Maccast 01.20.2013 - Show #428
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* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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V News
V Sharp 9.7-inch iPad display production "halted"
* Reuters claims that sources told them Sharp has “nearly halted production” of the 9.7-inch displays for Apple
* Apple does also use Samsung and LG Display for 9.7" display production and there are no reports of either of those suppliers slowing production
* So that leaves the reason for the Sharp report up for speculation
* It could be because there is weak demand for the 4th gen iPad due to cannibalization from the iPad Mini and also reduced sales because of other tablets
* Or it could simply be a post-holiday reduction as Apple moves into a slower sales period.
* It's probably a combination of both.
* We've also been hearing those rumors of an iPad refresh and move to Sharp IGZO displays, but those orders might go to Sharp licensees like AU Optronics and Innolux Corporation.
V TSMC will make tons of chips, guess for who?
* The CEO of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company said he expects his company will be responsible for 100% of 28nm chip production in 2013
* A bold statement for sure, but they say their shipments of 28nm chips will triple in 2013
* So where are all those chips going?
* They of course didn't say, but we've been hearing so many rumors of Apple moving A-series chip production from Samsung to TSMC that it's hard to believe the large boost doesn't have at least something to do with a big new Apple contract.
* TSMC supposedly is already creating trial batches of the A6X processor in the 4th gen iPad.
* Assuming the test have run well it seems logical Apple will want to move future A-series designs to the 28nm process
* Samsung makes chips for Apple in a Texas based facility and it is assumed that Apple would want to continue chip production in the States. Conveniently there have also been rumors of TSMC planning to build a US based foundry.
V Apple sells more iPhones than Samsung does Galaxies
* The press and Wallstreet have been giving Apple a beating. Feels like the 90's all over again with the media predicting the fall of Apple
* As we discussed last week, many are saying iPhone 5 sales are failing to expectations.
* Here's the thing. The iPhone 5 isn't the only iPhone Apple sells and even if it was Apple still sells a ton.
* A couple of analysts looked at iPhone (all models) vs. Samsung Galaxy phone sales for the past 2 and a half years and it turns out Apple outsold Samsung 219 million to 131 million.
* And in case your saying well yeah, but the Galaxy S III is doing gangbusters and just came out in June? You'd be right, Samsung announced recently they had sold about 40 million. But the study also shows total iPhone 5 sales around 40 million by the end of December 2012 and the iPhone 5 just went on sale in September.
* Perspective is an interesting thing. To be sure the Samsung Galaxy is a great contender and doing amazingly well, but it also might be a bit pre-mature to be saying it's got the iPhones on the ropes.
V Also, on those rumors of supply cutbacks due to waning iPhone demand…
* DisplaySearch told CNET it's likely just a cutback because Apple no longer needs the large volumes that had to get ramped up for the initial onslaught of iPhone 5 demand
* Now that things have calmed down a bit Apple is adjusting for the move into steadier times for sales.
* In reality the first quarter shipments for the iPhone 5 are above those of the first quarter shipments of the iPhone 4S showing that demand remains strong.
* Apple is expected to announce Q1 iPhone shipments in the range 33 to 42 million units. Hardly a "flop" by almost any account.
V "Math" adds up to 2nd new iPhone?
* There is a bit of an odd report coming from the China Times.
* I say odd mainly because of the name they are reporting on for what they say is a second model iPhone that will be released alongside the rumored iPhone 5S in June
* The translation of the reports says they are calling it the iPhone "Math". To me, that is either a code name (and a bad one at that) or a translation error. Maybe it's supposed to be iPhone "Max"?
* At any rate, the big deal (pun intended) with the "Math" is that it would sport a 4.8" display.
* The story claims both the iPhone 5S and "Math" would have 8MP cameras and that Apple will have a update around the holiday season of 2013 to upgrade it to a 12MP one.
* The report names suppliers and says that Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. Ltd. will undertake 90% of the manufacturing orders.
* Mac Rumors points out that they aren't the first to claim Apple is working on a 4.8" iPhone. Jeffries analyst Peter Misek made similar claims back in December, but also said last week that he hadn't heard anything more about it recently.
* Several analysts have mentioned Apple working on multiple sizes and price points for future iPhones
* I've mention that the iPhone is likely due to see some diversification now that the product line is mature and demand is seeming to level off.
* I'm not sure a 4.8" screen is the right move though as developers are still adapting to the taller 4" screen size. I assume a 4.8" display would be a whole new resolution for app developers to have to deal with and I'm not sure Apple wants to add that complexity to the ecosystem.
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* I use the for email responses
* Best of all they don't have to be "canned", because with fill in forms you can customize the text when it's being expanded.
* You can also set up "optional" sections and include or exclude them with a checkbox
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V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Feedback on Java updates for Apple
V Mike emailed and said:
* "Just wanted to let you know that installing the JDK does not "blow away Apple's version". Major Java versions are installed into their own directories. Similarly, installing the Java 7 JRE is essentially no different than installing the plugin. The MacOS X version of Java 7 includes the plugin and JRE in the same bundle. There is no way on any platform to just install a browser plugin without a JRE."
* Mike you're technically right and I deliberately oversimplified my comments because the net effect of running the Java 7 JDK installer is like "blowing away" Java 6 on your Mac, even though technically its' still there.
* When you install the Java 7 JDK from Oracle it changes the JRE that is used by default by the system.
* In order to switch it back you'd have to issue a terminal command or change your apps config.
* If you run the JRE installer for Java 7 from Oracle on your Mac it will most likely break many of your existing Java based apps. So it's like the old Java had been replaced, at least from the perspective of most users.
* The reason for it is, Apple uses a symbolic link (an alias) at the default Java system install path '/usr/bin/java' and that link points to: /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/Current/Commands/java which I believe always reverences the most current version you have installed. So even though Java 6 is left in place the reference gets updated the apps will look to the default location which now references the updated version of Java on your system.
V You are also correct on your plug-in statement.
* You have to have a JRE for the plug-in an that uses OS X's built in version unless you install the updated plug-in from Oracle
* Oracle created a new version of the latest plug-in for OS X that has a version of the JRE 1.7.0_12 baked into the plug-in. It will look there for it's JRE and not at the JRE of the system.
V Get Trial version of Mac App Store apps
* Play tip from Randy
* Awesome suggestion. In case you've not noticed it the link to the developers site is right there at the top of the right-hand column on the App's page on the Mac App Store
* It still would be nice if you could not have to go through the extra steps.
* I also still worry about the lack of the ability to offer paid upgrades.
* And of course there are still NO trials on iOS apps, barring separate "free" or "lite" versions of course.
V Is "Free" the future of all apps?
* Somewhat related to our discussion of App pricing and whether the low prices offer a sustainable model for developers Boy Genius Report noted an interesting thing this week
* Pages dropped of the list of the top 10 grossing iPad apps on iTunes and with that it means there are now only free apps in the top 10 grossing apps list.
* It's a similar trend in iPhone Apps. There is only 1 paid app in the top grossing list.
* So how are these apps making money? It's all about in-app purchase.
* What's even more interesting is that many of the top money making apps are not ranked high at all in terms of being the top downloaded apps.
* Free apps are generating more revenue.
V I'm not sure how I feel about this?
* On the one hand maybe this is a solution to the problems I was talking about with downward sliding App prices
* If App developers can get you to pay $15 - $20 net for a free app via in-app upgrades and add-ons then maybe that solves the problem
* The thing is I don't thing all apps lend themselves to this model, but maybe devs will just have to get creative
V I also just personally don't like the model
* It often cones off as sneaky or disingenuous.
V Hipstamatic and Paper by 53 are two examples I can think of.
* These are a couple of my favorite "free" apps that I have paid $8 to $20 for
* I kind of wish Paper just charged me $10 up front and then I got all the features. Same thing with Hipstamatic. Just charge be $20 and give me all the cool lenses, flashes, etc. I want them all.
V But, that's just me being selfish and with in-app you can often have it both ways.
* Free gets you at least something and serves the need for a "try before you buy" option that Apple doesn't provide any other way.
* Customers can then add just the features they want without subsidizing the ones they don't
* App can still have a one-price-unlocks all option, that still doesn't limit charging for additional "upgrades" in the future.
* Charge for upgrades to existing app.
V iCloud contacts copies double
* Play comment and question from Matt
* So that seems like almost 8 weeks to get the 27" iMac. Long time, but based on the review I'll imagine well worth the wait. Enjoy.
* I was able to confirm your issue. Very odd and a bit irritating
* That's probably something Apple will have to fix in it's web code.
* I did have a work around, at least if you use Safari, not sure about other browsers.
* Control + click or Right + Click on the email address and choose 'Copy email address' from the contextual menu
V Deleting backups from iCloud
* Patrick uses iCloud backup and was on the free 5GB account and was running out of space.
* He wanted to backup multiple devices and decided to upgrade his storage to do so. That went fine but when he tried to do the backup it told him there wasn't enough space.
* His total storage, now 15GB, was plenty for the two devices he wanted to back up, but since there were already backups up there there wasn't enough free space to do the operation.
* Patrick asks , how can I delete the old iCloud backups and start from scratch?
* First I would connect the device to iTunes and force a local sync and local backup of your devices.
V Then there are two was to delete the iCloud backups
V From your iOS device:
* Tap Settings, and then tap the iCloud icon.
* Tap Storage & Backup.
* Tap Manage Storage.
* Tap your iOS device in the Backups area.
* Tap Delete Backup.
* You will be asked to confirm this change. Deleting this backup will also turn off Backup of your iOS device. Choose Delete if you want to turn off Backup and remove all backups for this iOS device from iCloud.
V From the Mac:
* From the Apple () menu, choose System Preferences.
* Click iCloud.
* Click the Manage button to view stored data.
* Click the Backups tab.
* Choose the Backup for a specific device in the list provided, and select Delete to remove it from iCloud.
* You will be asked to confirm this change. Deleting this backup will also turn off Backup of your iOS device. Choose Delete if you want to turn off Backup and remove all backups for this iOS device from iCloud.
* In addition to the Backups you can also look under the 'Documents & Data' section of the iCloud settings on your device to see Apps and their data that's stored in iCloud
* If you drill into those apps you can sometimes delete those documents by swiping over their name in the list and hitting 'Delete'
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* David Sparks (MacSparky) is too and he and I thought it would be fun to have Mac and Disneyland fans get together and do an informal meet-up
* We set a date of Saturday January 26th, which is the weekend before Macworld.
* Basically it's just a chance for a bunch of us to be in the same general area at the same time.
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