Maccast 02.10.2013 - Show #431
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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V Sharefile by Citrix
V How many of us have had this happen
* You try to email a file or document to a client, but it's too big and gets bounced by the ISP
* You need to share a file, but you also need to know it's secure. Something more than just an obfuscated URL
* You need to access that one file from the office that you forgot to copy to your laptop before heading out to that business
* Sharefile by Citrix offers a solution to all those problems and more
V Sharefile was designed specifically for business use
* It lets you send files of almost any size
* And provides access from any computer or mobile device
V What I really like about it is how it can integrate into your business
* Branding and widgets. You can created a branded experience with your logo and colors to match your identity when customers access files
* Widgets to add to your site for login and file uploads
V Share files and receive files just by sending emails
* Customers get a link to a download or upload files
* You can secure those pages and set limits, like how many times a file can be downloaded per user and how long the files are available for.
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V Twelvesouth
* SurfacePad for iPhone
V Connected Data
* Transporter
V Twig
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V myFC
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* Henge Docks
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* Olloclip
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* Chef Sleeve
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V Notebook
* One of my favorite features, the clipping service
* This is great for quickly organizing research
V You set up your notebook sections and then for specific areas you can add Clipping services
* So say Apple news, I might have one for the iOS update, one for the earnings call, and one for rumored products
* Then I can do my research in Safari or Reeder and if I see something I want to cover I select it, and use the OS X services menu, just clip it. It then copies it right into the appropriate section of my Notebook and I never leave the app i'm working in.
* Because it's a service it works system wide. Even in Mail.
* Plus there are snapbacks saved automatically so I can jump from my Notebook back to the source article if I need to re-reference it or get more info.
* And that's just one of the many awesome features in Notebook
* Plus, you can try it for free for 30-days so just go download it and give it a try,
V Macworld 2013
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