Maccast Members 193 - iPad Pro
V Intro
V The iPad Pro went on sale in Apple Retail Stores.
* Really frustrating because it was not consistent with what Apple put in their PR.
* "Apple® today announced iPad Pro™ is available to order online on Wednesday, November 11, from and will arrive at Apple’s retail stores, select carriers and Apple Authorized Resellers starting later this week"
* Now technically I guess "later" is anytime after they started selling them, which was midnight PT on Wednesday morning
V More frustrating was that the Apple Pencil and Apple Smartkeyboard cover were not available at launch.
* They say they'll be shipping in 1 to 2 weeks
* There are also rumors that they may arrive in Apple Retail stores over the next few days.
* iPad Pros will also be available from some Apple Authorized resellers but it's unclear as to when.
* They buying experience was good enough in terms of ordering, seeing availability, and in store pickup.
* I was able to pick up the Logitech Create Keyboard for iPad Pro (
V The iPad Pro
V First impressions
* It's BIG. 12.9-inches
* Compared it to my 2011 13-inch Macbook Air and the width and height if the screen are very similar.
* Screen looks great of course.
* Felt slightly lighter in my hand than expected, but not flimsy.
V Set up
* OK, but always seems to be a pain. Getting all the accounts logged in and 2-factor set up
* Also loading all the apps and organizing them. You have tons of "desktop" space though. 5 x 4 in landscape per page.
V Usage
* Split screen apps are a little cramped. Really like two 3/4 with iPad screens side by side in landscape. Still it works and is nice to have.
V The on screen keyboard is a "full" keyboard and feels more like typing on a Macbook. In fact there is a row of number keys (with special characters)
* That means there is room for a 'Caps Lock' key, but it's fiddly.
* The old double tap shift also still works for caps lock.
* The labels are in the corners, like a physical keyboard, but they still feel strange to me.
* Delete key is inline with the number key row and half height, which I'm not sure I like. Is wider than on a smaller iPad.
* You also get the extra editing row (cut copy paste).
* Speakers sound great and are by far the best to ever grace an iPad. They can go loud.
V Most apps look great, but some that are just list views like Dropbox or iCloud Docks look a little odd in landscape.
* Games are amazing and this would make a great mobile game console when paired with a couple MFi game controllers.
* I was able to use Safari, Slack, Tweetbot, OmniOutliner Pro and feel mostly like I do when I'm on my Macbook Pro.
* The Logitech keyboard was a big help in making the iPad feel like a notebook.
V Accessories
* I only got to play with the Apple accessories briefly while at the Retail store
V The Pencil is amazing. Feels great in the had and draws with no noticeable lag
* I was tempted more than once to just run out of the store with one of the demo models
* Adobe Sketch app was the best for playing with since it seemed like the had an older version of Paper by FiftyThree
V The Apple Smart Keyboard Cover also impressed me.
* The keys had a 'clack' to them even if they had a shallow travel
* It was a better typing experience than I had expected, but to be honest I wasn't expecting much.
* It's not as good as an Apple wireless keyboard or Macbook Pro or Air, but to me felt better than the new Macbook keyboard.
V The Logitech Create iPad Pro Keyboard
* $149 US, so slightly less than Apple's
* Sturdy fabric like hard case.
* Keys feel very like the ones on Apple's Macbook Pro keyboard.
* They are backlit, but it's a little bit uneven in my opinion.
V Unlike Apple's it also has a row of iPad control keys to control brightness, search, emoji, keyboard backlight, media controls, volume, screen lock and home button.
* They're convenient, but not 100% necessary.
* Many of your OS X Mac keyboard shortcuts will work on the iPad Pro. Including command+tab to switch apps, command+space for Spotlight search, and Command+Shift+H to go to the home screen.
V Does add quite a bit of bulk. With it it's basically a touchscreen Macbook Air that runs iOS
* Same weight and thickness (on the thick side)
V So who's it for?
* I would say it really is now more about the kind of mobile computing experience you want to have vs. which one can do more.
* For sure if you're used to an OS X workflow the transition will be tricky, but I think there are far fewer barriers now that the iPad Pro is here.
* You'll have to re-work your workflows and gear, but there are things you can get done.
V It lends itself to some users better than others.
* Writers, bloggers, teachers, doctors, laywers, business people.
* I also think once the Pencil arrives it will be a valuable mobile tool for a lot of artists.
* Verticals like engineering, drafting, and construction too.
V Closing
V Feedback
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