iCloud Backup
V Lessons Learned
* There is such a thing as tempting fate and getting overly confident in ones ability to keep our precious iDevices safe. My track record to date has been fairly flawless minus a few bumpd scuffs and scrapes. But all good things can end and some more horrifically and spectacularly than others.
* Today I have the story of how my iPhone and iPad suffered such a fate and what lessons I plan to take away from the expierence.
V The Incident
* Share the story of how my day came "crashing down" literally
* Events leading up to the incident
* The realization
* The discovery
* The shock and awe
* The foreshadowing
* The anger and resolution?
V The Aftermath
* Twitter support and scoldings
* Checking the insurance.
* The Genius Bar
* The Apple way and encoragement to "do the right thing"?
V What is AppleCare+?
* Adds an additional year of warranty coverage to iPhones and iPads for $99 US
* Increases your 90 day free phone support to a full 2-years
* Gives you 2 incidents of accidental damage coverage with a $49 deductable per incident
* Covers iPad accessories and battery too, if faulty.
* Does NOT cover loss or theft
* Must be purchased with 30 days of new iDevice purchase or after having your device inspected at an Apple Store after the first 30 days, but before the end of the first year of standard coverage
V Lessons Learned?
V Will you continue to go au'natural?
* Otterbox Defender, otterbox.com
* G-Form Sleeve, g-form.com
* Griffin Surrvivor, griffintechnology.com
* I kept my battle scared Smart Cover as a reminder.
V Always put the iPad IN the car
* It would have been just as easy to have opened the door and set the iDevices on the passenger seat.
* Hindsight is 20/20
V Will you always get AppleCare+ in the future?
* My case for not getting it is still strong
* 5 iPhones, 4 iPads @ $99 totals $900. Replacement cost for iPad and iPhone back glass $328.00
* Even under AppleCare it's still a $50 replacement
* Becuase of my job I get new devices each year, so technically beyond
* Outside AppleCare replacement is $199 for any iPhone 4s and $299 for any new iPad, $249.00 for an iPad 2
* So if you look at it purely from an economic perspective I'm ahead of the game, but fate is also fate.
* There are 3rd party plans, like SquareTrade but they seem to have the same kind of coverage at the same price. Do offer 3 years for $129
V Warranty coverage extensions from credit cards
* Need to make sure you check and read the terms
* Most just extend the manufacturers warranty coverage, so only covers what they will
* Also filing claims can be tricker since you go through a 3rd party
V Insurance
* Homeowners or Business insurance
* Check your coverage and deductable
* May need an addendum or rider.
* Probably want a lower deductable
* Filing claims can raise your rates, so may not be worth it.
V Unfortunately I'm not alone
* The other thing I learned is that many a bad fate befalls iStuff
* I was tweeted back similar stories of abused, mutilated, and drowned iThings
* So how about it, do you have a story of your iOS device meeting an untimely death. Wanna share?