Maccast 07.09.2013 - Show #452
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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V News
V Macbook Air is top "ultrabook"
* We lived with Apple having computer marketshare numbers in the under double digits for so long it's mazing just when we jump into the teens.
* Now NPD group claims that Apple's share of the "ultrabook" segment of the PC notebook market is over 50%
* The more than half the share mark was achieved thanks to the Macbook Air.
* According to NPD analyst Stephen Baker and reported by MacNN Apple has 56% of the US ultrabook market, and possibly more.
* Baker's numbers are based on figures culled before the announcement of the updated 2013 Haswell based Macbook Airs at WWDC.
* The piece also pointed out that the Macbook Air achieved the dominant share while being a higher priced than many of the other models in the category
* It's a nice confirmation that even in what you would think is a price competitive category consumers still are looking for a balance of value, design, and quality.
V Apple retail preps for Fall onslaught
* According to 9to5Mac Tim Cook and Apple called a secret summit for Apple Retail Store leaders at Fort Mason in San Francisco to go over "sweeping" changes in the way iPhones are sold and marketed.
V Cook reportedly spoke for three hours and focused on plans for how Apple can sell more iPhones thought it's stores
* 25 percent of all Macs are sold through an Apple retail store
* 80 percent of all iPhones are sold through Apple's partners, but 50% of all service and support requests are handled by the Genius Bar
V The iPhone is considered a "gateway" product
* If the purchase is made in an Apple Retail store then customers are exposed to iPads and Macs
* Support is mostly a cost center. You do get some marketing benefit, but in retail you would want to balance sales with your support costs
V Cook allegedly shared plans to offer incentives for both customers and Apple retail stores.
* Adding the iPhone as a qualified product for the $50 gift card Back to School promo was a first step in the plan
* More incentives will be introduced at Apple's quarterly meetings for retail stores on July 28th
V Apple is rumored to be launching an iPhone trade-in-program. Something eluded to in the past by Bloomberg and re-hashed in the 9to5 Mac piece
* You get credit toward the purchase of a new iPhone if you trade in your old one.
* Apple would also supposedly offer credit for upgrading damaged iPhones in exchange for a refurbished iPhone 5.
* The piece also says that Apple plans to offer improvements to price-matching policies internationally and that some Apple Retail Stores can price-match iPhones to the pricing from official U.S-based iPhone carriers and retailers such as RadioShack.
* Cook reiterated that Apple Retail is the "face" of Apple and according to sources at the meeting managers were told to work to ensure their employees know that they are critical and appreciated.
V In reading the piece it seems obvious that in many ways it's a battle briefing for the Fall
* According to the report one attendee told 9to5 that customers should expect, "an army of new products this fall"
V I think Apple's retail stores have done more to expose the "average" consumer to Apple and their products than any of Apple's other marketing efforts.
* It's the retail stores that are front and center when you see national news reports for product launches
* Stores are packed and many of the folks in there are "curious" would be converts trying out Apple products for the first time.
* It's critical that the messaging and public experience be great
V While it wasn't specifically mentioned I hope that from behind the scenes Apple is working to fix employee morale and the customer service and support experience
* Giving employees the tools and the freedom to provide Apple's legendarily great support experience
V Free apps for App Store anniversary
* Apple is running a "5 Years of the App Store' promotion and we get great Apps for free
* Barefoot World Atlas, Day One (Journal), How to Cook Everything, Over (photos), Traktor DJ for iPhone, Badland, Infinity Blade II, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, Tiny Wings, and Where's My Water? all for free
V New iPad in September. iPad mini delayed
* The news blogs are buzzing with iPad rumors out of Digitimes
V The reports say Apple is done tweaking the next full sized iPad and suppliers are ramping up parts production for a September launch
* Changes are believed to be mostly focused on cosmetics and improved battery life.
* Will match the iPad mini styling with a slimmer side bezel and matching black/slate and silver/white designs
V The specs and launch date for an updated iPad mini still seem to be in the air according to the reports
* The main issue seems to be a retina display for the mini
* According to the rumor if Apple opts to update the iPad mini to a retina display it could push back the release date to the end of the fourth quarter
V iOS 7 beta 3 out to developers
* Just two weeks after the beta 2 update developers have received the third iteration of the iOS 7 beta
V Some of the highlights from the MacRumors report are:
* Many places in the OS and in apps the Helvetica Neue Ultra Light font has been replaced with the thicker Helvetica Neue Regular version
* The ".com" key in Safari's keyboard (the web keyboard) has been replaced with just a period key. Press and hold to insert .com. .org, .gov, etc.
* Font in the status bars has been increased slightly
* Month view in Calendar app now has grey dots on days where events are scheduled
* Siri's female voice has improved and is more natural than the version that appeared in beta 2
* New app download animation. Circular download timer that overlays the icon rather than the blue download bar.
V Apple has also released OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 3 to developers
* The new build reportedly shows no major changes
* Focuses on performance enhancements and bug fixes.
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V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V The importance of decimals
* I was never really a math person, but that's no excuse for the mistake I made last week when I covered the story on how much Apple was paying the labels for streaming in their new iTunes Radio service
* As so many of you rightly pointed out to me, it's not 13 cents per track, but rather 0.13 (thirteen hundredths of a cent) per track or 13 cents per 100 tracks.
* That makes a lot more sense.
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V Introduce the segment.
* Had some minor technical issues.
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