Maccast 2016.01.21- Show #557
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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V PDFpen
* PDFpen is your Swiss Army knife for PDF-fu.
* It’s got all the basics covered, such as filling and signing forms, making edits, highlighting, and OCRing.
* And you can go all the way with redaction, Word export, page numbering, and its fancy cousin Bates numbering.
* Even take it on the road with PDFpen for iPad & iPhone.
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V PDFpen 7 and PDFpenPro 7 are fully compatible with El Capitan
* PDFpen 7 requires Yosemite or later and works well on El Capitan.
* Plus while you're picking up a copy of PDFpen at you can also checkout Smile's other great apps like TextExpander and PDFpen Scan+
V The Amigos
V Prepping your Apple devices for their "afteryourlife"
V The Death of iAd
* Apple getting rid of sales staff
* No longer taking new App Developers into program
* Removing ad supported radio stations
V New tech from the holidays (or recently)
* Get anything cool for Christmas?
* or just something new you like
V HomeKit
* What's up with it?
V Closing
V Macstock 2016
* I'll be attending and presenting at Macstock this year.
* The event happens July 16th and 17th in Woodstock, IL
V There's a great line up of speakers from throughout the Apple community.
* Victor Cajiao - Terratech Podcast
* Melissa Davis - The Mac Mommy
* Chuck Joiner - Mac Voices
* Don McAllister - Screencasts Online
* Allison Sheridan - Nosillacast Podcast
* And more…
* The event will also coincide with the 2nd annual Midwest Mac BBQ hosted by Barry Fulk. It's actually part of the conference this year, so included in the price of admission
* If you want to go use the URL and you'll get $50.00 off your ticket.
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