MacCast 08.01.2011 - Show #360
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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V Circus Ponies
* Notebook
* Back to school. Perfect time to pick up this app
* Take course notes, plan schedules
* Audio annotation to record lecture and sync time points up with your notes.
* Latest update is Lion compatible.
* Demos available
V News
V Rumors on the next iPhone(s)
* Still jumping back and forth between an iPhone and iPhone 4 rumor
V Now the iPhone 4 update is said to be a less expensive version to compete with lower priced smartphone from Apple's competitors
* Rumored pictures from a Vietnamese website who has had legit pictures in the past .
* Shows a white model with the glass panels replaced with cheaper plastic ones
* I see no reason for Apple to do this. Their old method of selling the last gen model at the budget price works very well
V Rumors of iPhone 5 release in early September or October
* AT&T Store vacation freeze and memos to expect a busy schedule in September
* Newer rumors that the next iPhone will drop in October
V Confirmed upcoming AT&T data throttling for heavy users starting in the first week of October.
* On current and new "unlimited" plans
V Verizon (February 2011) and Virgin have similar policies. Slow speed once you go over a cap (256Kbps download)
* Virgin's plan goes into effect in October also and also coincides with a price increase on their unlimited data plans
* Also rumored that AT&T will re-price their phone insurance policies that same week
* The plan changes lead to speculation of new hardware soon after.
V New hardware changes:
* Reported by the Wall Street journal, Bloomberg, and This is my next.
* Slightly larger. 5 inches tall by 2.8" wide to accommodate slightly larger screen
* Off set that by having tapered edges and being thinner. Think more like the iPad 2
* Possible a metal back? Not sure how they resolve antenna issues? Maybe behind the front glass and using logo like on the iMac?
* Mute switch moved to opposite side
V iPhone 4 price drops
* Rumors that Radio Shack and Target will be lowering US prices $30.00
* 16GB iPhone 4 for $169.99 and the 32GB model to $269.99
* iPhone 3GS is also rumored to be dropping to $19.99
* All prices are based on signing up for a 2 year service contract.
V iPad 3 rumors
V Maybe or maybe not in the Fall
* Not surprising. A recent study of 1,400 tablet customers by IHS (iSupply) showed the iPad with a 79% market share.
* When I see tablets almost exclusively iPads
* Nook is also common and reports have said only a sub $300 tablet could unseat Apple's dominance
V As an interesting contrast:
* In Smartphones Android is reported to have a 48% of global smartphone shipments. With Apple clocking in 19%, seems far behind, but…
* That 19% tops the handset shipments and Apple own almost 2/3rds of the global smartphone profits.
* Pegatron has been chosen as the new manufacturer or added as a second manufacturer to Foxconn depending on which rumor you'd like to believe.
* Rumor is that Pegatron simply outbid Foxconn for the new contract.
* With the new plant in Brazil and other huge demand I would believe it's more likely Apple added Pegatron.
* Major component supplies seem to be remaining the same.
V Lion freezes on wake from sleep
* An issue I have read about and heard from some of you
* Seems to be a bug related to video playback and sleep on 2011 iMacs mainly
* Some Macbook Pro users have reported issues as well.
* Need to hard reboot via the power key
* Not related to Flash.
V New Thunderbolt controller in Macbook Air
* iFixit has revealed that the new Macbook Airs have a different version of the Thunderbolt controller chip
* Called "Eagle Ridge" it's about half the size of the big brother "Light ridge" chip used in Macbook Pros and iMacs
* The smaller chip is believed to also be cheaper so might bode well for adoption in cheaper PCs and 3rd party devices
V The overall performance is said to be about the same. There are two versions, but the smaller form factor one has:
* Only two bi-directional 10Gbps channels vs. four
* Supports only 1 DisplayPort output channel vs. two.
V Apple TV update
V Now at version 4.3
* Purchase TV shows through Apple TV, stored in cloud.
* Streams purchased TV shows, including access to all shows purchased through the iTunes even if deleted off your Mac
* Vimeo support
* Cloud icon shows items stored in cloud.
* TUAW readers note some of their TV purchase history is still missing. Hopefully just roll out issues.
V Can now also redownload purchased TV shows in iTunes
* New "Purchased" category in the TV Shows section of the iTunes Store.
* Likely US only?
* New terms and conditions for iTunes
V Apple TVs also seem to be selling better
* Apple shipped approximately 480,000 Apple TV in the second quarter which is a 70% year over year growth.
* Contrast that with reports this week from Logitech that their Google TV based Revue box is said to have returns rates exceeding sales.
* I think the Roku set top box is out selling even the Apple TV though.
* Concord Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo doesn't see Apple updating the hardware this year though
V Resurface the Apple HDTV rumors
* Analyst Trip Chowdhry with Global Equities Research told his investors Apple plans an HDTV for release in March
* Claims 3 sizes and price points
* I said on WHC that I think if anything Apple may license Apple TV technology for integration in 3rd party sets, but even that is a stretch.
V iTunes longer song previews go International
* Wow, that only took forever. Gotta love the music industry.
* Reports that the longer 90 second iTunes song previews are now available in United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Australia, Mexico, The Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Luxembourg, Denmark, Switzerland, New Zealand, and Canada.
* The delay is likely because Apple has to do deals in each country they want to roll out the feature in.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Hide mail pane in Lion
* in OS X Lion has a new layout and I thought it was like iOS where the message Mail pane was always visible and there was nothing you could do about it.
V Trouble is that means after deleting an item in my inbox it would automatically jump up to the next item
* Causes the message to be displayed and marked as read
* Could alert a SPAM sender that I read the message validating my email address
V In Classic layout
* 3rd pane at the bottom has the divider bar with the "dot" that you can use to resize or hide the pane
V You can go back to classic view in Lion. Mail-->Preferences-->Viewing (tab)
* Check 'Use classic layout'
V Turns out you can hide the 3rd pane in the same with the new layout, it just doesn't have that divider bar and dot.
* If you hover over the line at the left edge of the message pane you'll see you get the "line double arrow" cursor icon indicating you CAN resize the pane
* A double click in that are does indeed collapse the pane and when it's collapsed at the far right edge it now has the bar and little resizing dot.
* Thanks to Macroundtable listener Jim for pointing this out. Now I can scan through and delete messages in Mail using the new view without it marking messages I don't want read as read.
V The Applization of OS X
* Consumerfication. simplification, "dumbing down"? A lot of power users aren't happy with some of the things Apple is doing to the OS
* OS X Lion Server is getting a lot of flack for this. So is Final Cut X. Apple did it to iMovie and Quicktime X
* Things like hiding the Library folder from Users
V It's a hard change for use geeks and power users, we are going to have to learn the tricks to get our power tools and functionality back, but isn't that the point?
* We will do that, but Apple's changes help not us, but those who just want stuff that works
* I truly believe this is why the iPad is such a success and why Apple's competitors just don't get it.
V I for one am trying to see the value in doing things the "Apple way"
V Often time my experience become better and more productive by doing this
V iPhoto, iMovies, Time Machine
* Letting these tools manage my data and stuff for me and not trying to tweak them
* There are great tools for power users, but if you don't know what your doing they can get you into trouble
V I mentioned using Spotlight as my application launcher
* Great tools out there like Alfred, Quicksilver, and Launchbar
* Spotlight does what I need and it's built-in, so why add extra stuff to my system that I may not use? Just because a power users says I should?
V More and more we need to be making "experience" based technology decisions, not "geek" based ones
* We can get lost in making a better and better tool and forget to actually use the tool we have to make stuff.
* Sometime good enough is enough.
V You can fight it or embrace it, but it's happening
* If you don't like it then more and more Apple seems to be willing to show you the door.
V Lion Steve "catchphrase" Easter egg
* Pointed out by Cult of Mac piece
* There is a new profile image of a vinyl record
V If you look closely at the track titles on the label they are classic Steve Jobs catchphrases from his keynotes
* 1. Magic 2. Revolution 3. Boom! 4. Unbelievable
V You can see for yourself
* 1) Go to the main Library folder off the root of your hard drive
* 2) Navigate to 'User Pictures'-->'Instruments' and select the 'Turntable.tif' file
* 3) Open in Preview or use Quicklook to view the image
V Apple has had similar Easter Eggs on icon in the past
* The TextEdit icon features the "Here's to the Crazy Ones" ad copy
V Podcast Publisher
* "Using Podcast Publisher, you can record videos of yourself, your computer display, or a narrated screen recording and organize these into unique podcasts."
* It's in 'Applications'-->'Utilities'-->'Podcast Publisher'
* Single window interface. Click the "New Podcast" to create a new show
* Gives a "cork board" interface to add new episodes "click post-it".
* By default it adds a 'Movie' episode, but you can also choose an "Audio" one from the main Podcast screen
V Movie Mode
* Toggle at the bottom to capture iSight video or your desktop
* Give a 3,2,1 count down
V After recording you can trim the episode.
* No advanced editing that I could see
* No separate audio track
V Share options
V iTunes, Mail, Desktop
* Generates a MOV file. H.264 video and AAC 44.1Kbps stereo audio
* Also send to Podcast Library or Remote Workflow (???)
V Podcast Library on OS X Lion Server
* "Podcast Library in Lion Server provides a centralized location for hosting and publishing podcasts uploaded from Podcast Publisher. Podcast Library provides long-term storage for content and automatically generates the appropriate RSS feeds based on the podcast and episode names, title, and metadata provided by Podcast Publisher".
V Other things you can do
* Get Info on a podcast to enter metadata including: title, description, album art, categories, keyword, etc. (Click 'Show Advanced')
V Edit and add episode metadata
* Click the pushpin in the main interface to access 'Get Info' on an episode
* Can also delete an episode
* Manage multiple podcasts
* Import media from file menu or media browser
* Import shows from an existing URL (podcast RSS Feed)
V Data is stored in the 'Podcast Publisher Library' file in ~/Library/Application Support/Podcast Publisher
* Show package contents.
* 'Collections' folder contains podcasts and the episodes are .ite (iTunes Extras) files (like Movie extras)?
V There isn't much functionality here, but it's 1.0 and the fact that it seem to be building on iTunes Extras has some potential
* Builds on my theory that Apple plans to offer content creators a beginning to end creation, publishing, and distribution solution
V View Dock in full screen apps
* Tip via Macworld
* Move your cursor to all the way to the edge of your screen that has the dock
* Move the cursor again in the same direction and the Dock will pop-up.
* Cool.
V Closing
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