Maccast Members Show #172 - iTunes Tips & Tricks
V Opening
V iTunes
* Like it or not, if you’re Apple user and you want to deal with media on your devices and Mac at some point you may likely need to deal with iTunes.
* It began life as a simple MP3 audio player, but is now the hub of the digital media eco-system on the Mac.
* It’s a beast of a program and one that Apple arguably needs to tame better at some point.
* Until then I figured I look into and share some tips, tricks, and techniques to make using iTunes a bit more bearable.
V iTunes Tips & Tricks
V Navigating the Libraries
* When iTunes ’11 was released Apple hid away the sidebar in favor of a one window interface
V There is now a Library drop-down that shows the various libraries, Music, TV, Movies, etc.
V You can quickly access the various libraries with the keyboard using Command+[#n] corresponding to the order the libraries are in the drop-down
* 1 = Music
* 2 = Movies
* 3 = TV Shows
* 4 = Podcasts
* 5 = iTunes U
* 6 = Audiobooks
* 7 = Apps
* iBooks is in the drop-down, but in OS X Mavericks moved to it’s own app
* If you want the Sidebar back you can enable it under View > Show Sidebar (Command+Option+S)
V Enable the status bar at the bottom from 'View' > 'Show Status Bar' (Command + /)
* Displays the stats for the item you’re currently viewing
* Number of items, length of playtime, total file size
* Click the middle of the status bar to toggle the time between relative time (ex. 3 days) vs. DD:HH:MM:SS
V Toolbar features
V AirPlay button
* Click the Airplay button and you get a list of output items
* The button won’t appear is there are no Airplay output devices nearby
* The 'Single' tab lets you send to one device and control the volume
V Under 'Multiple' you can send to multiple output destinations by clicking the checkmarks.
* Each volume can be controlled independently.
V Search
* Search is universal for your library, all sections
V If you’d prefer to restrict by the section you’re currently in, click the 'magnifying glass' and uncheck the 'Search entire library' option
* Notice the "Search Library" text will change to be specific. Like, 'Search Movies'
* Under here you can also adjust search filters, like 'All' or 'Title', 'Song', 'Artist', etc.
V UpNext
* Click the "hamburger" lines on the "LCD" to see the 'Up Next' list
* You can drag items from the library and drop onto the LCD area to add to up next
* In the list drag items around to reorder them
* Click the "X" to remove
* Click the "Clock" to see previous tracks
V Genius Shuffle
* If you have Genius turned on, Store > Turn on Genius (on if you use iTunes Match) , you can quickly enter Genius Shuffle.
* It will use the existing song to influence a shuffle
* Hold the 'Option' key and the Previous track button will become a Genius icon. Click to start a genius Shuffle form the currently playing track.
V Mini Player
V Click the album art to expand it.
* Player controls and info fade away and come back when you hover.
V Can search and add to Up Next right from the mini player
* Over over the result and a "+" appears on the left. Click to add. Option+Enter on a selected item also works
* Also get the ">" bottom with all it’s options.
V iTunes Radio Station Links
* Here’s a way you can create desktop link to add and directly play your iTunes Radio stations
* Open iTunes and locate (or create) the radio station.
* Click the Share button and then click Copy Link.
* Paste the URL into the URL bar in your browser, but don’t hit return just yet
* In the link, replace https with itmss and add '?cmd=AddStation’ to the end of the link.
* Grab the favicon in the URL location bar and drag it to the desktop. This will create a '.inetloc' file.
* Double clicking that file will now open iTunes and immediately start playing that station.
V Add album art as icon
* Search Google images for the image you want. Square format is preferred
* Run it thorough the iConvertIcons we service
* Download the ICNS file and select it.
* File > Get Info… and click the icon in the dialog to select it and copy it (Command+C)
* In the Finder select the . file. File > Get Info… and click the icon in the dialog to select it and paste the icon (Command+V)
* Now you could put your Radio Station in the Dock for quick access.
V Helpful shortcuts
* There are a ton and Apple has a full list here:
* Spacebar will play or pause.
V Left and Right arrows will skip to next or previous song
* Option+Command+Right Arrow or +Left Arrow will move forward or back within a song
* Option+Right Arrow or +Left Arrow will go to next or previous album in a list
* Command+Up and Command+Down arrows will adjust the volume when playing. Add Shift to jump to mute or 100 percent volume
* Command+F to jump to search.
V Option+Command+M to toggle to the Mini Player and back.
* Command + Option + 3 will bring up the MiniPlayer and also keep the full view open.
* Command+L to jump to the currently playing tack in the song list
V Playlists
V Several was to add items to playlists
* Drag a track or item and the Playlist list (redundant?) will pop-out on the left and you can drag the track into a list. Drag into the window and not onto a specific list to create a new one.
* In the player "LCD", click the ">" button next to the track name and choose 'Add to'
* In the library listing click the ">" icon next to the album or track name, click 'Add to'
V Smart Playlists
* I love these, you can use all kinds of metadata to dynamically create lists.
* File > New > Smart Playlist…
V Set up the rules
* There can be more than one criteria, just click the "+" icon
* When you have more than one criteria you get an 'All' rules or 'Any' rules option.
* Nested rules can be made by holding the 'option' key. You’ll get a "…" button instead of the "+"
* Limit the number of items, how much space, best rated, least played, etc.
* Live updating will change the list as the data changes. So say the rating to play count is changed.
V Find Tracks to upgrade
* I use a Smart Playlist to find iTunes Match Tracks that I can upgrade
V Rules
* Where all the following:
* Bit Rate is less than 256 kbps
* Media Kind is Music
* And Any of the following sub-rule: iCloud Status is Matched or iCloud Status is Purchased
* Live updating is checked.
V Once found you can hold Option+Delete after selecting them from the main library.
* It will ask to confirm Deleting songs. Make sure the "Also delete these songs from iCloud" is unchecked. Then click 'Delete Songs'
* It will then ask if you want to keep the media in the iTunes Media folder. Click 'Move to Trash'
* Now you should get the iCloud Download icon next to the track in the Library. Note it will get moved out of your Smart Playlist because of the Live updating and it’s not longer listed at a low bit rate.
* Sort by the iCloud Download column in the main Library.
V Rip, Burn, Mix?
* Yes, you can still burn discs, but won’t see the option in the 'File' menu until you select a playlist that’s capable of being burned.
V Audio Conversions
* iTunes > Preferences > General
* Click 'Import Settings…'
* Set the encoder and quality settings.
* These will be used for imports from CD, but you can also convert existing non-DRM’s tracks
* Right+Click the song and select the 'Create AAC Version'. The format name will change based on the setting to set.
* This is how you can convert the newest Garageband files from AIFF or AAC to MP3s
V Sharing
V Use Home Sharing to get access everywhere on your network
* Apple TV, other Macs, iTunes Remote
* Just use the same Apple ID for all devices and computers.
* File > Turn On Home Sharing…
* Home Shares show up at the bottom of the Library drop down when available.
* Access Home Shares from the Computer section on Apple TV
* Any iTunes with Home Sharing will show up in the Remote App and can be remote controlled.
V The Visualizer
V Yes it’s still there. Command + T to activate it.
* New and Classic, offer options. Press '?' while active
* Stix, Lathe, Jelly
* Command+Control+F still works to go full screen without control bars
V Some 3rd party visualizes still exist and might be updated or work with iTunes 11
* Search Google
V Remote app can enable the Visualizer
* From the 'Now Playing…' screen, tap 'More…'
* Tap 'Show Visualizer'. Can change it though.
* Can also create new Genius Playlists or New iTunes Radio Stations.
V Other tricks
V Right+Click on the Dock icon to get more options
* Shows the current playing track and artist info
* Play, Pause, Next, and Previous controls
* Set Rating
* Show in iTunes Store
* Start a Genius playlist
V Closing
V Thanks for listening
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