Maccast 06.19.2013 - Show #449
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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V News
V A Week After WWDC
* Over a full week after WWDC we are still parsing and recovering from all the new products and info Apple threw at us.
V The Presentation
* I think Tim Cook looked more poised and polished than ever. I also think Apple set a new tone for how they plan to advance the brand and communicate with customers with the "This is our signature" campaign.
* The opening video and new ad campaign is amazing, you can check them out on Apple's site if you missed them.
* Craig Federighi was great. Funny and entertaining. Might make a good future frontman?
* Schiller had the best quote, "Can't innovate anymore, my ass".
* Eddie Cue seemed the least polished, but he might have been busy up to the last minute finalizing the iTunes Radio Deals
V OS X Mavericks
* New naming scheme based on places in California should let Apple use the OS X brand for a long time to come. Seem to be dropping the "point" numbers from the product name, so no 10.9, 10.10, etc. at least in the naming
* Lots of under the hood changes to make it more energy efficient and improve battery life
V Finder updates with tabbed browsing and tagging, to replace labels.
* Tags work locally and in iCloud and also for Spotlight search and Smart folders
* iCould documents can also, now be managed in the Finder which is welcome change
* Apple also is apparently setting SMB (Samba) as the default file sharing method in Mavericks, moving away from AFP as the default method, although AFP sharing is still supported in Mavericks
* I'm hoping we see more improvements to the Finder before the final release
V Full screen now works on multiple monitors and docks, menu bars, and Mission Control are now on each monitor.
* One site pointed out that this does "break" using an array of monitors as one big monitor where Application windows can span across monitors. Each monitor is treated as a separate desktop entity for spaces, docks, menu bars, mission control, etc. You can still move apps to different monitors, but once there they appear to be "locked" to that monitor.
* You can apparently toggle between the current multiple screen handling that is in Mountain Lion and the new Mavericks way, but it currently requires logging out and back in.
* Mavericks is beta, so any of this functionality could be changed.
V Maps is now in OS X. As is iBooks.
* Maps can be shared to an iOS device
V Now word on Siri showing up in OS X, but there were Dictation updates
* Dictation now works offline and provides feedback in real time.
* Apple said Mavericks will be here this Fall, but didn't mention pricing. It also seems to be able to be run on any system that currently supports Mountain Lion.
V Macbook Air
* Updated with Haswell processors. Dual-Core Intel Core i5 and i7
* Intel HD 5000 graphics
V All day battery life, 9 hours on the 11-inch and 12 hours on the 13-inch
* 7150mAh battery, in the 13-inch according to iFixit
* 802.11ac "Gigabit" Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0
* Faster Flash storage and the 11-inch is now standard with 128GB, double from before. BTO up to 512GB
* Still starting at $999 for the 11-inch 128GB model. Available now.
V New Mac Pro (preview)
V Apple gave an early look at the new Mac Pro.
* Unusual, but makes sense
* Helps reassure their Pro customers that there is something great coming, shuts up some of the critics (or at least gives them new things to criticize), and reassures investors.
V The new machine represents a radical change in Apple's take on a Pro system. They are setting customer expectations and some will like it and many others won't.
* As always though Apple defines the market they want to sell to and makes no apologies for it. Something I really expect.
* So the message is: we'll set the specs, give you the fastest, best performing system we think we can build, and you take it or leave it.
* Expansion will be all external beyond RAM. Mac mini Pro? Joking, as this thing spec-wise is a tiny screamer
V Cylindrical polished black aluminum chassis that's just 9.9" high X 6.6" in diameter
* Made from a single piece of extruded aluminum
V Dual GPUs, PCI Express based Flash storage, Thunderbolt 2, next-gen Intel Xeon processors, ultra-FAST DDR3, and 4K video support
* Intel Xeon E5 Processors
* Up to 12-cores. 40GB/s PCI bandwidth
* Four-channel DDR3 ECC memory running at 1866MHz. 60GB/s memory bandwidth. Two times faster than the current gen Mac Pro.
* 4 memory slots, Apple hasn't given the max RAM spec.
* Dual AMD FirePro GPUs, with up to 6GB of dedicated VRAM. Up to 7 teraflops of GPU performance
V Apple says it will let you edit 4K full-resolution and still render effects in the background.
* Not been reported, but I'd assume Apple will give us an updated Thunderbolt 4K Display at some point.
* PCIe Flash Storage internal running at 1250MB/s. Apple says 2.5 times faster than SATA-based SSDs
* 4 USB 3 ports, 6 Thunderbolt 2 ports, dual gigabit Ethernet, HDMI 1.4 port, and digital audio in and out.
* Thunderbolt 2 offers up to 20Gb/s data transfer and you can daisy chain up to 6 devices, for a total of 36 off the built in ports. (Good since there is no internal expansion beyond RAM).
* Apple also says you can connect up to three 4K displays
* 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0
* The motherboards are in a unique "triangular" orientation that Apple calls the "thermal core". Cooling is a single fan, so it should be incredibly quiet for a pro machine.
* A sensor will detect when you rotate the case and light up lights indicating the port locations on the back.
V This is the USA assembled Mac and will have manufacturing and part from Texas, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, and other sources in the US
* Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believe the US assembler will be Singapore based Flextronics
* They have plants in Texas, California, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and the Carolinas.
V Apple didn't give specifics on configuration options, pricing, or a release date beyond "later this year".
* The Intel chips and Thunderbolt 2 are due out in the latter part of this year, so safe to say Fall and possibly late fall. Intel has said Thunderbolt 2 will come in "late" 2013.
V Critics have been fast to react to the lack of internal expansion.
* Limited availability of external Thunderbolt RAID options
* "Spaghetti" mess of cables, and lots of power cords and cables.
* Thunderbolt peripherals are still quite expensive
V I think Apple pushing forward with this design will force creative third party solutions and will also drive Thunderbolt adoption forward.
* A lot like Apple did for USB back in the days of the iMac
V No doubt these machines are going to be very costly for Pros starting out.
* I can't imagine base configurations below the $2,500 to $3,000 range
* Add to the external Thunderbolt RAID enclosures and breakout boxes, plus 4K displays and systems will run into the 10 to 12K range and more easily.
* Remember that was the "base" price of a Mac IIfx back in the day.
V AirPort Extreme and TimeCapsule
* Small rounded square tower design. 3.85" square and 6.6" high.
* Same enclosure for both devices. AirPort Extreme is missing the HDD connectors on the motherboard.
* 802.11ac WiFi with six antennas
* Up to 1.3 Gb/s
* Simultaneous dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz
* Gigabit Ethernet WAN port, three Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, and one USB 2.0 port
* TimeCapsule is still 2TB and 3TB sizes.
* USD $199 for AirPort Extreme. Time capsule is $299.00 for 2TB and $399.00 (down $100) for the 3TB model.
* Available now.
* I'm not sure why, but I want one. To take full advantage of Gigabit Wi-Fi you'll need the new hardware.
V iCloud
* iWork in the Cloud, seems to me to be Apple's way of getting cross platform support for iWork
* Doesn't really excite me. You?
* I think they have bigger iCloud issues to tackle, like making Documents in the Cloud work better for developers.
V iOS 7
* The "re-birth" of iOS. Still a lot of the same bones, but a radical visual re-design and slight shift in how we will interact with iOS
* Visually I think Apple wants to provide more consistency across the OS and their apps and you can see that in the design
* The "gaudy" visual parts of skumorhpism are gone. No more non-functional visual ornaments like stitching or felt
V Apple is using the visual concepts of skumorphism though. Using "layers" of information.
* Give a sense of 3D and gives you a sense of what to interact with.
* Transparency is also used to give you a reference of where you are in the interface and how to go back.
* More tapping, less swiping. Many pages have been replaced by panels of information
V Apple doesn't have to teach us how to use a touch interface anymore, so they can now make some assumptions
* An example is the "Slide to Unlock" which no longer has a button to indicate what to slide or the direction. You still swipe to the right, but across any part of the screen.
V Public reaction seems to be a love it to hate it kind of thing
* I find it very interesting that so many are passing judgement without even using it yet
V It's really important to remember that this is not a final release.
* It's really easy to pass early judgement. I immediately hated the Game Center icon and look, but I hated the old one too.
* Apple only had about seven months with Ive at the head of the design team
* Someone wrote that what we see now are the "broad brush strokes" and I think that's dead on
* It's a starting point and a great one at that.
* With this in the hands of Apple developers and their retail employees
V Some key features
* Search is pulled down from the top of any screen
* Updated Notification Center with "Today" view
V Control Center gives quick access to setting toggles and key functions from any screen
* Access to Airplane mode, wi-fi, bluetooth, orientation lock, brightness, AirPlay, AirDrop, flashlight, Clock (timer), Calculator, and Camera.
* New app switcher with better background resource management for all apps.
* Automatic app updates
* Siri updated with new female and male voices. Can get search results (Bing), wikipedia, and twitter search inside Siri. Also access Control Center settings via Siri
* AirDrop local sharing. Control access (All, Contacts, None).
* Maps gets turn by turn walking directions
* FaceTime will do audio only calls, but not over cellular (thanks carriers).
* Level in the Compass app. Important for more accurate compass readings
* Activation lock disables phone if stolen even after wiping the data.
V A lot more control for what apps can do. Per app cellular data usage controls and reporting.
* Leaked "hack" that shows a way to tweak all kinds of functions
* Likely there for internal development to help decide which features will make the final release.
V iTunes Radio
* Uses a streaming "station" model, not "catalog". More like Pandora than Spotify
* Free for all users with iTunes or a device running iOS 7. Ad supported.
* Music Match subscribers get it ad free
* Apple is clearing showing this is about discover and selling more music. They are staying out of the "catalog" subscription game (for now). But Spotify, Rdio, and other have iOS apps too, so Apple customers who want catalog services still have a choice.
V The big deal in my mind is two things:
* iTunes Radio will come "pre-loaded" on millions of iOS devices when folks upgrade. And we know iOS users upgrade at staggering rates
* Tied into those millions of existing iTunes accounts. More revenue for Apple and the music companies.
V The thing is it's a free additional service that is pre-loaded on millions of devices and desktops. There is nothing to buy or sign up for, so people are more likely to just try it.
* Plus Apple said they now have over 575 Million Apple accounts, so that is a lot of customers
* And Asmyco thinks Apple is adding about one million new accounts every two days.
* Helps consumers with music discover and helps the labels and Apple potentially sell more music. Plus they also get ad revenue.
V Supported devices are the iPhone 4, iPhone4S, iPhone 5, 5th gen iPod Touch, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, and the iPad mini
* On older devices some features won't work
* iPhone 4, no AirDrop, Siri, Panorama, or camera filters
* iPhone 4S and iPad 3, no AirDrop or camera filters
* iPad 2, only gets the new UI and iTunes Radio
* iPad 4 and iPad mini, no Panorama or camera filters
V iPhone rumors continue
V The "Goldfinger" version and thoughts that Apple may ditch the Black and Slate model (BGR) for the iPhone 5S
* Crazy, but we've seen more and more leaks indicating a "gold" model.
* The idea behind ditching the "black" due to the scratching issues.
V Lots of parts leaks for the next iPhone 5S
* We've seen SIM trays, dock connector assemblies, speakers, screens and digitizers.
* What they all seem to point to is a design that will look identical to the iPhone 5 with the majority of the changes happening internally
* And we still have strong rumors that the iPhone 5S will feature fingerprint scanning technology.
V The low cost iPhone and second gen iPad mini
* Numerous reports that parts suppliers are busy cranking out component parts for the low cost iPhone.
* That would seem to support Apple shipping something soon.
* Pegatron has won a contract to assemble a low-cost iPhone with a plastic back, as well as the second-generation iPad mini.
* The iPhone and iPads updates are expected by most in the Fall, with most pegging a September launch, along with the release of iOS 7.
V Digitimes has an odd report though about Apple splitting the launches.
* Apple will release the low-cost iPhone and an iPad mini update in August.
* The iPhone 5S and the 9.7" 5th gen iPad updates won't arrive until 2014.
* I'm guessing they are wrong.
* Recent leaked case images seem to indicate the low-cost iPhone would have rounded edges on the back case and be about 2mm thicker than the iPhone 5
* For the low cost iPhone Apple is said to be targeting a $99 retail price.
V Apple back with Samsung for some displays
* Cult of Mac says that according to Korea’s ETNews Apple will get Retina iPad mini displays for the next model from Samsung.
* They also claim that Apple will also continue to use Samsung as a supplier for the displays in the 5th gen iPad
* They say Apple had to go back to Samsung because LG wasn’t able to attain the yields required for a full-scale launch.
* Apple typically uses multiple display suppliers, so it's not all that unusual.
* The displays are said to be shipping soon or sometime in the 3rd quarter, so depending on the timing we'd have a fall for late 2013 launch.
V For the future Reuters has a report that Apple is to launch bigger iPhones and more color options next year
* Using sources in the Asia supply chain they say Apple will bring out a 4.7" and 5.7" model of the iPhone.
* They say Apple is having to bow to pressure from their competitor and customers who want larger phone options.
* I can see Apple experimenting with larger screen designs, and 4.7" might be possible, but I find the thought of them doing two sizes and a 5.7" model unlikely.
* They also say Apple will do 5-6 color options, something that's been rumored for the low cost iPhone.
* I find more colors also unlikely as it creates a big supply problem for Apple. Some colors naturally become more popular and it makes stocking the right combination tricky.
V Apple updates Java and Apple TV
V Java for OS X 2013-004 and Mac OS X v10.6 Update 16
* Updates are for Mountain Lion, Lion, and Snow Leopard users
V Java for OS X 2013-003 delivers improved security, reliability, and compatibility by updating Java SE 6 to 1.6.0_45.
* On systems that have not already installed Java for OS X 2012-006, this update disables the Java SE 6 applet plug-in. To use applets on a web page, click on the region labeled "Missing plug-in" to download the latest version of the Java applet plug-in from Oracle.
V Java for Mac OS X 10.6 Update 16 delivers improved security, reliability, and compatibility by updating Java SE 6 to 1.6.0_51.
* This update enables website-by-website control of the Java plug-in within Safari 5.1.9 or later.
V Apple TV update 5.3
* Adds channels for HBO Go, ESPN, Sky News, Crunchyroll and Qello
* The HBO go and ESPN channels require activation with your cable subscriber
* Qello, is a paid subscription service for HD-Concerts and music documentaries
* Crunchyroll, is a subscription service for Japanese animation content
* SkyNews is 24-hour UK news channel and free.
V Apple TV 5.4 beta is out for Developers
* Includes iTunes Radio support
* A Conference Room Display, to let users set a customer image, like corporate logo to display along with instructions on how to connect and use the device for AirPlay mirroring
V New subtitle features, let users choose between closed captioning or subtitles and also alter the way subtitles look.
* Can set the font color and size and also the background color of subtitles.
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* The update has a whole new look and is optimized for Retina displays. The redesign looks amazing and gives you quicker access to all the items and tool you need to work with. I love the new toolbar and find it makes me much more productive.
V Plus it has some incredibly powerful new features
* You now have the ability export and convert your PDFs into Microsoft Word formats using the Nuance OmniPage Cloud Document Conversion Service.
* The Pro Version now can automatically analyze your PDFs, find the form areas and create your form fields. Saving a ton of time when creating PDF forms.
* Don't wait. Now is the time grab what I feel is the best PDF tool for the Mac.
* And if you already own PDFpen and haven't upgraded yet remember they offer upgrade pricing on their website.
* Also,while you're at it don't forget they also have PDFpen for iPhone and iPad so you can also sync and edit your PDFs on the go.
* PDFpen 6 from Smile another great update to an already great line up of products.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Thoughts and WWDC wishes
V I got some feedback from you on your wishes for WWDC
V Play comment from Brad
* I think OS X is very stable for me, but you mention some good points
* On the launch services thing make sure that you are excluding any cloned backup volumes from Spotlight indexing.
* Regular maintenance may not ever go away. I guess a built in setting to have that happen automatically could be nice.
* I'm going to address wireless stuff in a bit. This is more challenging issue than you might think. Short answer is there are a lot of variables.
* I think a lot of people share your opinion on iTunes.
* The good news is I think Mavericks doesn't look heavy on new features, so I think a number of the over 200 new features might be under the hood.
V Play comment from Greig
* Luckily I think you're getting at least half your wish and maybe a bit more.
* You will be able to clear notifications across devices.
* I love the idea of a "preferred" notification devices
* Maybe they can leverage the new iBeacons that use bluetooth for device location to see that you have multiple devices in a small space.
V Play Richard's thoughts on WWDC
* Couldn't agree more about the executive assessment
* I also agree that this is a new Apple emerging with a team vision and not just Steve's vision. It still has the core of Apple, but I think they are in many ways stronger as a group.
* I also think it was always a team effort , but now that team is more out front and visible.
* The new design language will for sure make it's way back to the Mac.
* I agrees that tags is a start of removing a traditional file system, but it doesn't seem to take it far enough. They need to re-envision the file system with more meta data. The 'All My Files' view with the various sort and group options also hints a ways to better auto organize files, but it's barely a start.
* All of it needs to be much more seamless, responsive, and most importantly predictive.
* This is a new Apple for sure and I think the video that started off the show set the tone.
V This is Our Signature campaign
* Apple is not about the more things or the things with the most features. They are about making the best and refining it until it’s perfect.
* They are about taking something and honing it, refining it, and not being afraid to start over to make something great.
* Their “signature” is their brand and they won’t sign something until they think it’s worthy.
* Worthy for them and worthy for their customers.
* “Does it deserve to exist?”, my favorite line.
V This is a new Apple and they are doing things differently under Tim Cook
* This was what I talked about when I did my “Let Tim Cook be Tim Cook” episode
Apple seems more open and unrestrained under Cooks leadership at some levels, but still remains highly secretive. No one, saw the Mac Pro coming and Apple “leaked” it before the press could.
V Bluray and DVD to iTunes conversion
* After I did my episode on how I was converting my DVDs to iTunes using DVD I asked for recommendations on a simpler workflow.
* Mine was working great, but had 4 steps.
V A few of you emailed right way to tell me about iVI Pro from Southpole Software
* It's amazing.
* You want to buy from the website and not the App Store
* Does the DVD extraction, gets all the metadata and album art, converts to iTunes format with presets, multiple audio tracks, even will add subtitles (not baked in).
* Plus it's only $9.99.
V In addition I had some of you ask about a process for Bluray disks as well
* Play comment from John
* PAVTube, iMedia Converter for Mac ($52USD)
* I also did an old episode on this, December of 2011, with Ara Derderian. He also had a tutorial video, but we may need to do an updated show
V I also had a few questions.
* After I extract the DVD, in VIDEO_TS/dvdmedia format am I keeping the files? If so, why?
V Warning on relying on Apple for re-downloads
* Rogier found out that he had an iTunes purchased track, but at some point the publisher changed the version, so why he was able to re-download it's not always the same track.
* Also, movies and TV show deals may come and go.
V Troubleshooting Home Sharing
* Since I mentioned I'm moving more videos into iTunes and streaming them to my devices and Apple TV's I've had a lot of people mention that they have issues with wi-fi and streaming.
* The common issues are disconnections and drop outs. There can be many reasons, but I thought I'd go over some of the common issues and ways to address or fix them.
V Always opt for hardwire
* This one may or may not seem obvious, but when you have a choice between hard wire or wireless always opt for wired.
* Even if you had a shiny new 802.11ac laptop and new Gigabit AirPort Extreme it's still susceptible to interference
* If you can run an Ethernet cable do. The more devices you can hard wire also means fewer devices on your wi-fi. Opening up bandwidth and reducing interference and conflicts.
* Powerline adapters are an awesome way to extend bandwidth to a remote part of the house. Kit's are in the $50-$100 range and you can get up to 200 Mbps or faster.
V Check your channels and use 802.11n or better if possible
* Use a tool like iStumbler to scan to see which channels are crowded and avoid those.
* Go into your router and manually choose the number furthest from the crowded ones and keep 5 channels between them (1,6,11) for 802.11g networks
* Keep your legacy devices off your 802.11n band. Use a simultaneous dual-band router, like the Airport Extreme. And use the 5GHz band for 802.11n if possible.
* Keep your firmware up to date and OS Software up to date
V Upgrade your hardware.
* If your router is three or more years old it may just be time to upgrade.
V Consider using static IP addresses or DHCP reservations
* You can use MAC address or ClientIDs to force specific devices to always get the same IP from the router.
* This will keep down conflicts.
* Shutdown devices or turn off their wi-fi when your not using them. Many devices are using network traffic in the background.
* Turn off heavy network background processes. If you are doing Time Machine or scheduled backups over the wi-fi that will strain the network.
* Reset the system.
V Verify your devices are on the network you think they are on
* System Preferences > Network > Advanced and remove preferred networks that are not really "preferred".
* Also on iOS. Settings > Wi-Fi. Select the network and tap the 'Forget' option
V If you updated to the latest AirPort Utility 1.3 for iOS, or AirPort Utility 6.3 in OS X and are not suddenly not seeing your base stations listener Greg found an Apple TIL article that has a fix.
* According to Apple this can happen if IPv6 has been disabled.
* The article gives steps for how to re-enable it on OS X Lion or Mountain Lion and in iOS
V What are your apps doing? Find out.
* On a past show I shared an awesome terminal command, lsof, that would show all the files that are in use by an app. All the low level stuff, like plists, etc.
V Turns out you can also get that info in Apple's Activity Monitor. Kim told me how.
* Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor
* In the process list find the app you want the 411 on and select it
* Then hit the 'Info' button in the toolbar or do a Command+I
* In the popup window click on the 'Open Files and Ports' tab and you can see what's open there
* This panel will also give you a plethora of details on the apps memory usage, page ins and outs (VM), and other details like number of recent application hangs
* All good details for troubleshooting.
V Disconnect monitors when rendering
* I recently discussed how I really like the productivity of having two monitors.
* Apple's is promoting multiple monitors with the new Mac Pro and also the power of using the power of GPUs for processing
* Technologies like OpenGL and OpenCL let developers and apps leverage the huge processing power of the GPU to do more work.
* Something I hadn't considered, but Bob from Santa Cruz, pointed out to me in an email is that if you use multiple monitors your GPU can be doing double, triple duty or more.
* In many cases this won't matter, but when you need to do heavy GPU intensive tasks there may be some benefits to actually disconnecting additional monitors to free up the GPU to do more heavy lifting.
* So say use multiple monitors when laying out and previewing a video project, but when it comes time to export disconnect the second display.
V Closing
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