Maccast Members 178 - The Next Big Thing
V Intro
V I’ve been thinking a lot about what the rumored iWatch means for the future of Apple.
* They really are due for the next disruptive product.
* The iPod, the iPhone, the iPad (to a lesser degree) all shook up industries.
* But existing ones. Wearables is a new market with no clear leader yet.
V Many see it as potentially the first revolutionary product launched under Tim Cook
* Not really accurate in my opinion, but OK.
V It’s success or failure could mean a lot of things.
V Some would see it as a sign of the future of an Apple without Steve Jobs
* Can they still innovate or is the magic gone
* Some will see it as a sign of the viability of Smartwatches as devices, possibly even wearables as a whole.
V Current market
V ABI research shows just 510,000 units for Q1 2014. Around 2.2 million units a year currently.
* Samsung, Pebble, LG, Moto 360
* To be fair the Moto 360 isn’t shipping and Samsung’s new models are just shipping.
* Still many say the masses are waiting to see what Apple does
V The trouble with most solutions to date are they are little more than notification screens on your wrist
* They augment, but don’t replace the device you already carry
* They don’t provide a reason to be worn for many beyond just a techy fad object.
* The big question is, Is there anything to revolutionize here or is it a non-starter?
V Apple
* 21 million units in 2015 predicted by UBS analyst
V Technology
* HealthKit
* HomeKit
* Must go far beyond simple notifications. People need a reason to constantly wear it.
* Siri
* Media controls
* Extensions?
V Biometrics
* Auto login?
* Payments?
V Privacy
* Opt-in
* Apple makes money from products and services, not the data and advertising.
* Key especially for sharing medical data.
V Design
* Fashion is a big part of this.
* Recent rumors have suggested a 2.5-inch rectangular display
* I really like the round concepts in the Moto 360
V How can Apple succeed
V Consolidation
* Converge existing health devices with their wearable
V Many people stop using fitness trackers after a few months.
* Lifestyle changes aren't made or not long lasting
* Fad devices, like fad diets.
V Device needs to offer more than one benefit
* This also gives a much broader consumer appeal.
* Challenge is it needs to do many things we'll
V Integration
* Work with my other devices and data.
V Not just with my phone, but also my tablet, Mac, TV, appliances, etc.
* I think a big advantage for Apple is integration with the desktop.
* No other company, except Microsoft maybe, can really integrate their mobile device hardware seamlessly on the desktop because they don’potentiallyt control it.
V App integration
* Probably via more "kits"?
* Extensions
* Widget apps. These could potentially be autonomous.
V Cloud
* Quicker access to relevant data
V Must be "aware". Not just by location, but also intent.
* If I have a meeting, but there is a traffic event, then it should alert and offer to adjust the time I need to leave accordingly or after to text the person I'm meeting that I might be late.
V The awareness could also bring smart syncing of data
V While I’m on wi-fi it could selectively sync data dependent on what info it anticipates I may need
* Weather
* Directions
* Schedules, etc.
* "Intelligent" auto-syncing
* Even if it’s tethered to my phone this could help with battery life and data usage.
V Autonomy
* Needs some amount of utility away from other devices
* Enhanced by integration, but not dependent on it.
* Store info until connected and sync'd
V Control
* The reason Apple may be better poised to succeed.
* They are one of the few companies who can control the end to end experience
V Components
V Custom parts
* Cameras
* Touch ID
* Lightning connectors
* Sensors
* Batteries
V Silicon
* Slimmed down A-series processor
* M7
V Materials
* Liquid metal
* Sapphire glass
* How apple can often avoid a "spec war"
* Software
V Security
* Apps
* Hardware integration
* This is increasingly a selling feature.
V Closing
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