Maccast 11.17.2013 - Show #468
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* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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V News
V The Retina mini rolled out quietly
* In a very odd move on Tuesday after I recorded the last Maccast, Apple soft launched the iPad mini
* Since then availability has been seriously constrained, but you can seem to get one if you want it in most places.
V You might have to do some digging, but Apple will help a bit.
* The website will let you check available inventory in store (at least in the US and UK)
* After closing time I think is the best time to check and reserve for in-store pickup next day
V Most feel that Apple did the strange "secret" midnight roll out to better manage demand because they have not been able to produce nearly enough units to meet the estimated demand
* By not publicly announcing the devices release in advance only really die hard Apple watchers were aware of the products availability on launch day.
* Since then obviously word has spread.
V They main theory behind the inventory constraints is that Apple's suppliers are having a hard time with production yields on the iPad mini's Retina Displays
* It has the same pixel density as the iPhone 5s at 326 ppi.
* Apple is supposedly using multiple suppliers to try and boost demand and last time I think I told you about the rumor that Apple might turn back to Samsung in 2014 to get even more displays to keep up.
V All of Apple's display suppliers are reportedly having trouble, but specifically we're hearing that the Sharp IGZO panels are particularly troublesome.
* I had read a report that supposedly Apple was rejecting a large number of Sharp panels because they displayed "burn in" issues, but the reports I read were that the burn in was not perceptible to the human eye. Still the panels did not meet Apple's standards.
* This week Instapaper developer Marco Arment reported that his Retina iPad mini has signs of bun in in his tests.
* He posted a web page that has a black and white checkerboard pattern that you display for several minutes and then switch to a grey screen to see if your display shows signs of burn in.
* Since he posted many sites and sources are running the tests and the issue doe seem to be mostly isolated.
* Even the images Marco posted show a very faint sign of the issue and the effect does supposedly fade out.Some displays seem to be worse than others.
* If you do have an effected display, you should take the unit back to Apple for replacement, and if possible test the new unit in store before you accept it if you can.
V iFixit did their typical teardown and there were few, but not no, surprises
* Inside it's basically an iPad Air, but scaled down
* The A7 processor runs at a slightly lower 1.3GHz clock speed vs. the iPad Air's 1.4 GHz
* The one big surprise was a much larger battery. 24.3WHrs vs the 16.3WHr battery of the original iPad mini. The run time remains close to the same, so I assume all that extra juice is mostly used to drive all those extra pixels.
V Developers get OS X Mavericks update
* Apple has seeded the first OS X Mavericks update, 10.9.1 to developers.
* Identified as "build 13B27", it's pre-release software meant for developer testing.
* Because of Apple's developer NDAs there aren't a lot of details, but we do know that Apple wants testers to focus their efforts on Mail, Graphics, and VoiceOver.
* No word on when we might see the update released to consumers, but when it comes out it will be the first point release OS X Mavericks update.
* Last week Apple did push out a minor "patch" to address issues with Mail in Mavericks, but that release only changed the build number.
V Apple issues iOS 7.0.4 update
* Apple also released their 4th update to iOS 7
* iOS 7.0.4 was released and specifically mentioned fixing an issue that caused FaceTime calls to fail for some users.
* In addition the update is said to contain additional bug fixes and improvements.
* Along with the 7.0.4 update the Apple TV also received an update to version 6.0.2. There were no obvious new features and the release notes simple state, "Includes general performance and stability improvements."
V Apple might be acquiring PrimeSense
* iMore is reporting that it looks like Apple might be just a few days away from finalizing a deal to acquire PrimeSense
* PrimeSense is an Israeli technology sensor company. They actually developed the 3D visual sensor system that was originally used in Microsoft's XBox connect product
* The companies technology can map out 3D environments and track movements of bodies, faces and facial expressions. That data can then be used to do all sorts of things from facial recognition to gesture control.
* Rumors of the acquisition began floating around last July and now seem to be heating up again.
* Back then the rumors placed Apple's cost to acquire the company at $280 million although now they are saying the deal could be worth $345 million.
* As for what Apple would do with the technology? You're imagination is as good as mine, but we had already heard rumors of an Apple TV with gesture controls.
* Applications for iOS and Macs also seem interesting, especially fro things like gaming.
* I would also imagine that Apple has many ideas that we haven't even thought of yet.
* Tim Cook said at the D11 conference, "The whole sensor field is going to explode. It’s a little all over the place right now. With the arc of time, it will become clearer."
* PrimeSense would be a nice stick of dynamite in Apple's sensor technology portfolio.
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V Feedback, commentary, opinions
V Help with Shuffle by Genre
* On the last show we brought up an issue in iOS 7's Music app that it was tricky to get the player to shuffle music by genre.
* In that show a listener had discovered a workaround that involved using the search feature to get the results he wanted
* After that episode many of you wrote in to tell me that there is an easier way.
* Play comment from Walt
* Obviously the one caveat to this is that you do need to have a device that supports Siri, but still a great tip.
V Fixing some annoying OS X Mavericks bugs
V At startup Michael was getting an error message about his Keychain
* " wants to use "Mike" keychain. Please enter keychain password."
* Entering it would get past this, but on the next reboot it would show up again.
* I found the solution on an Apple discussion board
* Basically you have to reset the Keychain.
* 1) Go into Keychain Access
* 2) From the Menu, selected Keychain Access then Preferences
* 3) Under General clicked on "Reset My Default Keychain"
* 4) Entering your user password it will remove your user keychain and rebuilt it.
* You'll need to re-enter all your saved passwords after that, but it should resolve the issue.
V I was having an issue with any iCloud saved documents in the new Pages.
* I could create new documents, but the next time I would try to open them I would get an error simply saying that Pages could not open the file.
* The answer there was that I had to completely log out of iCloud on my Mac and log back in.
* System Preferences > iCloud. Then log out.
* It will give you several warnings. I choose the leave local copies of things like my Contacts, etc. on my Mac and all seemed to be fine.
* Once I logged back in I was able to use Pages with iCloud saved files just fine.
V Apple can't find your Tweet Peeps
* Play comment from Todd
* I haven't confirmed this, but I think the issue is that the search results that Apple uses comes from your Contacts and not a search of Twitter's users database
V On the Mac in the 'Internet Accounts' (Mail, Contacts, and Calendars pre-Mavericks), in the Twitter account you can use the 'Update Contacts' feature
* This will scan you contacts and import any matching Twitter usernames for your contacts, based on email address.
* When you are then searching in the Share Sheet, I think it uses this data to try and suggest Twitter names when you're typing an @username.
* If they are not in your Contacts, even if they are a valid Twitter username, it won't show up.
* That's why I often avoid the Apple 'Share' option for tweets and just use a dedicated client like Tweetbot.
V Email with MacSparky
* Our friend David Sparks from Mac Power Users has just released the 4th book in his Mac Sparky Field Guide series and this time it's all about Email.
* Of course you can get your copy on the iBookstore now, but I figured I just get David on the show to talk to us about the new book and maybe give us a sneak peek and some tips.
* Play interview with David.
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