Maccast 08.16.2013 - Show #457
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* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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V News
V September 10th Apple event "confirmed"
* The story originally broke on AllThingsD, but was quickly confirmed by The Loop's Jim Dalrymple has come out with a "yep."
* Bloomberg also later said they confirmed the September 10th date.
* Most folks believe this will be and all iPhone, all iOS 7 event.
* The common feeling is that Apple will announce the iPhone 5S, likely the new lower cost iPhone 5S, and show off the final version of iOS 7
* There has been absolutely no word on iPods on Music, but just based on past announcement we might seem some things there too. For sure the new iTunes Radio will get some Keynote time.
* As for the iPad 5 and update Retina iPad mini? That will likely happen at a later event possibly in October.
V Samsung will supposedly reveal new devices and it's rumored "Galaxy Gear" smart watch at the "Samsung Unpacked Episode 2" event on Sept. 4 in Berlin.
* Some say timed to steal some of Apple's thunder.
V Latest on iPhone 5S and 5C
V iPhone 5S
V New "Champagne" color. Looks more "titanium" color with a slight "golden" hue.
* Ming-Chi Kuo says there will be a "golden" color option.
* Would be better than the "gold" color we've also been seeing
* Still I think Jony Ive might have lost his marbles if this is real
V Let's not stop there. How about a stick out home button?
* Source is Ming-Chi Kuo, so not too unreliable
* Supposedly with a Sapphire crystal cover for the fingerprint sensor
* Convex, so that Apple can allow space needed for the sensor. They already have the lightning connector there
* Munster things it will enable unlock only
* Macotakara, also claims that the iconic app-icon symbol on the Home button will be removed from the 5S
* New custom A7, Apple's design based on the ARMv8 architecture, with 1GB of LPDDR3 RAM
* Dual LED flash and new 8MP camera with a larger f2.0 aperture lens assembly. I would also expect an improved image processor chip too.
* 128GB Flash size option, just like with the iPad.
V Digitimes says the fingerprint scanner could be a big source of availability issues when the 5S launches
* They say Apple may only ship 3-4 million units at launch when they wanted 10 million
* They say issues with integration between iOS 7 and fingerprint chips, as well as a low yield rates at the factory are the trouble.
* Sell outs at launch aren't a new thing for Apple, so it probably won't delay their fall launch, but you'll need to be quick on pre-order if you want to be the first in your neighborhood with an iPhone 5S
V iPhone 5C
* Colors: Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, and (maybe White)
* Almost the same dimensions as the 5S, but 0.8mm thicker
V Is the iPhone 5C the key to Apple growth in emerging markets like China and India
* Apple has just 4.8% of the Chinese smartphone market according to recent numbers from Canalys
* The phone is expected to be more of a "mid-priced" unit, so still might not compete in China or India with truly low budget Smartphones
* It certainly can't hurt and there was a report this week that China Mobile's chairman said they want the iPhone, but are still negotiating. They are still building out a newer LTE network that could support Apple’s newer iPhone models.
* Overall at least one analyst thinks in 2014 the lower cost iPhone could account for the majority, 53%, of all of Apple's iPhone sales.
V Consumer Intelligence Research Partners did a study that showed that 50 percent of previous iPhone owners buy and iPhone again and that less than one-third of first time smartphone buyers will choose an iPhone.
* So if Apple can wow first-time smartphone buyers with a lower cost phone and hook them, they are much more likely to buy the next iPhone
* We also know that Apple benefits greatly beyond the device effect with an Apple "halo" effect.
* Pegatron, who is believed to be the iPhone 5C main supplier, is forecasting 40-50 percent revenue growth in the 3rd quarter in their non-PC segment
V Gene Munster thinks Apple might hobble the 5C in software exclude software features like Siri. So spec wise you'd have a low end iPhone 5, but software wise something more like an iPhone 4?
* He thinks that with the reduced functionality cannibalization of iPhone 5S will only be around 25 percent, down from a previous estimate of 50 percent
* I say Apple doesn't care.
* Munster also believes Apple will keep the iPhone 5 in the middle with the 5C replacing the 4S in the lineup.
V Latest on iPads
* Apple reportedly has been ramping up display orders with Samsung both for 9.7" and 7.9" panels according to NPD DisplaySearch
* Sharp, LG, and Japan Display are also rumored to possibly be suppling next-gen iPad mini displays
* It was originally rumored that a retina iPad mini could be delayed until next year due to supply issues
* Latest rumors suggest the new display will be 2,048-by-1,536 pixels with a pixel density of 324 pixels per inch.
* This week though CNET reported that data from IHS iSuppli shows that display production for the iPad mini is now at a level "similar" to what it was at when Apple first unveiled the device.
V The full sized display bezel is still supposed to look more like the iPad mini with reduced bezels on the sides.
* Wall Street Journal reports it will use the same touch panel technology to also make it thinner.
V iOS 7 beta 6 out and GM coming soon
* Apple had just released iOS 7 beta 5 to developers a few weeks ago
V Rumors was that iOS 7 beta 6 was about a week away.
V That's according to BGR, turns out they were a bit off. Beta 6 showed up Thursday afternoon.
* The one thing referenced in the release docs is fixing an iTunes in the Cloud issue according to 9to5 Mac.
* They also say the "Lock" sound is back.
* There are also rumors Apple will be releasing a GM build to employees, carriers, and developers on Sept. 5th so the launch build is ready on September 10th.
V Despite mixed reviews a couple polls done using Input Factory’s “Polar” app asking opinions on iOS UI elements and icons in iOS 6 v iOS 7 seem to indicate users prefer the iOS 7 versions almost 2 to 1 in most cases.
* The elements are presented statically and not in context
* Typical poll has 2,000 to 15,000 responses though, so good sample size.
V Some of the latest features
* "Ghost app" icons when restoring from iCloud backup. Instead of re-downloading everything in the background at once they display greyed out app icons and when you tap one it re-downloads. Saves on bandwidth and potentially locking up the device during an iCloud restore.
* Cult of Mac pointed out that with the new multitasking screen you can "flick" up with three fingers, one per app, to close three apps at once
V Apple is also getting ready for iOS 7
* Their Beta iCloud site got an iOS 7 style makeover
* The apps and icons have been re-designed to match iOS 7
* the iWork apps retain their older icon look
* The Find My iPhone web app still uses Google Maps.
* You need to be in Apple's Developer beta program to access the site, but it includes members of the "Free" beta program.
V Oslo to remain flat in Maps
* A Norwegian paper claims Apple is being blocked from capturing 3D, aerial footage of Norway's capital.
* A Norway government official confirmed that it is blocking Apple because it does not want the company potentially mapping out confidential buildings and because of security measures within Oslo.
* A specific example is Norway not wanting Apple to film the headquarters of its intelligence teams, a building already banned from photographers.
V Apple is reportedly working with the US Embassy in Norway to try and find a resolution
* Seems to be they could simply agree not to map certain portions or leave specific buildings out of the 3D projections
* 9to5 Mac pointed out that Apple likely already has some 3D mapping data of Olso from their acquisition of C3 technologies. It's possible that laws have changed since the time C3 acquired the images
V AirPort Base Station Firmware Update 7.6.4
* Resolve an issue that may cause AirPort Time Capsule to report that the backup disk is in use
* Resolve an issue that may cause an IPv6 Tunnel error
* Resolve an issue that may intermittently cause a loss in Wi-Fi connectivity with iOS devices
* This firmware update is for all 802.11n AirPort base stations.
* You should have likely receive a pop-up alert for the update, but if not open Airport Utility, select the base station, and click the 'Update' button.
V Apple's stock gets a boost
* Or a couple actually.
V Tuesday Carl Icahn made a couple Tweets and jumped Apple's stock almost 5%
* Said he spoke with Tim Cook and considered Apple extremely undervalued
* That was followed by reports he had raised his stake in Apple over the last month, Bloomberg reported it at now more than $1 billion dollars
* He also said he expressed to Cook that a larger stock buyback was in order.
* RBC capital thinks they might just do that essentially doubling the $60 billion in planned expenditures they already have to help boost the stock price.
* Then Thursday Apple released another quarterly dividend payment to investors. That payment actually cost Apple $110 million less according to AppleInsider because they bought back and retired 36 million shares over the June quarter.
* Apple's stock has since jumped up over $500 a couple times and is projected my a few folks at $600 price target or better.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Saving money on Lightning cables
* This past week I realized all my Lightning cables had gone missing.
* Apple charges USD $19.00 for their cables and that's what I've bought in the past.
V Apple's Users Guides say:
* Charge iPhone with the included USB cable and power adapter or other third-party "Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod" cables and power adapters that are compatible with USB 2.0 or power adapters compliant with one or more of the following standards EN 301489-34, IEC 62684,
YD/T 1591-2009, CNS 15285, ITU L.1000, or another applicable mobile phone power adapter interoperability standard.
* Shopping on-line you can find Lightning cables for as low as USD $2.99, but these are not certified "Made for iDevice".
* The accessory market is flooded with cheap knockoff products and when it comes to charging and power you don;t want to take risks. At best you'll likely have a flaky cable and charging at worst you could suffer fire, injury, or death.
V Following the death of the poor woman in China Apple has initiated a USB charger take back program
* They will take back any USB charger you have questions or concerns about
* You can also opt to get an Apple USB charger for a reduced price of USD $10
* The program runs until October 18th, 2013
* The program started out in China and the US, but was recently expanded to include Australia ($14 AUD), Canada ($11 CAD), France (10 €), Germany (10 €), Japan (¥1,000), and the United Kingdom (10 €).
V So the key is you want cables and accessories from Apple or from reputable vendors that also have the "Made for i" labels.
* If if the show the label on their site, be careful.
V So for my "cheaper" cables I checked my favorite source, Monoprice
* They had "MFi" 3' cables for USD $11.97 and 6' cables for USD $12.78
V Then I also checked Amazon
* There I found a bunch of really cheap knockoffs, but also Amazon's own "Basics" brand.
* Their "MFi" certified cables were a bit more than Monoprice at USD $13.99 for a 3' cable and USD $14.99 for a 6' one
* With shipping on Monoprice vs. my Amazon Prime free shipping the net prices were roughly the same.
* So I opted to try the Amazon cables and I'm impressed. The quality feels good, they so far seem to work great. The housing around the Lightning connector is a bit bulkier than the Apple one, so that may cause issues for some cases.
* The Monoprice cables look identical the the Apple ones.
V "Jobs" movie review
* I'm going to talk openly about this movie. Because it deals with know Apple history I'm not sure there can technically be "spoilers", but if you're going to be sensitive to this sort of thing skip over this part of the show.
* I had an opportunity Wednesday night to go to an early screening of the Ashton Kutcher "Jobs" movie
* Overall I found it very entertaining, but it was obvious that the film will have more appeal to light Apple fans and tech fans than the die hards
V For sure it takes slight liberty with the Apple lore
* I've read numerous accounts of Apple history over the years
* iWoz, The Little Kingdom, Apple Confidential 2.0, Revolution in the Valley, The Second Coming of Steve Jobs, and the Isaacson bio.
* The accounts of the same story taken from different perspectives all have their own nuances and are influenced by the storyteller
V I went it knowing that it was not trying to be a historic retelling of the facts, so overall I found it to be entertaining
* I'd rank it on a level with the Noah Wiley, Anthony Michael Hall film "Pirates of Silicon Valley"
* The film basically covers the period from the birth of the Apple in 1970 through Jobs' return to Apple as interim CEO in 1997.
V My main complaint was there seemed to be two aspects to the story telling and because of that there wasn't enough attention paid to each
V You had a series of time compressed vignettes that felt almost like skits. They were used to highlight the important moments on the timeline and pack a lot of lore and facts into a small bit of movie time
* The time Jobs got Woz to help him with Breakout
* Their first orders with the Byte Shop
* Showing off Jobs darker sides, being a tyrant, abandoning is girlfriend Chrisann daughter Lisa, the blow up with Gates over the phone about Windows stealing Apple's design.
* These are little "bites" that are stitched together to quickly deliver facts and info, but often various bites are time compressed together to create a short sequence in the film. Had to be done for the interest of time, but I wonder if many could have been left out all together
V The "main" story thread seemed to be about Jobs building up Apple to the launch of the Mac and hiring of John Scully, how Apple was "stolen" from Steve, and then Steve return to Apple.
* So the classic arc is the hero who suffers a loss and in the end get redemption.
V The focus is mostly on the business aspects of Apple
* How Markkula provided the first capital and business expertise the company needed
* How Markkula sided with Sculley instead of Jobs when they planned the re-organization that ultimately lead to Steve leaving
* Again though the facts and events are tweaked to meet the story, which many people won't like.
V General opinions
* If you're an Apple fan and willing to let go of strict facts you'll probably enjoy the film. I did, but accept it as entertainment and not history
* The supporting cast did a great job and there are lots of the key player portrayed which is fun.
V Woz is hardly in the film which is a bummer. Might be because it's mostly a business story and Woz stayed away from that part.
* Also Woz was reportedly critical of the cut shown at Sundance and we don't know why the film release was delayed. Maybe the cut more Woz scenes?
* There are some emotional moments that I think are well done, especially one with Steve and his dad and one with Woz.
* The guy who played Ive has a voice that is spot on and Kutcher's walk is amazingly Jobsian.
* Overall I'd say if your a big fan who doesn'doesnt take things too seriously you should see the film. Otherwise wait for video or Netflix it probably won't be long.
V Max out RAM
* Play comment from Todd
* Need to be careful when speaking in absolutes
V You are right on the Page Outs
* Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor
* Click the System Memory tab and check the Page ins and Page outs
* Generally there should be far more page ins than page outs
* A Page out happens when you've maxed out your memory and the system has to compensate by writing some memory to your hard disk.
* Keep in mind that these numbers are cumulative from your last reboot, so you might want to boot up, do a full day of normal work, then check the numbers to see where you stand.
* Now back to the Air. You are 100% correct that if you aren't maxing out your current RAM on a regular basis then the amount of RAM you have is likely fine.
* You are also 100% correct that Dave and my comments were more specific to future proofing your system. I think we were discussing get the most useful life out of your Macs.
* With the new Macbook Airs maxing out the RAM at the time of purchase is more critical because it's the only time you can do it. The RAM is soldered to the motherboard and you can't add more later.
* So while 4GB might be fine the day you buy it running OS X 10.9, when 10.10 or 10.11 get here and your software get more demanding in 3 or 4 year, you might be sunk.
* That, or you just have a really good excuse to get a new Mac every three years. 😉
V Manage Amber Alerts on your phone
* The abduction of teenage girl in California last week caused many iPhone users in the western US quite a scare. iPhones in the area received many, up to 4-5, "Amber Alerts", triggering a message and loud alert sound on the devices.
* The event was horrific and ended thankfully with the girl being recovered. But it left many wondering what the alerts were and why they suddenly got them on their devices
* Basically, earlier this year there were carrier updates pushed out that enabled new "Government Alerts"
* Apple worked with carriers to provide government alerts including Amber Alerts and other emergency alerts for your area.
V You would get this in emergency or police alert situations. They could be very helpful in getting information out during a natural disaster or to help local law enforcement alert citizens to dangerous situations or to help quickly locate a kidnapping victim.
* As we saw this past week the system can and does work.
V But in case you want to manage it here is how:
* 1. Launch the Settings app from the Home screen of your iPhone.
* 2. Tap on Notifications and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.
* 3. Under the Government Alerts section, you'll see an option to enable and disable both Amber Alert notifications as well as general emergency alerts.
* You can't control or change the alert sound and reportedly it ignores the "Do Not Disturb" feature.
* I found that I didn't get the horrible sound and I typically have my phone on "vibrate" mode
V iOS 7 more location transparency
* If you have location services enabled and the system services on your allowing Apple to gather and track a certain amount of location information
* They use that to do things like improve the maps app and provide location-related information.
V You can enable or disable this tracking by going to
* Settings > Privacy > Location Services
* Scroll down to 'System Services'
* Control settings like Cell Network search, Genius for Apps, Location-based iAds, Traffic, etc.
* For now you just get to know that the data is being collected, or not if you disable it, but don't really see what the data is.
* That will change in iOS 7.
V It adds a 'Frequent Locations' option
* Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Frequent Locations
* This will show you a detailed history of the places you visit and how often.
* It also has a map with "hotspots" showing those locations
V What does Apple use the data for?
* Improving Maps
* Can see changes in traffic. It typically takes you x mins to get from home to work.
* Can improve the intelligence of 'Siri', by deducing things like that the places you visit most often might be "home" and "office".
* It's nice that they are making the data and what they do with it more transparent because a consumer can then better decide to leave the feature on or turn it off.
V Closing
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* Improving it it with new features
* Make it more mobile friendly.
* PHP, Javascript, AJAX, and good eye for design.
* Email me, with links to samples of stuff you've worked on.
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