Maccast 2015.12.12 - Show #552
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* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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* The basic principle behind Drobo products are that our data is essential, we need to keep it safe, and we are always going to need more storage.
* They’ve designed and built their products fulfill those principles.
* The other main thing is that a Drobo is simple to use.
V To protect your data and keep it safe they developed BeyondRAID.
* Allows you to easily “mix and match” drives in a Drobo
* Also makes it easy to expand on the fly.
* You can start with as few as two drives and add as needed
* The Drobo Dashboard and their makes it easy to see how much data you have for storage and how much is used for protection and overhead.
V All the hard stuff is handled by the hardware and software
* Setting up the RAID
* Monitoring storage. You get light to let you know when you how much storage is used, when a drive is getting full or if you have a failure.
* And if a drive fails, you just replace it and the Drobo will rebuild everything automatically.
V Other important features
* Some Drobo models offer SSD Accelerated performance. You can add an option mSATA/SSD card.
* Many are optimized for Time Machine, so you can use them for your Time Machine backups.
V I have been using both the Drobo Gen 3 and the Drobo 5D
* I use them mainly for Archive and backups
* Allows me to keep all my movies, photos, and critical files backed up in a redundant system that’s local.
* I use the Gen 3 with a Mac Mini on a network, but Drobo also offers the 5N if you want a NAS solution.
V And here’s the best part. Maccast listeners can get $100 off a Drobo Mini, Drobo 4-bay, or Drobo 5N at by using discount code CAST100. That’s C-A-S-T-100.
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* Big thanks to Drobo.
V Interview
V Scott Johnson: Frogpants
* Scott is a web comic artist and creator of the My Extra Life comic. He also if the founder an creator of the Frogpants Studios podcast network with shows like The Instance, the Morning Stream, and Film Sack. In addition he created the Nerdtacular conference a yearly event for fan of his podcast newtwork celebrating the show, gaming, comics, and geek culture.
* Play interview with Scott.
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