Maccast 09.014.2013 - Show #461
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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V News
V iOS 7
* Comes out on September 18th
* Available for iPhone 4 and later, iPad 2 and later, and fifth-generation iPod touch (5th gen).
V New ringtones and alert sounds
* Old ones under 'Classic' sub-menu
* Old sounds have been supposedly been re-mastered. I can't hear it.
V iCloud Keychain didn't make the cut.
* Since it syncs with Mavericks, most are assuming it will be added back in when OS X releases, probably in October.
V Apple TV is expected to get a software update on the 18th too.
* The key new feature being mentioned is support to allow you to send your purchased content to another persons Apple TV over Airplay to play
* What's new about that? Apparently the software has been tweaked to allow it to stream directly from Apple's servers once authenticated, rather than direct to the TV from the device
* Means that even your iCloud purchased content, stuff not immediately on your device, can be AirPlayed to someone else's TV.
* Reportedly this is more like how the Chromecast works.
* Some say there could be a hardware refresh soon too. Maybe at the October event.
V Significant new features for Enterprise
* IT can configure and customize the available 'Open With…' choices in the Sharing menu
V Per application VPN so when launched the Apps are required to send their data only over VPN.
* Maybe more importantly now employee personal apps can be forced off the VPN
* Enterprise single sign on (SSO)
* New Mobile Device Management (MDM) protocols
V iPhone 5c
V Almost exactly the same specs as the iPhone 5, but with a polycarbonite color plastic casing.
* Should be shatter-resistant and heat-resistant
* Interior, laser welded, metal frame doubles and an antenna system.
* The case is lacquer coated which should help to avoid the scratching associated with plastic cases
* Easier and cheaper to manufacture than metal, which required special and expensive machines.
V 5 colors. White, blue, yellow, green, and pink (some call red)
* Pre-installed color matched wallpaper
V Apple offering silicone cases in 6 colors
* White, blue, yellow, green, pink, and black
* The "non" phone issue.
V 4-inch Retina display, integrated touch, full sRGB standard, and widescreen
* 1136-by–640-pixel resolution at 326 ppi
* Powered by an A6 chip
* Slightly larger battery than the iPhone 5
V 8MP iSight camera, backside illumination, and IR filter.
* ƒ/2.4 aperture
* LED Flash
* Five element lens
V A new FaceTime HD camera that’s even better in low-light, bigger pixels, better backside illumination. Works with FaceTime audio.
* Larger 1.9 micron pixels
* 1.2MP photos (1280 by 960)
* 720p HD video recording
* Backside illumination sensor
V Just slightly bigger and heavier than the iPhone 5
* 4.90 inches by 2.33 inches and 0.35 inches thick (a 1.37 mm difference). Some iPhone 5 and 5s cases might fit a 5c
* On weight it's 4.65 oz. 0.7 oz heavier.
* 16GB configuration at $99 or 32GB at $199 (with two-year contract). Off contract $549 (16GB) or $649 (32GB).
* Shipping on 9/20
V Went on sale Friday at midnight and has not sold out, at least checking the US site Saturday morning.
* The yellow "unlocked" version without a SIM is showing a 9 /25 ship date.
V Many are saying that the price in China isn't low enough
* The 16GB iPhone 5c, unlocked, retails for RMB 4,488 ($800).
* The 8GB 4s will be around RMB 3,288 - yuan ($540)
* Apple will continue to sell the 8GB iPhone 4 for RMB 2,588 (approximately $420 US)
V Apple also, has yet to announce a deal with China Mobile.
* Both the 5s and 5c have the China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) approval for China.
* They could get the iPhone on China Mobile, but need a deal.
* China Mobile has more than 700 million subscribers, more than double the entire population of the US
V Even if Apple only sells into China's middle class and upper middle class markets that is still likely hundreds of million potential customers
* I have read also that China's middle class has a high demand for "luxury" products. Like jewelry, clothing, and I assume electronics.
V With the iPhone 5c what Apple delivered was not a 'low cost' iPhone, but a new 'lower cost' iPhone
* Really the only change is that at the 2nd tier level there is a new device instead of last years model (and let's be honest, it's last years model with a new skin).
* But it's all about consumer perception.
* Can they pull it off with how closely consumer "watch" Apple?
* They firmly are saying they are not going to play in the 'low cost' market.
* Less market share, possibly lower unit sales, more profit.
* They are also firmly backing the subsidy model, which isn't quite as popular outside the US.
V iPhone 5s
* The iPhone 5 and 5s have exactly the same size and weight. 4.87 inches by 2.31 inches and just 0.30 inches thick, weighing 3.95 oz.
* Pricing: 16GB at $199; 32GB at $299; and 64GB at $399, all with two-year contract.Off contract, $649 (16GB), $749 (32GB), or $849 (64GB)
V U.S., Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, and the UK.
* First time they’ve launched an iPhone in China at the start.
V No pre-orders. You'll need to be in line on 9/20 to get one or you can order on-line on the 20th
* Online ordering will begin at 12:01AM PDT on September 20th
* Apple Retail Stores will open at 8AM to being iPhone 5s sales
V Assumption is that supplied could be severely constrained.
* The fingerprint component is being cited as the issue
V Camera
* 5 element lens with ƒ2.2 aperture.
* 15 percent larger area. Larger 1.5 micron pixels.
* "TrueTone" dual LED flash. Uses 2 colors (warm and cool). Software will adjust the tone in over 1,000 variations to compensate for light conditions and give you better color and improved skin tones when taking flash photos.
* iOS 7 software enhancements to automatically sets white balance, exposure level, create dynamic local tone maps, and do DSLR like autofocus matrix metering.
* also added auto image stabilization
V 120fps slow-motion video. Can dynamically move in and out of 120fps mode.
* Burst and Slo-mo mode operates at 10 8-megapixel images per second (still) or 120 0.9-megapixel images per second (video).
* Adjust exposures while shooting panoramas
V A7 64-bit Chip
V First 64-bit processor on a phone
* iOS 7 and Apple's bundled apps have already been rewritten for 64-bit
* Can run 32-bit apps just fine.
V XCode has tools for developers to build and compile 64-bit apps
* Can create universal apps
* 64-bit can address more memory, but until the iPhone has more that 4GB this doesn't matter
* This is all about processing larger numbers and data faster. A 64-bit CPU can process larger bits of data from memory faster. 64-bit registers as opposed to 32-bit
* Will make a difference on computationally heavy tasks. Think games, video and image processing, etc.
* 64-bit apps (with the 32-bit versions also) may take up a bit more storage, but not enough for most people to notice
* 64-bit apps might also take a bit more memory to run, but again Apple's probably accounted for that.
* It supports OpenGL ES 3.0 graphics
* Apple is telling us up to 2 times CPU and GPU performance
V Apple doesn't provide details, but here is the theory as to what may be inside
* Based on the newer ARMv8 architecture
* Possibly PowerVR Rogue for the GPU
* Double the RAM to 2GB
V Competitors are copying, but will have a harder time catching up
* Samsung announced it would have 64-bit devices coming
* They need a 64-bit version of Android and Android apps to be converted
* The move will be more difficult, not impossible, in a ecosystem where different players control the hardware and software.
V M7 motion co-processor
* Gets information from the gyroscope, accelerometer, compass, and other sensors to continually measure a user's activity.
* Doesn't need to wake up the CPU, so lower power
* Feeds data to apps, so Maps knows if you are walking or driving for example.
* Nike is developing a fitness app to work with it.
* Expect more apps to leverage the technology
* I think the M7 is a byproduct of Apple's R&D into 'wearables'
V TouchID
* Works for unlock and Apple ID sign-in to approve purchases from iTunes Store, the App Store, and the iBooks Store
V Can read in any orientation and you can set up multiple fingers. Yours or others.
* Can store up to five finger profiles.
* Set up by tapping your finger to the home button multiple times and a fingerprint animation fills in it's lines in "red".
* Phil Schiller told AllThingsD that fingerprint authentication will not be currently available to developers outside Apple. He declined to comment on whether it might come in the future.
* When asked if Apple might expand it's own use of the technology Tim Cook said simply, "You can probably imagine a lot of [other] uses."
V Uses a capacitive sensor vs. an optical one (one that takes a picture)
* Reads the inner capacitive sub-dermal layers of skin. The outer layers are not capacitive.
* It uses the differences to form the image.
* Means things like smudges, not defined ridges, etc are probably less of an issue
V The "ring" is a touch sensor that starts the scanning, but may also serve some secondary purposes
* Could also add a small amount of current to "boost" the capacitive signal and reduce signal errors
* Apple's technology should be harder to fool. Can tell the difference between live and dead tissue.
V Apple has said they do not store fingerprint images, but didn't go into detail
* Likely they take the image and run it though an algorithm and make a fingerprint "template". (via Rich Mogull at TechHive)
* That is also likely hashed and combined with a random bit of data (salted) and that is what's stored
* The process is very similar to what Apple does now with passcodes. Difference is they start with a fingerprint template rather than a "code"
* Each unlock the run the print through the same process and compared to the stored result
V The fingerprint data is stored only on the device
* In an area of the A7 chip that Apple calls a secure "enclave"
* It's not backed up outside the device or sent to Apple's servers or iCloud.
* If you restore your device you'll have to reset up TouchID.
V You'll be required to set up a passcode to use TouchID
* Serves as a backup and secures access to changing TouchID and other settings
* Passcode will also be required if the phone is rebooted or hasn't been unlocked for 48 hours
* 48 hour limit won't impact the primary users, but might impact infrequent uses, like family members. They could just use the passcode.
V No two-factor for now
* Could be added
* A fingerprint alone isn't inherently more secure than a passcode
* Important for enterprises that require higher security on devices
V Key with this first version is that it will get more customers to secure their devices
* Apple said 50% of customers don't even use a simple passcode lock
* There is no barrier to use TouchID. Touching the home button unlocks the phone.
* Early reports say it works incredibly well.
V Apple has said that the sensor while good, is not always 100%
* moist fingers (such as sweat or residue from creams and lotions) do not work well
* Reading fingers with scarred skin can be error prone.
V Apple also quietly updated the accidental replacement cost on all new AppleCare+ plans from $49.00 per incident to $79.00 per incident.
* AppleCare+ for iPhone is still USD $99.00
* Already purchased plans remain unchanged.
V Also now available in UK, France, and Italy.
* In the UK, the fee to replace an accidentally-damaged iPad under the two-year plan is £39; replacing an iPhone is £55.
* Language on the UK AppleCare+ page notes that buyers there have up to six years to get a free repair or replacement if a device doesn't "conform with the contract of sale."
* AppleCare+ was also brought to the iPod touch and iPod classic for USD $59
V Apple will have iPhone 5s and 5c Lightning Docks available at release
* Lightning connector and audio out ports
* BYOC(able)
* USD $29.00
V Other iPhone 5s and 5c stuff we know
V Even though they have improved FaceTime HD cameras, Apple seems to no longer be supporting FaceTime HD calls
* Even over Wi-fi, according to specs on Apple's site (via iLounge)
* Supporting HVGA-resolution, 480x368
* Likely because of the lost lawsuit to VirnetX.
* They can no longer connect a peer-to-peer FaceTime call and have to route through Apple's servers, which has reportedly cause quality issues
V Improved batteries
* According to FCC filings.
* iPhone 5c has a 1507 mAH and 1570 mAh in the iPhone 5s
* The iPhone 5 had a 1440 mAh battery.
* mean 2 hours more talk time (3G or LTE), from 8 hours to 10 hours. Also 25 hours more standby time.
* 3x video zoom
V iPod updates
* They are still selling the iPod Classic
* Added "Space Grey" colors to iPod Touch, iPod Nano, and iPod Shuffle
* Pricing and sizes stayed the same
V Walmart will have the cheapest price in the US (probably)
* They announced they would sell the iPhone 5c at USD $79.00 (16GB) and the iPhone 5s (16GB) for USD $189.00.
* The offer is in store only.
* They said they would be on sale on September 20th.
V Carrier and Data Plan details
V Apple seems to be offer four different LTE models of each iPhone (5s and 5c)
* In the US (and Puerto Rico) one will support AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, this also supports Canada.
* The US Sprint model is different and supports the US, Puerto Rico, and Japan.
* There is one model for France, Germany, and the UK
* The fourth model supports Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Korea, and Singapore
* If you look at individual bands there does seem to be a lot of crossover, but I'm unsure if and how that may translate into global carrier hopping.
V Unlimited data plans in the US
* I haven't seen or heard anything, but several people in this thread claim they called and AT&T reps said they could keep the unlimited.
V One guy who claimed to work for AT&T game some more detail.
* If you have an iPhone 5 your current plan should read, "Data Unlimited for iPhone 4G LTE." and should stay the same when you upgrade.
* If you have an iPhone 4s (and I assume older), they will move you to the, "Data Unlimited for iPhone 4G LTE." plan (because of the LTE), and your bill will be prorated. This will be at exactly the same rate, ($30/mo for the data), but they are moving you from a non-LTE unlimited plan to an LTE unlimited plan in their billing system.
* On AT&Ts LTE Unlimited data plans only the first 5GB is on LTE, so after that you get throttled down to basically EDGE like speed (according to internet accounts). So as always "Unlimited" is NOT "Unlimited".
* If you are on Verizon the DO force you off your unlimited plan and into one of their new plans.
V StraightTalk wireless announced they now support LTE speeds for data
* Unlimited everything month-to-month, no contract, for USD $45/mo. per phone
* On AT&T network, so need an AT&T GSM/LTE compatible phone. Doesn't have to be unlocked.
* Supports SMS, but getting MMS (picture messaging) requires some technical fiddling.
* Doesn't offer Visual Voicemail support. Some claim you can "hack" it in, but others say that activates the Visual voicemail menu, but it will not work (can't save a greeting, no messages will be displayed).
V Apple landed a carrier deal with Japan's largest carrier NTT DoCoMo
V Has 60 million customers, a little less than half of Japan's entire population
* One report said that DoCoMo may have lost as many as 66 percent of it's customer because it didn't carry the iPhone.
* They are offering promotions on the new iPhones to woo customers back
* There are already predictions that the 5s and 5c could make up make up 40 percent of all new contracts on NTT DoCoMo (source: Nikkei)
* SoftBank and KDDI will reportedly offer the iPhone 5s with discounts that effectively make the phone free on contract in order to compete with DoCoMo
V Apple's site only shows support for LTE on EE and Vodafone in the UK
* Both Three and O2 have confirmed that the devices will support their new LTE networks.
* They will also support 4G on those networks.
V OS X 10.8.5 update
* Fixes an issue that may prevent Mail from displaying messages
* Improves AFP file transfer performance over 802.11ac Wi-Fi
* Resolves an issue that may prevent a screen saver from starting automatically
* Improves Xsan reliability
* Improves reliability when transferring large files over Ethernet
* Improves performance when authenticating to an Open Directory server
* Addresses an issue that prevented a smart card from unlocking preference panes in System Preferences
* Contains the improvements included in MacBook Air (Mid 2013) Software Update 1.0
* Also contains a number of security patches and updates.
* Apple also also issued security updates for Snow Leopard (10.6) and Lion (10.7)
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V More iOS car advice
V I received a voicemail from Mike, who was in the car so the audio was a bit noisy, but he made a good point.
* His Audio has a cable in the glove box and he can connect his phone, but that only does charging and allows access to iTunes content.
* He can't get at 3rd party apps or other services, like Downcast or Pandora
* So you may look into better integration. Simple A2DP Bluetooth connection with a dock system may work better
V iTunes in the Car will give you access to more Apple integrations
V Siri Eyes Free. Button on steering wheel to ask Siri. Your iPhone display stays dark.
* Ask Siri to call people, select and play music, hear and compose text messages, use Maps and get directions, read your notifications, find calendar information, add reminders
* Send and receive messages
* Access Apple maps Navigation
* Play iTunes Music and iTunes Radio
* Get directions from addresses in received text and emails
V Omni discontinued out of App Store upgrades
* Almost the day after I discussed it on the show Omni Group had to pull their Omni KeyMaster app
* They didn't say why, but everyone can probably guess.
* Regardless, you'll probably want to buy all future Omni apps direct from their site, so you can get future upgrade pricing from them.
V Don't upgrade to 1080 if you can't view it.
* I mentioned on the last show how you can 'upgrade' your older iTunes purchased movies to newer 720 or even 1080p versions
* David pointed out a good reminder. Make sure you don;t download higher quality versions than you can use, unless you just want the highest quality versions to back up and/or for future proofing.
* But if you only have a TV that will show 720p then you don't really need 1080p versions.
V A talk about wireless disks
* Bill emailed me to ask if I could talk about wireless drives and how they work and how they differ from say NAS drives or private cloud devices like the Transporter.
V There are a bunch of new wireless hard drive and flash drives on the market these days.
* Seagate, Kingston, SanDisk, Western Digital and others make these kinds of products.
* I've talked about the Maxcell AirStash on this show and I'm testing out the HyperDrive iUSBport Mini now.
V They use different media, form factors, etc. but all provide the same basic functionality.
* Some are traditional hard drives
* Some use flash or SSD
* Some connect to existing drives, Either USB drives, thumb drives, or SD cards.
* Typically they will have a built in wi-fi 'hot spot' that can set up it's own ad-hoc network.
* They also have their own server software built in, so in essence they act as an autonomous file server.
* They also are typically configured by connecting your device directly to the drives "network" and then running an app or accessing a web interface on the drive.
V Once connected you can usually access your files in a few ways.
* From a web browser
* From your Mac. It will sometimes support Bonjour so it shows up as a Network volume. Or you connect using something like WebDAV or FTP, say from the Finder's Go > Connect to Server… menu.
V On iOS you can use an app that can connect to WebDAV or FTP. Pages for example or Good Reader
* There are also File browsing apps like Documents by Readdle.
* Many devices also have their own dedicated apps. And some require the dedicated apps.
V Many "wi-fi" drives are designed to act as media servers allowing you to access movies, music, and photos
* You can often browse and stream directly from the drives over wireless.
V These drive are somewhat different than a traditional Network Attached Storage (NAS) drive.
* A NAS is typically connected to your home network (wired or wireless)
* They are often multi-disk
* Offer some of the same features like file servers, media servers, etc.
* They can also sometimes offer remote access
V The Transporter is a different kind of device
* It offers network storage with a single 2.5" hard drive
* It's software sets up a folder in your home folder and, like Dropbox, anything you place in that folder is sync'd to your Transporter using what they called 'Connected Folders'
* You can also store files directly on the Transporter in the 'Transporter Library' and just access them remotely.
* You can also share Transporter Connected folders with other Transporters and other computers and they are sync'd
* The big difference from a cloud based service, like Dropbox though, is that all the syncing with Transporters is done peer-to-peer. There is no intermediate server in the cloud. Your files go through the internet, but from Transporter to Transporter or Transporter to computer.
V Encoded video is upside down
* Bruce came across a funny issue that can sometimes crop up when re-encoding videos shot on an iOS device
* He noticed that sometimes when he would run his videos through a tool like Handbrake that the resulting re-encoded videos would be upside down.
* What's happening is that when you shoot video on an iOS device it may be shot in any orientation.
* Turns out that iOS stores this info in it's meta data and by Quicktime and the iOS video apps it's read and so the video plays in the correct way.
* Some apps though, like Handbrake, ignore this metadata info. So if the video was shot "upside down" with the camera on the bottom. Then after encoding you get upside down video.
* So the easy solution is always shoot on an iOS device with the camera on top, pointed upward.
V If you have video that was already shout upside down, you can fix it in QuickTime before re-encoding.
* Open the movie in Quicktime Player and export it which re-encodes it properly rotated.
V Closing
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