Maccast Members 176 - Managing Failure
V Opening
V Disaster in one form or another is inevitable
* That was brought home to me more than once in the past few weeks
* Fires threatened my area and possibly my home
* Then a logic board failure on my Mac
V Technical and non-technical failures
* Theft or natural disaster
* Failure of components
V Managing Failure
V Preparation
* These are the kinds of things that need to have advanced plans. There is no time to do it during or after the fact.
V Backups for your Backups
* Time Machine, Super Duper, Chrono Sync, and Crash Plan (off site).
* Consider an "emergency" pack for your electronics with extra cables, cords, power supplies. That way you can just grab and go on hard drives and computers.
* An off-site solution is critical in case of theft, out of town, not enough time, or just too dangerous to try and grab your gear.
V Going paperless
* I am now scanning 100% of my critical paperwork
* Goes into paperless and is stored in an encrypted disk image that is part of my backups.
* We also have an emergency "briefcase" file for critical docs. Insurance policies, birth certificates, social security cards, etc.
V Know thy passwords
* I have all mine in 1Password which syncs with Dropbox and is in my backup schedule.
* I know some people who will have a printed copy in a safe deposit box or other secured location.
V Have a partner
* Make sure a spouse or parent knows your systems and how to access and use them
* This is key if you are injured or unavailable
V Diagnosis
* This is fairly obvious in the case of theft or physical loss
* What about failures. Crashed hard drive, failed logic board, etc. i.e. Mac won’t boot.
V Mac locked up
* Wait it out. Go have some coffee or something.
* If it’s not responding, press and hold the power button for 5-10 seconds until it shuts down
V Reboot
* It’s amazing how sometimes just a restart can fix things
* After it’s back up, then look are error logs, run Disk Utility, etc.
* Also consider running a tool like Onxy or Cocktail to clean out system logs, caches, etc.
V Won’t Boot Up
* Disconnect all accessories
* If you are having wake from sleep issues, fans running on high a lot, power issues, try resetting the System Management Controller (SMC)
* If you have 3rd party memory installed, remove and replace with original RAM
* Boot into Single User Mode and run 'fsck’. Hold down Commend+S on startup.
* Try booting into Recovery mode. Hold down Command+R on startup
V Will boot in Recovery
* Try running Disk Utility. Once started up, choose 'Disk Utility'. Then check and repair your boot drive if necessary
V Other tools
V Service
V If none of the usual stuff is working, then contact Apple or local Apple authorized service center
* Even if you don’t have AppleCare
* They can give you a quote and let you know what to do.
V What if they need to take it in?
* You have backup, right?
V Be prepared that they might replace your hard drive and to give them your admin passwords
* If you have private or sensitive data and if you can remove or protect that before you go in for service.
* Change admin password, so you don’t have to give them your private credentials.
V Remove any 3rd party upgrades, in case they need to replace the parts
* I got my RAM back, but there was no guarantee
* If you’re lucky it might be something simple and they can do the repair on site. Or better yet they replace your device.
V Loner or temporary machine
* Business owners can join Join Venture and get loners if repairs take more than 24 hours
* If you’re lucky enough to have another Mac in the house you can use a bootable clone or restore from backup onto the other Mac.
V Using backup data on different Mac
* Depending on the backup it may or may not be 100% in sync.
* May want to turn off existing backup schedules. (Clone, Time Machine, Cloud)
V Set up new "temporary" backup schemes while your Mac is being serviced
* I used a dis k image on my Drobo with a Super Duper clone.
* Extra hard drive for Time Machine?
* I also let my Crash Plan and Chrono sync continue to update
V Different hardware might has issues
* One I found was that many items are tied to the hardware ID
* My iCloud account had to be re-authorized.
* "Inherit" Time Machine backup, you can no longer use with the old Mac.
* Many of my apps wanted to be re-registered.
V If your back wasn’t 100% current then you need to be aware of out of sync data
* In my case I hand copied some of my critical folders from a more recent Time Machine backup
* Simply browsed the Time Machine’s Backup.backupbd/[Computer-Name]/Latest folder.
* You could also use Migration Assistant to restore to a temporary Mac, assuming it’s not being used for other purposes.
V Recovery
* So what do you do once the repairs are done and your Mac is back?
* Basically a lot of the stuff you did to set up your temp Mac, but in reverse.
V Clone from temp backup
* If your repaired Mac still has it’s old HDD
* In my case, because I was booted off a temp Super Duper clone and all my updated files were on that, I simply cloned back.
* If you were doing a Time Machine backup of the temporary Mac then you could use re-install OS X and recover using Migration Assistant
V Starting from scratch
* If it’s a new Mac or new HDD, then re-install the OS and recover from backups.
* If your only data is on remote backup, like Crash Plan, then it will take a while to download all the old data. You might consider their "Restore-To-Door" service
V Re-enable things
* Again you might need to re-enter iCloud passwords, software licenses, configurations, etc.
* Re-enable any old backups you temporarily disabled and confirm they are working again.
* Check syncing services like Dropbox.
* If you use DHCP reservations then those may need to be reset
V Closing
V Disasters suck no matter what, but being prepared can make things less sucky
* It’s pretty easy, with a little advanced planning, to set all this stuff up.
* Once you’ve done it, it is pretty easy to maintain.
* Don’t forget to review your plan too. Update if needed, maybe once or twice a year is probably sufficient.
V Feedback
* Hotline: 281-MAC-I-AM-9 (281) 622-4269
* Skype: themaccast
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