Maccast Members #118 - iPad vs. Laptop
V iPad vs. Notebook
V Opening
* With the new iPad now out the device is seriously starting to transition from a content consumption device to something more and more people are using for creation
* Some of the credit can go to the improved specs, better camera, processors, graphics
V The bulk of credit need to go to the apps and services
* Productivity apps and utilities
* Video and Photo apps, etc.
* Dropbox, iCloud, iCloud Backup, iTunes in the Cloud, etc.
* The question is, is it enough to replace your notebook? Can someone get by with an iPad as their only computer?
* This came up because a listener posed this question to me and while I know it's been discussed in the media I hadn't given it too much thought until now.
V The answer that has more questions
* What kind of user are you?
* Answering that will take you a long way to understanding what device will best suit your needs.
* The funny thing is this is the question we should ALWAYS ask when making any kind of technology buying decision.
* What are ALL of the scenarios and use cases you can come up with and maybe even a few that you can't.
V Keyboard entry
V Virtual keyboard can work, but still falls short for me for heavy text entry
* New Dictation feature could help, but only in some situations
V Pairing a Bluetooth keyboard can help, but you lose some portability
* Incase Origami workstation + Apple Wireless Keyboard
* Keyboard cases can help with portability, but do add bulk and cost ($80 - $100)
V Also, lake of a mouse or trackpad becomes obvious in many situations
* The act of "switching planes" to use the touchscreen is very awkward
V Bang for the buck
V Limited storage on the iPad
* Helped by iCloud and things like Dropbox
* iMovie, iPhoto on iPad, but will eat up storage.
* iTunes match is an added $25/mo.
* Devices like Hyperdrive Cloud FTP, but again another $99.00
V Processor
* iPad is great for a majority of applications.
V Not sure it's the best choice for heavy video or audio encoding.
* Video longer than a few minutes
V Prices
* iPad: $499 (16GB), $599 (32GB), $699.00 (64GB)
* 11" $999 (64GB), $1,199 (128 GB), 13" $1,299 (128), $1,599 (256 GB)
* 13" MacBook Pro $1,199 (500 GB)
V Care and handling
* iPad is more droppable.
* In the hand more often. Notebook usually requires a lap or desk
* When not in use a notebook is typically in a special bag
* Easy to forget an iPad is in a bag and toss it
* iPad is "hot ticket" item.
V Usage
* Battery life on iPad is phenomenal.
V iPad excels at single focused tasks.
* Multitasking via fast application switching when needed.
V Instant on gets you to the task at hand more quickly
* Have this in a way with sleep mode on a notebook
V Focused apps mean a lot more shuffling
* Some tasks require jumping between multiple apps on the iPad
* Laptops can be more versatile in some instances.
V Photo editing and compositing is a good example.
* Photoshop may handle it all on a notebook.
V Casual use is a great use case for iPad
* Web surfing, email, messaging
* Research and light note taking
V Gaming
* Without a doubt the iPad is a phenomenal gaming platform
* Lots of options, also distractions.
V Media consumption
* Awesome
* Books, movies, tv, Netflix, etc.
* AirPlay, adds to the whole experience
V Textbooks, I think are still an experiment
* Large file sizes
* No secondary market, but they are relatively cheap.
* Still only 10 titles 60 days out
V Presentations
* Great for showing things of 1 on 1 or 1 to few
V AirPlay or iPad connectors work for mirroring to TV or projector
* Dongle's can be awkward
* Except for the HDMI one, don't allow for power.
V Photography
* New camera is really nice
* Camera connection kit is great
* Can import RAW files, but editing apps on iPad convert to JPEG
* Light editing and color correction, but color accuracy might be a problem.
V Media creation
* I think you can do it, but light applications for most types of media
V Music
* GarageBand is very cool on the iPad
* Some projects are being done, but all the same tools aren't there
V Movies
* iMovie for iPad
* Storage and processing power can be limitations
* Format support on import and export is also a limitation.
V Drawing, may be one exception.
* With a stylus, can be an amazing drawing platform. Pressure sensitivity options are just emerging
V Research and information access
* The iPad excels at this and is even better when the experience is enhanced with a dedicated app
V Conclusion
* Every iteration seems to blur the lines further
V I don't think we are to the point yet of the iPad serving as a full time laptop replacement
* It's a very good compliment though.
* There are some very specific use cases and areas where it may be possible
V It also has a lot to do with a learning curve and willingness to take on the challenge of changing your workflows and dealing with the limitation when you hit them
* It's those limitations though that often require workarounds, and maybe don't have "solutions" or tablet equivalents.
V The longer you depend on an iPad as a primary device though the more it can also become one.
* We have had 28 years with a mouse and keyboard and only 3 year with the iPad.
* It's come a very long way and it's only getting better