Maccast 2015.07.15 - Show #533
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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V News
V Apple updates iPod line
V All three models, Shuffle, Nano, and iPod Touch received updated colors
* The three new colors match the ones that were tipped off via images discovered in the iTunes 12.2 release.
* A darker blue, a new gold or beige color, and a brighter pink.
* This in addition to the current silver, space grey, and Product RED colors.
V The new colors were the extent of the updates for the Nano and Shuffle lines who’s sizing and prices remain the same
* With the Shuffle you get 2GB of storage and a USD $99 price tag
* The Nano is 16GB of storage and runs USD $149
V The now 6th Generation iPod Touch is finally brought in line with the latest iPhone models
* First major updates to the line since 2012
* 64-bit A8 processor
* M8 motion coprocessor
* 8-megapixel rear camera.
* Support for 802.11ac wi-fi
* First Apple device with Bluetooth 4.1
* Also now a 128GB option on the high end
* TechCrunch already ran Geekbench on the new iPod Touch and the process seems to be clocked at 1.10 GHz which is slightly under the 1.39GHz speed the iPhone 6 is believed to be clocked at.
V The iPod touch design and size is mostly unchanged
* 6.1-millimeter thick with a 4-inch Retina display
* They did drop the "strap" and it’s attachment "button"
* Pricing on the four storage options: 16GB for USD $199, 32GB for USD $249, 64GB for $299, and 128GB for $399
V Another big advantage for the iPod Touch vs. the other updated iPods is support for Apple Music
* What’s odd is Apple Music tracks are listed in iTunes 12’s info window as using Apple Fair Play v2, which is supported on older iPod Nano’s and Shuffles
V Some find the Apple Watch irritating
* Various reports of some Apple Watch owners developing rashes from the watch band
* This is NOT an issue with the materials Apple is using nor is it an issue exclusive to Apple.
V With ANY band worn on the wrist there could be possible causes for developing a rash
* friction with the band; contact dermatitis from dirt, water, or soap getting stuck underneath; or allergic reactions to adhesives or nickel used in the smartwatch’s production
* In fact Apple's own documentation notes that in rare instances some users could experience this kind of reaction, specifically calling out the rations to adhesives or nickel used in production
V Those of you Kiwi’s will soon be able to be irritated by the Apple Watch
* Apple updated the Apple Store iOS app for New Zealander’s revealing that the Apple Watch will go on sale there on July 31st.
* Customers in New Zealand will be able to purchase Apple Watch starting 7:01am local time on July 31.
V Apple Music Television
* Some believe that Apple has begun producing music videos for some artists who are releasing them first on Apple Music Connect
* According to Pitchfork, Apple's production team created videos for Pharrell's " Freedom," Eminem's " Phenomenal" and Drake's "Energy," all of which debuted as Apple Music exclusives.
* The Eminem video prominently features an Apple Watch, iPhone 6, and Dr. Dre.
* Pitchfork also names Purity Ring, Diddy, and James Bay as other artists that Apple is working with on producing content.
V Apple released the first update for iTunes 12.2
* iTunes 12.2.1
* – Fixes an issue for iTunes Match users where iTunes incorrectly changed some songs from Match to Apple Music.
* – Provides a way to correct a library problem affecting former iTunes Match subscribers.
* – Includes minor bug fixes and improvements for Beats 1.
V On the "real" television side there’s rumors Apple still trying to make it’s Apple TV streaming service happen
* The New York Post claims Apple’s talks with ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox are still ongoing, but might get sped up soon.
* One the issues for Apple in negotiations is that it’s not just the networks they have to deal with. The Networks don’t control affiliate feeds, so to get rights to local content Apple would have to negotiate tons more deals
* Now, according to New York Post sources, it seems the networks are close to having the right to negotiate with Apple on behalf of their affiliates. That would greatly speed up the process
* Rumors are Apple would like to launch a new $30-40/mo TV streaming service in the Fall.
* Depending on how things go it may launch with limited content, Disney (ABC) or CBS are likely in the first offering.
* Th Post source claims the platform is ready to go and, "it rocks", but Apple won’t rock vary hard without the content to go with the platform.
V Apple gets most of the Smartphone profits
* Canaccord Genuity is estimating that Apple is now taking in 92 percent of the Smartphone industry profits despite only having 20 percent of the global market share.
* That's up from 65 percent of the industry profits last year.
* Apple is able to achieve this amazing stat because they are able to keep their pricing up and compete mostly on the high side of the market.
* A recent Strategy Analytics' report states that the average selling price of an iPhone globally in 2014 was $624, whereas devices running Android were sold at an average of $185
* The Canaccord report doesn't factor in Xiaomi and India's Micromax because they are privately held, but they both play in the low end of they market and are not believed to have high margins on their devices.
V iPad Pros may arrive in November
* A report from Digitimes
* 12.9 inch screen with a 2732×2048 resolution and stereo speakers
* iOS 9 has some special keyboard layouts that become available when run at that resolution including one that adds a number row.
* AppleInsider's sources indicated back in May that Apple is indeed working on a larger iPad that will include an all-new Bluetooth stylus accessory with pressure sensitivity
* Other rumors include Force Touch input, NFC functionality, and a USB-C connection port
* The belief is that Apple is looking to bring some energy to declining iPad sales by appealing to business, enterprise, and power users with the new model.
* Apple has reportedly asked suppliers to start ramping up production in September and has partner Foxconn lined up assembly.
* The initial order amounts are said to be conservative
* Early November (late October) would also be an typical time for a release. Apple typically has an October event to announce new products including iPads.
V Will the iPad Pro be the only new iPad this year?
* Macotakara reported on a piece from Economic Daily News that claims Apple want the iPad Pro to be the focus of this years announcements and might not rev the iPad Air line
V They do claim the iPad mini will get a version 4 rev, but that it could be the last year for an iPad mini model
* The next iPad mini is expected to have updated internals like an A8 processor and 802.11ac Wi-Fi along with back case shaped more like the iPad Air
V The report is sketchy at best as the Economic Daily News has a spotty record on Apple rumors.
* The ONLY thing really supporting the no iPad Air update rumor is that so far we’ve not seen parts leaks or heard other rumors about updated specs.
V Apple Pay finally in the UK
* Support from 250,000 retail locations and eight major banks
V American Express, Nationwide, NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland, Santander and Ulster Bank are counted among the first participating financial institutions
V At the last minute First Direct and HSBC were moved to the "coming soon" section.
* First Direct has confirmed on Twitter that Apple Pay will be "available later in July,"
* HSBC tweeted that it will be "launching Apple Pay by the end of this month." and a spokesperson told Apple Insider that it will be "launching in two weeks".
* Barclay's is also still a major banks that’s missing out, though representatives have been quoted as saying an Apple Pay function would be available "imminently." and a tweet on their account promised Apple Pay support for their cards, "in (the) future"
* The Telegraph, says future bank support from Halifax, Lloyds, and the Bank of Scotland is scheduled to hit this fall.
* Boots, Waitrose, Pret, Transport for London, KFC and McDonald's are offering initial retail support.
* System does fall under the 20£ limits currently in place for contactless payments in the UK. That limit will be raised to 30£ in September.
V Chevron was announced as a US Apple Pay partner, but so far Apple Pay has been MIA at the pump
* Now they have one gas station in San Ramon, CA doing a test
* They claim there will be more locations, but of course gave no timeline only promising in a tweet, "Cupertino coming soon!"
V Apple Pay is supported by Transit for London, but make sure you have a full charge on your Apple Watch or iPhone before using the underground
* If you get to your destination and can’t "touch out" you’ll be charged the maximum fare
* And don’t think you can charge in the station or on the way. A man who charged his device on the London Overground was picked up and detained for “suspicion of abstracting electricity,” when he used sockets on the train are reserved for cleaning staff only for charging his device.
* Those who have been able to use it say it works great so far with very little issues.
V Feedback, commentary, opinions
V Apple Music and iTunes Match
* We discussed some of the differences with regard to the DRM and stuff last week, but this week something else confusing popped up
* Kevin noticed that on his iOS devices in Settings > Music there is now not an option to turn on or off 'iTunes Music Match'.
* It was there in iOS 8.3, but as of 8.4 the only option is 'iCloud Music Library' which is the thing that holds your My Music tracks for Apple Music and seemed to be a feature associate with Apple Music.
* What I think now is that Apple has made a clearer line between it’s services, Apple Music and iTunes Music Match and the syncing and storage repository, iCloud Music Library, that serves those services.
* Basically I think now that iCloud Music Library is the thing that contains the cloud versions of your music regardless if the service you’re subscribed to.
V I actually think iCloud Music Library was always the thing, but since Apple only had the one service before it use 'Apple Music' as the switch. Now that both Apple Music and iTunes Match use the library they feel it makes more sense to call it iCloud Music Library
* I think I agree because just like on my Mac’s local iTunes Music Library the iCloud Music Library and mix and mingle my ripped, purchased, matched, and Apple Music tracks.
* They are all treated equally and iCloud Music Library is simply the thing I use to keep my Mac, iOS Device, and the Cloud in sync.
V Migrating from Andorid to iOS
* David is thinking of moving from Android to iOS with the iPhone 6s and would like some help/advice in the migration
* Apple’s new 'Move to iOS' app. It will take the data from your Android device and help you move it over to iOS. It also will find and download any free apps that have iOS versions and make a 'Wishlist' of the paid Android apps that have match iOS versions so you can easily re-buy the stuff.
V He also asked about "unzipping" files without a computer.
* Mail and Messages apps automatically decompress zip files, so if you’re getting documents there it shouldn’t be an issue.
* There are also third party document and file management apps that can do that. I like to use GoodReader or Transmit.
* For other advice, I haven’t personally ever done the transition, so I’m not sure. If you’re an Android to iOS switcher can you share some advice with David? Send me your emails and audio comments.
V Adjusting MailDrop Threshold
* One recent cool feature Apple adding in their Mail app is called Mail Drop
* It was part of OS X Yosemite and uses iCloud to deal with the issue of sending large email attachments.
* Often servers will has an attachment size limit on the sending or receiving end and if you send something too big it bounces with a ‘Message Size Violation’ error.
V With Mail Drop if the attachment is too big Apple Mail will upload it first to iCloud and then simply send a "link" to download the large attachment from iCloud.
* Really if they are also on Yosemite and suing Mail it’s even cooler because it does the upload and download seamlessly in the background, so on the receiving end they just get the attachment in Mail not really even knowing it made a trip through iCloud.
* They only trouble with Mail Drop is that Apple set an arbitrary 20MB minimum size threshold that the attachment needs to hit before the Mail Drop feature kicks in.
* I had a listener this week discover that some people he was sending attachments to had a lower limit. In his case 15MB, but I’ve seen as low a 2-5MB.
* He wanted to know if there was a way to change the threshold and force Mail Drop to kick in for lower sized attachments.
V There is no official Mail setting, but OS X Daily,, had a Terminal hack.
* 'defaults write minSizeKB 10000'
* Set the minimum size in KB, so 10,000 KB makes it kick in at a 10MB file.
* Of course another way to handle attachments is to do this on your own using any of the myriad of cloud based file services you can get free accounts on. Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, Box, etc. But that’s not as seamless and has extra steps.
V Making Apple Music Yours
* From the first moment it hit I loved Apple Music.
* But something even more amazing has been happening, the more I listen the better it seems to get.
V One of the reasons it seems so great is human curation
* Playlists and radio stations are put together by humans and experts who make sure the right songs are in the right places
* Another is the training, Apple Music gets to know you and your music tastes and then can tailor the sound to match you.
V It starts with the "Bubbles"
* Give you the Genres and the Artists.
* Tap once for ones you like, twice if your really like, and hold to "pop" if you dislike.
* Make sure to pop artists you don’t like and request more. This can be a long process, but worth it.
* Sets up your base profile.
V If you need to reset it
* Go to the 'For You' section
* Tap the 'profile' icon (head)
* Select 'Choose Artists for You'
V Start listening
* For You - is the recommendations based on your selections
V New, is just all the new stuff and charts. I’ve found it great for trending discovery, but it’s not tailored to your preferences
* Scroll down to the 'Playlists' sections for some good options. Apple Editor’s playlists, Activity Playlists, and "Curator" playlists (Pitchfork, Wired, Popcrush, Decibel Magazine, etc).
V Radio, again not specific to your tastes, but you can brows genre stations or better yet create ones from artists, songs, or albums you like
* To make a station tap the "…" in 'Now Playing' and choose 'Start Station'
* These appear in the 'Recently Played' section
V Key to your Hearts
* Use the hearts when you "like" something
* This is really the secret sauce to getting more new music you love.
* It adjusts the original picks you made and tweaks what will show up in 'For you'
V Be careful here too though, you can throw it off.
* I suddenly started getting a bunch of 'Country' playlists and it’s by far my least favorite genre.
V You can 'Dislike' recommendations too.
* Tap and hold a 'For you' playlist and you’ll get a "I don’t like this suggestion' option.
* Basically tell Apple Music your preferences and their combination of human curation will give you a pretty awesome music experience
V Thing of the Moment: Anker 40W 5-Port Family-Sized Desktop USB Charger
* Ok a 5 port USB wall charger, but the power and smarts make it freakin’ awesome
* I received mine as a gift off my Amazon wish list from an awesome listener.
* I hate digging around all my wall chargers trying to find the one with the right watts and more importantly amps so I get the fastest charge.
* This Anker one has their PowerIQ amp adjustment technology. Will detect what the device needs for the fastest charge and deliver that automatically
* 40 watts/ 8 amps
* UL certified
* About the size of a deck of cards and has a power cord with a standard plug and lead so you don’t block the whole outlet
* For some reason The iPod nano, iPod Classic, and some GPS and Bluetooth devices are not supported.
* USD $26.00 on Amazon
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