Maccast 2016.11.21 - Show #593
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V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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V News
V Apple did talk with McLaren
* Back in September there were heavy rumors that Apple might be in talks to buy luxury sports car maker McLaren to help fuel their car efforts
* The CEO, Mike Flewitt, told Reuters in a recent interview that Apple did indeed visit his company to talk with them about what they did, but Apple never made a bid to actually buy the company.
* At the time of the rumors many were claiming that Apple had begun negotiations to buy McLaren for between £1 billion and £1.5 billion ($1.3 billion to $2 billion).
* It seemed crazy at the time and back then McLaren said they were not negotiating with Apple for a purchase, making seems like the meetings never took place.
* Now at least we know Apple did speak with McLaren, but a buyout was never really on the table.
V New MacBook Pro seems to be a mixed bag
V The reviews of Apple's new notebook are out and they are generally positive and have the comments you'd expect
* Great machine, awesome design and quality
* Priced on the expensive side with last years processors (this years are not available)
* Worth the upgrade if you're coming from a machine that's older like a 2013 model, but not that much performance gain if you're running a later model (not sure I agree 100 percent with this)
* Also grumbling about the USB-C ports and dongles
V The Touch Bar is all but useless if you use your MacBook Pro as a desktop with an external keyboard and monitor
* Also the Touch Bar dims after 60 seconds and turns off 15 seconds later to preserve battery. Tap to wake it.
V Schiller told Levy in an interview that Apple did over the years work on touchscreen notebook designs
* They always came to the conclusion that the experience ended up catering to the "lowest common denominator".
* A non-optimal touch experience and a non-optimal pointer/keyboard experience
* The Touch Bar expanded the "part-time" touch experience on the Mac create by the Trackpad with gestures
V Teardowns are bringing more details
* Unlike the non-Touch Bar model, it dos NOT have a removable SSD.
* Also seems to have less battery, 25 percent smaller
V The oddest thing is that the cases speaker grills are only cosmetic.
* Most of the holes don't even go all the way through and are placed below where the new speakers are located
* Sound is pushed out the side vents and the few holes in the top case seem to be dedicated to the tweeters.
* TouchID sensor pairs to the new T1 chip on the logic board likely meaning that they need to be replaced together.
* Gets a reparability score of 1/10. Batteries glued in and TouchBar is almost impossible to replace.
V For some reason some new TouchBar MacBook Pros are arriving with Apple's System Integrity Protection (SIP) turned off
* You can check you system in the Terminal by running the command: "csrutil status". It should return "enabled".
V If you find it is disabled you can re-enable it by:
* 1. Booting into Recovery Mode, hold down Command+R at startup
* 2. Under the 'Utilities' menu choose "Terminal"
* 3. Enter the command: "csrutil enable"
* 4. Restart the machine.
* After it boots re-run the "csrutil status" command from the Terminal to make sure it's enabled.
* There have also been reports of some people having issues with the three-finger drag gesture on the new trackpad.
V System Information seems to be misidentifying the GPU in the models with an Intel HD 53 0 chip. It's reporting it as Intel Iris Pro 580
* As exciting as that would be if it were true, it's not.
* It's just a data bug in the System Information app.
* Expect it to be corrected soon.
V Apple Insider reports that some users of Boot Camp on the new systems are getting audio issues that might be causing permanent speaker damage.
* The issue is a periodic loud "pop"
* Seems to be limited to Windows running under Boot Camp, so points to an out of date Windows audio driver.
* Not an issue if you are using Parallels or other VM
* The "damage" appears in any OS and results in imbalances between speakers and some say distortion when the volume is over 50 percent.
* Apple has asked users to report the issues if they are having them.
* Until it's confirmed or there is a fix probably best to plug in headphones if you plan to use audio while running Boot Camp on a new Touch Bar Macbook Pro.
V iPhone sales peaked for 2016?
* KGI analyst Ming Chi-Kuo thinks that iPhone shipments have peaked and will see declines of between 5 percent and 15 percent in November and December
* He estimates sales of between 70-75 million units for the last two months of the year, lower than other predictions by up to 10 million units
* He thinks China is particularly problematic for iPhone sales due to competition and the threat of future import tariffs under president-elect Trump.
V Still sales have been strong and others may not agree with Kuo
* Consumer Intelligence Research Partners data shows that iPhone 7 and 7 Plus adoption outpaced that of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus during its first month of sales
* Still it did not outpace the iPhone 6/6 Plus
* They also say Android to iPhone switchers were up this year from 12 percent to 17 percent.
V That hasn't stopped Kuo from making is predictions on the 2017 version of the iPhone
* Three models. A 4.7 inch, 5.5 inch, and a "premium" 5.5 or 5.8 inch model
* He claims the two base models will basically be updates to the existing 4.7 and 5.5 inch models and feature TFT-LCD screens
V Only the highest end model will get the all new industrial design and OLED display.
* The 5.8-inch display will be a curved panel from Samsung but have an active area of 5.1 to 5.2 inches.
* The assumption being that some of the "non-active" screen area would wrap around the edge of the device.
V He also thinks only the larger 5.8 inch models will continue to feature Apple's dual lens camera system
* Though it's believed the dual lens camera could become standard issue by 2018
* Other rumored features for next years iPhone include an in-screen Home buttons and Touch ID sensor, an almost "bezel-less" design (at least on the redesigned model).
* The new design is all-glass with a stainless steel frame and edging.
V In the future at least some iPhones could be designed in California and "Made in America" too
* The Japanese site Nikkei says that Foxconn Foxconn has been studying the possibility of moving iPhone production to the United States
* Apple actually asked both Foxconn and Pegatron to look into the possibility, but Pegatron declined.
* The report notes neither we're excited about the prospect due to higher manufacturing costs.
* Another logistical challenge would be the lack of nearby component suppliers which are largely in Asia.
V Apple is limiting the modem on Verizon/Sprint Qualcomm units to keep the spec on par with the slower AT&T/T-Mobile units with the Intel modems
* The Qualcomm modems, on optimal networks, are capable of speeds up to 600 megabits per second.
* Apple has throttled them to max out at 450 Mbps.
* Done mainly to keep marketing consistent across the lines and to avoid the ability of a carrier to use the difference in marketing their service.
V Air Pods, where for art thou
* Supply chain checks seem to indicate production to begin in December meaning we would not see them until next year
* Other rumors from various "retailers" are trying to be more positive saying we could seem them arrive in December.
* The whole thing is a giant mess if you ask me.
V TV app arrives in iOS 10 beta 3
* In the latest beta update released to developers Apple has removed the Videos app completely and it's replaced with their new TV app
* In iOS 10.2 beta 2 both apps existed together
* The app is currently (and at launch) will be US only, so presumably outside the US the Videos app should remain.
V It's not clear what will happen with "Home Videos" which do not have a spot in the new TV app.
* Maybe they will be moved to the Photos app?
V The new TV app will give you a new "Now Playing" section
* Shows and movies you are currently watching regardless of "app"
* Recommendations based on the apps and services you use.
* At the moment, HBO, Hulu, Starz, Showtime, and The CW.
V My biggest issue with the TV app is lack of commitment from Netflix and the lack of Amazon support on Apple TV I think Apple needs to work on this
* A step in the right direction is a Bloomberg report that claims Apple is planning to cut in app fees for streaming apps in half
* So they will take a 15 percent cut vs the 30 percent they typically take for in-app purchases.
* So providers had already been getting the 15 percent rate something they negotiated with Apple individually
* Still might not be enough to get Amazon on board.
V New TV OS beta is starting to bring Single-Sign on to the Apple TV pass.
* You can change the TV button on the Siri remote to launch the TV app
V Hollywood seems to be confused over Apple's TV strategy
* Apple was supposedly in talks with Chris Rock to do an exclusive video deal for a couple of specials
* They then supposedly "walked away" and the content was picked up by Netflix.
* Apple continues to try and land exclusive and iTunes first movie release deals
* It seems like now Apple has abandoned any strategy related to original video content outside Apple Music
V Apple did secure the exclusive digital streaming rights to a 2014 documentary about the Roland TR-808 programmable drum machine simply titled 808
* Apple ran a trailer on it's Beats 1 You Tube channel and plans to air the documentary on Apple Music starting December 9th
* The doc is narrated by Beats 1 DJ Zane Lowe.
V Apple testing AR "smart glasses"
* Bloomberg reported that Apple is in the "exploration" phase of looking at AR glasses that would connect wirelessly to the iPhone.
* The system would be able to show images and other information in the users field of vision and might incorporate augmented reality
* Tim Cook has said publicly many times that he is very "interested" in augmented reality.
* The report also claims that Apple has been speaking to potential suppliers and even ordered some near-eye displays for testing
* They claim that if Apple decides to move forward with the project it wouldn't be available until 2018 at the earliest.
V Considering how well Google glass went over I'm not sure I'd expect Apple's experiment to bear much fruit
* If the focus is more on the augmented reality applications maybe
* We also have to ask ourselves what the "screenless" future may look like.
* Apple has also reportedly been looking into contact lens technology that could also provide a display and augmented reality
* In recent years Apple has acquired several AR and VR related companies like PrimeSense, Metaio and Flyby Media.
V A separate Business Insider piece claims Apple is looking to build real time object recognition into the camera app
* The technology would help the new AI image recognition that is already in the Photos app
* Also it could be used for spacial recognition and mapping
* Applying realtime effects to objects and people.
* It could also open up image APIs to allow for other augmented reality based applications.
V The new Apple Book
* Apple launched a new Apple Book this week and it's 100 percent analog.
* Called, "Designed by Apple in California", it's an art book with 450 photos detailing Apple's products released from 2009 to the present.
* Has a forward and a dedication to Steve Jobs. That's the only text.
* Comes in two sizes and is available online and some Apple retail stores.
* Small (10.20" x 12.75") for $199 and large (13" x 16.25") for $299.
V Sal Soghoian no longer with Apple
* The sad news broke at the Mac Tech conference from Andy Ihnatko and Jeff Gamet
* For those who don't know Sal was Product Manager of Automation Technologies and has been at Apple for over 20 years
* He and his group are responsible for UNIX CLI (shell, python, ruby, perl), System Services, Apple Events (JavaScript, AppleScript, AppleScriptObj-C, Scripting Bridge), Automator, Apple Configurator (AppleScript, Automator), and Application scripting support in Photos, iWork, Finder, Mail, and other Apple applications
* Sal was told by Apple that the decision was being made simply for "business reasons".
* The news was not great to hear in a year where many are questioning Apple's commitment to the Mac especially on the "Pro" side.
V A concerned customer emailed Apple's head of Software Craig Federighi and he responded saying "We have every intent to continue our support of great automation technologies in macOS"
* Cynics might note he said "continue support" and not "development", but I think that's reading too much into it.
V Melbourne may finally get an Apple Store
* Apple is close to finishing the deal for a new $50 million dollar Apple Store in Melbourne Australia
* The negotiations have reportedly been "long and secret" management of Federation Square, where the new store will supposedly be built.
* One of the issues is that Apple wants to build their classic stand alone all glass structure, but that would mean demolishing the Yarra building which is already in place at their desired site
* Not only that, but that building already houses the the Koorie Heritage Trust which still has 4 years on a 5 year lease and the bottom floor has a successful Italian restaurant
* Apple new building would also not really match the postmodern design of all the other building currently at the square.
V The App Store purge has begun
* Apple said they would be working to clean up old and outdated apps from the App Store and it looks like they have moved forward on that promise
* According to TechCrunch based on data from Sensor Tower app removals went up 238 percent in October.
* Looks like Apple took down as many as 47,300 apps.
* Most of them, 28 percent, were games, followed by just under 9 percent in the entertainment and book categories. The Education titles at 7 percent and 6 percent were Lifestyle apps.
* Apple is specifically targeting titles that, "…no longer function as intended, don't follow current review guidelines, or are outdated."
* Apple immediately removes apps that crash on launch, but for outdated apps is sending out notifications to developer to have them update the apps within 30 days or face removal from the Store.
* This is all a good thing, but with over 2 million apps in the App Store (as of June 2016) 47,000 apps seem like it hardly makes a dent.
V Apple puts you call logs in iCloud
* A Russian security firm discovered this week that if you have an iPhone and use iCloud Drive your call logs are uploaded and stored on Apple servers.
* This is regardless of if you are using iCloud backups or not.
* The logs include both standard and FaceTime calls, along with missed call logs from their-party Apps, like Skype, in iOS 10.
* Apple doesn't keep FaceTime logs over 30 days, but the research firm that discovered the data was able to get call logs going back several months
* So is this a breach of our security and/or trust. Why is Apple doing this?
V As usual iMore is the vice of sanity and went straight to the source for the details
* They logs are there so you can get your missed call logs across your devices.
* The data is encrypted using your passcode
* Access to the data in iCloud requires having your iCloud ID and password.
* Apple recommends ensuring that you have strong passwords and enable two-factor authentication on your account.
V IMore also points out that the fact that call logs are part of the backup is also fully disclosed in Apple's security white paper, which it is.
* Yet, the security report claims the logs are sync'ed even if you have iCloud Backups off.
* That does seem to be indicated by Apple's statement about wanting to sync missed call logs
* So on I can see my there is a disconnect on this disclosure point.
* The one concern is that Apple does hold the encryption keys for iCloud backups so given the proper government or law enforcement orders they could be compelled to turn over the call logs.
V You can also stop the syncing of the data by disabling iCloud Drive
* Not really feasible if you use iClod drive for other purposes.
V Apple acknowledges "Touch Disease"
* Remember when we heard about iPhone 6s Plus "Touch disease"
* A repair shop found a large number of iPhone 6s Plus devices with an issuer where a grey bar would suddenly appear at the top of the display.
* Things would progressively get worse until the display failed.
* They found the issue to be solder joints on the iPhones graphics chips cracking possibly due to heat and flexing. The newer design seems to lake some support behind the chips that were there in the iPhone 6 Plus models.
* The good news is this week Apple confirmed the issue and started up a special repair program
* The bad news is they say Touch Disease is your fault and you'll need to cough up USD $150 for the fix.
* They say after investigation the cause is not the iPhone's design but due to multiple drops on a hard surface.
* The device will be covered for a fee if the device is in working order (other than the touch screen and flickering issues) and the screen is not cracked or broken.
V This seems to be wrong to me
* AppleInsider noted that back in August the complaint accounted for almost 11 percent of an Apple Store's daily iPhone service volume.
* The original repair shop that coined the "Touch Disease" term also started investigating because of the large number of devices that they were seeing with the issue.
* Even if it is dropping, Apple should see this as a underlying design issue.
* News flash, people drop phones. Older models haven't had issues and they get dropped too.
V They announced a second repair program for iPhone 6s unexpected shutdowns
* "Apple has determined that a very small number of iPhone 6s devices may unexpectedly shut down. This is not a safety issue and only affects devices within a limited serial number range that were manufactured between September and October 2015."
* If you've had the issue you should contact Apple via a phone, a retail store, or Apple Authorized Service Provider for a free battery replacement.
* If you already had the issue repaired and paid for it contact Apple for a possible refund.
V Apple may be out of the router business
* Mark Gurman at Bloomberg is reporting that Apple has disbanded it's Airport router team and that many former AirPort engineers are now working on other teams, including Apple TV development.
* The last Airport hardware updates were 2013
* Apple has had stopped selling the AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule in it's US Retail Stores a few months ago, though they've still been available online.
* Maybe this holds out hope for a Apple home media server or hub that I've wanted for years? I doubt it.
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V iMazing
V A tool that lets you access, view, backup, and manage the data on your iOS devices
* But while iTunes will let you do that for some data, iMazing let's you get at just about everything
* No jailbreaking required
V You can manage and interact with data from
* Messages
* Photos and videos
* Music Apps
* Notes
* Contacts
* Voicemail
* Call History
* File System
* Backups
* Very familiar "Apple" like interface
* Works fast and is asynchronous so you can continue working while doing a backup
V You can even access and browse files that are inside your backups
* Great for recovering individual app data files.
* Export and reimport saved data
* Backup your messages or voicemail so you can save space.
* You can try it for free and when you order get 20% off if you use the coupon code 'maccast'.
V Feedback, commentary, opinions
V App missing undo? What to do?
* Sometimes it's easy to forget a basic feature that's built right into the OS.
* I was happy this week that Bryan Chaffin wrote a [quick tip]( to remind us all about the undo that's built into iOS.
* On the Mac if you make a mistake and need to undo it you likely know about Command+Z, but what about on iOS?
* Without a command key what do you do?
* Yes some apps provide a "undo" button, but what if they don't have it?
* Part of iOS's core is "Shake to undo". Just like it sounds you shake the device and it will often undo the last thing you did.
* It will typically pop-up a dialog asking you to confirm the undo.
* Does it work in ALL apps, no. But I find it does in many.
* Apple I think said they got the idea from an "etch-a-sketch"
* I do find it somewhat awkward on larger devices like an iPad Pro 12.9, but it's still an option.
V If you for some reason don't want the feature you can turn it off in the accessibility settings
* Settings > General > Accessibility
* "Shake to Undo", toggle OFF.
V SSD vs. Hybrid Drive
* Russell is a working photographer and needs to store a lot of files. In fact he currently manages about 12TB of images.
* He was considering moving some of his system to SSD and looking at prices on Amazon thought he fond a deal in a 2TB Seagate SSD 3.5-inch internal drive for just £86.
* Knowing it sounded too good to be true he looked closer and realized it was an internal 'Solid State Hybrid Drive’.
* So what's the difference between a true SSD and a SSHD?
* Until recently you had the traditional spinning HDD that we were used to and then the fast, but pricey SSD.
* Then came along the "Hybrid" SSD or what Apple refers to as the "Fusion" drive.
* In a hybrid drive you have a large HDD volume and a smaller NAND Flash SSD drive, typically 8GB to 256GB, in the same enclosure (or can be separate I think)
* The the software or OS will combine the two into a single "logical" volume. You and the OS, sees it as a single drive.
* The software then also manages the data and keep the most recently used or accessed files on the fast SSD portion of the disk and shuffles older stuff onto the slower HDD portion of the drive.
* It's a great compromise and balances the line between performance, storage capacity, and price.
* The main disadvantage vs SSD is that it's not nearly as fast and also I would be concerned about the write cycles on the SSD portion.
V That said, if you are trying to decide between a HDD and a SSHD and the price and storage is about the same you may opt for the SSHD. Also, if you want some extra performance but can't afford the SSD
* If the drive is just for long term storage then it may not matter.
* I personally would save my money and opt for a true SSD at least for my main drive volume.
V I'm stumped on Live Photos question
* Adam sent me a question and I thought I could not come up with an answer for him. I was hoping you could help.
* It has to do with Sharing Live photos.
* He imports his Photo and his wife's photos into one Photo Library and then also manages a shared Photo Library that they both can access.
* The main library is now sync'd with iCloud Photo Library and Adam wants to copy her photos, including the Live Photos, to that main iCloud Photo Library.
* Regular photos are fine, but the trouble comes in when he gets to the Live Photos.
* He can share the Live Photo from her account via an iCloud Shared Library, but the resolution is not maintained. The originals are 3024 x 4032, but the ones that come through the iCloud shared library are 1537x2049
* He has also tried "export originals" from her library and the Photos app. When doing that he gets the full resolution photos but the "Live" portion is lost. It basically separates the JPG from the motion JPG video layer/file (mov).
* I have researched and looked at this and I couldn't figure it out
* Then as I was typing my notes I tried on last time and I found a [Mac 911 piece]( by Glenn Fleishman from May that says if you use the Export Unmodified Original or option drag the image from photos to the desktop it maintains the Live format.
V So I tried it and yup, it worked.
* When you export you get the two individual files. The JPEG and then MOV
* If you import both of them back into Photos, the seem to import as two images, but once inside Photos they are somehow magically re-merged.
V Using OS X Keychain
* Susan asked for a rundown on the OS X Keychain and iCloud Keychain
V When we discuss OS X's Keychain we are typically discussing really two pieces and an App.
* There is the Keychain, stored in OS X
* There is iCloud Keychain which is an optional service for synchronizing the data in iCloud and across your devices
* There is Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access which is an app you can use to view and manage items in your Keychain on the Mac.
V Most people don't know that in Keychain you can actually store lots of things
* Typically it stores: Safari website usernames and passwords and credit card information 9if you choose to let Safari save that).
* It also stores Wi-Fi network information and passwords.
* Plus it can store the accounts you use for Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and Messages and the Internet Accounts like Twitter, Facebook and Linked In.
* If you choose to use iCloud Keychain it will also sync these logins and accounts securely across all your devices.
V Keychain is secured by your OS X login or for iCloud Keychain by the passcode or TouchID fingerprint on your device
* When your Mac or device is unlocked the system and apps have access to the items in your keychain.
* When the Mac or device is locked your information is securely encrypted
* The data is also encrypted in transit and in the cloud.
V What's nice about Keychain is it's integration into the system.
* It's accessible by Mac and iOS applications
* Plus with if you use it all your passwords and logins can sync across your devices.
* The main disadvantage of iCloud Keychain is it's Mac only, so if you're cross platform you're out of luck.
V Setting up iCloud Keychain
* Enabled from the iCloud setting on the Mac or your device
V The first time you can set an iCloud Security Code. This is a six-digit code, a complex alphanumeric code that you set, or that OS X can generate a randomly for you.
* It is used to is used to authorize additional devices to use your iCloud Keychain.
* I can also be used verify your identity so that you can perform other iCloud Keychain actions, such as recovering your iCloud Keychain if you lose all your devices.
* Don't forget the security codes because if it's misentered too many times the iCloud Keychain will become unusable and you'll have to set it up again.
* When you activate iCloud Keychain on an additional device it will request approval from another device that is using iCloud Keychain.
* If you use two-factor authentication, you can turn on iCloud Keychain without approval from another device.
V If you want to keep the iCloud Keychain off of Apple's servers skip the iCloud Security Code step.
* In this case the data is only stored locally on the device and updates across only your approved devices.
* The disadvantage is that if something goes wrong Apple can't help you recover your iCloud Keychain.
V Using Keychain Access
* In Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access
* You can see and manage the items in your OS X Keychain and iCloud Keychain.
* You will have to click the lock icon and authenticate to do some actions
V There are four keychain (filters)
* Login - Application passwords, certificates, private and public keys, AirPort passwords
* iCloud - web passwords, applications passwords, Airport and network passwords, etc.
* System - certificate and Airport passwords
* System Roots - Root CA certificates
V Then there are category filters
* All
* Passwords
* Secure Notes, which you can add to in the Keychain Access app
* My Certificates
* Keys
* Certificates
V Most of this stuff you really don't need to concern yourself with most of the time. It's managed by the system and your apps.
* It can be fun to just poke around a look
* Be careful because you can delete and modify information in items.
V One handy thing you can do is select a web password item and "Get Info"
* From there you'll see a 'Show Password' checkbox
* Check it and you'll be asked to authenticate. When you do it will display the password.
* You can also see these in Safari. Safari > Preferences > Passwords. Click 'Show Passwords for Selected Websites' and authenticate.
V You can also use the File > New Password Item… to create and add new passwords to the keychain
* For the item name if it's an internet password you should enter the site URL
* Account name would typically be your login name for that item
V Click the "key" icon to get the Password Assistant
* It will let you generate a secure password
* Shows you the "quality" of the password
* Types like: Memorable, Letter & numbers, Numbers only or random
* Set the length to generate too.
V To Add passwords on iOS you can go to Settings > Safari > Passwords
* Here you can also edit and view passwords for Safari items.
V Closing
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