Maccast Members #126 - Mac Camping
V Mac Camping
V Opening
* Every year I take a weekly vacation to go camping in Pismo Beach.
* Of course most people like to completely unplug on vacation, but being the geek that I am I like my tech and I take it with me.
* As I set about getting things ready I thought you might be interested in my packing list and why I take the things I do.
V Packing light
* I thought about this, no I really did.
* Could I get away with just my iPad and an iPhone?
V For sure it would be nice, but I want to work on some podcast stuff and play around with some web programming, so I decided I had to take my Macbook Pro with me too.
* Keep in mind this is fun personal project coding and not work work.
* With apps like Textastic, I could do the coding I want to play with, but testing my PHP would require uploading via FTP and my connectivity and bandwidth will be limited
V The gear
V Macbook Pro
V Radtech Screensaverz and Sleevez
* Use the microfiber to clean the screen
* STM Bag, Medium Loft - Love this bag. The "Alley" is the most like it
* iPad 3 64 GB Wi-fi with dark grey smart cover
* iPhone 4S
V Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V Android Phone
* This is my mobile hotspot
* $25/mo pay as you go unlimited data
* Uses the Sprint 3G data network
V iMainGoX, portable speakers
* has a compartment with a clear window so my iPhone can slide inside to protect it
* great sound from an integrated portable unit.
* Direct connect. There are now BT solutions like the Jawbone Jambox, but bluetooth sucks power.
* Get Music from iTunes Music Match or Pandora
V Small accessory case
* $10 zipper case with mesh pockets from target
V Holds my Styluses
* Jot Mini is my current favorite
V Paper by 53
* Share on Tumblr
V Apple Camera Connection Kit
* Don't leave home without it
* Direct connect my iPhone to my iPad using the USB adapter
* Transfer images to iMovie and iPhoto to edit
V All my cables
* A few 30-pin iPod cables, always handy
V Incipio Lloyd Mic
* For long iPod nano, but great for the iPhone or iPad too
V Dr Bott Mini Display Port to HDMI cable
* Not for camping, but in a hotel to connect Macbook Pro to a TV
V Power struggle
V Power will always be a problem, especially when camping. Not a hook up site, but it is "car camping"
* Charge up at morning trips to Starbucks to get coffee, in the car, etc.
* The campground also had bathrooms with power outlets. Funny to see people hanging out their charging their gear.
V Belkin Dual Auto Charger
* 500Mah and 1Mah ports. The 1 Mah chargers more like a standard 5V wall charger
V 10W Apple USB iPad Charger
* Wish I didn't need this, but only 10W charger for iPAd
V Kensington 4 port USB wall charger
* Since we have multiple device to charge simultaneously
V Radio Shack 12VDC 140 Watt Portable Power inverter
* Lets be lug into the cigarette lighter in the car and has a standard plug to plug in phone chargers.
V Mophie Juice Pack Plus
* More than double my iPhone 4S battery life
* Good thing too since the iOS 5.1.1 update my battery has become really bad.
V FastMac TruePower iV (for 3GS)
* Fit's my iPhone 4S, but also has a standard USB port
* Has a bright LED light so doubles as a camping flashlight.
V Monoprice has a 3000 mAh battery pack with 2 ports
* 1 amp of 5 VDC charging power
* But the other port is a 2.1A which will charge the iPad at the same rate as the 10W wall charger.
* Just $23 bucks
V Mobile Studio
V Zoom H4n Handy recorder
* Records directly to SD card so I can pop that in the SD slot on the Macbook to transfer files
* Also doubles as an audio interface if I want to record right into Garageband
* Sennheiser MD46 microphone
* I really want to get away with the iPad as my sole portable podcast studio, but haven't found the perfect mic yet for going direct
* Apogee is selling the MiC in the Apple Store, a bit pricey, but should be a good quality Studio Condenser mic made for iPad.
V Reading Material and Apps
* Navigon
* Tweetbot @maccast
* Instagram
* Pocket
* Reeder
V iBooks
* Steve Jobs biography
* Insanely Simple, Ken Segall
* Bartending: Memoirs of an Apple Genius
V Audiobooks
* The Lightning Thief
* Neverwhere, Neil Gaiman
V Games
* Tiny Wings, Fruit Ninja, Jetpack Joyride, Ticket to Ride, Scotland Yard, Carcassonne, Infinity Blade (original), Marathon Infinity (free)