 27" Thunderbolt Display ($999.00 USD)
* Replaces the LED Cinema Display
* 27-inch LED-backlit display
* 16:9 aspect ratio, a 2560-by-1440 pixel resolution, and 178-degree viewing angle using in-plane switching (IPS)
* Single cable that splits out a Thunderbolt connector and a Magsafe connector.
* A hub containing three USB 2.0 ports, one FireWire 800 port, a Thunderbolt port, and even an Gigabit Ethernet port (perfect for docking)
* Can daisy chain 2 displays together, GPU limts 3 number of displays, not connector. Also up to 6 Thunderbolt devices.
* Also includes a Facetime HD camera
* Available for pre-order on Apple's site and shipping within the next 60 days
V "HiDPI" display modes in OS X Lion (enabled via Developer tools) show Apple is preparing for Higher res resolution independent displays
* When enabled new display modes become available. Basically letting you see HiDPI option that are half the native screen resolution
V Images are then drawn at that resolution, but using twice the number of pixels.
* IE you get an effective resolutions of 720x450 pixels on a 1440 x 900 display. Looks zoomed on current displays, but crisp.
* For testing now, but imagine a 5120x3200 pixel 30" display. At a native resolution elements would be tiny, but using a 2560x1600 (HiDPI) mode on that same screen you get a current 30" display resolution with a much higher pixel density and clarity.
* In the future there would be newer high res assets for higher density displays.
V Installing Lion
V Prepare your Snow Leopard install
* I would archive and clean out any old files, data, apps, etc.
V Run software updates
V Apple 10.6.8 supplemental update
* Fixes for several small issues, including transferring information, settings, and applications from your Snow Leopard machine to a Mac running Lion
* Check your drive with Disk Utility
* Do any other general housekeeping you like to do.
* Backup and then Backup again
* Download and install OS X Lion from the App Store
V Clean Install options
* Clean install Snow Leopard
V Install Lion and then Boot to your recovery partition
* Pressing Command-R while rebooting.
* New Macbook Airs and Mac Minis have an Internet Recovery mode. Boot from Apple's servers and download an install.
V Download and build a Lion install disk
* After it downloads and launches quit the installer
* Make a backup of the 'Install Mac OS X' file
* Control+Click and choose Show Package Contents
* Go to Contents-->SharedSupport and copy out the 'InstallESD.dmg' file
* Launch Disk Utility and prepare your destination
* I used a USB flash drive, but go to the format tab and make sure to Partition as GUID using the
* Format as Mac OS X Extended Journaled
* Go to the Restore tab and set the Source to be the 'InstallESD.dmg' and destination to be your drive (drag them in from the list on the left).
* Click Restore.
V For a DVD it's even easier.
* Select Burn and choose the InstallESD.dmg file that you saved earlier.
* Apple will sell Lion on USB keys for $69.00 in August
* You need 17GB of free disk space to run the installer (4GB for the installer and 13Gb free for the OS)
V Lion first impressions
* Apple reported over 1 million downloads on launch day.
* Speed seems to be the same, not noticeably faster or slower. Zippy really if you consider all the UI tweaks.
V Didn't feel like a major upgrade, but lots of subtle changes and tweaks add up to be a lot.
* I was able to jump right in, may have been my research, but I don;t think so.
* Felt natural to use the new methods for navigating the system
V The Good
V New Mail conversations
* I love this feature
* hides all the "quoting" makes threads much easier to follow.
V The universal dictionary and auto correction is awesome
* Corrected words appear underlined in blue.
* Can press 'esc' to dismiss auto correction
V Versions and Auto-save
* Works really well in enabled apps
* Command+S now saves a version.
* Can copy and paste between versions.
* Click the title area to get the drop down
V 'Duplicate' is your new "Save as.."
* File-->Duplicate and Edit-->Duplicate could cause some confusion?
* Not sure I get the "Lock" option
* Seems to work without enabling Time Machine
* Side by side view not always optimal and not resizable in the "Versions" interface.
V Full screen mode
* Made me a "Spaces" user.
* Appears to re-order screens so that the most recently accessed screens are directly off to the right (swipe left)
V The Meh
V I'm sticking with natural scrolling
* You can turn it off in Mouse or Trackpad settings.
* Scroll Reverser, if you want to practice and you're not upgrading soon
* Inconsistency of gestures from Magic Mouse to Trackpad.
V I sometimes accidentally trigger a gesture movement.
* double click zoom in
V Remembering Windows
* Good for some apps, but not all.
* If you hold option while quitting you get a 'Quit and Discard Windows' option.
* AirDrop requires a newish Mac (Basically late 2008 models or later)
V The not so great
* Loss of color visual cues in Finder sidebar
V Can't change the locations of main sections (Devices) in Finder sidebar
* Can add/remove items, like the new 'All Files' view
* Can reorder items in a section
* I feel the Core Animation stuff is overdone.
V Can't hide reading pane in sew Mail layout. Can turn on "Classic" Layout
* Mail-->Preferences-->Viewing-->Use Classic Layout
V Some reports of Wi-fi connectivity issues after upgrade
V Standard reset procedure should help in most cases
* Turn off wi-fi in Airport menu
* Reboot your Mac
* Reset your router and/or modem.
V Reports of some iMacs freezing when viewing video
* Quicktime or Flash
* Not easily repeatable
V Not all 3rd party NAS backup solutions seem to be working with Lion
* Check with your vendor for updates
V Apple replaces "some" iMac HDs
* Apple has issued notice of a recall of potentially defective 1 TB Seagate hard drives installed in iMacs sold between May and July of 2011.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Lion tips and tricks
V Copy and Merge in Finder
* I'm still trying to figure this out, but seems to work like this
* If you try to move or copy a file with the same name it will prompt to replace or keep both
* If you try to move a folder with the same name it will prompt to replace
* If you copy a folder (hold option key while dragging) with the same a name and it has files with same names it will offer to merge (keep newer) or replace.
* Dragging multiple items in the finder gives you a "number" status counter
* When viewing all open windows for an App in Mission Control it displays recently opened documents on the bottom (like minimized).
* Click and hold an icon in the dock doesn't activate Expose anymore.
V Switch Dashboard back to old way
* Go into System Preferences-->Mission Control
* Uncheck the box that says, 'Show Dashboard as Space'
V Set-up hotkey for Launchpad
V If you don't have a trackpad or Magic Trackpad
* The trackpad gesture is a 4 finger pinch in
* There is also a Launchpad icon added to the Dock
V You can go int System Preferences-->Keyboard and then use the 'Launchpad & Dock' section to assign a hot key
* Double-click the area on the right where it shows the hotkey assignment (blank at first)
* Assign the hotkey you'd like. I'm using F8, but you can use modifier keys.
V Resizing Finder Windows
* Do this now from any edge
* Holding option will resize opposite edges or corners at the same time
* Holding shift constrains the resize
* Of course you can combine the two
V Access the ~/Library folder
* Now hidden (just barely) in Lion
* Use the Finder-->Go menu (Command+Shift+G)
* Hold down Option+Click the Go Menu
V Once you have access in the Finder you can add it to the Dock, Sidebar, or Finder toolbar for re-access
* To "poof" items from Sidebar seems you need to hold the command key while dragging out.
V Add more to the Conversation
V Conversations in Mail are great, but don't include sent Messages by default
* Open Mail's preferences
* Click the Viewing tab.
* In the View Conversations section, check the box for Include Related Messages.
V You may need to adjust your IMAP folders for GMail
V I was getting what looks like duplicate items in my conversations
* Shows as a link in blue 'Duplicates' in header area
* Will happen if you have rules setting 'labels' in Gmail
* May want to adjust the filter and set the 'Skip the Inbox (Archive)' option
* GMail-->Mail Settings
* Labels
* Uncheck the 'Show in IMAP' for "Important"
V New high quality Multilingual voices
* Supposedly from Nuance
* System Preferences-->Speech
* Click the Text to Speech tab
* Select "Customize…" from the "System Voice" pulldown menu.
* You'll then see the new optional voices, and you can play previews of each one before downloading them.
V Spotlight Search
V When you start typing a search in the standard Find window, it will have a drop down
* Selecting these enable search token 'bubbles" in the search bar
* Common ones are "name:","kind:","date:"
* Start typing terms like "MP3" or "Audio" to see the Kind option for example.
V FrontRow is gone, but you may be able to get it back
V Need to copy a bunch of files from your Snow Leopard install and reboot
* /System/Library/CoreServices/Front
V No promises on stability or how long this will continue to work.
* As a matter of fact, the latest version of iTunes breaks compatibility with Front Row so that Front Row will no longer see your music.
* Could be blown away by updates?
V Signatures. Within Preview.
* View -> Show Annotations Toolbar
* From the Signature menu (looks like a cursive "S" icon, choose Create Signature from Built-in iSight
* Sign a white piece of paper in black ink and hold it up to the camera, line it up with the blue line
V It will give you a preview of what it will look like in your document and when your happy with the result press Accept
* Check the box for saving it after preview quits to save to a signature library
* Now from that same Signature menu you'll see your signatures as objects (you can also manage them from here too)
* Sows a lock, but I'm not sure of security.
V Fixing the new Desktop Zoom
* Play comment from Steven
* The new 'Zoom Window' mode and options
V Enabled from 'System Preferences'-->'Universal Access' and the 'Zoom' tab
* 1) Turn on Zoom by clicking the 'On' radio button
* 2) Check on the 'Zoom in Window' option
V In the Options:
* Control position: Stationary, Tiled along edge, or follow cursor
* Cursor style. Crosshair or System
* Works for Command+Tab, but not Time Machine.
* Does work in Versions
V Closing
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