Maccast 2014.03.17 - #481
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V News
V Latest iPhone 6 Rumors
V Japanese blog Macotakara say Apple has two final candidates with 4.7- and 5.7-inch displays
* They say the design is a cross between the 5c and iPod Touch
* The button styling and rounded back of the 5c with the colors in aluminum like the Nano (Touch?)
* They also say the 5.7-inch model is just 7mm thick (sam as iPad Air) and would have a protruded iSight camera like the iPod Touch
* They have had a fairly good track record compared to others
V Bombshell today on Twitter
* Sonny Dickson, who has been a reliable source in the past
* 0.22 inches thick (or around 5.58 millimeters)
* Ultra-Retina screen with a pixel density of 389 pixels per inch (ppi) (yes, they will use the term "Ultra-retina).
* An A8 processor clocked at 2.6GHz (the A7 in the 5s is clocked at 1.4GHz).
* "bezel-free" display
V 10-MP or higher camera
* Or 8-MP one with better stuff like optical image stabilization (OIS) technology and improved image processing.
V Apple may add a pressure, temperature and humidity sensors.
* There have been rumors that the iWatch could use "optical sensors" to measure heart rate and oxygen levels
* Cook was really hot on sensor technology at the last AllThingsD conference.
* Andy Hargreaves at Pacific Crest thinks Apple might up the on-contact prices by $100. So starting at $399.00 for the base model (hope it comes with 32GB).
V The China Times claims that production will start at a new Pegatron facility in the second quarter with full production set to be in swing by the third quarter
* That would be in-line with an expected Fall release
V Don’t though, the iPhone 6 has already been declared a failure by Avram Plitch over al Laptop,
* Don’t go to the site, he doesn’t deserve the traffic, but I’ll summarize his six reasons
* 8MP camera while competition has more. Forget optics or image quality because more is ALWAYS better you know.
* iPhone 5s and its puny 1,560 mAh battery with just under 6 hours of battery life in HIS real world tests. He then cites Samsung's marketing figure of 11.5 hours on the Galaxy S5 for comparison. The S5 has a huge 2600 mAh battery by comparison. It’s not out for real world testing, but real world tests of the 5s show 8-10 hour real world usage with web surfing and video. The Galaxy S4 with a 2300 mAh battery was just on par or did slightly worse than the iPhone 5s in real world testing.
* No NFC. Ahh, anyone else notice NFC is DOA? See you need to have something for NFC to connect to. Anyone?
* Not enough OS level sharing options. Since most sharing is done within apps, not sure how this matters. Developer build in app appropriate sharing.
* Weak keyboard. They are still playing the Swype card. Flesky has an alternative keyboard option for app developers and I imagine more could come.
* Limited customization. You mean widgets, icons, alt launchers that tend to drain battery and bog down devices and then the user blames the device not the customizations?
V Apple TV Rumors
* Mentions of camera support for Apple TV were discovered this week by AppleInsider
* The thought is Apple might add camera based gesture controls.
* I’m thinking this goes more in-line with game rumors that a "body" remote.
* Remember Apple acquired PrimeSense, which made the original XBox Kinect device.
* At an executive retreat Job’s supposedly said Apple wouldn’t make an HDTV product because, "TV is a terrible business. They don't turn over and the margins suck,".
* iOS 6.1 update for Apple TV can scan for AirPlay over Bluetooth. This eliminates the need for Bonjour network support. Something that is sometimes blocked in EDU or Business environments
V iPad Pro may not get here this year
* According to a few sources including Ming-Chi Kuo
* Digitimes cites low-yields of Sapphire glass in AZ, but that seems questionable, but is also something that Corning is saying Apple would have trouble with.
V Apple may launch 8GB iPhone 5c this week
* Supposedly from a leaked email from O2 in Germany
* iMore sources in the UK say they already have stock of the new device.
* Priced about $90 lower than the 16GB iPhone 5c
* Apple has been running heavy on-line and print ads for the 5c.
V May also bring back the iPad 4
* 9to5 Mac says some retailers already have 16GB black and white wi-fi and LTE models to go on sale Tuesday.
* It would replace the $399 USD iPad 2 as the low end offering
* Means all Apple current iOS devices would use a Lightning connector
V When it comes to profit Apple is crushing it.
* A new report from Asymco’s Horace Dediu
* Apple’s global cell phone shipment volume is just under 10 percent
* Apple has 35 percent of global cell phone revenue
* Apple has over 60% of the global cell phone profits, with less than 10% of the total industry shipments.
* I’ll give you a moment to let that sink in.
* Marketshare may be nice, but money share keeps your bottom line, R&D budget, and company healthy, plus makes shareholders happy.
V Let the iOS 8 rumors begin
V Healthbook App, which would have a "Passbook" like card interface, but focus on health and fitness tracking
* Steps, weight, blood glucose, oxygenation, water, food tracking, etc.
* Some of the functionality could be handled by the M7 processor in the latest iPhone
* Enhanced with an Apple "iWatch" wearable.
V Improved mapping
* Better data and improved accuracy of the data
* Integrated transit directions (BroadMap, Embark and HopStop)
* In iOS 9 Apple supposedly has plans for augmented reality and indoor mapping (possibly helped by iBeacon technology?)
* Removing "Missed" category in Notification Center
* Better inter-App communication (please, oh please).
* Allow auto-deleting Message threads in Messages App.
* Removing Game Center app.
* China leak of TextEdit and Preview apps. I doubt it.
* Apple is considering giving developers access to a Siri API. (Oh, please. Oh, please).
* Mobile payment system linked with TouchID.
* Sneak peak at WWDC this summer with a Fall release alongside the iPhone 6
V iTunes Radio is popular, but not most
* I don’t think Apple planned that.
V Edison Research and Statista found that iTunes Radio is now the third-most popular music streaming service in the US.
* iTunes Radio is currently available in the United States and Australia.
* 8 percent of those they surveyed listened to iTunes Radio in the last month
* Apple just beat out Spotify (surprising) which had 6 percent. (Worldwide Spotify has more availability)
* Pandora is still the biggest with 31% saying they listened to that service in the last month, followed by iHeartRadio at 9%.
* Rumors that Apple is testing iTunes Radio as a standalone application which may arrive with iOS 8
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