Maccast 01.28.2013 - Show #428
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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V Notebook
* One of my favorite features, the clipping service
* This is great for quickly organizing research
V You set up your notebook sections and then for specific areas you can add Clipping services
* So say Apple news, I might have one for the iOS update, one for the earnings call, and one for rumored products
* Then I can do my research in Safari or Reeder and if I see something I want to cover I select it, and use the OS X services menu, just clip it. It then copies it right into the appropriate section of my Notebook and I never leave the app i'm working in.
* Because it's a service it works system wide. Even in Mail.
* Plus there are snapbacks saved automatically so I can jump from my Notebook back to the source article if I need to re-reference it or get more info.
* And that's just one of the many awesome features in Notebook
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V News
V Apple's Q1 earnings report
* Apple reported record quarterly revenue of $54.5 billion and record quarterly net profit of $13.1 billion.
* Gross margin was 38.6 percent down significantly form the 44.7 percent they were a year ago, but still very healthy.
* International sales accounted for 61% of revenue
* iPhone sales were up to a record 47.8 million compared to 37 million a year ago
* Apple sold 22.9 million iPads. That was up from 15.4 million last year.
* Mac sales were down though. Apple sold 4.1 million Macs vs. 5.2 million a year ago
V iPod sales also continued to decline. Apple sold 12.7 million this quarter vs. 15.4 million in the year-ago-quarter.
* 50 percent of all iPods sold were iPod touches
* Apple TV sales were up 60% year over year with Apple selling 2 million in the quarter. Not bad for a "hobby"
* Apple now has $137.1 billion in cash on hand
V Despite all the positive revenue news Apple's stock took a beating following the call
* The likely reason for the dip was not the sales or revenue numbers.
* Apple changed how they are doing guidance and according to the reports I read that has investors uneasy
* Apple has always given specific, but often very conservative, guidance.
* In the call they said they were switching to offering a range of guidance meaning that investors can no longer just take Apple's conservative number and assume Apple will likely beat it.
V As always most of the interesting stuff came out in the Q&A
* Peter Oppenheimer said that without the iMac supply constraints Apple's Mac sales would have been higher
* Cook also said that strong iPad sales were impacting Mac sales, but also made it feel as if they had expected that.
V Verizon and At&T both announced their q4 2012 earnings prior to Apple's report
* Verizon sold 9.8 million smartphones and 6.2 million, 63%, were iPhones
* At&T sold 10.2 million smartphone and 8.6 million, 84% were iPhones
V Details leaking on next gen iOS products
* iLounge has been getting what seems like a plethora of leaks in the past week
* They have shared details on the next gen iPad and iPhone line ups
V The iPhone "Max" (math)
* Digitmes says a 4.8" iPhone is still in the works, but now claims it might not be seen this year.
V There are still prediction that we'll seen an iPhone 5S this summer with updated specs and new color choices
* iLounge says July with possibly a 13-megapixel iSight Camera
V The "cheaper" iPhone
* Even though Schiller says there isn't one iLounge claims to know some of the specs
* Made mostly from plastic
* They say it's not like the 3G or 3GS though and that it's not a plastified 5 either. iLounge calls it a cross between the iPhone 5, fifth-generation iPod touch, and the iPod classic
V What does that mean?
* It will have a 4" screen like the iPhone
* A bottom similar to the latest iPod Touch
* And a shape like the iPod Classic
* They say from the front it will look like the iPhone 5 with a 1136 x 640 screen
* The glass will stick up on the edge just a little like the iPhone 5 and iPod Touch
* Elongated volume buttons like the iPhone 3GS
* The iPod like shape will allow for flat back and side surfaces with rounded transitions. The shape should make it easier to have buttons and ports that don't have to be integrated into curved surfaces.
* camera, microphone, and rear flash
* Bottom has a headphone port, Lightning port, bottom microphone, and speaker.
* The speaker has four holes for the speaker off to the bottom right, like the Touch.
V A fall release for new iPads
* Again the main source here is iLounge
* Almost no left or right bezel and only enough on the top and button to accommodate the iSight camera and home button
* Significantly thinner
* Design borrowed from the iPad Mini with same colors, finishes, and design cues like the chamfered edges. basically what iLounge calls a "stretched iPad Mini".
* Possibly a new display, maybe using IGZO technology
* The thin smaller design may call for a tweaked lower power version of the A6X chip.
* iLounge seems to think both the iPad 5 and an iPad Mini 2 with a Retina display would be released sometime in October.
V Evidence pointing to possible 128 GB iPad 4
* Apple might be getting set to bump the iPads storage
V 3 different indicators seem to be pointing to the update
* Code hints were found in the beta versions of iOS 6
* There are icons for a 128GB iPad that have been found in iTunes 11
* And 9to5 mac has leaked images of a new SKU at a major retailer for an 'Ultimate' iPad. Though the SKU didn't specifically indicate 128GB
* Another supporting indicator is that in September Samsung announced they were beginning production of a new 128GB flash module
* No details on when we might see this model, although Apple might be getting ready with the storage bump to stay ahead of the competition. Also no word on pricing, but it's generally assumed that Apple would charge $100 over the current pricing on the 64 GB models.
* It's also believed that the next iPhone, currently dubbed the 5S by media, may also get 128GB version, although that's not expected until this summer.
V New Macs may be Made in California
* Back in December Tim Cook said in an NBC interview that Apple would start to manufacture at least some Macs in US.
* Since then there has been rumor about who, what, and where. Now two of those questions might be closer to being answered
* Economic Times, is reporting that Apple will be using a Quanta Computer plant in Fremont, California to build some Macs.
* Cook told employees in a Town Hall meeting following the earnings that moving Mac production to America was not a PR move, but a move to increase production of Apple’s computers.
* Apple has been struggling to meet iMac demand and Cook said in the earnings call that had supplies been better Apple likely would have reported stronger Mac sales. A report this from The China Times is claiming that Apple's partners have improved the assembly rate and the constraints should be easing up soon. Tim Cook however told investors that Apple expected the constraints to continue through the first quarter.
V Quanta may already be assembling some of the iMacs. There were reports of 21.5" iMacs arriving back in November with‘Assembled in the USA’ labels and packing slips originating in California
* It may have been a trial run for future production?
V Apple release iOS 6 update
* Significantly expands LTE support bringing it to an additional 36 iPhone and 23 iPad carriers
* Purchase movie tickets through Fandango with Siri (USA only)
V iTunes Match subscribers can now download individual songs from iCloud
* With some "huge" buttons. ;)
* New button to reset the Advertising identifier
V There was also Apple TV software version 5.2 released
* Bring Bluetooth keyboard support
* Adds the iTunes 11 up next feature
* And enhances support for iTunes in the Cloud
* Get it from your Apple TV’s Settings > General menu.
* The update was for 2nd and 3rd gen Apple TVs, but interestingly there was also an update for a unknown Apple TV. Apple TV 3,2 - speculation is it may be for a new international variation of the current generation Apple Tv.
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V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Sync podcast from iOS to iTunes
* Listener Sim moved over to a Mac about 4 months ago and had a few questions about syncing podcasts, movies, and music from his iPhone 4S which he was syncing with his old HP laptop.
* The scary thing when you own an iOS device and move it from one computer to another and enable syncing is that it warns that it is going to erase all the media on the device and resync with the media and settings from the current iTunes.
V If you have a lot of data that you didn't migrate over in one way or another then you could wind up losing all the stuff that is on your iOS device, but not in iTunes on your new Mac
* Hopefully, even if you did this though you'd still have the media on your old PC laptop and in it's backups. You did backup your PC right? ;)
V The ideal way to handle this if you are switching from PC to Mac is let Migration Assistant transfer all your data from your PC to your Mac on first boot.
* You can run Migration Assistant later, but if you've already set up your Mac and been using it for a while it can be a little tricker. Especially if you manually migrated some of your files already
* If you buy your Mac at an Apple Store they can even transfer all your PC data for you.
V Luckily even if you didn't migrate with Apple's migration tool it's not too tricky to do after the fact
* You can move your iTunes library manually from Mac to PC as long as you prep a few things first
* The library files for iTunes are mostly the same with the exception of the file paths. Windows uses '\' and OS '/', but your Mac can correct for that if you let iTunes manage your music files and locations
V Start on Windows
* In iTunes go to preferences (Edit -> Preferences) and click the Advanced tab. Check both Keep iTunes Media Folder Organized and Copy Files To iTunes Media Folder When Adding To Library.
* Next choose iTunes > Library > Organize Library…
V This will move all your Media files, etc. into your iTunes Media folder and set up the file paths in your Library files
* Windows 7: yourusername\My Music\iTunes
* Windows Vista: yourusername\Music\iTunes
* Windows XP: Documents and Settings\yourusername\My Documents\My Music\iTunes
V On the Mac
* Now you will need to copy that entire iTunes folder from the PC to the Mac. You can use an external drive, network connection, etc.
V Your going to copy the folder into your ~/Music folder.
* If you've already been using iTunes on the Mac be aware that you will be replacing all the data that is already there
* Unfortunately there is no easy way to merge iTunes Libraries
* You can move the existing iTunes folder out of the way and then manually add the Media back to the iTunes Library later
* You will lose any playlists and play counts for those files though
* After you've copied over the iTunes folder, launch iTunes. It should be able to find your Media and update the Library paths.
V One last thing I like to do is go to iTunes > Preferences > Advanced
* Check the iTunes Media Folder path
* Check Keep iTunes Media Folder Organized and Copy Files To iTunes Media Folder When Adding To Library.
* Then Exit preferences and go to File > Library > Organize Library…, check the 'Consolidate Files' option, and click OK.
V Sim also noticed that with the new Podcast app, movies and podcasts he subscribed to in the App were not sync'd back to his Mac
* The main reason for this Sim was you had not enabled Podcast syncing for your iPhone 4S in iTunes
* Once you have that set-up it should work
* In iTunes, click on 'Devices' and choose your iPhone 4S from the list.
* Click on the 'Podcast' tab and check on 'Sync Podcasts'. You can then adjust the setting and set the podcasts you want to sync with the iPhone.
* Back in your library you can select individual podcast from the 'Podcast' section and then click the 'cog' icon to tweak the settings for individual shows.
* As for syncing shows you subscribed to on the device back to iTunes, I noticed that for it to work for me I had to have an episode actually downloaded on the iOS device for the subscription to show up in the list in iTunes (at least the first time).
* After it was showing up in iTunes it would then stay in my list even if I didn't have podcast downloaded on my device.
V What is Time Machine up to?
* Brad wanted to know if there was a way to see exactly what Time Machine was backing up when it was running
V If you click the icon in the menubar or go to System Preferences > Time Machine you get some pretty limited info
* Stuff like Preparing backup…, backing up X of X, finishing backup…
V You can also get some information from the OS X log files
* The easiest way to do that is to use the Console.
* Applications > Utilities > Console
* Click on "All Messages" in the list on the left (Click 'Show Log List' in the toolbar if you don't see it).
V Then in the search filter box type 'backupd'
* This filters the entries to just the ones made by the Backup Daemon which is what is used by Time Machine
* Here you can see things like the times Time Machine started, home many files and how much data it copied, any old backups (and their paths) that it deleted, and when it finished.
V If you want to actively monitor the Console without having to open it you can try Geek Tool
* It's installed in System Preferences > Geek Tool
* Create a New Entry by clicking the New Entry button, this gives you a Console entry in the Groups Window
* Double-click the new entry and name it whatever you'd like.
* On the right, click the File pop-up menu and set it to Shell
* Set the Refresh rate (how often the commend will run) on the Command tab.
V Mysterious Safari:noop
* As I was looking into the tip on how to see what Time Machine is backing up, I was in Applications > Utilities > Console and I clicked on the 'Diagnostic and Usage Messages' section
* In there I had a ton of messages that said, 'Safari: noop'
* When I expanded them they seemed to be mostly referencing Flash at first
V I explored further and found that it looks like they are triggered anytime I would access a page that would rely on an Safari plug-in
* Flash, Silverlight, even QuickTime seem to generate these messages
* Some Googling revealed at least one site that claimed that 'Noop' was short for 'no-operation' and is a computer instruction that takes up a small amount of space but specifies no operation.
* It almost looks to me like these are some web-kit diagnostic messages and that maybe they aren't even supposed to be on by default? I'm making assumptions though.
* If anyone has additional insight let us know, but it looks to me like they are normal and benign
V Finding your User profile image
* Mike D recently set up a new Mac and used the FaceTime camera to take his user profile image. It turned out so good that he wants to use it on other sites, like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
* But where is that image stored?
* It's actually stored in different sizes and formats in many place some harder to find than others.
V The image is stored as part of the Directory Service and you can issue a terminal command ('dscl') to read it, but who wants to do that?
* Apple actually has a Directory Service GUI tool. Prior to OS X Lion you could find it in the Applications > Utilities folder.
V Now it's part of Core Services. Macintosh HD > System > Library > Core Services > Directory Utility
* Be careful, don't change stuff in here
* Select the 'Directory Editor' tab and choose 'Users' from the viewing drop-down
* Search or find your account name in the list in the left pane
* Select i and then you'll see all the account attributes (values0 on the right.
V There might be an entry for 'Picture' if your using one of the OS X default images or you might see an entry for JPEGPhoto.
* Selecting the Picture will show you the path to the file (Macintosh HD > Library > User Pictures)
* If you Select JPEGPhoto you'll see your profile image. Unfortunately you can't copy it out of here.
V iChat picture
* ~/Library/Images/iChat Recent Pictures
* This only exists prior to Mountain Lion
* In Mountain Lion try Macintosh HD/Library/Caches/ and look for a TIFF file with a name like ''
V Address Book / Contacts Image
* ~/Library/Application Support/AddressBook/Images
* Trouble here is that it will have ALL your contact images and the filenames are cryptic
V Copy it into Preview
* This is I think the easiest way to get at that image
* Use AddressBook/Contacts or the User & Group System Preferences
V System Preferences > Users & Groups
* Click the lock and authenticate if needed
* Choose your account and click on the profile image and choose to edit the picture
* When the editor comes up go to the Edit menu and choose Copy (Command + C)
* Cancel and exit System Preferences
* Launch Preview
* In Preview choose File > New from Clipboard
* That should display your image
* Now you can Save your image in your desired format.
V Contacts works in a similar fashion
* Launch Contacts
* Locate your address card
* Select your image (will have a blue box around it)
* Choose Edit > Copy
* Exit Contacts and then use the same steps described earlier in Preview to save the image
V Closing
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