Maccast 07.19.2013 - Show #453
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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V News
V Digging for secrets in Apple Betas
V There is a screen that comes up the first time you launch the App Store on iOS that let's you know about the "free" Apple apps
* This includes the Podcast app, Find My Friends, iBooks, iTunes U, etc.
* An iOS 7 screenshot was revealed that also shows Apple's iWork and iLife apps listen on this screen
* Could indicate Apple is intending to make those Apps free on iOS, and possibly the Mac in the Fall when IOS and Mavericks ships.
* Makes sense for iWork as you will get iWork in iCloud, presumably for free, so if you want to get those apps off the web browser and on to your Mac or iPhone it would help for them to be free there too.
* Then again Apple could just use the iCloud version to hook folks and drive App sales
V 120fps video capture
* According to 9to5 Mac, developers have mentioned hidden references in iOS 7 beta for something codenamed "Mogul"
* It would allow devs to capture video at 120fps. To date the iOS developers could only capture at 30fps.
* The faster frame rate would, in theory, allow crisp slow motion video capture, but it's unclear at at this point at what resolution iOS would capture 120fps.
* They do note that the feature would not activate on an iPhone 5 and would likely require new hardware support, say in the iPhone 5S
* Apple did open up iOS 7 camera APIs that allow developers 60fps video capture and those were revealed and demonstrated at WWDC
V Non-retina iPads in Beta 3 now seem to use the 960 x 640 iPhone retina assets for iPhone based (non-iPad optimized) apps on non-Retina iPads
* Meaning that if you have an iPad mini or iPad 2 and run an iPhone app, you'll no longer see the 1x/2x options
* Instead of taking the 480 x 320 assets and scaling them up, like in iOS 6. iOS 7 will use the 960x640 iPhone assets by default and display them at the iPad's 1024x768 resolution.
* This results in a much better "2x" experience. As a matter of fact, apparently you aren't even given the option anymore of using the 1x "letterboxed" mode
V Next iPhone imminent, unless you're crazy.
* Almost all rumors signs at this point are indicating that iPhone 5S production is traveling full steam ahead.
* The crazy comes from Taiwan's Commercial Times who say that Apple will delay the 5S launch so they can switch to a 4.3" display. We'll just throw that out on principal.
* Foxconn is allegedly hiring on new workers as fast as it can find them to ramp up and meet Apple's demand
V Business Insider reports that Jefferies & Co analyst Peter Misek is predicting Apple will order up 50-55 million iPhones in the fourth quarter
* Though not all iPhone 5Ss
* 5 million 4Ss, 20 million low cost iPhones, and 25 millions iPhone 5Ss
* For the record 9to5 Mac points out that Misek's track record is spotty.
V With any iPhone launch you can expect that demand will be high and availability in short supply, but fingerprint scanning technology could make things more constrained
* We've been hearing that the tech has given Apple all kinds of issues in development and now Didgitimes says it might impact production.
* Delayed start of production and low sensor chip yields are said to be impacting potential supply and slowing production
* The site also claims that LCD driver components are suffering yield issues as well
V The sensor and where it will be also seems up to debate
* Originally the belief was that it will be in the home button
* We have seen Apple patents now for technology that could put it on the bezel and this week a filing that integrates the technology in the display itself.
* All Things D reiterates that Apple's "budget" iPhone will actually be more "mid-range" falling at $300-400 USD unsubsidized.
V iPhone 5S latest dream specs
* Attributed to unverified rumors out of China of course, but this would represent a heck of an "update"
* NFC reader (doubtful)
* Fingerprint scanner, likely
* Sharp (and LG) 4-inch 1136×640 IGZO, low-power, display (not sure on the IGZO)
* 12 megapixel backside camera with dual LED flash (maybe, could also be improve 8MP?)
* 2GB RAM, seems plausible
* Higher clock speed A6, (probably)
* Improved quad-core GPU (for sure)
* Slightly bigger battery (yes)
* These would make for one of the better "S" updates to date.
V Apple's next earnings call may be flat
* Is that really surprising given the plethora of new Apple stuff released so far this year? Oh, you missed those new product announcements? Really?!! We'll perhaps it's because there weren't any. Bitter? me? ;)
* Needless to say, the analysts haven't been predicting big things for Apple's next earnings call which happens on the 23rd.
V Revenue predictions seem to be hovering around the 35 Billion mark and while that isn't exactly chump change, as Fortune points out, that would be year of year quarterly growth of "zero".
* Apple's guidance was $33.5 billion to $35.5 billion, so 35 would actually be at the top end of Apple's range
V Now some estimates are actually a bit more rosy with revenue growth more around 3 to 4 percent, but still not the kind of numbers we've been used to getting from Apple.
* Katy Huberty thinks Apple might beat estimates on iPhone shipments thanks to string sales of the other iPhone 4 and 4S models
* While most estimates say Apple shipped around 26.5 million iPhones for the quarter Huberty seems to believe the number might be more like 29 million and 32 million.
* Huberty expects that Apple also shipped 3.9 million Macs and 18 million iPads.
* 18.1 million iPad units during Q3 works out to around 6.2% growth compared to 183% and 84% in Q3 2011 and Q2 2012, so significant flattening in year over year iPad sales growth, but not surprising.
V Still growth is growth and with no major new products in the quarter, save the Macbook Air updates, and slumping PC industry sales in general I'm not sure what Wallstreet could expect.
* Recent Gartner numbers suggest that worldwide PC shipments are down 11% in the April to June period
* They only report on the top five PC vendors world wide and Apple isn;t on that list, but they did say that their quarterly predictions for Apple's US shipments are that they will be down 4.3 percent
* For whatever reasons Apple' has chosen to back-weight the products this year, so while Q2 and Q3 might be lackluster, Q4 could make up for that and then some depending on what we see announced in the Fall.
V iWatch watch
* Lots more rumors surrounding Apple's iWatch
V A leaked spec from the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) peaked the interest of Apple Insider
* They say Apple is a member of that group and the leaked document details features to be rolled out tin the next 3 iterations of the Bluetooth spec.
* Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) is a main focus and great for devices, like an iWatch, that would demand low power consumption
* The spec details a ton of support for biometric functions, along with IPv6 and indoor GPS support
* Apple announced iBeacons at WWDC (an indoor location technology that use Bluetooth LE).
* Apple also acquired WiFiSLAM back in March. They are a small firm which created "indoor GPS" technology based on the Wi-Fi standard.
V Could be made of "liquid metal"
* Apple has had an exclusive on the technology for consumer electronics for three years, but to date only made a SIM ejector tool with the technology.
* Allows metal parts to be made like injected molded plastics and the material itself has the advantage of making thinner, lighter, and more durable parts.
* Trouble has been volume production methods, but this week Apple was awarded a patent for just such processes related to the Liquid metal technology
* Rumors have also claimed Apple might use the tech for the iPhone 5S case.
* Too soon for an iPhone 5S in my opinion, but iWatch?
V As for when we might see an iWatch, that seems up for debate. 9to5 Mac noted this week that a Financial Times report said Apple was on a hiring spree assembling a team for the iWatch project
* The report indicates that the product offers special engineering challenges and that Apple is trying to assemble a team with the right kinds of talent for the project.
* Apple is rumored to have hired employees from companies such as AccuVein, C8 MediSensors, and Senseonics, a report published Thursday by 9to5Mac claims.
V We had rumors for months now of Apple making acquisitions and key executive hirings that seem like they'd be perfect for the iWatch product
* Former Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch is supposedly leading a team of former iPod hardware and software team members
* Apple's senior hardware director James Foster is said to be leading a team of chip, sensor, and battery experts.s
* Saint Laurent CEO Paul Deneve, from the fashion world. was reportedly hired for "special projects"
* There is also a rumor that Apple has brought fitness expert Jay Blahnik, who worked on the Mike FuelBand, is in on the project as well
* Bob Mansfield, Senior Vice President of Technologies, is leading the project.
* This all seems to indicate that Apple is a ways away from shipping a wearable product. Possibly not shipping an iWatch until late 2014, a timeframe that the site notes was also pointed to by Ming-Chi Kuo
* Still though, other sources like Bloomberg, have said in the past that Apple was targeting a late 2013 date for the iWatch.
V The wearables category for sure has the buzz at the moment and it seems many are rushing products to market.
* Being first and early can sometimes help capitalize on hype, but often the products feel like "beta" devices and often fall short of consumer expectations
* Apple typically doesn't take this route. They are often not the first, but focus on finding or creating their market within a new product category. The MP3 player market (iPod) and smartphone market (iPhone) are prime recent examples.
* I think this is the approach they seem to be taking with wearables.
V Cook seemed VERY interested when he spoke at the D, All Things Digital Conference and "biometrics" was an area he specifically cited.
* He mentioned liking the Nike Fuel and and claimed the "The whole sensor field is going to explode," while noting that the industry was a bit "all over the place" at the moment.
* Apple is good at pulling disparate technologiestechnology together and creating a solution for consumers
* When Apple releases a wearable, there is likely going to be a big integration component with existing Apple devices and apps.
* A device that merges information display, remote device and media control, and biometric feedback and monitoring would be disruptive indeed. And we know how Apple likes to disrupt floundering consumer market segments.
V Is Apple going deeper into the chip business?
* There was a questionable report that this past week Apple bought into a chip fabrication plant.
* The rumor seems to indicate that Apple may have done a deal with Taiwan-based chipmaker United Microelectronics Corporation
* 9to5 Mac does point out that back when Apple did it's management restructuring that Tim Cook said the group had "very ambitious plans” for semiconductors".
* Certainly going into chip fabrication is "ambitious", but maybe too much so?
V We know that Apple likes to have control over most of the aspects of their hardware and software.
* They have Mansfield heading up a new Technologies Group and have hired a lot of chip talent including a full GPU design team from AMD.
* Designing chips is one thing. Making them is a whole other business.
* Apple wants to move away from Samsung. They reportedly have been trying to do so with TSMC, but there have been issues. Intel seems interested to do more with Apple, but we haven't heard or seen Apple looking to reciprocate that.
* It would be years before Apple could start making their own chips, so it's possible this is just some early planning.
V Gene Munster thinks Apple should stay out of chip production and move deeper into development
* AppleInsider has piece where they note that Munster believes it would be in Apple's best interest to develop its own logic process technology rather than buying a factory.
* It actually makes, a lot more sense.
* A development facility would cost the company a half to a quarter the price, around 2 billion
* They could develop a SoC process, say for a 10-nm design and then sell or license it to multiple foundries.
* They would profit from the sale and lower their costs by not relying on outside sources like Samsung for the process development part.
* I would also imagine that they could use the process development as leverage to get better fabrication deals as well.
V Until then Apple's semi-near term place for chip fabrication seem to still be split between TSMC and Samsung
* Most indications for 2014 A-Series chip production seem to be pointing to TSMC being the main supplier of Apple's A7 and possibly A8 production using a 20nm process
* Now we have word that Apple is already looking to go back to Samsung in 2015 for production of the A9 using a 14nm process.
* It seems like a very odd move given how much we've heard about Apple trying to distance themselves from Samsung in the wake of all the lawsuits, but we've also heard many reports that TSMC has been struggling to meet Apple's requirements for chip production.
* My guess is that with all these plans were seeing Apple simply hedging it's bets when it comes to ships and that in the end they will have a mix of all these suppliers and solutions to meet their chip production needs.
V Is this the year for a retina iPad mini?
* Well that depends on which rumor you choose to believe
* Many sources have said that Apple is wants to update the iPad mini with a retina display, but many of those source also have reported that Apple is having issues sourcing the part. Production yields are cited as the main concern.
* China's Economic Daily News said this week that they heard Apple has had to push back a fall launch of the next gen iPad mini to the first quarter of 2014.
V Digitimes has been doing the majority of the date shuffling with conflicting reports
* Earlier they claimed that Apple's 2048×1536 retina based mini would not ship until early 2014, which conflicted reports they had back in June.
* Then late this week they pinned the date back to October saying LG will be ready to produce 2-3 million Retina panels a month for an October release
* This jives with an earlier report from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believed Apple would launch an updated retina iPad mini in October
V The flip flopping release dates could just mean that Apple plans to release an updated non-retina based iPad mini in time for the Holidays and then update the line with a Retina display in early 2014
* Seems like a bad move to me, but not unheard of
* Apple released the 4th gen iPad just 8 months after the 3rd gen
* Still this would look to be just 4-6 months apart, something that might not sit well with holiday buyers.
V Beyond the retina display (which is still being disputed), other rumored specs include:
* A further reduced bezel design, "almost bezel free". It's not clear if that means a small physical design as a result or a larger screen. My bet is that Apple would keep the 7.9" screen and opt for a smaller device that's even easier to hold in one hand.
* Slightly improved processor.
* Maybe a small price drop, think up to $30, to further squeeze out the competition.
V The thinner, iPad mini styled, 5th gen 9.7" iPad is still expected in October.
* New thin film touch technology in the display will also reportedly reduce weight by up to 30 percent
V Russian carriers say 'nyet' to iPhone
* Russia's top three carriers, MTS, VimpelCom (Beeline), and MegaFon, have all stopped stocking the iPhone according to a Fortune magazine report
* Those three carriers account for 80 percent of mobile devices sold to 180 million mobile subscribers in the country, so that's a pretty big deal for Apple.
V In some ways this looks like an anti-Apple conspiracy by the Russian carriers.
* There might be some pressure being put on Apple by the carriers. Beeline claims Apple's has "draconian" contracts and "harsh conditions", including requirements to subsidize iPhones and their promotion.
* Apple has been know to demand higher subsidies than other carriers. This is a complaint that we've heard from carries in other markets like China and Japan
V So the Russian carriers are likely trying to put some pressure on Apple, but more likely two other factors are driving the decision to drop the iPhone.
* U.S. style subsidy programs are not allowed due to government controls on mobile phone licensing in Russia
* Russia has extremely high import duties and taxes that drive the iPhone price up. A $649 USD unlocked iPhone 5 would run $918USD in Russia. According to Apple $140 of that is Russian VAT tax and another $129 is foreign exchange, import duties and fees, and channel mark-up.
* Simply put, I would suspect it's just not cost effective for the carriers to stock iPhones.
* Plus, Apple just opened it's on-line store in Russia, so customers who want and can afford iPhones can now get them directly from Apple.
* The number two mobile handset reseller in Russia also is still carrying the iPhone.
* Plus there are rumors that Apple plans to build an Apple Store in Red Square
V Apple want to pay to skip ads
* Rumor that Apple is in talks with media executives on plans for an Apple TV based streaming television service that would allow viewers to skip ads
* Apple would reportedly compensate the networks for the lost ad revenue when consumers do that.
* The report comes from a former Wall Street Journal writer.
* This sounds similar to how ad-skipping was detailed on the newly announced iTunes Radio streaming music service, but is historically something TV executives aren't too keen on.
* I still think Apple would want to simply create an premium Ad free service and just negotiate content deals, also though something TV execs don't want to do. Mostly because of the very lucrative cable TV deals.
* That landscape is changing though.
V But my bet is still on Apple selling content creators on an App Store and iBook like direct distribution model
* "Zero TV" households are on the rise and more and more consumers are getting content on mobile screens connected to the Internet
* Apple has millions of those screens deployed, 500 million IOS devices sold according to Apple in January. Those are all just ripe for content
* Add to that the Apple TV made up 56% of the market for streaming devices in 2012, according to numbers from analyst Dan Rayburn of Frost & Sullivan
* As more folks cut the cord there will also be fewer network produced shows and content. It's not going to happen over night, but with less folks watching cable TV shows, it means less shows being produced.
* There needs to be new ways for creators to sell and distribute their shows
* The Emmy's this year validated non-network distributed content with nominations for Arrested Development and House of Cards. Shows produced and distributed by Netflix on streaming.
* The ideas of fans paying content creators directly for the content they want to me seems perfect and Apple is better poised than any other company to deliver the consumers and infrastructure to make that a reality.
V Other Apple TV related rumors
* Apple might be looking to buy PrimeSense, the company behind the original Microsoft Kinect technology.
* The thought is Apple would use the technology in an Apple TV offering to allow gestures to control the TV?
* Hey, you can skip the ads by shaking your head "no".
* Games seem like a more likely application to me.
* I hope Apple buys the company just so they can re-design the PrimeSense logo.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V New Macbook Air issues
* There have been reports of a few issues
* Wi-fi connectivity problems
* Volume fluctuations, typically during video playback in both 3rd party and Apple apps, like QuickTime
* Also, screen flickering in Photoshop
* Luckily Apple has just released a patch to address all these woes.
V The MacBook Air (Mid 2013) Software Update 1.0
* Available via Software Update and on Apple's support site and recommended for all owners of MacBook Air (mid 2013) models.
* Fixes an issue that in rare instances may cause an intermittent loss in wireless connectivity, an issue with Adobe Photoshop which may cause occasional screen flickering, and an issue which may cause audio volume to fluctuate during video playback.
V Mail alert sounds play all at once
* Your timing is interesting as I have had two other people ask me about this randomly over the past couple weeks.
* I have had this happening on and off on my Mac for at least a year, maybe longer.
* Play comment from David
* In researching I have yet to find a cause beyond just an odd "bug".
V David mentioned in his email to me that there is debate as to if the sounds back up, or simply play twice. Once normally and a second time in bulk.
* One thread I read claimed that the sounds wouldn't play until the backlog was released and then would work normally for a time after that.
* Most commonly the trigger to release the sounds seems to be plugging or unplugging headphones or speakers into the audio port.
* I have also experienced it sometimes in opening my laptop after shutting the lid to put it to sleep.
V One thing to check might be making sure that your alert sounds are set to play through a specific source
* System Preferences > Sound
* Click on the 'Sound Effects' tab and set them to play through a specific location, say you're Internal Speakers as opposed to leaving set as 'Selected Sound Output Device'
V As a matter of fact, I read one post that said that fixed worked for him and possibly the issue is related to those of use who use USB audio interfaces
* It's a conflict of the System sending Sound Effects to the USB output and then when you disconnect the USB output it not sending the sounds back to the internal speakers or headphones or speakers connected to the audio input.
V A couple posts note that it might actually be related to a bug in Mail and the Mac sleeping.
* The sounds get stuck, or doubled up, and then when waking from sleep all play back at once.
* Quitting and restarting Mail solves the issue for a while.
* I leave Mail open all the time and only sleep my Mac, so bight be why I've encountered the bug.
* So maybe always shutting down Mail before you put you Mac to sleep can be another solution for now.
* the hard part is, like a lot of bugs, it's not reliably repeatable or consistent enough to figure out the exact triggers.
* No matter what it's a bug that's been with us for a while.
V When to upgrade your Mac or buy new
* Since I opened the conversation of buying a 11" Macbook Air vs. an iPad on the last show you have emailed to comment and ask about upgrading an old Mac vs. buying a new one.
* I don't have any hard and fast rules and we've discussed it in the past, but I do have some basic personal philosophies that I follow.
* I typically try to get 4 to 5 years of use out of any of my Macs, although I'll admit with the rapid pace of technology that is getting harder to do.
* You reach the point of upgrade vs. buy new which can be tricky.
V My first rule is that when I buy I try to buy the best and most feature rich version of a Mac that I can afford at the time.
* Spec out the system from Apple to the max.
* RAM used to be the one area where I would skip the stock stuff and opt to add my own.
* HDD's were a similar case.
* Now with Apple limiting the ease of aftermarket upgrades, it's getting trickier.
* No RAM upgrades in Retina Macbook Pros or 21" iMacs, so buy what you need now.
V Apple charges about $300 to go from 256GB to 512GB in storage on the new Retina Macbook Pro's.
* After market SSD's and Flash memory upgrades are running about $500 to $550 for 480GB of storage.
V Be honest with yourself about your usage
* We all WANT the latest and greatest stuff, but do you really need it?
* Can a 10-20% improvement in real world productivity really benefit what your doing?
V More RAM and an SSD drive can add a lot of new life and performance to an aging system
* That said, you might be only eking a couple more years
* Are you better off saving the $500 bucks and putting toward a new system
V Timing is important
* I tend to try to time my new Mac purchase to a release of new or updated system. The benefit is longevity.
* If you need it now. Buy it now. If you're business or livelihood relies on your Mac then buy it.
V Who is really fighting the "platform war"?
* My thoughts here are prompted by a post made by Ryan on the Maccast Google+ community.
V He posted a link to a Slate article from an author who tried switching to Android, but found the experience too frustrating and switched back
* I'm simplifying, but basically he found the crapware and extra UI layers polluted the pure Android experience
* He also tested, 'Google Play' versions of the Galaxy S IV and HTC One and found those to be excellent Apple like experiences. The issue there is you have to pay full price, around USD $600, to get that experience.
* The trouble I have with this, and also most Android vs. Apple/iOS arguments is that they take place on an made up battlefield where most consumer aren't even fighting.
* This is a made up wallstreet, media, and analyst battle. If you look none of the supposed generals (Apple, Samsung, Google) are losing. Neither are consumers.
V So why is the media so obsessed with making Apple vs. Android a "thing"?
* It makes a good story.
* It's fun, in the sadistic way, media likes to have fun.
* The way I see it, Apple's customers aren't Google's customers any more than Apple's customers were Microsoft's customers in the 80's and 90's
* Were rehashing all the same old stories with new players and new technology for a new generation.
V And I'm not saying this to pass judgement on the "thing", I'm just pointing out it's a "thing" that we do.
* It analogous to Hollywood's obsession with re-makes.
* Actually it seems to be just a thing we humans like to do. We like re-telling the same stories.
* I bring all this up, not to change it, but to just share the epiphany (and believe me this in not new or profound). It's a reminder to help me escape the craziness I've chosen to get caught up in.
* Outside our crazy world, most "average" consumers just exist and more importantly 'co-exist'
V For them their isn't a 'holy war' or even a war
* If you want a inexpensive feature rich smartphone and price is your main motivator, then an Android device is fine. They don;t care how the price was subsidized.
* If you are an advanced geek and want a device that let's you hack and install anything you want then you are going to get an Android (or an iPhone and Jailbreak).
* If you want an Apple like experience and hardware, then you'll pay a bit more and get what you want.
* So we live in a world of marketshare battles, patent lawsuits, feature comparisons, spec one-ups, and such and we do so because we think it's fun. The rest of the world gets to just benefit from having a market where they can find a device that fit's their choices.
* It's all good.
V Get PDF word count
* Rick wanted to know if there was a way to get the word count from a PDF
* I thought that maybe there would be a way to write an Automator or Applescript and I think there is, but you need a PDF to text tool. There are command line tools like ps2ascii or pdftotext, but they aren;t installed by default in OS X and when I tied to homebrew install them I ran into issues
V Luckily there is an easy way if you own Pages, and at just $9.99 USD on the App Store your should
* Open the PDF in Preview
* Go to the File menu and choose Select All or use the shortcut Command+A
* Copy
* Open Pages and create new blank document.
* Paste
* At the bottom of the Pages document window you'll see the word count
V If you down own Pages then try adding the free WordService to your services menu
* Download the WordServices from Devon Technologies
* In the Download you'll find a WordServices.service file. Control+Click it and choose 'Open' and then click open in the Gatekeeper warning dialog box.
* It will then add the Word Services to your OS X Services menu.
* You can Manage these from System Preferences > Keyboard system preference pane under the 'Keyboard Shortcuts' tab under Services
V After it's installed
* Open the PDF in Preview
* Select All from the File menu
* Then Control+Click (Right+Click) and under Services, select Statistics…
* In the dialog that pops up it will give you the word count along with lines, spaces, and characters
* You can also use the 'wc -w' command on TXT files in the Terminal. -l for lines and -c for characters.
V Mavericks Timer Coalescing explained
* Timer coalescing is term and technology Apple introduced at WWDC and is something that will be in both iOS and Mavericks, but what is it exactly?
* Peter Cohen, writing for iMore, has a great piece that breaks it down
* The main goal is to reduce the CPUs drain on your battery by extending the amount of time the CPU spends in a low power state.
* How do you extend that time? Apple says by grouping together, coalescing, low level operations. This creates small periods of idle time to allow the CPU to enter a low-power state more frequently.
* The deal is that your CPU is constantly spiking in activity. Not only when your using apps, but also in the background as various background apps and tasks make requests on the processor.
* Moving from an idle state to active processing eats up a lot of juice and currently the OS does nothing to police when that happens.
* Timer Coalescing looks to change that
* Those low level operation that cause the CPU to fluctuate state are merely milliseconds apart, but they add up.
* By monitoring and grouping those operations together the CPU can idle fractions of a second longer. It doesn't sound like much, but with millions of operations spread out over hours of usage the net impact is significant.
* Apple claims that their testing shows Timer Coalescing can reduce CPU activity by up to 72 percent.
* The most awesome thing about it, is it's software.
* When you get iOS 7 and Mavericks your Macs and devices will benefit and you should get longer battery life.
* And on new hardware it should be even better.
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