MacCast 10.17.2011 - Show #370
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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V Circus Ponies
* Notebook
V How clipping service works
* On any page or item on a page in a note (outline). Control+Click the page title or item and choose 'Add Clipping Service' (also accessed from the Page or Outline menu).
* Will add a little pair of scissors to the margin to indicate thw service is active.
V To clip in any app that supports services
* Select the text you want to clip
* Control+click and under Services (or use the Services menu) you should see 'Clip to [section] in [notebook]'
* Select the desired clipping service to clip to and you should hear a "snip" sound.
* Back in your Notebook you'll see the clipping with formatting in tact. Can Control+Click the 'scissor' icon next to the clipping to get options. If it came from Safari there is a "snap back" link to go to the source page of the clipping.
* Just one of the amazingly powerful features of Notebook
* Free trial available.
V News
V iPhone 4S demand and margins high
V Apple had announced last Monday that pre-orders for the iPhone 4S topped 1 Million in 24 hours
* The iPhone 4 has set the previous pre-order sales record at 600,000 in 24 hours
* AT&T said it had sold 200,000 in the first 12 hours of availability
V Carriers reported record sales and activations
V Sprint said iPhone 4S generated their best launch day sales ever for any device
* Rocky start for Sprint's data network?
* AT&T broke their previous single-day activation record and was on track to actually double it.
V Apple released official sales numbers today
* Sold 4 million iPhone 4S units over the launch weekend.
* 25 million people updated to iOS 5
* 20 million signed up for iCloud
V Analyst Chris Whitmore at Deutsche Bank has cruched some numbers and believes Apple's margin on the iPhone 4S could be as high as 73%
* He estimates Apple's costs at $170 for the 16GB iPhone 4S, and $220 for the 32GB model.
* By comparison an iPod Touch margin is around 38%
* He says Apple also get about $100 more on the carrier subsidy for an iPhone. Around $450 per device vs. the $350 or less of Apple's competitiors
* Those subsidies help Apple list a lower price on the iPhone 4S vs. their competitors. 4G phones from Samsung, HTC, and Motorola (Droid) tend to be around $60 or more on a 2-year contract.
V iPhone 4S, the unworldly "world phone"
* TidBits has an informative piece about the "world phone" aspects of the iPhone 4S
* There was a lot of counfusion because Apple's site says that they won't sell a unlocked iPhone 4S until September and when they do their fine print says it's GSM only.
* If you choose AT&T the phone will only be activated for GSM
V Sorta, kinda, unlocked
* Sprint, ships unlocked, but they will lock it via an update and then unlock for customers in good standing
* Verizion will unlock it once you have been good on your bill for 60 days
* So while the capabilities are in there it seems the devices are, at first, much more closed than open.
* Does use a new Qualcomm’s MDM6610 GSM and CDMA combo chip (iFixit)
V Apple's investment in processors
* Techcrunch reported that Apple has over 1,000 people working on chips
* Apple aquired the processor design firm PA Semi in 2008.
* Flash storage is also becoming much more dominant in Apple's designs
* Apple is likely looking to control designs to boost processing power while increasing efficancy and lowering powre requiements.
* Contolling the processor designs allows them to work with OEMs like Samsung and soon Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) to fab their designs
* The control means Apple can tailor chips to hardware designs and give them a possible lead over the competition
* As MacNN points out the A5 already outperforms new chips from Samsung running at higher clock speeds
* Apple also may be the first out with a chip, the A6, using a 28NM design.
V Rumorrs are the A6 will be 28nm and quad-core.
* Debate on whether or not Samsung will be involved in production
* May need to be since TSMC reportedly may not have enough production capacity?
V A5 Powered Apple TV
* 9to5mac notes a reference string inside iOS 5 stating an Apple TV model noted as 3,1. The current little black box is 2,1
* It's not suprising that Apple would be working on a new model and the refernce being there doesn't give us a timeline for a new model, but that won't stop us from making some assumptions
V A new Apple TV would likely bring an A5 and more RAM. Why?
* 1080p video, it's in the iPhone 4s and that seems to be where most video is headed
* Games? Apple did position games pretty promiently in the iPhone 4S launch event.
* Bluetooth support is also rumored which would be a bonus in the games department.
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* They call themselves a reCommerce service. So they do recycling, but try to start with reUse
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V How's it work:
* Search the site for the product
* Answer a few questions about the condition and accessories
* They make you an offer
* If it's an item of value they cover shipping and will provide return shipping as well.
* If the item doesn't have and resell value then they can recycle it for you responsibly using credited and certified recycling partners.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Impressions of iOS 5
V Upgrade process was frustrating.
* Lesson? Don't stay up late to get updates in the future. Tired tweeting=bad
* On device set-up is nice for new devices.
V George Starcher points out how to fix an upgrade gotcha for some
* If you have ever jailbroken your device and get an error about, "Device not eligible" for upgrade
* Check the /etc/hosts file for a entry and if it's there remove it.
* Basically remaps the Apple domain to Cydia so it can facilitate the jailbreak stuff.
V Notifications
* Good, but possible too much
* Need to really manage it and there are lots of settings for that per app in the Notification center
* Notification Center, how many to show, alert style, badge, view in lock screen
V iMessage
* Awesome and "just works"
* Need to use an email address on non-iphones
* Can assign multiple emails in the Messages settings
V Camera
* Use volume button to take photo
* Camera from lock screen (iPhone and Touch only)
* Editing. Crop, rotate enhance.
V Wireless syncing
* Enable it from iTunes from Devices or on the device from Settings->General->iTunes Wi-Fi Sync
* Enable manually or it happens automatically when plugged into power.
* Seems obvious, but needs to be on same wi-fi network as your Mac
V AirPlay Mirroring
* Works great with Apple TV.
* Enable from the multitasking bars Media controls
* Responsive.
* Games are supposed to be incredible
V Twitter integration
* Tweet sheet
* Great in photos app
V Custom tones and alerts
* Set under Sounds in the Settings
* now tone store
V Multitasking Gestures (iPad 2 only)
* 4 finger swipe up to access multi-tasking bar
* 4 finger swipe left or right to move between recent apps
* 4 finger pinch to home screen
* Split keyboard (iPad)
V New iOS apps
V iPod is now Music
* iPad version is completely changed and not for the better in most people's opinion
* Videos app for movies, tv shows, podcasts
* Cards
* Find My Friends
* Airport Utility
* Newsstand
* Reminders
* Movie Trailers
V iCloud
V Talk about how I did my transition and why
* New account seperate from my Mobile Me account
* Use Cloud service, seperate from Store accounts (which are tied to my old Mobile Me account)
V The choice depends on how you use your Mobile Me account
* Shared iTunes/App Store account vs. seperate
* To create a NEW iCloud account use the Apple ID site and then log in with that at
V Things that have caused issues with my way
* Migrating iCal data
* Extra .me email address for iCloud account and another new Apple ID.
* Facetime account. Can't use Mobile Me account email and iCloud email on the same Facetime account
V Using iCloud
* Sync contacts and calendars
V Documents in the Cloud
* Works on iOS seemlessly, but need to use on the desktop?
* Find My iPhone can now find Macs too.
* Photostream seems to be fast and works well
* Backup in the Cloud
V Having trouble with service?
* iCloud system status page
V iPhoto '11 9.2 update
* Needed to enable iCloud Photostream features
* Also Aperture 3.2 Update with Photostream support along with several other updates and fixes
V Setting up and Using the iPhone 4S
V Discuss my issues with activation
* Made several attemps both using iTunes and on the device itself
* AT&T customer service did the activation
V Siri is amazing, but not perfect
* Incredible for BETA
* When it's working. Again network issues were a problem
* TUAW has a great list of things you can say to Siri
* Works with Bluetooth headsets
* Seems to work well even with some background noise.
V Some issues I've encountered
* "Tell me the distance to the Sun" -> Gave directions to Sun City
* Wish you could ask for the "nearest" business. Just gives a list.
* Seaching for famous people using "Who is…" resulted in it attempting to find people in my Contacts
V Some information is limited outside the US
* Maps, directions, and traffic
* Business look up
* Wolfram Alpha, English-speaking countries
* Apple says inernational improvments will happen this year
* She CAN"T tweet? What?
* When she does make errors, tap the translation error to correct things.
V Fun with Siri
* Change what it calls you by saying, "Siri, I want you to call me…"
* Saying "*", causes it to say, "Sorry i don't understand" and beep.
V Voice dictiation feature is also awesome
* Seems to record around 30-40 seconds at a time
* Can use the Dragon dictation commands for punctuation, capitalization, etc.
V The camera may be the "killer" feature
* The snaps are amazing
* Video looks incredible
* Fast to launch, especially from the lock screen in iOS 5
* The faster shutter enables non-blurry action shots
V The new design
* Pretty much the same, but has the "slience" switch moved down and antenna gaps positions of the Verizion iPhone 4.
* Not ALL old iPhone 4 cases will fit.
* A5 is running at 800 MHz dual core, not 1GHz like on iPad 2
* 512MB of RAM
* Slightly larger battery with an extra .05 WHrs.
V Dual antenna design
* To me call clarity seems better on my 4S
V Battery life does seem reduced slightly, but I think because of my heavy use of Siri and notifications (iOS 5)
* Some also noted that battery conditioning on a new device may be a factor
* Also some reports that Geofencing in Reminders might eat up battery
* Some tel me there may be a GPS bug in Omnifocus.
V iTunes trouble with Firewall
* Brad is having some trouble with iTunes and the OS X Firewall in Lion
* Almost everytime he launches iTunes the Firewall asks to allow incoming connections. He clicks 'Allow' and this should add the choice to the settingings in the System Preferences pane, but it's not sticking.
* I normally don't use the Firewall, but I tried enabling it and got some strange behaviour too.
V To enable the Firewall
* Go to System Preferences --> Security & Privacy
* Click the 'Firewall' tab
* Click the 'Lock' icon and enter your username and password to allow changes
* Click Start, to start the Firewall
* Click Advanced to adjust the settings for specific services and apps.
V In playing with it the first time, some strange behaviour happened
* It then started popping up those "Allow/Deny" dialogs for different services.
* As I clicked Allow they were added to the app list in the main panel
* After I clicked OK and then came back the services were all gone. They didn't stick.
* Clicking the "+" icon and adding them manually did seem to work and they stuck the second time.
* Once you have an app or service added you and 'Block' or 'Allow' incoming connections.
* I'd try adding iTunes manuallay and 'Allow' incoming connections if it's not already in the list.
V Some users online with the same issue reported needing to uninstall and re-install iTunes
* A bit extreme, but could be worth trying
* Be sure to backup you're iTunes library and all media files first.
V Dave and John at Mac Geek Gab also addressed this issue and they said it may be related to code signing
* In that Advanced tab of Firewall in Security & Privacy, 'Automatically allow signed software to receive incoming connections'
* Local digital signature from Apple may be mismatched, corrupt. missing, or something else
* Solution delete and re-install iTunes
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