MacCast 11.02.2011 - Show #372
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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V Circus Ponies
* Notebook
V How clipping service works
* On any page or item on a page in a note (outline). Control+Click the page title or item and choose 'Add Clipping Service' (also accessed from the Page or Outline menu).
* Will add a little pair of scissors to the margin to indicate the service is active.
V To clip in any app that supports services
* Select the text you want to clip
* Control+click and under Services (or use the Services menu) you should see 'Clip to [section] in [notebook]'
* Select the desired clipping service to clip to and you should hear a "snip" sound.
* Back in your Notebook you'll see the clipping with formatting in tact. Can Control+Click the 'scissor' icon next to the clipping to get options. If it came from Safari there is a "snap back" link to go to the source page of the clipping.
* Just one of the amazingly powerful features of Notebook
* Free trial available.
V News
V Apple aquires another mapping company
* Apple actually was suspected of aquiring Swedish based C3 technologies earlier this year, but it was recently confirmed
* The company makes a truly amazing 3D mapping technology. Models look almost like video.
* This is Apple's 3rd such acquisition. Poly 9 and PlaceBase are other mapping based companies Apple has added to there arsenal in recent years
* I think there is no doubt Apple would like to see all traces of Google technology eradicated from iOS and Apple developed apps
V ArsTechnica points out how these 3 companies technologies could be used in concert
* C3 gives Apple an accurate database of 3D mapping data
* Poly9 connects mapping data with other data sources to create unique map-based visualizations.
* PlaceBase gives Apple an easy-to-use API to offer developers.
* So bringing it all together you have incredible photo-real 3d maps, that can overlay street level, traffic, business, and other data based on location, presented in an augmented reality type way, integrated into the core of the OS with and easy to leverage API for developers.
* Layer on other core technologies like Siri and the possibilities are endless
* One word: COOL.
V Order online and pick up in store
* Apple has been testing a service in California and New York that allows purchases to be made online and then picked up in store
* Rumors are they will expand the program to other flagship US stores on Thursday along with an updated Apple Store app for iOS
V How it works:
* Order online or in app, pay, and pick-up in 12-minutes
* Only need to show go in and sign (I assume also show some kind of ID)
* For items not in store or custom builds they will ship it to the store (for free) and you get notified via email or push notification when it arrives in store, then pick it up.
* Along with the new program is the ability to order online and then return in store.
V There is also a rumor of a self checkout option using the app
* Pick up an item and "scan" it's barcode using the Apple Store app
* The card attached to your Apple ID will be changed for the purchase
* Once it completes you take your product and walk out of the store.
* BGR says they won't even be checking the purchases, which I'll only believe when I see it.
V iPhone 4S expands globally and domestically
V Reuters reported that Samsung overtook Apple in the most recent quarter to become the world's largest smartphone maker
* Based solely on the latest quarter unit sales numbers
* Samsung was up 44% while Apple was down 16%
* None of this accounts for the iPhone 4S of course. Apple was likely down as people waited for the new phone
V Also, Samsung may well retain their lead and Android is also larger than iOS, but this if you look at revenue Apple has a gaping lead.
* Interestingly the latest numbers also show that Apple leads in mobile browsing by a wide margin, likely due to the iPad's success
* When it launched the iPhone 4S went on sale in 7 countries, US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and the UK.
* Later in October it was made available to 22 other countries including Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.
* On Friday November 11th Apple will add another 13 countries to its aggressive roll out schedule. Albania, Armenia, Bulgaria, El Salvador, Greece, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Malta, Montenegro, New Zealand, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Romania and South Korea will all get the iPhone 4S soon.
* Apple has said it plans to get the device in 70 countries by the end of the year.
V In the US they also announced availability on one new small regional carrier
* C-Spire, which operates in Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, George and Florida.
* Pricing of the device will be the same as other carriers
* They use CDMA technology like Sprint and Verizion
* Offer an "unlimited" data plan with 500 talk minutes for $50.00/mo. Good deal except that it limits using any streaming services to 30 minutes/mo? Not sure how they do that. There is also a $70 plan with more talk minutes and $90/mo and $100/mo plans that are truly unlimited data
V Garagband now on iPhones and iPods
* Apple released an updated version of Garageband for iOS.
* 1.1 adds support for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Previously it only ran on iPads
V The massive 500MB update includes:
* Create custom chords for Smart Instruments
* Support for 3/4 and 6/8 time signatures
* Reset song key without transposing original recordings
* Transpose songs in semitones or full octaves
* Additional quantization options for recordings including, straight, triplet and swing
* New audio export quality settings for AAC and AIFF (Uncompressed)
* Arpeggiator available in Smart Keyboard
* Adjustable velocity settings for Touch Instruments
* Numerous enhancements, including automatic fade out and improved audio import options
V iMessage coming to OS X
* 9to5 says they are getting word that Apple is working on iMessage for OS X
* According to the report there is debate internally if it should be integrated in iChat or a stand alone App
V Some of my thoughts on Apple's messaging strategy
* iMessage is a "sleeper" feature in iOS 5. So tightly and seamlessly integrated most people don't know they are using it.
* Apple needs to integrate iChat, FaceTime, and iMessage on the desktop.
* iMessage tip. Go into Settings-->Messages-->Receive At and you can add multiple email addresses to be associated with your iMessage account. You can also define one for your "Caller ID".
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Death of the Mac Pro Soon
* A whole crop of rumors predicting the death of the Mac Pro line cropped up this week
* Predicated on an Intel announcement that new Xeon-class Sandy Bridge processors are at least 3 months off
* The idea is that the Mac Pros sales are slowing to a crawl and Thunderbolt technology could solve most of the issues surrounding expandability
* Sounds good in theory, but it might be a bit to early to dig the Mac Pros grave.
V There are still Pro who crave the or in fact need pure raw CPU power.
* At the end of the day more processors and more cores are MORE
* Speculation is that "Super iMacs" could be created to fill this need.
* Possibly also leverage OpenCL technology, but I asked Alex Lindsay about that and the issue here seems to be driver and OpenCL support from GPU vendors
V Business logic may prevail over reciprocated loyalties. Pro users stuck with Apple, but let's face it they are a small and ever dwindling part of Apple's bottom line
* Someone also aptly pointed out to me recently that they are are also the most vocal, finicky, and demanding users.
* Thunderbolt breakout box could be the key for keeping the middle ground (semi-pros).
V Maccast One Minute Tip: Aliases
* Play tip from John
* If you want more depth and detail on aliases and symbolic links checkout Episode 36 of the Maccast Members podcast.
* John also recently started up an iCloud podcast
V What's the deal with the iPad Music app?
* Is this thing totally broken?
* No list view for artists, albums, or podcasts
* Strange "retro:" UI
* Scrubber is a line that is thin and hard to touch
* Doesn't have the cool tap+hold option to get full Artist, Album, and track name popup.
V Supports none of the advanced features of podcasts
* No email, no skip back, no notes
* No playback speed. Worse many have podcasts that are stuck at ½ speed
* No chapters, links, or changing album art.
* For podcasts I'm turning people to Downcast and Instacast.
V iCloud and Sharing Contacts and Calendars
* Play question from Seth
V Seems like you can connect multiple Apple IDs (iCloud) accounts to a device
* I would be careful when playing with this, backup first
* Also, you must be on iOS and OS X Lion for all this to work.
V Create a new Apple ID
V You can use a separate email address, not attached to an existing Apple ID, or have it generate a new .me address
* I chose to just use an existing address, since I didn't want email for the shared account
* On an iDevice go into Settings-->Mail, Contacts, and Calendars-->Add Account…
* Select iCloud and then at the bottom choose 'Get a Free Apple ID'
* Create a new Apple ID, with or without a new .Me email address.
* You'll need to verify your new ID by clinking the link in the confirmation email and logging into the Apple ID web site
V Now just add your new "family" ID to all Macs and Devices you want to share it with and turn on the desired sync options
V On an iDevice go into Settings-->Mail, Contacts, and Calendars-->Add Account…
* Log in with the Family Apple ID and enable the desired services
* I choose just Contacts, Calendars, and Reminders
V On each Mac
* In iCal and Address Book go to Preferences-->Accounts…
* Click the "+" button and add the iCloud Account
* In the General tab for each App you can set the default options for which account, calendar, and reminders new items go into
V Some things to note:
V You will now have 2 accounts in your contacts and calendars.
* You can view by account or by 'All'
* When viewing by 'All' if your main account and the shared account have the same items they will be duplicated. Need to set it up so that shared data is only in the Address Book and Calendar for the "family" or shared account.
* Interestingly on the Mac it also seems to add the account you the list in System Preferences-->Email, Contact, and Calendars
V iPhone 4S issues and fixes
V Battery problems
V Turn off Time Zone support
* In Settings-->Location Services-->System Services (Scroll to bottom)-->Setting Time Zone (Turn to off)
* Limit use of geo fenced reminders.
* Remove calendars from Notification Center (not very practical)
* Reduce Lock Screen notifications
V Restore and set up as new phone
* Have to reset all your syncing options and voicemail passwords, email settings, etc from scratch
* Will lose any app data, saved game states, etc if they aren't stored/restored via the cloud.
V Audio echo when using wired headset
* I wonder if it's because of a bug in the noise canceling software
* Can fix it during the call by briefly enabling the speakerphone and then to disabling it while still on the call
V Syncing a 1st Gen iPod
* Play comment from Tim
* I couldn't get an iPod Photo or a 5th Gen iPod to show up either using USB
* Finally after I left to connected for a really long time, the 5th gen eventually did show up.
* Try resetting the iPod by holding the Menu and Select buttons down
* Find an old Mac with an older version of iTunes. Say iTunes 3 or 4.
V Wifi Syncing iOS devices
* Play comment from Dean
* System requirements are iOS 5 and 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) or later.
* I have had a few people, mostly with iPod Touches, say they could turn on syncing, but it wouldn't sync even when connected to power and on the same wi-fi network
* Software restore via iTunes fixed the issue.
V Migrating Notes, Syncing, and security
* I've been having a back and forth with Jon who is looking to consolidate his notes from Markspace Notes (desktop), part of Missing Sync?, and iNotes (iPad)
V Missing Sync offers free companion iOS apps. Fliq Notes, Fliq Tasks, and Fliq Docs
* The Fliq Notes app offers passcode locking on iOS
V Move to Evernote
* Will have to hand migrate your notes
* Need to have the 'Premium' account ($45/yr USD) to get passcode locking on iOS
V Can encrypt/decrypt portions of text notes
* Select the part of the note you want to encrypt
* Right click and choose 'Encrypt Selected Text…'.
* Enter a passphrase.
* To decrypt you simply click the encrypted text and there is a drop down to decrypt or unencrypt. On the iOS app you can just decrypt.
V If you don't need passcode lock or encryption
* Use notes in Mail and sync via iCloud with Notes app in iOS
V Dropbox notes apps
* Use 1Password Notes to store just the sensitive notes
V Comments on iOS file management
* Play comment from Jim
* Cloud and Open with are the keys…
* Point is that Apps become smarter about what files they can manage and deal with.
* iOS sandboxing makes it tricky, but if Apple could possibly make a centralized OS index of all the files and their associated apps and let the OS pull files from one sandbox to another then that may be key.
* The big issue for me now if you aren;t using cloud solutions is that you wind up with copies all over the place and it's hard top keep track
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V "Hello Georgeous" by The Drinking Classes
* Synthpop from San Francisco
* Sent in by listener Ron who did guitar and bass work on the album.