MacCast 09.08.2011 - Show #365
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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V Gazelle
* We are expecting new iPods and iPhones soon so now is a good time to get familiar with Gazelle
* They call themselves a reCommerce service. So they do recycling, but try to start with reUse
* They offer you cash for your old stuff. Recondition it, securely remove and data and re-purpose it.
* If the item doesn't have and resell value then they can recycle it for you responsibly using credited and certified recycling partners.
V News
V Apple's beef with Samsung
* They have provided much of the technology that has made the iPhone and iPad possible
* This week Apple continued the German assault
* Apple won a new preliminary injunction against Samsung. Halting sales in of the Galaxy Tab 7. requiring the company to remove its new Galaxy Tab 7.7 from the expo floor at the IFA show in Berlin.
* Apple is already crushing on technology and innovation alone.
* To me these latest patent bouts ride the line between being legit or feeling more anti-competitive less pro-innovation.
V In Samsung's case there does seems to be a lot of eerie similarities
* The "dock" connector
* They have a USB adapter that looks like simply a black version of Apple's camera connection kit.
* Shape, form factor seem like they shouldn't really be covered by patents. More a "copyright" thing? Actually you can get patent and copyright depending on the situation.
V Also OS and UI design stuff.
* Samsung's 8.9 Honycomb tablet looks like it has a dock and the Music icon looks like it was lifted from iTunes down to the color of purple.
* Steve himself said that "tweeners" are non starters.
* Meanwhile an Australian judge is encouraging Apple to supply sales numbers were effected in markets where Samsung released the Galaxy tab. My guess is Apple may have a hard time showing that.
V Apple resurrects FinalCut Studio
* Have to call Apple's online sales number 1-800-MY-APPLE
* Still priced at $999.00, far above the $299 price for Final Cut X
V FinalCut X received some heat from some in the professional video editing community for dropping some key features
* cannot import projects from previous versions of Final Cut Pro
* no support for output to tape
* no XML export
* no OMF output for mixing audio in Pro Tools
* also complaints of other features being hobbled.
* FinalCut Pro X did bring true 64-bit support, but also a radical new interface.
* According to The Loop, sales of Adobe video editing tools have jumped 22% year over year.
V iPhone 5 announcement soon?
* Things are heating up.
* Deutsche Telekom started already taking pre-orders reportedly to help better manage demand.
V iPhone 5 camera details
* Rumors point to at least two suppliers for camera sensors, Largan Precision and Genius Electronic Optical
V An image of Sushi on an Apple developers account, first reported by PocketNow
* EXIF data indicated an iPhone 4, but the resolution was originally 3264x2448, almost 8MP.
* It was cropped down to 2235x2291 (5.12 megapixels)
* The lens info showed 4.3mm f/2.4, not the 3.85mm f/2.8 of the iPhone 4
* The image has since been pulled from the account.
V Thinner, slightly wider
* Based on leaked case designs out of China (reliable?)
* 3.5", 3.7" or 4" screen
* Photostream icon seems to indicate a 3.7" screen and "cropped" home screen button (not wider).
* Multiple carrier world phone.
* 9to5 reports a special version of iOS 5 released to carriers includes Nuance speech to text technology and FaceTime 3G.
* "N94" iPhone 4s rumors still prevail also. FCC ID number reportedly spotted in iOS 5 beta 7
V Current release timeline predictions (Cult of Mac and 9 to 5)
* September 14th press invites - one week before event
* September 21st special event
* September 28th pre-orders - 9 days before release.
V October 7th iPhone release
* Backup up by internal memo leaks from Best Buy and Sprint
* iOS beta expires on October 20th
V There have also been indications that we may see a white iPod touch
* Could be confused iPhone 5 parts though.
V 3G also rumored to be coming to iPod Touch
* makes sense with iMessage in there and iPad style data plans.
* Less expensive alternative for Parents with teens.
V Wafer thin iPad 3 possible
* Taiwan Economic News says Simplo Techonology and Dynapack International Technology will make a new battery for the iPad 3
* Allow it to be thinner, safer, and have a longer battery life.
* Component would cost 20-30% more than the current iPad battery.
V More evidence the A6 will be ready in time
* The head of research and development for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) said their 28-nanometer has orders to fill it's production capacity and they will be in mass production in early 2012
* A6 has the potential to be a quad core, but likely will remain a dual-core
* Foxconn will reportedly have shipped 20 million iPad 2 to Apple by the end of this summer. A 60% increase from the Spring shipments.
V iPhone unit sales predictions for 2011 are at 86.4 million units. (Digitimes)
* With Foxconn shipping 5-6 million iPhone 5s this month. Up to 22 million by the end of the year.
V How many iOS devices will Apple sell in 2013
* A metric buttload.
* Which according to Gene Munster is 143M iPhones and 68M iPads by 2013
V iCloud looming
* Apple pushed OS X 10.7.2 and and 10th beta of iCloud for OS X to developers
* Expected to be released soon.
* Developers have also been recently give iCloud supported builds of the iWork suite
V Access to iTunes Match streaming service
* Immediately triggered confusion over "streaming", really progressive download
V Thunderbolt ready to strike
* Apple's Thunderbolt LCD Display is now in Stores
* Intel made it's Thunderbolt Development kit available to 3rd parties in the 1st quarter
* Expect to see a slew of new products hitting the market for the holidays
* What's great about Thunderbolt is in essence is an external interface for PCI Express with Display Port added on.
V Anything that you could have a PCI card for could be a Thunderbolt product
* Adapters for USB3, Firewire 400, 800, or some new interface
* Hard drives, cameras, card readers, graphics cards
* A number of PCI-breakout boxes.
* I don't believe rumors that Apple may be considering USB 3 support for Macs.
* Maccast Members 083 - Thunderbolt
V Sponsor
V Faronics
* Deep Freeze
* Reduce your IT and computer management costs
* If you are an educator or teacher you want to spend time teaching not worrying about what students are downloading and installing on the computers.
* Doesn't restrict the users when they are in a session and can persist data to specific locations using ThawSpaces.
* Integrates with remote management tools like Apple Remote Desktop.
* Can schedule Thawed sessions for applications and OS updates.
* OS X Lion compatible and cross platform.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Moving files in OS X Snow Leopard
* I mentioned Lion's new Move option (Command+Option+V)
* Michael and several other's mentioned that the feature exists in earlier versions of OS X at least when copying between volumes when dragging.
* Hold down the 'Command' key and drag and drop the file will move.
V Apple execs as Beatles
* Play comment from Kevin
* Photo credit: Peter Weisz
V Symbolic links to solve Dropbox folder issues
* User that wanted to move Dropbox folders for specific apps to another location in OS X.
* Eoin (Owen) suggested using symbolic links.
V Can use the terminal to create symbolic links, that are like an alias, but to OS X look like the actual folder (simplifying things, but you get the point).
* ln -s <DirThatExists> <DirYouWantToCreate>
* I covered symbolic links in episode 036 of Maccast Members
V Unix, the other OS X
* Phil was looking to expand his knowledge into the realm of Linux and wanted to know the best/easiest way to install a version of Linux on the Mac
V First and foremost OS X is UNIX
* FreeBSD foundations of OS X, called Darwin
* Launch the Terminal (Applications-->Utilities) and there is UNIX in all it's glory. We'll technically Apple's variant on it.
* Uses BASH shell by default, but you can change it.
V Dual boot to partition, external, or USB stick
V Can be done and there are many instructions online if you Google.
* Good ones from
* Be careful, a wrong step could mess up your system, backup
V Virtualization
* Need an Intel Mac
V Parallels 7
* Built-in installers for Chrome, Fedora 15, Ubuntu 11.04 Desktop, and Lion from recovery partition.
* Virtual Appliance directory
V VMWare Fusion
* Virtual Appliances
* Oracle(SUN) (Free)
V Books and resources
V iBooks and apps from O'Reilly
* "OS X for UNIX Geeks (Leopard), 4th Edition ($27.99 iBook, $6.99 App)
V O'Reilly provide instructions for extracting the ePub from the app
* Right-click on the app in your application list in iTunes, and choose “Show in Finder”
* Make a copy of the file (ending with .ipa) and change the extension to .zip
* Double click the new .zip file to extract it
* Locate the 'Payload' directory and find the .app file. Right+Click and choose 'Show Package Contents'
* Find the 'Book' directory, select all it's contents, right+click and choose 'Compress X items'.
* Take the resulting .zip file and change it's extension to .epub
* You can now add that ePub file to iTunes and it will be added to your iBooks
* Apple has a 10.3 Server Command Line Guide (PDF)
* Take Control Series: Take Control of the Mac Command Line with Terminal ($10.00)
* Unix Mages (PDF) Older book, but free and a good UNIX primer
V Automator apps stop working in Lion
* Randy found an annoying Lion quirk.
* Automator applications stopped working. They would run from within Automator, but running as an Automator Application they wouldn't launch.
V The solution for him was to kill the "Automator Launcher" process
* go into Terminal and type: top [enter]
* find "Automator Launcher" and note the Process (PID) number
* exit 'top' by pressing Control+C
* type: kill [PID#] (without the brackets)
V 'ps aux' can also be used to display the processes
* Add '| Automator' to filter to just commands that have Automator in their path
* 2nd column contains PID number
V He said the process wasn't showing up in Activity Monitor
* I was able to see it in there when an Automator app was running
* Appeared as a user process
* Check the "Processes" drop down and select 'All Processes'
* A reboot also didn't seem to fix the issue, but Randy did note he had the 'restore' option checked.
* My best guess is an Automator application got stuck in the background, so the issue is likely unrelated to Lion.
V Quicklook plug-ins
* Quicklook is one of those integrated Apple technologies that I have come to rely on
* I use it for previewing lots of stuff including images, documents, etc.
* When browsing in the Finder my thumb is always on the spacebar ready to trigger it at a moments notice
* Out of the box it supports many, but not all formats. Developers can extend support for their custom document type
* There is also a plug-in architecture and development kit so anyone can write QuickLook plugins.
V You can do a Google Search and find plug-ins and directories
* QL
* My favorites from XDD. Archive and Folder (don't seem to work in Lion)
V Better ZIP Quicklook generator
* Farfanoide, reskinned it for Lion
V To install
V Copy the .qlgenerator file to the ~/Library/QuickLook or /Library/Quicklook folder
* May need to create the folder in your home folder
* In Lion you'll need to use the 'Go' menu and hold down the option key to access the Library folder.
V Logout and log back in to activate
* Can try running ' qlmanage -r' command in Terminal to reset quicklook daemon
* or Relaunch Finder. Option+Command+Click in Dock and choose 'Restart'
* I had to quit the 'quicklookd32' process manually in the Activity Monitor
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