MacCast Member #113 - Not Stupid Safari Tricks
V Not Stupid Safari Tricks
V Bookmarklets
* Work in Safari, Mobile Safari and Other browsers
* In essence, little Javascipt blocks are stored as URL bookmarks, typically in your Bookmarks bar.
* They will usually perform an action using the URL or a selection from the current web page.
V Installing them is usually as easy as finding the bookmarklet you want and dragging it to the bookmark bar in your browser
* In Safari if you don't see the Bookmarks Bar (below the Toolbar), then choose 'View' > 'Show Bookmarks Bar'
V In Mobile Safari, you can drag to add, so it's sometimes requires a bit more work.
* There should typically be instructions on the page with the Bookmarklet, but in essence:
* Go to the special mobile page with the Bookmarklet
* Click the 'Action' button in the toolbar (to left of the URL field) and choose 'Add Bookmark'. Enter the name and location and click 'Done'
* Now you need to edit off the 'http://' part.
* Click the 'Bookmark' button and locate the bookmark.
* Click 'Edit' and now select and remove the part of the URL before the word 'javascript'
V Finding Bookmarklets
* Google search for 'Safari Bookmarklet'
* has "Useful Bookmarklets for your iPhone and iPad'
V What can they do?
* Add to Instapaper
* Bookmark on Delicious
* Clip to Evernote
* and TinyURL
* Google Site Search
* Convert and Download PDF -> Combine with Open In to save PDFs on iPad to Evernote or GoodReader
* Possibilities are almost endless and the advantage over Extensions are they work in Mobile Safari and across browsers.
V Bookmarks
V Command+n to access up to first 9 Bookmark Bar items
* Helpful for accessing the Bookmarklets with a key stroke
V Bookmark/History Search is really useful for quickly finding pages
* Sometimes it’s hard to browse through all that history.
V Searching
V Probably knew you can change the default search engine in the Preferences
* Safari > Preferences > General > Default Search Engine (Google, Yahoo!, or Bing)
* iOS > Settings > Safari > General > Search Engine
V In iOS you can get 'On This Page' results.
* Search in the search box as normal.
* At the bottom of the search results window it if say "On this page" and then indicate if there are any matches.
* Swipe up and then you can hit the 'Find' link to bring up the on page results
* It will highlight the results and give you navigation controls at the bottom to go forward and back to each matching item on the page.
V Shortcuts
* Command + L, selects all the text in the address bar. Good to quickly copy a URL or enter a new one.
* Command + Option + F to jump to the site search box, as opposed to Command + F which does a page search.
* Tap space bar to scroll down one screen at a time. Shift+Spacebar goes back up
V Tabs
* Command click on a link : open a website in a new tab
* Command + T : New tab
* Command + Shift + [ or ] : Switch between tabs
* Command + ` to cycle between Safari Windows. Actually works in most OS X Apps
* Option + Tab close : Strangely this closes all tabs except the one you clicked
V History
* History >Reopen All Windows from Last Session
* History > Reopen Last Closed Window
V History > Search Results Snapback (Command+Option+S) returns you back to the last issued search results. Doesn't matter how deep you've gone.
* Can also be accessed via the little orange icon in the Safari Search box
V Controlling Startup
V Safari > Preferences > General > New Windows Open With…
* Top Sites
* Home Page
* Empty Page
* Same Page
* Bookmarks
V Gets more interesting below the line
* Tabs for Bookmarks Bar
* Choose Tabs Folder…
* These last two will open new tabs in the window for every item in the selected list.
V So you can create a folder with the bookmarks of the sites you would want to display tabs for when you start up
* Click the 'Bookmark' icon in the Bookmark Bar
* Click the "+" icon at the bottom of the bookmarks list to create a new folder.
* Give it a name and add the desired bookmarks to the folder.
V Safari Top Sites
* Keeps a running list of your most visited sites
V Click the ‘Edit’ button in the lower left to get options
* Adjust the preview size (small, medium, large)
* You can delete or pin items by hovering over the item in the window and clicking the respective icon.
V Gestures
* Two finger swipe to go forward or backward.
* Two finger double tab on OS X safari to zoom into that area
* Pinch to zoom also works
* If you have a Magic mouse the swipe forward and back and smart zoom options work with one finger.
* If they aren't working for you make sure they are enabled in System Preferences > Trackpad or System Preferences > Mouse
V Developer
V Lots of cool stuff can be accessed by enabling the Developer menu even if you are not a developer
* Safari > Preferences > Advanced. Check ‘Show Developer menu in menubar’
V Open page in alternate browser
* Develop > Open Page With, and then choose the alternate browser
* Great if you want to keep Flash off your system and use Safari. You can also install Chrome which embeds Flash in the browser and then use the Open Page With when you encounter a site or page that needs Flash.
V Spoof your User Agent
* Can be useful to access sites that have a browser check or view a mobile version of a site on the desktop
* Develop > User Agent. Safari for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer
V The Web Inspector
* Lots of cool stuff you can do with it, including live viewing and editing HTML and CSS on the page .
* My favorite tricks are in the 'Resources' section
V Expand the folder structure in the left column and you'll see Images
* Click in there and you can browse through all the images on the page
* This includes stuff in CSS and Javascript. If you see it on the page it will be in there
* You can right click and download the image or open it in a new window
V Also in the Resources area are your Cookies
* Expand that and you can view individual cookies for the site you are on
V Normally you can remove cookies on a whole site basis, but not specific individual cookies.
* This is done by going to Safari > Preferences > Privacy
* Clicking 'Details…' under the 'Cookies and other website data' section, selecting the individual site (you can search for it too), selecting it and clicking 'Remove'
* In the Resources cookies, you can select an individual cookie from the list and click the 'X' at the bottom to remove it
V Reader
* In the right hand of the URL bar, click the reader button
V Gives you a simplified view of the page
* At the bottom you get some additional options. zoom, email, print which you can combine with the Print to PDF options to give you a nice PDF version even if the site doesn’t have print CSS.
* Reader is also in iOS and can be very useful on iPhones and iPod Touches to make the content more readable. You can even adjust the font size
V Downloads
* New Safari 5 Download manager has some tricks
* You can now drag items right out of the list, so you don't have to go to your downloads folder to find the item
* If you wanted to though it's easy. Click the 'magnifying glass' icon or right+click the item and choose 'Show in Finder'
* You can also right+click and choose 'Copy Address' to get the direct URL for the file. Good if you want to share or email the direct link
* There is a 'clear' button to clear out the whole download history, but you can also just remove one item by right+clicking it and choosing 'Remove From List'
V Mobile Safari
V Open links in background
* Settings -> Safari -> Open Links and select “In Background”. Works for iPhone and iPod Touch running iOS 5 or better.
* When you tap and hold a link on a website, Safari will now show the “Open in Background” option
* Need to click the pages button to bring up the browser to access
V Remove individual website data
* Settings > Safari > Advanced > Website Data
* Click ‘Edit’ button or swipe on individual item.
* May need to click the ‘Show All Sites’ option to see site’s data. Unfortunately there is no way to sort the site list.
* And of course there is a "Remove All Website Data" button.
V Extensions
* Safari > Safari Extension…
* Not nearly as many as there are for Firefox, but you can add some functionality
* Add things like AdBlocker or Click to Flash
V There are search add-ons, developer tools, RSS add-ons, URL shorteners, and more
* Omnibar, removes the Safari Search box and integrate Google search results into the main URL bar like Chrome
V One of my favorites is not in Apple's list though
* No More iTunes, stops iTunes links from launching iTunes by default. Adds a bar at the top of the safari window if you want to open the link in iTunes
V Additional Resources
V Glims
* Adds additional functionality to Safari
* I particularly like the ability to add additional search engines and web site searches
V You can even add your own
* Safari > Preferences > Glims
* Click on the 'Search Engines List'
* Click 'Add'
V Type in a name, Type (Search Engine or Web site), and paste the URL from the sites URL
* Typically a site uses a URL (query string) to perform it's search.
* You just copy the URL and then replace the search keyword part with a query token ('#query#') when adding it to the glims custom
V PimpMySafari
* Aggregates articles, tweets, YouTube videos, etc. with Safari tips and tricks
* They have a Bookmarklets section too