Maccast 01.14.2011 - Show #380
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* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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V News
V Fifth OS X Beta seeded to devs
* The latest version of Lion 10.7.3 is in developers hands for testing
* Rumors are that this build is either Gold master or close too it
* Developers we asked to test Address Book, iCal, Mail, Spotlight, and Safari.
* Three main fixes we called out in the release docs and include logging in with a smartcard, authenticating with directory services, and finally compatibility with Windows file sharing.
* There is also some speculation that the update contains drivers for upcoming Mac Pros, and support for a future ultra-sharp MacBook Pro display
V With iPad Apple could be largest PC maker
V In looking at the latest traditional numbers Gartner ranks Apple in 3rd in US market share for the 4th quarter with 11.6% of PC sales.
* Apple was the only major PC maker to see positive year over year growth in marketshare. Up almost 21%
* Overall the PC industry as a whole saw a almost a 6% decline in year over year marketshare.
* So what's replacing PCs? How about tablets and smartphones?
* In Q4 sales if you include the iPad Apple almost tied HP to be the top PC maker
* For Q1 analysts estimates on iPad sales average around 14 million. Mac sales for the same period are expected to reach around 5 million.
* If you count iPads as PCs the Apple's Q1 global PC market share is estimated to be 17.6 percent with HP taking the #2 spot at 13 percent.
V Latest on the iPad 3
V Imagination Technologies was on hand at CES showing off its next gen GPUs
* The PowerVR G6200 and G6400 GPU are the first in their new Power VR Series6 GPU family
* The company claims the new chips offer up to a 20 times performance boost and are 5 times more efficient.
* Apple is a major share holder in Imagination and we could see their new graphics tech alongside the A6 in the ipad 3
V The display is still expected to be a XQGA (2048×1536) panel, but Sharp might be out as a supplier as one report says they failed initial shipment test
* Samsung and LG have already reportedly begun full production and estimated to ship 6 to 7 million panels this quarter.
* Both Foxconn and Pegatron are reportedly handling assembly.
V Target to get Apple Store in Stores
* Target confirmed to will pilot 25 stores with Apple Mini stores I would assume much like the Best Buy Stores
* At Target it's actually part of a larger "The Shops at Target" program.
* They will start with 5 specialty stores in May. The Candy Store, Cos Bar, Polka Dog Bakery, Privet House, and The Webster.
* No word on when and where the 25 Apple "pop-up" stores would appear. But according to AppleInsider Apple plans locations at Target where they wouldn't themselves be able to support an official Apple Store.
V Using Photostream to find lost iPad
* While shopping at a Tesco store in the Sussex area a man left behind his iPad
* He figured it was lost for good until he noticed images showing up in his iCloud Photostream that were not his and obviously coming in from the device
* There was a dog, some pink suitcases, and a guy in a hat (assumed to be an acquaintance of the person who has the iPad)
* So, some great evidence but unfortunately the Location services had been turned off on the Photos, so no GPS.
* Doesn't sound like this time it will be recovered through Photostream, but how long until we have the first case where one is?
* Also makes me wonder why Find my iPhone wasn't turned on also.
V Apple NYC EDucation event
* Scheduled to be held at the Guggenheim on the 19th
* Expected to be an announcement related to textbooks and education
* At least one source says Apple has been working with McGraw-Hill since June
* Also, one of the biggest publishers of textbooks for higher education is rumored be attending the event
V There were some parts in the Steve Jobs bio about how he wanted to shake up textbooks on the iPad
* Including giving them away for free to get past state certification of textbooks which slows adoption of new textbooks ink schools.
* I think iPad textbooks offer some advantages, but bring their own new challenges.
V Apple needs to set up for publishers with better tools for creating ebook
* ArsTechnica says this Thursday's announcement will reveal just such a tool calling it a "GarageBand for eBooks"
* The announcement may include support for the EPUB 3 standard, enabling a wider variety of multimedia and interaction features that
* No hardware is expected, although some have speculated about a lower cost 7inch education only iPad.
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V Hover
* I had been hearing good things about Hover for a while, but hadn't tried them yet.
* I had a domain up for renewal, so I decided to try a transfer.
* It couldn't have been easier and was just $10.00 including the first year of registration.
* Clean interface, great help through the process, and no heavy up-sell or add-on charges. Domain privacy and locking was built in.
* The control panel is also very clean
* Focused on domains and that's it.
* Seem new, but they are part of Tucows, so they have been in the domain game since the beginning.
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V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Apple total media domination
* Cult of Mac's Mike Elgan has a great piece that summarizes many of the ideas that I share about how Apple plans to disrupt media
* See traditionally content generation, distribution, and consumption were all different parts of the media chain controlled by different players.
V Apple likes to do things differently though. They make a little profit on all sides
* Hardware, software, content
* Their 30% is the part they make on that last bit
* It's all about control of the entire chain from creation to consumption.
* Music is the BETA, now they want print and video (TV and Movies)
* The fight will be tougher this time and music wasn't easy
* The lynchpin will be removing the middlemen, a difficult task, but possible
* We have already seen Netflix, Hulu and even podcasting with networks like Revision 3 and TwiT start the process.
* On the book side there are more an more authors self publishing eBooks, but marketing and distribution is still a challenge something Apple and Amazon are uniquely positioned to provide.
V If Apple can deliver the distribution system, they can (and will have to) deliver tools to make it easy for creators and publishers to get content into the channel.
* Something I think they already started to do with video in looking to change the Final Cut process and workflow.
* They still have obvious work to do on the book side and on the pushing of content into the iTunes Store, but they have a lot of experience doing this type of thing with Music and Apps.
* The upcoming publishing announcement is probably where we will get the first glimpse of Apple's strategy when it comes to a self publishing platform.
* Where I diverge from Elgan is that I don't believe Apple will offer a low cost 7” tablet to compete with the Fire. Unless it might be an EDU only product.
* The one part Elgan is really right about is that the first announcement will include the book publishers. In my opinion though, it's a deal with the devil (Apple being the Devil). The end game is to cut them out completely.
V Replacing iDisk
* Sarah, like many of us, has come to rely on Apple's iDisk to keep documents and file in sync between Macs, PCs, and iOS devices.
* On June 30th iDisk will cease to exist and be replaced by Documents in the Cloud, which is at best at the moment a "sudo" substitute.
* Until third party apps, and even Apple own iWork, fully integrate Documents in the Cloud, what is a replacement?
V I think the key for an integrated cloud based document solution is integration across all your platforms and at the moment the best solution we have is Dropbox
* in many ways it's better than iCloud because it already has tight integration with many popular apps
* Seamless syncing and versioning.
* An iOS app and you can use the 'Open in…' option from the action button to shuffle documents in and out for those apps that don't have built in integration
V Cost and storage are about the only two limiting factors and those are minor
* You do get 2GB for free vs. the 5GB from iCloud
* You can pay $99.00/yr. to get 50GB of storage.
V Some other ways that I access cloud storage
* CrashPlan
* Round-tripping through GoodReader to Dropbox for upload.
V Mail attachment and Outlook issues
V Ian was having an issue where suddenly attachments sent from Apple Mail to an Exchange Server were no longer working
* There is a know issue with PDF attachments sent from Apple Mail to a Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 with Update Rollup 3 for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 3 (SP3) to an Microsoft Outlook 2010 client.
* Very specific, but possible in Ian's case as he was sending PDFs to an Exchange 2007 Server from Apple Mail.
* It does bring up the bigger conversation of Mail attachments and opens the discussion fro tips and tricks.
V One often cause of confusion is just simple how different clients display and access attachments
V Mail does it by default in-line and will try to display know formats like Images and PDFs.
* Can Save them by dragging out of the Mail Window, Click 'Save' (saves to download folder), Click 'Save' and select 'Save All…' to bring up Save dialog, File > Save Attachments…
* Attachments are also saved to ~/Library/Mail Downloads
V On Windows clients it may be totally different
* Images may be in-line or not depending on settings
* In Outlook Express 6, attachments other than images are under the "paper clip" icon in the preview pane or under 'Attachments' in the header if you open the message
V File extensions are often critical for Windows
V In OS X you can confirm if you filenames have extensions by changing the Finder preferences
* Finder > Preferences > Advanced
* Uncheck the 'Show all filename extensions'
* If the file doesn't have an extension you may consider adding one
* The JPG vs JPEG issue.
V Mail also has several options you can use for better compatibility
* The first is the 'Send Windows Friendly Attachments' checkbox at the bottom of the Open Dialog when your adding attachments in Mail
V Secondly you can use the Edit > Attachments > Insert attachments at end of message option
* Apple has a support article that says 10.5 and 10.6 can have an issue sending Attachments to Exchange if you don't use this option.
* You have to set this each time you compose a message
V Can use a terminal PLIST hack to set it permanently, but that causes some issue, like inability to attach vCards.
* defaults write DisableInlineAttachmentViewing -bool yes
* Finally. Right+Click and choose 'Show a Icon' for inline supported formats. May still be processed as inline on the receiving side though
V Forcing the issue
* If all else fails I generally create a ZIP and send my attachment that way
* A little more work on the receiving side, but both OS X and Windows handle ZIP natively pretty well
* Select multiple files or a folder in the Finder, Control+Click and choose the 'Compress' option. Creates an file next to the selected items. You can rename that and attach it to your email
V Use a Mail add-on
* I can vouch for it, but Attachment Tamer from Lokiware claims to address a number of cross client attachment issues
V Claims to:
* display (and print) images, PDFs, audio and video as icons with an optional file size limit and exceptions;
* send messages compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Exchange and other software, preventing the superfluous “ATT0001” attachments;
* send images as regular attachments, making it easier for the recipient to manipulate the image files;
* send images embedded in HTML layout and safely mix embedded images with other attachments;
* display full attachment names regardless of length instead of truncated names;
* prevent unwanted image resizing or set a default size for automatic image resizing.
V Windows on the iPad
* OnLive released OnLive Desktop for iPad
V basically give you a free virtualized Windows 7 Desktop environment on their servers
* You get 2GB of storage for free
* Access to Office 10 apps. Word, Excel, and Powerpoint
* Has pretty good touch controls and Ink support (handwriting to text). Uses Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7
* Windows Media Player, Stick Notes, Windows Journal, Microsoft Surface Collage, etc.
* Performance over y Wi-fi was surprisingly good.
* Documents need to be access via a web interface (like iWork), but they say they are working on Mac, Windows, TV, and Android clients.
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