Maccast 2014.09.18 - Show #501
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* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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* CleanMyMac 2 makes space for the things you love. Sporting a range of ingenious features, CleanMyMac 2 lets you safely and intelligently scan and clean your entire Mac with just one click!
* CleanMyMac 2 clears out more than just system junk -- including large files you’ve forgotten about or haven’t opened in a while such as movies, dot-dmg files, and unpacked archives. It even reduces the size of your iPhoto library to help track down those hidden modified copies of your photos and lets you remove them.
V I just removed almost 52GB from my Mac with just the sutomated scan
* Did you know that iPhoto has optimized device versions of all the photos you’ve ever sync’d to an iOS device? I had 36GB of those images alone.
* Also, what about orginals of red-eye removed and rotated photos. Do you really need the originals? Are you ever going back to the one that’s oriented incorrectly?
* The scan give you a chnace to see and review the items you want to clean. You can do it all in one scan or go one category at a time.
* What about apps you don’t use anymore? Their uninstaller makes it easy to do a complete uninstall on those apps you don’t need or that are no longer compatible with your Mac. It also identifies those annoying leftovers of previously removed applications.
* CleanMyMac 2 uses a set of rules and exceptions to properly clean up junk files without doing any harm to the user's system. It’s called Safety Database and they’ve been building this for over 5 years! CleanMyMac 2 stands out among all other cleaning apps by making it safe to clean up your Mac.
* It's just the best app for cleaning up your Mac!
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V PDFpen Scan+
V When going paperless usually the best time to scan a document is right when you get it.
* I’ve had stacks of documents that I meant to scan into my system someday.
* You also typically need a centralized location to store your scanned docs. These days probably someplace in the cloud where you can have access from any device or computer anytime.
* Scan multiple pages effortlessly with post-process image editing
* Scan “Receipt” and “Custom” paper sizes
* Preview OCR text as a page overlay
* Crop easily and with precision
* Improved OCR accuracy and OCR text layout
V And version 1.4 was just released
* Auto-export new scans to Dropbox or PDFpen’s iCloud storage for sharing with PDFpen on iOS or Mac
* Last folder used for import or export will be remembered
* Optional prompt for renaming documents including current date
V Three Amigos
V Intro
* I’m joined my Mac OS Ken’s ( Ken Ray and Mac Power User’s ( David Spark’s to talk about all the latest Apple products.
V iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
* We talk about Apple’s latest iPhone
V Apple Pay
* We talk about Apple’s new payments platform
V Apple Watch
* We talk about the upcoming Apple Watch
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