MacCast 11.08.2011 - Show #373
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V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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* DeepFreeze
* Protect your system confiuration with not hindering your users
* While using the system a user can make changes, but changes to protected areas are not permanent
* You define which areas a users is allowed to persist data to, say like a documents folder, home folder, or ecternal volume.
* A simple reboot restores all the protected areas to their original state.
* Signiifcantly reduce IT and support costs.
* Works on Mac and PC and supports popular remote management tools, like ARD.
* Trials are available
V News
V iOS 5 has hidden panorama feature
* Developers discovered it in the Camera app
* Can be enabled by developers and jailbreakers by accessing the file and setting “EnableFirebreak” to “YES.”
* Once enabled there is a new 'Panorama' button in the options screen
* Pressing it give instructions on how to move the phone from left to right to take the pano
* The device clicks off photos at the proper interval and then stitches them together
* Reports say it works suprisingly well, so no word on why it was nix'ed or not released. Maybe a future update will enable it.
V Miller hacks app into app app store
* Infamous Mac hacker Charlie Miller is at it again
* He found a way to exploit the Nitro JavaScript engine to allow an app to execute unsigned code downloaded from the web.
* He even snuck an app with he exploit into the App store and was promptly banned for it.
V He plans to reveal full details of the exploit at a security conference in Taiwan next week
* For the record h exposed the hack to Apple 3 weeks ago
* It was discovered after he iOS 4.3 release and hasn't been patched as of iOS 5
V Takes adavantage of a a flaw in the part of iOS that checks to make sure that only MobileSafari has the special ability to create an area of memory that is both writeable and executable.
* That area was enabled to allow Safari to download and comple JavaScript for Just in Time (JIT) execution which aids in performance.
* Apple has been working in fix and even seems to plan to credit Miller in the release notes. No word on if the fix will be out before Miller exposes the exploit to details next week.
V iOS 5 adoption is quick
* Web technology company Chitika clams their numbers show approx 40% of iOS device owners have already transitioned to iOS 5
* The saw a 20% adoption rate after just 5 days
* After a month hey show 38% of iPhones, 30% of iPads and 12% of iPod touch devices connecting to their service running iOS 5
V Horace Dediu of Asymco claims the discard rate, the number of iPhones being put out of service, is 50% in the US
* Keep in mind "discarded" devices could show back up in the activation numbers as old devices are handed down.
V A report out of China and repeated by DigiTimes that Apple is cutting back on iPhone 4S parts orders is likely bunk
* The report claimed Apple is seeing slowing iPhone 4S sales after the inital pre-order boom and that they are reducing parts orders by 10-15% until Q1 2012
* Analyst Maynard Um says poppycock (ok, not really that word), but balderdash non the less
* Likely Apple is reducing iPad parts orders in prep of the expected Q1 iPad refresh next year
* iPhone 4S sales are still incredibly strong with stores selling out supplies and 1-2 week shipping times.
V Apple launches Adapter replacement program
* As part of the settlement of a class action lawsuit over MagSafe adapters
* An issue that Apple is calling strain relief where MagSafe connector or from the other end of the thin cord, at the power adapter
* In some cases Apple will replace the adapter. They reserve the right to determine if the issue may be the result of user damage.
* If you already had to replace your MagSafe adapter there is a cash paymengoo prion. go to or call 1-888-332-0277 for more details.
V Apple updates Java for OS X
* Apple released a pair of updates for Java under OS X
V Java for Mac OS X 10.6 Update 6 for Snow Leopard and Java for OS X Lion Update 1 for (of course) Lion
* Mac OS X 10.6 Update 6, is intended only for 10.6.8 and updates the runtime to the same version as the one used by Lion.
* Both updates deliver improved compatibility, security, and reliability by updating Java SE 6 to 1.6.0_29.
V The update also adds Cisco's AnyConnect Mobility Client and Microsoft's UAG Client to its blacklist, and specifically addresses five bugs, including a memory leak.
* A blacklist is a list of signed jars that contain serious security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by untrusted applets or applications.
* You can get the updates from Apple's support site or via Apple's Software Update utility (I assume in Lion only if you've previously had a need to install Java).
V Waiting for Siri on your old device? Don't.
* 9to5 Mac got a response from Apple and they say they have no plans to support older devices
* The technology has been hacked to run on devices as old as a 3GS
* Since Siri is a major selling point for the 4S it makes sense from a sales perspective, but it may irritate owners of older devices know that it's technically possible
* While it's rare, we have seen Apple roll back software features to older devices, but anything is possible.
* I assume Siri will at least be a part of all new iOS hardware moving forward.
V Apple rolls out EasyPay to retail
* Apple has enabled the ability in the US to use the Apple Store app to make accessory purchases
* Go into a retail store, lauch the app, it will recognize you're at an Apple Store, scan the item. pay in app using your Apple ID (credit card), and walk out.
* Can buy any item that doesn't require a serial number to be registered
* It's going to be interesting to see if Apple has to start to deal with a rash of shoplifting ("EasyTheft"), but my guess is that the new system won't cause an increase. A shoplifter would have attempted to do so with or without the system.
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* No hassling with classifieds or online auction sites.
* On items of value they pay the shipping (both ways).
* Risk and hassle free
* If you have an item that doen't have value in the Gazelle system they can handle recycling for you, but you will have to pay shipping.
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V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Reducing camera blur on iPhone 4S/iOS 5
* I love the new camera on the iPhone 4S, but I was having issues with blury pictures
* Seems to me that the software for focusing is actually too fast.
* Espeically have issues when taking macro photos
V Solution is to enable Auto-Exposure/Auto-Focus Lock
* Tap and hold until you see 'AE/AF Lock' at the bottom of the preview window.
* Now focus and exposre setting will be locked to that area until you tap again.
V Issues with Wi-Fi Sync
* A couple people ran into issues when using iTunes new wi-fi sync in iOS
* Need to be connected to power and on the same wi-fi network. Can initiate manually without a connection to power
* Robert discovered in his case he needed to have both the "Sync this iPhone over Wi-Fi" AND "Open iTunes when this iPhone is connected" have to be checked for the feature to work. (I think it just may be that iTunes needs to be open?)
V Create an ad-hoc network to sync without a cable
* From your Mac go under the Wi-Fi menubar item and choose 'Create a Wi-Fi Network'
* In the dialog name it and set up encryption and password (if desired)
* On your device, go under Settings->Wi-Fi and select your new Ad Hoc network
* Now you should see the device in iTunes and you can initate a manual sync. Or on the device go under Settings->General->iTunes Wi-Fi Sync and click the 'Sync Now' button
* Ad-hoc is also great for setting up a private network for Keynote Remote and Airplay demos.
* To destroy the 'Ad hoc' network just disonnect from it on the Mac or turn off wi-fi and turn it back on
V Auto connecting to the wrong Wi-fi
* Walter has a free "AT&T" wi-fi network near his work and his device keeps connecting to it although he doesn't want it to.
* The trouble it the "remember" or "known networks" feature. It tends to use the network name which can often be the same for different networks, like "att wifi" or "linksys"
V Turn off the 'Ask to Join networks' feature. This will require you to manually join any unknown networks by going into the network of wi-fi settings. Also will stop the annoying pop-ups.
* Be careful here though, because again different networks with the same name may be remembered and joined automatically, but that happens regardless of this setting.
* This setting is just for the inital connection to an unknown network
* Don't "remember" networks
V On the Mac, it's in System Preferences->Network->WiFi->Advanced… Uncheck the 'Remember networks this computer has joined'.
* You'll also notice the 'Preferred Network' list
* You can add remove items from this list manually and re-order the list.
V On iOS 5 it's under Settings->Wi-Fi
* No setting for not remembering joined networks, but you can "forget"
* Click the blue "arrow" button for an existing known network
* Click the "Forget this Network" button to remove it.
V Managing the Photo Stream
* Photo Stream is part of Apple's new iCloud service
* It takes up to the most recent 1,000 photos from your iPhoto, Aperture, or iOS Devices and syncs them to the iCloud and your stream
* On my iOS devices I'm thinking of it like a 1,000 picture virtual memory card that you can only store images on or reformat
* Photo Stream only sync when on Wi-Fi and the 1,000 images don't coun't against your free iCloud 5GB of storage
V Turning it on
V On your iOS Devices
* Settings-->Photos-->Turn on Photo Stream
* or Settings-->iCloud-->Photo Stream
V On your Mac, running OS X Lion
* System Preferences-->iCloud-->Photo Stream
V In Aperture or iPhoto. Preferences-->Photo Stream
* Enable Photo Stream
* Automatic Import (iPhoto), will automatically add images to your main iPhoto Library
* Automatic Upload (iPhoto), adds items to the stream as you add them to iPhoto
* You can't edit the stream.
V Clearing the stream
V Make sure you have moved the photos from the stream and your devices to your Mac or iOS Photo Library
* If you don't have the Auto import on then you need to drag them in manually
* On the iOS device the should be in the Camera Roll and in the Library
* Backup your photos.
V To the Cloud
* Go to and log into your account
* Click your name in the upper-right once you're logged in to access the accont settings
V Click the Advanced button, and then select “Reset Photo Stream”
* As noted in the note below the button this doesn't yet remove the photos from your devices or computer
* Only clears the iCloud storage
V On your Mac
* Go to the Photo Stream settings in the preferences in iPhoto (or Aperture) and uncheck the 'Enable Photo Stream" box
* This will warn you that it will delect the existing content
* If you had the auto-import feature in the images will of course still be in your main library
V On your Devices
V Go to Settings -> iCloud -> Photo Stream and toggle it to Off
* It will warn you about deleting the content from the Device
V Keyboard shortcuts for special characters
* Mike send me a link to these cool PDF cheetsheets to type cool special characters like 'Pound Sterling' (Alt+3 = £), Bullet (Option+8 = •), and square root (Alt+V = √).
* And of course the classic, Shift+Alt+K (Apple Logo ).
* They are available all in one PDF or as separate ones
V If you don't want to learn the shortcuts you can always use the Character Viewer
* System Preferences-->Keyboard-->Check On 'Show Keyboard and Character Viewers in Menubar'
* Click the menu item and then select 'Show Character Viewer'
* Find the symbol you need and drag it or double click it to insert into your document.
* Where you'll find the 'Emoji'
V Some Siri tips
V Doug has some good advice for composing emails
* You can start composing an email with Siri and then when it asks about sending it, click the message on the screen in the Siri interface
* This will open it in the Mail application
* You can now add addition addresses, change the sending account (from), etc. and finish composing using the keyboard or built-in dictation
* You could also cancel and save to drafts and then finish it up when you get back to your Mac.
V When taking notes you can say, "add to that" to add more content to the current note.
V Also you can say, "Make a Reading List note" and then Later "Add Steve Jobs Biography my Reading List note" to add things.
* Context and keywords can get in the way when trying to update notes though. Also note content.
* Tapping the translation or items can be helpful in getting Siri to respond correctly
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