Maccast 2016.03.23 - Show #565
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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V Given Apple's recent events it's particularly timely that we talk about a service that can better protect your security and privacy.
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* Security on open networks and also from region limiting.
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V They don't log ANYTHING and they have a 'Canary' policy
* On their Privacy Policy page they disclose if they are currently under
* I asked about the name. eXtreme Private Networking.
V Ease of use
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V News
V Apple's 'Let us loop you in' event
V Opening
* Some brief comments about Apple's commitment to protecting the privacy and security of customer data
V A recap of Apple's environmental efforts
* 93% of their operations now run on reNew able energy
* Goal is 100%
* Liam, Apple's iPhone deconstruction robot.
* An R&D project.
V Health initiatives
* CareKit. Open source framework for developing health apps focused on patient care
* Data after and during treatment that the patient can collect and opt top share with friends, family members and doctors.
V Apple Watch
* New "Spring Collection" watch bands
* New colors for the leather "classic" buckle band and sport bands
* New Space Black Milanese Loop
* New woven nylon bands (USD $49.00).
* Price drop on the Sport models, starting at USD $299 for 38mm Sport.
V Apple TV
* New tvOS with Siri dictation, support for more apps, iCloud Photo Library and Live Photo support, Folders.
V iPhone SE
* Apple A9 Processor with 2GB RAM
V The screen on the SE seems more in line with the 5s
* Bright IPS at 1136x640-pixels
* It’s got a lower contrast ratio and reduced viewing angle
* Same Touch ID sensor as the 5s and no 3D Touch
* iSight Camera is 12-megapixel sensor, 4K video, and Live Photos (like 6s)
* 1.2MP FaceTime camera same as iPhone 6, but not 6s
* No barometer.
* Tops out at 64GB storage, not 128GB option
* Comes in Rose Gold color.
* Cases for the iPhone 5 and 5s should work perfectly with this model
* Pricing starts at USD $399 16GB (lowest for any new iPhone to date) or USD $499 for 64GB
* Pre-order March 24th, on sale March 31st.
V iPad Pro 9.7-inch
V Uses Apple's A9X chips, but with just 2GB of RAM (vs. 4GB in iPad Pro 12.9)
* The CPU and GPU also appear to be clocked slightly slower than the iPad Pro 12.9
* 2.16GHz, compared to 2.24GHz
* Improved display at 2048x1536 pixels (264 ppi), Wider color gamut, brighter, more contrast and 40 percent less reflective.
V True Tone color adjustments based on color temperature of the room
* Uses special ambient light sensors
V 12MP iSight camera, bump up from the 12-inch iPad Pro
* f/2.2 aperture (vs. f/2.4)
* 63MP panoramas (vs. 43MP)
* True Tone LED flash, first time on an iPad.
* Live Photo support (not on iPad Pro 12-inch)
* Has camera "bump"
* 4K video recording at 30fps and slow-mo video at 120 fps 1080p and 240 fps in 720p (12-inch iPad Pro: 1080p videos at 30 fps and slow-mo at 720p at 120 fps).
* 5MP FaceTime camera with support for Retina Flash (1.2MP and no flash on iPad Pro 12-inch)
* USB 2 data transfer (not faster USB 3 like on the iPad Pro 12.9)
* 6.1mm thick (same as iPad Air 2)
* "Hey Siri" support when not on power (9.7 only)
V Supports LTE advanced with embedded Apple SIM card.
* There still is a SIM slot so you can switch later even if the carrier isn't supported on the embedded SIM
* New 'Rose Gold' color.
V Prices start at USD $599 for the 32GB Wi-Fi model, USD $749 for the 128GB , and USD $899 for the 256GB edition
* Add the typical USD $130 for the cellular variants
V Pre-orders Friday March 24th, shipping and in store March 31st
* In 13 countries – Australia, Canada, China (Wi-Fi models only), France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Singapore, the UK, US Virgin Islands and the US.
* Launching in 47 other countries in early April.
V New covers and cases
* Ones for the iPad Air 2 will technically still fit, but opening and ports are different
V Apple also clams the iPad Air 2 Smart Covers are not iPad Pro 9.7 compatible.
* Because of the Smart Connector the magnet alignment is different
V iOS 9.3
* Dolby Digital Plus Plus audio with multichannel audio output if you use Apple's Lightning to Digital AV Adapter
V Other notes
V iPad Accessories
V Powered USB adapter and SD Card Reader
* Powered USB adapter supports powered accessories like USB mics and Ethernet adapters
V New Apple Lightning to USB-C cables (USD $25)
* Support fast charging via the Apple 29W USB-C Power adapter or from the Macbook, but only with the iPad Pro 12.9 because only it has USB 3
V Apple has stopped Apple Stores sales of the iPhone 5s and iPad Air (original)
* I imagine sales may in some countries.
V Classroom App
* Apple calls it a technology "preview"
* Allows schools to manage and deploy groups of iPads
* Teachers can launch apps on all iPads in a class, guide lessons, see a students screen, reset a child's password on their device, set up groups.
V No Jony?
* In video or in person.
* Don't read anything into it other than odd.
V What about the Macbooks?
* Apple did not update the Macbook or Macbook Pro lines as some had hoped.
* DigiTimes today reported that Apple will begin shipping new "ultra-thin" 13-inch and 15-inch MacBooks at the end of June.
* Maybe a WWDC announcement?
* The report claims the designs are similar to the current 12-inch Macbook and thinner than the current Macbook Air
* The odd part of this report is the sizes. Are these Macbooks or Macbook Pros?
V The description seems to indicate Macbook, but the size seems to say Macbook Pro
* The Pros are long overdue for a Skylake processor update, but the 12-inch Macbook is also due.
V FBI postpones trial with Apple
* Just 18 hours before the hearing they say the might not need Apple and fileD (and were granted?) a postponement
* There is also a stay on the original court order.
* FBI claims "someone" has demonstrated a method for hacking the iPhone in the San Bernardino case without help from Apple
V They now need to test it to verify, but if it's valid we could see all this mess go away.
* They have until April 5th to submit a "status report" with the court.
V Apple held a press conference and they were just as shocked as anyone else
* I'm guessing that if the hack is valid they might have some of their own questions for the FBI
* It's possible Apple could find out in the discovery of the case who the FBI consulted with and what method they attempted to use. Something Apple's lawyers said they would like to find out.
* Reuters reported that an Israeli mobile software developer, called Cellebrite are the ones helping the FBI
V So what's this magic method?
* There are TONs of theories being floated.
* The one, to me, that makes the most sense is one pointed out by Edward Snowden and written up in good detail by security expert and blogger Zadarski
V It involves NAND mirroring
* Basically desoldering the Flash memory chips from the iPhone and then cloning them
* This could be to other physical chips or to (more likely) an image
* You'd then mod an iPhone on in a virtualized environment run your hack against the device.
* When the security kicks in after 10 failed attempts you swap out the chip or re-flash the disk image and try again.
* You could also just flash the lockout portion, which works even faster.
* It's a simple, elegant solution and doesn't require Apple's help to re-write the OS.
* It really only works if the iPhone used a simple 4 or 6 digit passcode, but that's what most believe the SB iPhone is locked with.
V Even if this method doesn't work it could put the FBIs case at risk
* They've maintained since day one that they believe "only Apple" could help them in gaining access to this device.
V To me it raises a LOT of questions
* If the FBI had put a gag on the original court order this could have all been kept quiet
V Why the request to change the trial format days in advance and then this hours in advance?
* They must have know a long time ago about this method?
* Are they just messing with Apple?
V Apple Pay adds more banks, still struggles
* Apple continues to add bank partners at a furious pace
* Last week they added online bank Ally, a big US holdout, and three banks in China.
V But here's the rub, especially in the US, retailers aren't buying in.
* I'm constantly asking to use Apple Pay and turned away
* The issue according to one report is that while 5 million US retailers have installed EMV chip-card-compatible credit card readers, only 1 in 5 have enabled the chip-and-signature features.
* This is what would also allow NFC payments like Apple Pay and Android Pay.
* The banks and credit card companies are pushing adoption by requiring merchants who don't enable the feature to cover fraudulent transactions, but it doesn't seem to be enough.
* I think Apple should step up and partner with and incentivize merchants to support Apple Pay.
* More training programs for employees at location that do accept Apple Pay.
* It's great if my device and bank support NFC payments, but if it fails at the register it fails completely.
V Apple wants it's own cloud
V Frankly with all their data center initiatives I was shocked to hear Apple was using Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure for much of their cloud
* Surprised at least until logic set in.
* iCloud is huge
V Then we got reports that Apple plans in the short term to move to Google's Cloud platform
* Apparently Amazon is having performance issues for Apple especially when it comes to photo and video
* If that's why my iCloud Photo Library takes FOREVER to sync then that makes sense.
V Now we're hearing about project "McQueen", yes as in Steve.
* Other reports claim McQueen is just one of at least six internal efforts Apple is undertaking to build out it's own servers, networking equipment and systems.
V It's Apple's move to bring all cloud data storage in-house
* I assume this means EVERYTHING
* iTunes, iCloud, the whole ball of data
V Another reason being floated is security
* Some say Apple believes server orders has sometimes been intercepted in shipping and hacked with additional chips and firmware in attempts to get at Apple's data.
* Edward Snowden claimed knowledge of government programs designed to do exactly that through the National Security Agency's Tailored Operations Access unit.
V Apple thinks building it themselves could pay off not only in performance, but in dollars too.
* Estimates are they currently spend $1 billion on outside cloud infrastructure
* Estimates are an in-house move could produce financial benefits in as little as three years.
V Reportedly a conversation with a Microsoft Azure engineer seeded the idea in Apple head
* He claimed Apple would outgrow Microsoft's cloud and would likely have to fund the expansion of their infrastructure
* So why fund the competition when you could fund your own, right?
V Apple already has a massive data center investment
* Locations currently in North Carolina, Oregon, and at the failed GT Advanced plant in Arizona
* The Arizona location is reportedly the "command center" for cloud data operations.
* Oregon is expanding
* Apple also has centers planned in China, Hong Kong, Ireland, Denmark, Reno, and more in Arizona
* Right now there is no timeframe for the move to self sufficiency and they could abandon it, but I think it makes sense.
* Apple has always preferred to control their own destiny.
V More on the iPhone 7
V DigiTimes claims Broadcom might be reducing or ending their wi-if chip production
* That means Apple might need a new supplier, but as mentioned last week Qualcomm might already be lined up for that On the iPhone
* For Macs there are also many other suppliers Apple could turn to.
V A Chinese site thinks it has an image of the iPhone 7 battery module
* A capacity of 7.04 watt-hours or slightly larger than the 6.61-watt hour battery in the iPhone 6s and same as the iPhone 6 was.
* One though on the larger capacity is that it will use the room opened up by the missing 3.5mm headphone jack.
V The report also claimed Apple might move from metal to a new ceramic material for the body
* Not the first time we've heard this rumor over the years
* Apple has had patent related to ceramic cases.
* Would offer better radio transparency.
V What we think we already know about the iPhone 7
* A10 processor
* Up to 256GB of storage
* Stereo speakers
* No 3.5mm headphone jack
* Reduced antenna lines
* Faster LTE modem
* Possibly a Smart Connector
* Dual cameras based on tech acquired by LinX. Might be limited to "Plus" model only.
V Apple's privacy 'czars' have your back
* If Apple's strong stance against the FBI doesn't have you convinced they are looking out for your privacy then this next bit of news might convince you.
* Reuters claims sources told them Apple has on staff three 'privacy czars'
V Their job? Sign off on any product collecting customer data.
* That includes things like iAd, Siri, and Spotlight
V Who are they?
* Jane Horvath, previously a global privacy counsel at Google. And hired after the 2011 "Locationgate" incident
* Guy Tribble, VP of Software Technology
V Finally, Erik Neuenschwander. Who?
* This guy is responsible for checking the code written by Apple engineers to make sure they implemented the stated privacy measures.
* The report also says they operate most of the time with autonomy but will report to senior VPs and CEO Tim Cook on complex issues.
V General privacy rules include
* Keeping data local at all times possible
* And keeping data not associated with personally identifiable markers
V For example the team worked to ensure iAd advertisers could get the data they needed, but that they couldn't use data to track and identify individual customers.
* Some feel this focus on privacy vs analytics caused iAds downfall.
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V Feedback, commentary, opinions
V Disappointed in the Apple event? It's your fault.
* Play comments from Brian
V No surprises anymore?
* There never really have been if you were a close follower of Apple.
* There have always been leaks and rumors, the only difference now is volume and access to information.
* Internet and social media
V Apple didn't announce anything innovative
* Followed by, they're losing their edge
* Hello? Apple brings out an "innovation" every 3-5 years, not every 6 months and it's ALWAYS been that way
* And if we're really being honest, Apple doesn't "innovate".
V Their skill is taking innovative technology that sucks and making it awesome.
* They bring a complete experience and answer the "why", with more than "because we can".
* MP3 players existed before the iPod, but they sucked.
* Smartphones before the iPhone, but they sucked.
* Tablet PCs and netbooks before the iPad, they sucked.
* Apple Watch was not the first smartwatch, but it is now the best.
* And VR headsets? They are coming, but no one really knows why or what they'll do with them.
* If Apple does VR I can tell you it will only arrive when there is a reason for you to buy it beyond, "It's cool".
V It's personal
* You're likely "disappointed" because Apple did announce the product you wanted.
* Apple Watch 2, Skylake Macbook Pro, iPad Air 3, Apple VR Headset, Apple Car, whatever you think they should have announced.
* But that's your hangup, not Apple's
V Best way to be surprised on Christmas morning is not to go hunting for spy cam shots from Santa's workshop two weeks before Christmas.
* Don't read the blogs and, I HATE to say it, don't listen to podcasts like this one.
* Or, better yet. Do that stuff and just enjoy it. That's what I've always done. What did we get right and what was wrong?
* The SE final design was a surprise. Changed in the rumors on the last day.
* Had no clue about Liam, the iPhone recycling robot. How cool was that?
V Using Night Shift
* One of the first new iOS features I wanted to try out.
* I'm still calling it "urine" mode.
* I was told it happened gradually enough that you won't notice, but the first day after picking up my iPhone in the evening I could tell
V He has a "sepia" tone look, like the pages of an old discolored book.
* It's not "bad", just different.
* You can adjust the about of "warmth" you want in the settings.
* It is a lot less glaring on your eyes, especially if you turn it on from complete blackness, say to check the time in the middle of the night.
V You can run it in a couple different ways
* Manually from the Control Center
* Set it up on a schedule. Either by time or automatically with the sunrise and sunset for your current location
V To set up:
* Settings > Display & Brightness
* Tap Night Shift
V You can toggle manually "until tomorrow"
* This will leave it on until sunrise the next day
* This is also the toggle you get in Control Center (swipe up from bottom of the phone). Use the 'Night shift' icon which looks like a sun with a crescent moon inside it.
V Or turn on the 'Scheduled' option
* Then you can set the From/To options
* Sunrise to Sunset (requires location) or 'Custom schedule' and set the start and stop times manually
V Finally adjust the color temperature
* Between Less Warm and More Warm
* It gives a short preview as you move the slider that fades out.
* Setting it to the "More Warm" side gives a warning, "Warmer settings may affect appearance of some onscreen motion".
V Having trouble getting it working?
* If you're setting based on sunrise and sunset try this.
* Open Settings > Privacy
* Tap Location Services, then scroll down and tap System Services
* Toggle Setting Time Zone to the on position
V As I've used it more it has become less noticeable
* For sure I don't like it on if I want to watch a movie, but for reading, browsing, etc. it seems fine.
V Locking Notes
* You can do it from the Notes itself or in the Notes options in Settings
V From Notes
* Tap on an existing note or create a new note.
* Tap on the Share button.
* Tap Lock Note.
V If it's the first time you've locked a Note you'll be asked to set up the global Notes password
* this will be used for all Notes
* If you forget it the notes will not be recoverable
* Enter and verify your password.
* Add a hint if you'd like
* Toggle on TouchID if you'd like to use it (and your device supports it).
V From Settings
* Tap on Notes.
* Tap on Password
* Enter the Password
* Verify
* Add a Hint (optional)
* Switch on TouchID
V To Lock a Note
* From the note tap the Share button
* Tap on Lock Note
* Enter the password or use Touch ID.
* That will add the Lock at the top of the note
* Tap the unlocked Lock icon to "lock" the note.
V No trash can in iOS. Why?
* John wrote in and mentioned that he recently accidentally deleted some messages in iOS which made him think, why isn't there a trash can in iOS like OS X?
* I believe the short answer is App sandboxing. There's no OS level sandbox because all apps are separated from the OS for security reasons.
* It's also why the idea a centralized filesystem is also out. Yes we have it kind of now with iCloud Documents, but apps are still limited.
* Also, many apps DO have their own trash (or recently deleted). Like Photos, Notes, and Mail.
* Many apps also have "undo" via a button or "shake" gesture.
V Recovering deleted data from an iOS device
V Use tools like PhoneView or iMazing to extract and backup content like Messages, Contacts, Notes, etc.
* Need to connect your device and use the software to extract data
* Can also extract some app data too. Like saved game data.
* These can only get at existing data on the device
V If you have local backups you can extract older data with iPhone Backup Extractor or with iMazing
* You may be able to get at older backups if you use TimeMachine
* Open iTunes and go to iTunes > Preferences > Devices
* Control + Click on the backup and choose 'Show In Finder'
* Now activate Time Machine by clicking on it's menubar icon and choosing 'Enter Time Machine'
V Navigate back to find older backups and click 'Restore'
* Can be tricky because the folder names are cryptic.
* Be careful if you try to restore a folder that is the same as your current backups. Choose the 'keep both' option.
V A lot of extracted data is in SQL Lite database format.
V You can use the same tools to copy data back onto an iOS device after a restore.
* Helpful in times where you might want to delete and re-install an app that doesn't store or sync data to the cloud.
* Use the tool to backup the apps data and the restore it after re-installing the app.
* I've recovered lost album data in Paper by FiftyThree and lost saved game data.
V Thing of the Moment: CultCloth
* Erfon host of the Cult of Mac's Cultcast (another podcast you should subscribe to) sent me their CultCloth cleaning cloth's
* I know it's not the most exciting thing, but it's so useful.
* iOS devices get notoriously smudgy and you need good quality ways to wipe those away.
* These are excellent. Don't leave fibers.
* The "terry cloth" texture is much better at removing grease
* The soft "polishing" cloth shines things up, so it's like your device just came out of the box.
* I really appreciate the large size one, 12 x 12 for the iPad Pro.
V They offer multiple sizes, but I think their CultCloth Clean 'n Polish Doubles Pack for $23 bucks
* Gets you Two 8x8 Polish Cloths, Two 8x8 Clean Cloths, and Two 12x12 Clean Cloths
* They ship worldwide and you can order from
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