MacCast 08.19.2011 - Show #362
V Opening
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* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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V News
V Lion USB thumb drives now available
* $69.00 at your Apple Retail Store
* Cool USB key, but is it worth the price?
V Why does it have a hole?
* Easier to grip to remove
* Use it as a keychain?
V You can get a 4GB USB key for under $10 and make your own recovery disk using Apple's Recover Disk Utility
* Need to have an OS X Lion install that includes the recovery partition.
V iPhone 5 date: Tale of two months
* Latest reports seem to be that pre-orders could start late September (29th or 30th)
V Ship date is look ing to be October 7th, but might be the 14th
* The October date would jive with the timing that D All things Digital was adamant about
V Apple should hold it's annual iTunes, iPod (and now IOS, iPhone) media event in early September.
* September 12th has recently been thrown around, although that is a Monday.
V Apple store reportedly getting LTE equipment installed from AT&T and Verizon (Engadget)
* Leading to some speculation that iPhone delay from Summer to fall was Apple waiting for new LTE chipsets
* Tim Cook had said that early generation LTE chips would require too many compromises in design for the iPhone
V iOS 5 Beta 6 released to developers
* It is an over the air update
* Cult of Mac released the full change log and many fixes and update seem related to iCloud.
* Also new versions of the iWork Betas that work with iCloud.
V And what about the iPad 3?
* Wall Street Journal is reporting that will happen in early next year (Duh?!)
* Apple is reportedly ordering 9.7-inch displays with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels.
V OS X Lion 10.7.1 Update
* Address an issue that may cause the system to become unresponsive when playing a video in Safari.
* Resolve an issue that may cause system audio to stop working when using HDMI or optical audio out.
Improve the reliability of Wi-Fi connections.
* Resolve an issue that prevents transfer of your data, settings, and compatible applications to a new Mac running OS X Lion.
* Resolve an issue in which an admin user account could be missing after upgrading to OS X Lion.
* Interesting to note the update didn't come via the App Store
* Separate updates for the New Air and Mac Mini vs. all other Macs
* Was a small package, I think around 17MB in my case. Although the updater on Apple's support site seems to be around 80MB
V Apple reportedly spends a Billion with Sharp
* Some sites had reported that it was an investment in an LCD manufacturing plant. I'm certain Sharp could use the money in that way if they wished.
* DigiTimes claims it's actually an investment to secure panel purchases.
V Samsung is also an Apple display provider along with LG and the smaller Chimei Innolux (CMI).
* LG and CNI have both reportedly had some quality issues and Apple has become more reliant on Samsung
* Apple and Samsung are in a legal battle over the iPad and Galaxy Tab designs
* Apple having as many high end component and parts suppliers on the books is good fore ensuring a steady supply of products to meet growing consumer demand.
* Apple using it's cash horde to lock up components supplies has been a god strategy in the past for slowing down competitors.
V Apple and Samsung patent ping pong in the EU
* Apple files for preliminary injunction on Galaxy tab sales in Germany (EU) and wins
* Later the ruling is amended because the German judge decides there isn't jurisdiction to enforce the ban over the whole EU.
* Meanwhile a group call hanky panky on Apple's German legal team over 1 of the images in the 44 page filing. The German judge says hogwash i actually looked at the devices and made my decision.
V Now Apple is moving forward with a similar injunction proposal in a Netherlands court and if awarded it could have the effect of banning Galaxy tab sales in the EU.
* Not to mention the Australia ban on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 which will still be sold, but in a modified form and the US preliminary injunction motion which will be heard on October 13th.
V And all of this drama mostly over something that we shouldn't even be wasting our time on. Bogus software patents that should have never been issued.
* The hardware stuff might be valid, but "mobile photo management", "swipe to unlock", "one click"? I'm not so sure.
* The whole idea of patents was to encourage innovation
* Software patents seems to stifle it by creating a patent "cold war".
* Nortel patent acquisition. Google buying Motorola.
* Entire shell and shadow companies that make nothing and innovate nothing.
* The loser in the end is the small guy, the backyard inventor, the garage tinkerer (Steve and Steve).
* "Great artists steal", meaning that one artists borrows and expands the ideas of another. That can't happen with lawyers and licensing fees.
V Death of the iPad killer
* After just a 16 month run HP has decided that it's getting out of the tablet and smartphone hardware business
* They will no longer sell the Touchpad or other Web OS based devices like smartphones
* They will continue to develop and run the WebOS business and the assumption is they will look to license it.
* Until about a month ago the WebOS division was headed by former Palm CEO and ex- Apple executive Jon Rubinstein. He was moved over to a product innovation role within the Personal Systems Group (PSG).
* Rubenstein came over to HP as part of their 1.2 billion dollar acquisition of Palm
* Interestingly it looks like HP also wants to spin off the Personal Systems Group (PSG) which oversees it's 41 billion dollar PC business.
* HP would focus more on it's successful printer and business services divisions
* Best Buy reportedly took orders for 270,000 TouchPads but only sold 25,000. Just over 9% of their inventory.
* The sad thing is by all account the WebOS was one of the better competitors to iOS along with Android.
V The hardware, not the software is being blamed for much of the TouchPads failure. According to HP own statements and a report by The Next Web.
* HP engineers had gone as far as to test webOS running on an iPad and found it to run almost twice as fast.
* Even running as a web app in the Safari browser on an iPad 2it was reportedly faster.
* I still don't buy it. i think this a way of use cases, not product bullet points. Apple is selling appliances that meet specific needs in peoples lives.
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* Audio annotation
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* Tabbed section, sticky notes and flags to help navigate and find the stuff
* Automatic Multidex indexing to make searching and finding your content easy
* Best part is you can try it for free, so check it out now.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Re-install iLife '11 on new Lion Macs follow-up
* I was able to confirm that these apps are re-downloaded from the Mac app store after a restore
* When you launch the App Store on a new Mac they are in the App Store waiting to be "claimed". register them to your Apple ID for future updates and re-downloads
V Lion bugs may not be Lion
* Play comment from Dave
* A couple people mentioned the possibility of TextExpander being a culprit. There were a few updates right after I did this show and things seem to be better for me now.
* I still have the Safari tab bug.
V Automatic Termination feature
* I had said how I thought this feature didn't it the "consumerism" mold Apple seems to be moving the OS into.
* I thought it might be confusing to a new users if Applications just quit in the background on their own.
V Then Joel pointed out something I have noticed with non-Geek Mac users.
* Many don't distinguish between closing all the windows in an app and "quitting" the app.
V Please sir may I have some more? NO.
* How about less and you pay more and like it?
* Comment on the disparity between smart device customer and carriers.
V AT&T is eliminating it's $10/mo 1,000 message texting plans.
* Data throttling it's unlimited plans
* Only allowing tethering if you go with a data capped plan
* Verizon and Sprint/Virgin are up to the same tricks.
* All the while consumers are demanding more and more data and data hungry apps
V Restoring an apps window position
* Play question from Adam
V Lion has a new feature called "Restore" which is designed to put everything back in place after a restart or reboot
* It's new in the SDK and part of the AppKit framework
* Called, NSWindowRestoration Protocol Reference
* Many apps even before Lion could be programed to restore window sizes and position, so sounds like something the developers should implement regardless.
V I found an app called Display Maid by Funk-iSoft ($4.99 on Mac App Store)
* It seems to be more for the dual display issue and restores windows back to the proper display when disconnecting and reconnecting a notebook from an external display
* Their FAQ notes that not all apps are supported. "Some software programs might have been written in such a fashion that Display Maid cannot control it’s windows."
V Ways to discard windows on quit
* Hold down the Option key when quitting an app. 'Quit and Discard windows'
* Dave pointed out that System Preferences-->General has a checkbox for "Restore windows when quitting and re-opening apps".
V Using a backup Mac from bootable clone
* JB is just like me and uses a Time Machine, SuperDuper (daily), and CrashPlan strategy for backups.
* He also uses a spare Mac Mini as a "backup" machine for when his iMac goes into the shop and boots off the Super Duper clone to keep working.
V This is a good strategy, but can be tricky to manage to keep things in sync.
V You need to use a new temporary backup strategy.
* Time Machine and Super Duper with your drives for the Mac that is in the shop won't really work.
* I clone to a different external drive and backup critical documents to my iDisk or Dropbox temporarily
V If the temporary computer is already registered with Mobile Me for syncing you will get a warning that the hardware is already registered.
* iCal no longer has this issue because it's sync'd from the cloud
* You could tun off syncing and then restore it when you get your Mac back from the shop. (this is typically what I do)
* You could reset the sync data and force a merge or download of the data re-using the ID that is already registered in the cloud.
V Resolving changes when you get your Mac back.
* If you created a new separate clone backup on a different drive you could restore form that.
* I prefer to just save documents and things I'm working on to a separate folder and then just copy those over to my Mac manually when it returns from the shop.
* Podcasts, iTunes purchases, etc. used to be challenging, but with new re-download options that's not too bad.
V Different face for your space
* Desktops in OS X Lion can now easily have different backgrounds
V Add new desktops from Mission control
* F3 key (Expose key) on your Apple Keyboard
* 3 finger swipe up on trackpad
* 2 finger tap on Magic Mouse
* Move mouse to "+" desktop in upper right corner or drag a window out of the current desktop and up into the "+" area at the top right to create a new Desktop
* Click on the new desktop (will have the same background as 1st desktop) to make it active
* Go to System Preferences-->Desktop & Screen Saver and change your desktop. Will apply to only the current active desktop.
* To remove a Desktop enter Mission Control, hold option, and click the close "x" to remove the desktop.
V Set hotkey to switch Desktops
* System Preferences-->Keyboard
* Click the 'Keyboard Shortcuts' tab and select the 'Mission Control' Section
V Under Mission Control you can assign a hot key to your Desktops
* Typically Control+[Desktop number] like Control+1
* Control+left or right arrow to move between Desktops
V Finding math symbols in Lion
* Rich noted in Photoshop (I assume non-Cocoa version) that OS X's auto replace for fractions like ½ to math symbols doesn't work.
* In Lion, he also thought it was missing from the Character Viewer Palette
V To enable the Character Viewer
* System Preferences-->Keyboard. From the Keyboard pane check Show Keyboard & Character Viewers in menubar.
* OR… System Preferences -->Language & Text. From the Input Sources pane (tab), check on the Keyboard and Character Viewer.
* Comment: really bad UI to have this set in two different places. Has always bugged me.
V Now you should have a new icon in the menubar.
* Click that and choose'Show Character Viewer'
* Now there are a bunch of character sets in the lest on the left. Seems like many more in Lion, but they might be turned off.
* Click the "settings" (cog) icon at the top and choose 'Customize List…'
* Now you can enable or disable the sets you want. The "fractions" are actually under the 'Digits' palette. There are also some that have a second, "All" palette that seems to be nan extended version of the basic set.
* Lion adds 'Emoji' which also needs to be enabled from here.
* The 'technical symbols' palette has all the Apple keyboard icons like Command, Option, Control, eject, etc.
* You can select a symbol and add it to the "Favorites" palette by clicking the "Add to favorites" button.
* To add symbols to your documents by placing the insertion bar and double clicking it in the Character palette or just drag it from the palette to your document.
V To disable the menubar icon:
* You can open the System Preferences-->Keyboard and uncheck the 'Show Keyboard & Character Viewers in menubar' item, but that will still leave the Language input menu icon (flag) in the menubar. Another UI annoyance of mine.
* Better to go to the System Preferences -->Language & Text Preference Pane and uncheck the 'Show Input Menu in menu bar' option from the Input Sources pane (tab).
V Hide items in System Preferences pane
* Rich also told me about the strange and potentially evil new trick in the Lion System Preferences
* If you click and hold the 'Show All' button you get a drop down list of all the items in the system preferences
* At the bottom there is a 'Customize' option. Choose that and checkboxes appear next to each item in the pane.
* If you uncheck any item and click 'Done' that item is hidden from the pane.
* You can still access the preference pane via other routes. From the 'Show All' dropdown or via Spotlight. The settings are also maintained of course.
* The evil part id you could uncheck them all on a unsuspecting co-workers or friends machine when they step away. Opening the pane then just presents the title bar and a tiny white area below it. If you are unaware of the new feature clicking 'Show all' does nothing.
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