Maccast Members #144 - Yearly Mac Maintenance
V Opening
* Every year around this time I take a some time to go through my Macs and try to clean things up a bit and prepare for the new year. I noticed my friend George Starcher was doing the same thing, so I thought it was a perfect opportunity for a show. Here's some ideas, tips, and tricks for performing some yearly Mac maintenance.
V Backups
* You should already have a backup plan, if not now is a good time to start one. If so, it's a good time to check and review.
V Making a plan.
* Onsite and offsite
V What kind of backup? Clone vs. Time Machine vs. Selective (archive)
* SuperDuper
* Carbon Copy Cloner
* ChronoSync and ChronoAgent
V What kinds of media?
* Hard Drives (Spindle vs SSD)
* Flash
* NAS or Drobo
* Time Capsule
V What do you backup offsite and how? (Services vs. "sneakernet")
* CrashPlan
V Verify your backups and recovery
* Spot check recovering files from various backup systems
V Run Disk Utility or similar tools on drives
* Drive Genius
* Disk Warrior
* Consider replacing older drives (3-5 years?)
V Files and Documents
V Take older projects and files and consider moving them to archival storage
* DVD, Drobo, NAS, external drive
* Compress older files/projects
V Look for large files that you might no longer need
* Grand Perspective
* OmniDiskSweeper
* Daisy Disk
* Check ~/Library/Application Support and ~/Library/Preferences for old or removed App support files
* Check ~/Library/Mail Downloads for attachments you no longer need
V Consider breaking up large iPhoto Libraries into small chunks.
* Duplicate the iPhoto Library with a tool like iPhoto Library Manager
* Could also burn sets of images to DVD. I used to use a smart album filtered by year for this.
V Analyize your Apps
* Take a look at all the stuff that piled up in your Applications folder
* Use unistaller or app like AppZapper
* Make sure the stuff you are using is up to date
* Consolidate your order and Serical number data
V Cleanup and Maintainence
V Using a tools like Onyx or Cocktail
V Clear system and user caches
* Kernel, CUPS (Common Unix Printing System), Font, Virtual Memory Swap, Dock, Temp files
V Clear and rotate log files
* This should happen normally
* Rebuild Launch Services and/or Spotlight databases?
V Networking and Wireless
* Reboot or reset modems and routers
* Remove old devices from the network.
V Consider statically IP addressing devices or enabling DHCP reservations
* System Preferences > Network
* Next, click “Advanced” in the lower right corner, and then select the Hardware tab on the right.
* Note or copy the MAC address for the machine
* Applications > Utilities > Airport Utility
* Select the Airport and click 'Edit'
* Select the “Network” tab and note the DHCP address range.
* Under DHCP Reservations, click the “plus” button
* Give the assignment a description, such as "My Mac" and make sure that "Reserve Address By" is set to "MAC Address".
* Fill in the MAC address you noted earlier and assign an IP address that is in your LAN range, but the range used by the DHCP address range.
V Closing
* Feedback to or call 281-622-4269 (281-MAC-I-AM-9)